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Savvy Top Picks


Evo Bottle Blonde


Salon Interview with Shauna O’Loane


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Eva January - April Promotions


Evo January - April Promotions


Salon Interview with Clare Afshar


Savvy Brand Ethos


Salon Sundries Framar


Eva Professional Colour Specialist Degree 2022

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Stocked where good hairdressers are found

4 • Editors Letter

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of our new Savvy magazine. We are so happy that you have decided to join us on this new adventure. To our existing customers and our new customers, we are here to give you a detailed insight into the world of Savvy & Shine. Get to know our team on a deeper level, meet some of our amazing clients, and see a range of our favourite Savvy products. Some of you may not know that we are distributors for professional haircare and our products are ‘Stocked where good hairdressers are found’. We distribute Evo Haircare, Eva Professional, Framar, hur., and REM furniture. All the brands we distribute are eco sustainable and eco friendly because saving people and the planet is at the heart of Savvy & Shine.

This magazine is not only to showcase our unique products but to showcase some beautiful hair pictures by our customers. At Savvy we succeed in having meaningful relationships with our customers who are now our friends. Our Savvy family is always expanding and we hope you will come join us too. In this issue you will see our Savvy top picks across all our brands, read an exclusive interview with Shauna O’Loane from Purely Hair and Clare Afshar from Vintage Rocks Hair, our spring/summer promotions and our new products; hur.irons and our very own SVVY detangling brush, and our salon sundries.

We are here to make sure all your hair care needs come true. We sell professional hair care but also retail products so no one is left out. We love meeting new friends, so always feel free to contact us regarding anything. Now, let‘s sit back, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy.

Editors Letter • 5

Lynsay Fox

or Sam Surgen





Products used: Bottle blonde bleach

Products used: Face frame super

full foliage, happy camper, water killer

bland 9% root smudge 7.12 broke up

to add texture before curling, curled

with 7(10) 7.35(10) 7.12(10) 3%

with hur.irons, combed through with roy

and foils then toned 10.1 and 0.12

wide tooth comb, and finished with love

equal parts 1.5%

perpetua and love touch.

Bruke Neely

Kirsty saund ers shhair




Products used: 5.54 & 4+ on roots, 7.44

Products used: Evo violet staino

& 7.45 & 0.44 3% on ends

and platinum shampoo

6 • Salon Clients Gallery

Clare McCre anor

@hiddenhb_ maghera

n Kerrie Marro


Products used: Roots 5.3 with 3%.

Products used: Bleached and a root

Ends are 30g 6.44 10g 7.45. Money

tap at the basin with 12.16 & 1.9%

piece at front super bland blue bleach and 3% then toned with 7.44 1.9%. Then styling products jojoba rain and evo love touch shine spray

Clare Afshar @vintageroc


lla Evelyn Kinse


@evelyn kinse

Products used: 8.45 + 0.33 + 10 vol, Super blanc +20 vol on rockabilly

Products used: Evo mane tamer

fringe slice & freehand blended

smoothing shampoo and mask

through mid-lengths and ends mixed

and lockdown and happy campers

with oh la la vitamin recharge

Salon Clients Gallery • 7

SAVVY TOP PICKS 8 • Savvy Top Picks

Our first Savvy top pick is our SVVY detangling brush. We have tried and tested 51 hairbrush prototypes to find our perfect brush. We only provide products for our customers that have passed the Savvy test. Tried, tested, and loved by all Savvy staff. A soft bristle brush that is curved to fit the shape of the head with ease and efficiency, reduces frizz and protects sensitive scalps, detangles and smooths the hair cuticle, and is suitable for all hair types especially hair extensions, wigs, and children.

Eva Professional Summum Jojoba Rain Tonic is another Savvy favourite. A balancing and moisturising tonic spray that protects against hair loss caused by excess oil. Jojoba moisturises and regulates oily scalps. To be used on wet and towel dried hair, do not rinse, and then dry. You will not be disappointed by the smell of this product. Paraben, sulphate, colorant, and allergen free.

Using good quality hair masks along with your shampoo and conditioner is a must for healthy hair. Our evo the great hydrator moisture mask is a customer favourite. A hydrating treatment to moisturise and smooth hair while greatly improving manageability. This mask is perfect for those with dry, frizzy, colour treated hair. Will greatly benefit the hair by adding moisture, condition, enhancing shine, and reducing frizz. To make your day that little bit safer this mask is sulphate, paraben, dea, and tea free.

Framar’s Dream Weaver combs save time behind the chair and shave hours off highlighting applications. The combs come as a set of three and three different sizes: Pink (Small), Purple (Medium), and Blue (Large). One simple move of the comb creates several even sections ready to be painted, a step that typically requires several minutes of weaving with a pink tail. Each incredibly lightweight comb features a stainlesssteel pintail for parting and sectioning, preventing frizz and flyaways.

Savvy Top Picks • 9

Evo Bottle Blonde • 11



Introduce yourself, and how you got to know Savvy & Shine?

I have known Joanna for over 20 years through the hair industry so when she opened Savvy & Shine she asked me to try out some of her new brands. It was a no brainer to try out these brands as the sustainability of the brands and product range suited the ethos within my salon.

12 • Shauna O’Loane


What attracted you to the hair industry?

I always knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a hairdresser. I had an older cousin who worked in the industry and she always did my hair. I was amazed at how beautiful she could make my hair, and the level of skill that came with being a hairdresser. I was always determined to make a name for myself in the hair industry and I am very proud to have succeeded that goal.


What is your favourite hairstyle to do?

I love transforming my clients hair but short hair has always been my speciality. My passion is creating different shapes to suit each client correctly. When people leave my salon smiling it makes my day complete. 4

What is your favourite Savvy & Shine product? There are so many Savvy & Shine products but I have to say evo fab pro has totally revolutionised my business. It is a fantastic introduction to colour

without the commitment to having to recolour as it fades when washed. fab pro direct dyes can be mixed together to create an unlimited array of semi-permanent colours with natural tone and shine. If you introduce this product into your salon you will never look back, the evo range is eco-friendly and respects people & the planet. 5

What keeps you motivated throughout your career?

We as hairdressers are very lucky that we are in a fast paced industry so it is always changing. This in turn keeps things fresh for us if we have the passion to evolve. I love how there is always room to grow and improve within the hair industry and I can learn new skills at any stage of my career. 6

What tips and tricks do you have for someone looking to enter the hair industry?

My biggest tip for entering the hair industry is to keep learning at every possible step of your career, and to develop great relationships with your clients. In the hair industry your clients turn into your friends, this makes working in this industry even more enjoyable.




IRONS by hur.

One of our newest products

Three unique styling irons are hur.

launched in Savvy is hur.irons. An

iron classic, hur.iron wide, and hur.

innovative styling tools and hair

iron slant. hur.iron slant is perfect

straighteners designed for optimum

for creating beautiful beachy waves

performance, and ultimate results.

due to the 30 degrees slanted

hur.irons keep your hair’s health as

plates. By purchasing any hur.iron

their #1 priority.

you will automatically register for 3 years FREE warranty. No need


to worry about leaving the house if you left your straighteners on any more hur.irons automatically turn off after 30 minutes of no use.



Savvy we only work with eco-friendly, and sustainable brands, hur. give customers the unique option to have their iron sent either ‘in all its glory’ or ‘naked’ in a bid to cut down on packaging where possible. By doing so, hur. Hopes to empower consumers to make choices they can feel good about, and pave the way for sustainable change in the beauty industry. The brand has also employed a Social Enterprise to carry out its fulfilment- Paperworks provide support and opportunities to adults with autism, learning difficulties, and complex needs, building both basic and more specific skills within the workplace. As seen in Grazia, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire. Founder Lucy comments “It was really important for me to create a brand that had a bigger social and environmental impact. Having a ‘great’ product is no longer enough, brands must provide an experience that helps our customers look good and take better care of their hair, hur. can also help make a difference in an industry that still has a long way to go when it comes to ethical standards”.

January - April Promotions PEROXIDES Buy 12 and Get 6 or Buy 5 and Get 1 Free


E COLOURS Buy 50 and Get the following: 1 litre Eva Pro Shampoo 1 free Framar Pop up foil

FRE Purchase 2x smoothing solution (violet & original) and 1x Clarify Shampoo and receive 3x retail eva professional shampoos and 3x retail eva professional conditioners

16 • Eva January - April Promotions


Buy 5 and Get 1 Free E-line 1 litre Shampoo & Conditioner

Buy any 5 and Get 1 Free across shampoos / exfoliators / and aqua infusions

Eva January - April Promotions • 17

january - april promotions

sharp hair don’t care buy five hair pucks (casual act/box o bollox/cassius/crop strutters) get one free

stock up to stack up buy 5 styling (happy campers/ salty dog/liquid rollers/easy tiger) get one free

18 • Evo January - April Promotions

rack em’ and stack em’ buy any 2x 1 litre and get 1 free

freshen up buy any 5x fabuloso treatment 220ml and get 1 free

infinity and beyond 3x hueverse developers (10vol/20vol/30vol), 1x 500g powder or clay bleach and 1 evo paint board for £45 + vat

Evo January - April Promotions • 19


AIR H S K C O R GE A T N I V M O FR 1. Introduce yourself, and HOW you got to know Savvy & Shine? Hey! My name is Clare Afshar, owner and head stylist at Vintage Rocks hair. I am a LA trained hairstylist with a passion for all hairstyles from yesterday. Even though I have over 25 years industry experience behind me I love to learn new, recent techniques and try out new amazing products, which has brought me to Savvy & Shine.

2. Why do you love being a hairdresser? I love doing hair for so many different reasons, however it is more than just hair. I believe it’s helping someone feel better and look amazing leaving my salon. There is something so fulfilling by making my clients’ day by doing their hair. I have noticed over the years how your hair looks, really does affect your mood and how you feel about yourself.

3. What has been your proudest moment in your career? I am very proud to say I have styled hair for the Netflix Original show School of Good vs Evil, and more recently styled hair for the Northern Ireland opera. I have many proud moments throughout my career which has made me want to push myself harder every single day. Getting back behind my chair after my Dad had passed away was a very hard moment in my career, but one I am very proud of. I was also very proud to open Ireland’s first Vintage Hair parlour.

4. What is your favourite brand and product from Savvy? My all time favourite Savvy & Shine product is by far Oh la la Vitamin Recharge from Eva Professional. I love using Oh la la on my clients as it moisturises, detangles, disciplines, and controls the hair. Perfect for those who want to add body, density, and shine to their hair. It is like magic in a bottle.

5. What hair accessory or product would you be lost without? I would be lost without my comb and scissors in my hand. Majority of the time if you come into my salon I will be standing with my comb and scissors because I am obsessed with transforming my clients hair. I love when my adventurous clients come through my door and I know I am going to have fun doing their transformation.

Clare Afshar • 21 @savvyandshine



Stocked where good hairdressers are found

Savvy & Shine Professional Haircare was established in 2010. Lovingly founded by Joanna Maxwell. An expert in her field with over 25 years in the industry, her experience of educating salons across the world led her to want to bring the very best in eco-friendly, sustainable brands to her home in Northern Ireland. Our goal has always remained the same, we strive to provide a personable, friendly customer service to all our salons and customers, with honesty and integrity at our forefront and epic exclusive brands. Our values help us set the standards which we directly apply to the way we run Savvy & Shine. Making us fair, respectful, open and trusting. We only promise what we know we can deliver. At Savvy & Shine we only work with brands that respect our values and aims, ensuring our salon partners are provided with the highest quality, cruelty free and eco friendly products. We are determined to help make a difference, our product lines ensure we continue down an eco sustainable path. From vegan friendly, cruelty free products , to low density plastics and fully recyclable packing boxes and tape. We are all animal lovers at Savvy & Shine and many of our customers would know this as the first person you are greeted with when entering Savvy HQ is Darcy; our favourite sausage dog. People and animals should all be treated with the same respect, which is why we 100% disagree with companies who test their products on innocent animals. You are guaranteed in Savvy to never purchase a product that has been tested on animals. At Savvy & Shine we respect people and the planet.

Brand Ethos • 23


24 • Salon Sundries - Framar

has over 100 products including

foil, dispenser, accessories, gloves,

brushes and more! We love the innovative designs Framar has created from star struck silver foils, to back in black, to rosé all day, to badass blue the colours are to die for! Framar is a company that caters to the people and their main aspiration is to make products for the salon professional that promotes excitement in a stylist’s day to day life.

CLIENT REVIEW “ I love Framer foils!!! The embossed pattern gives you far more hold and control during foiling which helps stop nasty bleach bleeds and the wider foil allows a more global application in half the time and half the foils used win for the environment and win for my arms and wage bill”

from Jessica at Cajera salon @the_hair_extension_girl.

Salon Sundries - Framar • 25

Colour Specialist Degree 2022


26 • Eva Colour Specialist Degree 2022

We e k 1 • Introduction to the course • Portfolio examination • Introduction to Eva Professional Brand • Eva Colour Product Knowledge • Science of the Hair and Scalp • Live Zoom session with group or 1:1 • Quiz

We e k 2

We e k 3

• Recap Week 1 • Undercoats

• Study Week

• Levels of lightening

• Practice on clients salon

• Distribution of pigment

• Work on portfolio

• Retail product knowledge

• 1:1 with Joana

• Case studies • Models (to be completed in salon with full case study, before and after photos/video) • Live Zoom session with group or 1:1 • Quiz

We e k 4 • Models (this can be done in salon or you can bring your model to our academy) • Colour correction theory and product knowledge • Lengths and ends techniques • Colour correction model (to be completed in salon with full case study, before and after photos/video) • Live Zoom session with group or 1:1

Eva Colour Specialist Degree 2022 • 27

We e k 5 • Continue with colour correction techniques • Multiple zoom session with Joanna if required • Refresh rules for DOP and lengths and ends • Refresh product knowledge

We e k 6 • Study Week • Practice on clients salon • Work on portfolio • 1:1 with Joana

We e k 7 • Practice and study week • Case studies • Practice case studies • Practice exam questions • Work on your portfolio

We e k 8 • Exam week • 1x Theory exam • 1x Case study exam • 1x Colour correction model (in salon during specific time frame on zoom or in savvy academy) • Submit Final Portfolio of works as part of your final marks

28 • Eva Colour Specialist Degree 2022

ecoming a Colour Specialist is the ultimate goal of many hairdressers, and with our Eva Professional Colour Specialist Degree we can make this goal a reality. Being able to stand out in a crowded industry will highly benefit you, and your salon. This degree will allow you to achieve expert knowledge and the ability to create savvy colour results every time. You will gain knowledge on how to grow your salon colour business, and see the importance of updating your skills.

This course will run across an 8-week program starting in September 2022. This course includes: • Self learning modules • 1 to 1 sessions with Joanna • Quizzes • Group sessions • Model days • Practical and theory exams

It will be a hybrid course so the lessons will be completed through an online platform where you can complete the weekly tasks within a given time frame. The model days will be held in the Savvy warehouse in Antrim but if you cannot make it in you can complete them via Zoom.

This course is suitable for: • Senior colourists who wish to take their knowledge to a specialist level • Colourists who have completed Eva Professional Introduction and Advanced Colouring Courses • Colourists who have completed the Eva Professional assessment day exam

You will receive a degree certificate from the Savvy Academy. Get in contact today to secure your space



Eva Colour Specialist Degree 2022 • 29