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“Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.” Ronald Reagan

Acupuncture by Elaine Marze

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Play A Game Help The Caddo Council On Aging Photo by Albritton Photography

Stages of Senior Care A Step-by-Step Guide Shreveport Symphony Returns Love Fulfills Dreams by Tara R. Thomas

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from the publisher Every New Year we all make resolutions that almost always focus on ourselves to lose weight, quit smoking ,start exercising or stop spending so much money. While all these resolutions are great, we still see in the newspapers, TV, and internet the painful signs of all the despair, suffering, hunger and war going on around the world. The stress of the current recession has produced loss of jobs, hunger and pain in the United States. Perhaps we should embrace and focus on the wonderful meaning and mystery of friends, family and The Holy Family! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and wish all of you a truly happy New Year. I sincerely hope you have all enjoyed our stories as much as I’ve enjoyed providing them to you. Please continue to read and give us input and suggestions on

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January/February 2010

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Jan/Feb 2010



® “Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.” Ronald Reagan


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Acupuncture by Elaine Marze Stages of Senior Care A Step-by-Step Guide

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Shreveport Symphony Returns

Play A Game Help The Caddo Council On Aging

Love Fulfills Dreams by Tara R. Thomas

Photo by Albritton Photography

on the cover

This photo makes us this of two things: love and vacations. Read a story of true love on page 6. This issue includes two vacation articles. See pages 8 and 15. Photo by Albritton Photography.

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Play a game.

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Acupuncture By Elaine Marze

Years ago when I first wrote an article about acupuncture, some people viewed the concept of it akin to voodoo, but in the intervening years acupuncture has gained widespread acceptance here in the United States. That fact was vividly reinforced when I saw “Acupuncture” signs on buildings in the small Ozark Mountain towns of Kingston and Huntsville. My first personal experience with acupuncture was nearly 20 years ago, and it came by way of a Texas cowboy who had spent several years in China learning this ancient way of healing so he could repair his own injuries. He was visiting the fire station where my husband, JR, worked, and he learned JR had been suffering for weeks from excruciating elbow pain. A well-respected orthopedic doctor had told my husband that he had a torn tendon that would require surgery. The cowboy, who prefers to remain anonymous, offered to do acupuncture on him. Though doubtful, my husband decided to let him do this non-surgical needle treatment “just in case it worked.” One session with the needles, which in JR’s words “sent electricity out my elbow,” was all it took. The elbow pain was gone. A year later, a doctor’s directive that he needed another surgery sent him back to an acupuncturist with another successful healing. In the years that followed, our daughter would

fly in from Nashville, Tennessee to have acupuncture done whenever she had a sinus infection, water on the knee, or strep throat because she said the healing was much faster than with conventional medicine. Eventually, the cowboy became so inundated with people wanting him to “help” them that he now restricts his needles to horses mostly. Professional rodeo and race horses or family riding ponies; people bring them to him for everything from horses with nervous problems to serious equine physical ailments. The same acupuncture that has been practiced for nearly 3000 years in the Orient and is steadily gaining respect here in the West works on animals as well as on people. And, while acupuncture does not always preclude the use of Western medical practices, in some instances it eliminates the need for intrusive surgeries and drugs which adds to the allure of this traditional Chinese health care. Although the concept of acupuncture may remain unacceptable to some traditional scientific thought and research, some insurance companies are now recognizing its worth and also the fact that it costs less than conventional doctor visits, batteries of medical tests and surgeries. It is proving itself as such an effective modality that the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

The same acupuncture that has been practiced for nearly 3000 years in the Orient and is steadily gaining respect here in the West works on animals as well as on people.


January/February 2010


awarded millions of dollars in Dr. Baisong Zhong grant money for acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medical research. Such conditions as myofascial pain, tennis elbow and musculoskeletal conditions including back pain and Fibromyalgia are often treated with anti-inflammatory medications or with steroid injections, both of which have a potential for undesirable side effects. Acupuncture works as a safe, effective alternative and natural approach to healing such conditions. More and more rheumatologists and pain specialists are making referrals to practitioners of acupuncture. Other areas where acupuncture is recognized for having high success rates is in adult postoperative, chemotherapy nausea, headaches, asthma, diabetes and addictions. The general theory of acupuncture is based on the premise that patterns of energy flow (Qi) through the body. Disruptions of this flow are believed to be responsible for disease. The purpose of acupuncture is to correct imbalances of flow at identifiable points close to the skin. Also described as the Yin and Yang, this refers to the constant state of dynamic balance of all parts and functions of the body. No organ is seen as an isolated problem, but is part of the whole body system. Among several current theories on the mechanism of acupuncture is the Neurotransmitter Theory which concludes that acupuncture affects higher brain areas, stimulating the secretion of beta-endorphins and enkephalins in the brain and spinal cord. The release of neurotransmitters influences the immune system and the antinociceptive system. Some Western studies have led to the consensus that acupuncture may activate the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, resulting in a broad spectrum of systemic effects. Most people agree acupuncture, when thin needles are inserted and left for 20-40 minutes, does not usually “hurt” but

you may feel sensations that are “different” – tingly and energized. These sensations are Qi. Also, endorphins that are released during acupuncture usually cause a deep sense of relaxation. Depending on whether your pain is acute or chronic establishes the number of treatments you may need. Sometimes referred to as “alternative” medicine along with chiropractic, reflexology, meditation and even massage therapy, acupuncture is nevertheless making great strides in acceptance among the American public due to its phenomenal effectiveness when applied by a knowledgeable and well-trained person. Any method which results in success is worth investigating, especially by high risk individuals (for surgery) such as those over the age of 50 and those with additional health complications. Avoiding an intrusive surgical procedure with all its accompanying risks of infection, anesthesiology, drugs and even doctor error is the answer to many people’s prayers. And, the demand for low-cost health care cannot be denied. It is common for first time acupuncture recipients to fear the unknown. Also, a fear of needles is not uncommon. Doubts about the effectiveness of tiny, hair-like needles to heal and bring pain relief are also a shared feeling of the uninitiated to this ancient method of medicine. I had watched as friends and family members were healed of sicknesses and injuries due to acupuncture while I was still relying on repetitive doctor visits, antibiotics and other drugs to treat chronic sinus infections and flu-like symptoms. Though afterward I regretted all the time I wasted being sick, it was two years before I allowed Dr. Ray Luk, of Far East Acupuncture (713-977-2391) in Houston, Texas, to stick needles in me. I chose him because he was described as the “Master” by people knowledgeable on the subject of acupuncture. (continued on next page)

Most people agree acupuncture, when thin needles are inserted and left for 20-40 minutes, does not usually “ hurt”...

January/February 2010



Acupuncture is a complex intervention that may vary for different patients with similar complaints...

Everybody reacts differently, but one acupuncture treatment will keep my sinuses clear for about two years with no antibiotics or over-the-counter drugs used. I have been treated by two doctors, both Chinese born and taught, but other people I know have used American doctors to administer acupuncture, also with successful results. The other doctor I use is Dr. Baisong Zhong, M.D. (China), Ph.D. who was invited to come to the U.S. by the (Houston) American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) to teach acupuncture which he continues to do. He has authored more than 30 papers and nine books on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I first met Dr. Zhong and one of his partners, Dr. Ellen Gong, while they were working with Dr. Luk. Their clinic is Eastern Balance Oriental Medicine, and the demand for their needles and expertise is so great that one weekDr. Ellen Gong end every month they go to

Carthage, Texas to treat people who travel from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma for treatment. Find out more about them at Dr. Ellen specializes in female areas such as menopause, fertility and even reducing the signs of aging by facial rejuvenation to tighten pores, improve muscle tone and dermal contraction and increasing the elasticity of the skin. Acupuncture is a complex intervention that may vary for different patients with similar complaints, but for those who have been successfully treated by acupuncture, this form of treatment is often preferable to expensive, conventional medicine whenever possible. The amazing results continue to astound me and this ancient Chinese method of healing and pain relief is predictably gaining acceptance among the masses with no slowdown in sight. The amount of fascinating information on this subject is way too vast to cover in one article (or many), and interested individuals may want to investigate on their own.

Elaine Marze is a freelance writer who also works in public relations and advertising. She can be reached at

Kilpatrick’s Rose-Neath Funeral Homes, Crematorium and Cemeteries, Inc. 318-222-0348 1815 Marshall Street Shreveport, LA 71101 F u ne r a l Home s | P re -Ne e d | C e me t e r ie s | Flowe r Shop 8

January/February 2010

We’re by your side so your parents can stay at home.

We assist with daily activities that aren’t as easy for you or your loved one as they used to be, so you may continue to live in your own home.

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What’s Different

About Fitness for Seniors?


By Gilbey Scott

Who Says Seniors Don’t Have Time For Health?

The ABC of Senior Exercise For optimum senior health, the ABC of older fitness is actually ESC – Endurance, Strength and Cardio. These

Senior health is

three forms of exercise target different

a popular topic

senior health needs and should all be

these days as

integrated into your workout program.

aging baby boomers try to figure out

Endurance exercise increases blood

the best ways to keep enjoying their

flow and may protect older people

goldenyears… which happily are lasting

from cardiac injury during a heart

longer and longer in the 21st Century.

attack, according to a new University

Senior fitness is also an important issue

of Florida study. Strength exercises

as technology and labor-saving devices

increase muscle mass and improve

have created a landscape where 'hard

metabolism which aids in maintaining

work' is diminished… but so are the

a healthy weight…a key challenge in

long-term health benefits that come

senior health. Workouts that target the

from leading an active life. And senior

cardiovascular system promote heart

health is also a key to a healthy mind.

health. Add stretching and balance

Numerous studies point to a strong

exercises for a complete approach to

connection between regular exercise

senior health and overall senior fitness.

and emotional stability, providing strong evidence that many seniors can literally exercise away their depression.

January/February 2010


Fit Seniors Are Smart Seniors, Literally!

Feel The Burn and Set Calories On Fire

and exercise.

Seniors need to be


aware of weight and

your body

its relationship to

will be able

fitness. As the body

to burn more

ages, it becomes more

calories per

difficult to maintain

day. The good

If you can BOOST YOUR

for seniors to maintain an

news for senior fitness is that

ideal weight without a fitness

exercise naturally boosts your

program, regular workouts

(continued on next page)

When seniors exercise, their workout a positive effect on muscles, joints, and bones. But the amazing news is that exercise for seniors provides far more than just physical fitness. Literally providing a workout for the brain as well as the body, exercise supports senior health by improving blood flow and increasing metabolism. Overall brain function is also improved thanks to better circulation. This can bring a dramatic improvement to a senior’s metal acuity and memory function. Seniors who workout regularly, report that their exercise program leaves them feeling positive and happy, with a positive attitude that carries over into non-workout hours.

Help for Veterans or Their WidoWs

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• Your income is low enough. • Your assets are low enough.

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VA will pay for care even at home or in assisted living. We can help avoid problems! By taking steps to qualify for VA assistance, you may disqualify yourself for Medicaid assistance. The two programs must be coordinated in order to maximize your use of public resources. Errors can be devastating! Benefits lost are money out of your pocket that you can never recover.

We guide you through the VA and Medicaid programs to make sure that you qualify for the optimum benefits from these two programs. No gimmicks, just sound and ethical legal advice. Attend one of our free seminars to learn about this benefit. Call 222-2100. Ask for Brandy to reserve a seat or request more info. For personalized attention, call to schedule a conference with Joe Gilsoul and his Client Care Coordinator ($300 initial consultation fee). no other cost/ expenses for initial consultation.

January/February 2010

• You are now disabled, or have significant difficulty with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, walking or driving, or are 65 or older and in a nursing home. YoUr disABiliTY need noT Be serViCe-relATed!

Weems, Schimpf, Gilsoul,Haines, Haines, Landry & Carmouche, APLC APLC Weems, Schimpf, Gilsoul, Landry & Carmouche, 912 Kings Highway, Shreveport, Louisiana 71104 912 Kings Highway, Shreveport, Louisiana 71104





metabolism. Your fitness level will get

seniors from enjoying their lives fully.

a real boost if you add weight training

The positive effect on the muscles that

or progressive resistance exercise that

hold the bladder is the reason many

builds muscle to your workout. Muscle

older fitness enthusiasts have found

burns more calories than fat, and

that keeping to a regular workout

the more muscle you

helps them put off some of the most

have, the more calories

common (and potentially embarrassing)

you burn, even when

signs of aging including urinary tract

you’re resting.

problems. Simple pelvic exercises performed for a few minutes

Senior Exercise Prevents Embarrassing Senior Conditions

a day several times a week can improve senior health exponentially.

One of the 'secret' benefits seniors enjoy from exercise is freedom from

The Secret of Success

worry. Exercise strengthens muscles

There’s no ‘magic bullet’ that

that hold the body’s organs in place

guarantees senior health and

to prevent many of the conditions that keep

fitness. There’s not even a ‘magic’ workout or exercise. If there’s any ‘magic’ in senior fitness, it’s a magic word. That word is COMMITMENT. For any exercise program or fitness regimen to work, you need to follow it regularly… for life. A great way to stay motivated is to KEEP A DAILY EXERCISE JOURNAL. Record the kind of exercise you did that day, your heart rate, and anything else that’s meaningful to you. You’ll feel great when you review the progress you’ve made in creating a lifetime of good health for yourself. For more articles on how fitness helps seniors stay healthy visit:


January/February 2010

Winter Honeysuckle By Jim Turner

Lonicera fragrantissima (AKA Winter or Bush Honeysuckle) (lo-niśer-a fra-gran-tiśi-ma) Caprifoliaceae Zone 6

8 x 8’ 5 x 5’ average

A Native of China, this semi-evergreen shrub performs well from the coastal plains to the upper South. It is tolerant of most growing conditions even with considerable neglect but loves a moist, fertile soil. For best flowering, full sunlight is required but it does extremely well even in shade. This plant is generally pest-free and can be propagated by layering or by cuttings. One of the best things about this shrub is that it will begin blooming when everyone else is lying dormant in the winter. The fragrant flowers bloom in later winter (February-March) and provides a lemon scent-like fragrance for many weeks. This a fast-growing shrub that is long-lived. It produces a small red fruit but is seldom seen because the birds devour it with fervor. Winter honeysuckle combines with other shrubs. It can be used as a single specimen or in groupings to provide screening or sound barrier from roads. In addition to screening, its mounding form can be also used a slope cover. This is a low maintenance shrub but may require occasional removal of non-producing canes. The best time to prune is after the plant is finished blooming. Never sheer but selectively cut old canes from the center of the plant near the ground. Fertilizer requirements are low; addition of compost around the plant in early spring and late fall will enhance flower production and fragrance. A complete balanced fertilizer can be applied in late winter before flowering if compost is not available. This is an often over-looked and under-used shrub in our area of landscaping. Being long-lived, it will provide years of fragrance at a time when few other plants are in bloom. The Winter Honeysuckle is an excellent choice to herald in the color and beauty of spring.

Jim Turner is landscape contractor and Master Gardener. He is currently landscape consultant at Plant-It-Green Nursery in West Monroe, LA.

January/February 2010


STAGES of SENIOR CARE: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Best Decisions Comprehensive Resource Book Provides The Tools Needed To Help Readers Make Informed Senior Care Decisions For Themselves And Their Aging Parents With more than 78 million Baby Boomers on the verge

have evolved into a complex process that often involves mis-

of retirement, America is facing monumental social and

information and injects unwanted stress into our most impor-

economic challenges in the ways in which we care for our

tant relationships.

seniors. With healthcare concerns at the forefront, and with

To ease this tension and give much needed guidance to

time and money management a major factor for American

seniors and their adult children alike, Paul and Lori Hogan,

families in the 21st century, how adult children and seniors can

founders of Home Instead Senior Care, the world’s largest


provider of non-medical in-home care for seniors, have taken

and plan for

their experiences as both family caregivers and senior care pro-

their futures

fessionals and written Stages of Senior Care: Your Step-by-Step



“Informative. Complete. And practical. This book will guide family caregivers through the surprisingly complex world of senior care.” MEHMET OZ, M.D.


January/February 2010

Guide to Making the Best Decisions (November 2009/McGraw-

care including senior centers and adult care centers, non-


medical care at home, medical care at home, retirement and

Stages of Senior Care serves as a comprehensive guide for the ever-expanding world of senior care, breaking down the process by addressing the shared concerns of seniors and their

independent living communities, assisted living, skilled nursing homes, and hospice care. “Senior care options have expanded almost beyond rec-

family members. Featuring more than 30 sources from the most credible major healthcare


universities and nonprofit organizations, the Hogans thoroughly explain each and

ognition in the last 20 years,

America is facing monumental social and economic challenges in the ways in which we care for our seniors.

yet most Americans are still only familiar with nursing homes or family care at home,” said Paul Hogan. “In Stages of Senior Care, we present, fully and fairly, the

every aspect of senior care, including the array of available

multitude of options now available while at the same time

care choices, being a caregiver, planning for your own future,

helping people hold together their family and preserve their

aging in place, family and professional care options, how to

own well-being.”

chose an option and what to look for, financing care, insur-

Stages of Senior Care is a comprehensive resource that will

ance, legal matters, dealing with stress, communication and

help families to provide the best and most appropriate care

family relations. Specific chapters are dedicated to inform-

for their loved ones.

ing families about the many options available for professional

Home Instead Senior Care is currently hiring reliable, compassionate people like you who enjoy working with seniors. You will be part of an organization that truly values your contribution and rewards you for your dependability.

Training provided Flexible scheduling Very rewarding


You can make a difference in your community. January/February 2010 Each Home Instead Senior Care ® franchise office is independently owned and operated. © 2009 Home Instead, Inc.



Shreveport Symphony Announces A Season to Resound!

Three Concerts to Delight All Music Lovers

Photo Neil Johnson

Music Director Michael Butterman today announced Music returns in a big way with the Tchaikovsky Specdetails of the new spring season of the Shreveport Symphony tacular on Saturday, January 30 featuring Grammy-nomiOrchestra. The orchestra will perform three programs: Janunated violinist Jennifer Frautschi performing Tchaikovsky’s ary 30 and March 5 at Riverview Theatre, and May 15 at beloved Violin Concerto in D. Ms. Frautschi is known for First Baptist Church of Shreveport. her brilliant interpretations and All performances begin at 7:30pm. wide-ranging repertoire. She has Season sponsor for A Season to appeared with the premiere orchesResound! is Willis-Knighton. tras of the world and has many critiIn announcing A Season to cally acclaimed recordings to her Resound! Butterman said, “I am credit. The program concludes with thrilled that the music is returning the composer’s intensely emotional Michael Butterman, Music Director to Shreveport-Bossier. Music has a and ever-popular Fifth Symphony. unique power to connect people with a deep spiritual plane, Cirque de la Symphonie flies high above center stage providing both stimulation and healing. Its presence is absoon Friday, March 5 as the orchestra performs selections by lutely vital to any vibrant community, and I am confident Dvorak, Bizet, John Williams and many more. The Cirque that our performances this spring will be enormously effecproduction is winning rave reviews from sold-out auditive. Each concert is an event not to be missed -- exciting, ences around the country for their breathtaking aerial fliers, emotional music from our great orchestra, with internationacrobats, jugglers and dancers. It is a program of music and ally renowned Gold Medalists and Grammy-nominated guest motion, designed to entertain and delight the ‘inner child’ in artists.” everyone. These artists are among the best in the business,

“I am thrilled that the music is returning to Shreveport-Bossier.”


January/February 2010


including world record holders, Gold our community for its patience and Medal winners of international comfor providing financial support to petitions, and some of the most origihelp rebuild our Symphony. The Symnal talent seen anywhere. Their perforphony, as any nonprofit, exists to serve mances are uniquely adapted to share its community, and this community the stage with the symphony, choreohas shown it values highly the accesgraphed to classical masterpieces and sibility to the fine cultural and edupopular contemporary music. cational programs that the Shreveport Two world-renowned pianists, Symphony is known for.” both Wideman Competition Gold Dr. Rick Rowell, Principal TrumMedalists, light up the stage for A pet and musician spokesperson, added Keyboard Extravaganza on Saturhis enthusiasm for returning to the Photo Neil Johnson day, May 15 at First Baptist Church. stage. “Music is our soul and our proAlon Goldstein and Stanislav Ioudfession, and we are gratified to bring enitch bring their dazzling virtuosity music to Ark-La-Tex residents and back to Shreveport after having perstudents to enrich and enhance their Dr. Rick Rowell, Principal Trumpet formed with some of the world’s greateveryday lives. The musicians are eager est orchestras. Mr. Ioudenitch, also Gold Medal winner of to play again and believe that these very attractive programs the 2001 Van Cliburn Competition, will perform the Symwill build support for the cause of live orchestral music in phonic Variations by Franck to open the program. Next, our community. Given the opportunity, we believe that our Mr. Goldstein, who is known for his sensitive and musically audience, by their attendance and support, will demonstrate intelligent performances, will play the Second Piano Conthat the Shreveport/ Bossier City area wants and deserves a certo of Shostakovich. Both pianists will be playing one of great orchestra.” Van Cliburn’s own pianos, which Mr. Cliburn gifted to the Single tickets go on sale January 2nd. Tickets ranging church. After intermission, the orchestra will perform Saintfrom $40-$15 are available for reserved seating to the first Saens’ powerful and colorful Organ Symphony, recently bortwo concerts at the Riverview Theatre; tickets ranging from rowed for the soundtrack of the movie Babe! The organ and $40-$25 are available for general admission by section to the orchestra are united to spectacular effect in this resounding concert at First Baptist Church. Previous subscribers will be climax to the concert. given priority until December 30 to order their tickets and A Season to Resound! marks the return to the stage of keep their previous reserved seat locations for the first two the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra after an extended labor concerts. Beginning January 2nd, all tickets will be available dispute, now ended. Talks continue between the musicians online at or by calling the and representatives of the Symphony Board as they work to Box Office at 318-227-TUNE (227-8863). complete a multi-year agreement and plan for the 2010-2011 season and beyond. 619 Louisiana Avenue Board President Dick Bremer commended the new Shreveport, LA 71101 318 222-7496 Voice spirit of cooperation among the Board and musicians, and 318 227-TUNE Ticket Hotline stated, “We are pleased that our professional musicians are 318 222-7490 Fax back onstage, and we are committed to working effectively together. The musicians and the Board also wish to thank

“Music is our soul...”

January/February 2010



Surfin’ Seniors:

Computers and the Internet for Baby Boomers By Brett Loding

Everybody knows that learning doesn’t end with high school or college. Once we have finished with our formal educations, we still have a big, wide world to understand and master. Most of us learn to live with our partners, and make a loving marriage work. We have to learn to be parents. We have to learn new skills, and abilities to continue to reach career goals, and find new successes in our chosen fields. We also live in an increasingly changing world that finds new developments in technology challenging our understanding of – and ability to interact with – our media-saturated surroundings. From radio to television, the automobile to the airplane, with each new technological development cultural challenges arise that require new skills

and understanding. No single technology has had as much impact on the 21st century as the computer, and the Internet. In today’s world, it seems that nearly everything involves interacting with computers. From the cell phone, to the ATM machine, to the news we watch on the television set, everything relies on complex computing networks moving information from one point to another for our entertainment and edification. With the introduction of the personal computer, we found that this new technology became a part of our every day lives. Understanding how to use a computer, and negotiate the Internet is becoming a crucial part of living a vital,

active life. Today, even our grandchildren are surfing the Internet and sending email. Learning a few basic skills can provide you with new abilities that can expand your horizons, simplify your life, and even bring you closer to the ones you love. There are a number of ways for seniors interested in computers and the Internet to learn more. Not only can these experiences be accessible and informative, they can also be a fun way to get out, make new friends, and open up a world of new experiences. One of the best ways to learn more about this brave new world, is to take a look at the programs offered by your local schools, universities, community centers, and recreation departments. With just a little investigating, you’ll find that these resources offer a number of options when it comes to learning everything from computer basics and Internet 101, to mastering sophisticated software applications.

Understanding how to use a computer, and negotiate the Internet is becoming a crucial part of living a vital, active life. 18

January/February 2010


There are a lot of advantages to this kind of formal, in-class learning. In most of these situations, every student will have the advantage of learning at their own computer, receiving plenty of handson practice and personalized instruction. This will save you the expense of needing to buy a computer in order to learn how to use one. It will also give you a chance to find out what you like to do on a computer, giving you a leg-up on your shopping once you get around to making a purchase. Classes of this kind usually start from scratch, walking students through the basics: hooking up a computer properly, terminology, using a printer and a mouse, etc. Once you grab the basics, most courses will move on to an elementary understanding of the Windows operating system, along with the how-to’s of basic word processing and spreadsheet software. Like any class for seniors, these courses are usually paced for your comfort, but what about your physical comfort? For many seniors, the barrier to computer literacy isn’t a lack of curiosity, or a fear of the unknown, it is difficulty with the physical dexterity required to negotiate the keyboard and the mouse. Arthritis, and vision problems can inhibit seniors from even taking the first steps toward learning more about computers. Luckily, there are a number of new products available that can remove these barriers, and have any senior surfing away in no time. For seniors with vision problems, computers can be intimidating. Not only does computing require reading a keyboard, it also requires reading a – sometimes dimly lit or glaring – screen. However, these issues don’t need to be a barrier. Visi- Key Keyboards are the same size as regular keyboards, but the letters and numbers are 430% larger. For seniors who need extra help with seeing and typing, Big Key Keyboards are a just the right solution, and products like January/February 2010

the Bigtrack Track Ball and the Vertical Mouse can assist with the fine motor control computing requires. Items like the ZoomText product line can magnify and enhance everything on your monitor screen, making it easier to see under any conditions. As computers become more user friendly, classes become easier to find, and new products make it easier for seniors to

manage the use of these new technologies, computer geeks of all ages are free to explore cyberspace for all they’re worth. C’mon, jump in! The cyberspace is fine! Brett Loding is posting for Eric West, who is a proud parent, and has 2 giant maine coon cats.He is the VP of http://www., and the webs #1 destination for pets, and people to make life better and easier. Article source:

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Bring your appetite to Windrush Grill, we have what you are looking for. Whether you’re needing a grilled chicken sandwich or an old fashioned hamburger, stop in today and let us satisfy your craving.

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S.A.F.E. Planning is celebrating the fact that our clients haven’t lost any money from their fixed annuities in this rise and fall of the financial market like so many other people. “I routinely talk with people who had an excess of over a million dollars in investable assets only a year ago who now have less than $500,000.00 due to market losses,” says Steve Rainey. “In contrast, none of our clients have lost a dime!”

Protect your nest egg!

Call our office for an appointment to come in for a consultation on how to: • Guarantee your income for life. • Minimize the income net tax when • Protect your savings from market risk. converting IRAs to ROTH IRAs and • Protect yourself from nursing home look at benefits of tax free growth. spend-down requirements.

Allow us to give you a reason to celebrate!

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By Tara R. Thomas If you’ve ever lived in a foreign country you will understand of a nervous breakdown. My husband was learning language, just how exhausting and stressful the act of living can be, espeas well as working. Believe me, he did more than his share, but cially in the beginning. The excitement it was not enough. I did something that of the adventure wears off quickly when day that was extremely difficult for me to it’s not just the language barrier that is do. I asked someone for help. These reasons it is so problematic, but the little things that Pride swallowed and phone call over hard to ask for help: you used to do everyday without even I breathed a deep sigh and waited for my • We fear appearing thinking, now require work. Imagine rescuers. I don’t remember what we did weak. that you need to carry a dictionary to with our time that day, but I do rememdo your grocery shopping and need a ber what they did. Nancy and Jimmy • We interpret the temperature conversion chart before you Moore showed up at my house with a request for help can cook dinner. You need instructions bucket and gloves. With a smile from ear as an admission on how to sort the trash in the required to ear and a hug, Nancy shooed Todd, of failure. ways, but instead have to learn the hard my husband, and me out of the house. • We hesitate to give way- that is get scolded by a neighbor for I got home that evening to a clean up control. doing it wrong. You don’t know if your kitchen, laundered and ironed clothes two-year old son’s crying during quiet and a happy boy munching on pizza! hours is disturbing the neighbors, so you Jimmy had entertained and fed Samuel expect at any time the noise police to ring your doorbell. while Nancy did the cleaning and laundry. Overwhelmed with Take these sorts of things about 18 hours a day, add in langratefulness, I went to bed that night thanking the Lord for my guage school and advance stage rheumatoid arthritis and you get servant-hearted friends, retired from worldly jobs and now servmy state about two months after we moved to Germany almost ing the Lord overseas in their later years. These two grandparents eight years ago. One particular day, I’ll never forget. My house had left their own grandchildren behind to serve others overseas was a mess, the laundry was out of control and I was on the verge and that day they had blessed us greatly. And just think, I almost 22

January/February 2010


did not ask for help. ”Asking for help is a universally dreaded prospect,” according to Chicago author, speaker, and master coach, M. Nora Klaver in her book, Mayday! Asking For Help in Times of Need. On her website, she states these reasons for why it is so hard to ask for help. “We fear appearing weak. We interpret the request for help as an admission of failure. We hesitate to give up control. So we struggle, alone with day-to-day burdens and serious crises. By not reaching out, we make things harder for ourselves.” Sound familiar? Obviously, you do not have to live overseas to need help. We all need something some time. Often, though we wait until we are absolutely desperate before asking for help and as Klaver points out in her book, we rob others of the joy of helping someone. I don’t know how many times I have talked with a friend or family member at length about how bad they felt or how awful things were going. When I asked if there is anything I can do, the answer is so often, “No. I’ll be fine.” Or, “Just pray.” Which is important and helpful, but what they really need is someone to pick up a few things at the grocery store or make a dinner. One time my mother was sick and I wanted to help her. With much effort and struggle she painfully coughed up a small grocery list. The struggle was not due to her illness, I could tell by the slow-drawn out whisper of each item that she was trying to make sure she did not burden me too much. She did not want to seem too needy. With that in mind, let’s look at some good ways and bad ways to ask for help.

Bad ways to ask for help: (In my struggle with asking for help over the years, I have unfortunately tried all of these.) • Asking for help if you don’t really need it. For example, if you are lonely, and you ask someone to help just to get a visitor. • Expect people to be able to read your mind and figure out what you need. • Give up if someone turns you down. Rejection hurts, but get over it and ask someone else. • Use someone else to ask for you. • Wearing people out by asking too much or too often for help. This creates relationship barriers. January/February 2010

Good ways to ask for help: • • •

Just ask, nicely. Be specific about what you need and the details when, where, and how, but not bossy. Be gracious and thankful. I heard someone say one time, “Many people like to serve, but no one likes to be treated like a servant.” Be willing to help others as well when possible.

When Nancy and Jimmy Moore left my home that night. Nancy hugged me as I told her a genuine heartfelt thank you. Her reply was really interesting. With peace in her eyes and a warm smile she told me that it was her pleasure to be able to serve me. She added that all day as she was washing and ironing my clothes and cleaning my house, she was also praying for my family and me. Knowing the devoted prayer warrior that she is, I knew this was true. She and Jimmy had worked hard, as unto the Lord, praying as they worked. It was obvious by their faces that they got a blessing out of blessing me. So the next time you are in need, I urge you to ask for help before you get desperate. Start by lifting up a prayer and asking the Lord to help you. You can even ask his help asking for help. Think about who might best be able and willing to help you. Ask someone for help. If it does not work out, keep asking until you find the help you need. Then with a grateful heart let that person know how they have blessed you. We can all follow the example of warm-hearted people like Jimmy and Nancy Moore who prove the saying “A friend in need is a friend, indeed.”

A friend in need is a friend, e r o o M y indeed. Nancy & Jimm Jan . 2007


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January/February 2010


Don’t worry – be informed! By Blake Rainey It is not as if seniors and their families do not have enough to worry about, but the old myth is still alive and circulating that “before you can qualify for Medicaid you must sign over your home to the state”. We at S.A.F.E. Planning would like to reassure you of some facts so you can relax and enjoy the new year with a little less stress, and though state laws vary, at least in Louisiana you do not have to sign your house over to the state in order to receive benefits. The state has a Recovery Department and has the right to try and recover against the estate of the applicant/recipient but only after their death and only if there is no surviving spouse. Louisiana has had the right to recover against the homestead for some time, but up until this point the Recovery Department has done little to actively recover from individuals who have legitimately received benefits. The most activity I have observed from Louisiana’s Recovery Department was trying to recoup monies when they found that they had paid benefits to someone incorrectly. This can happen when assets or income is not disclosed during the initial application or a transfer for less than fair market value was made but not disclosed. Changes in income or assets that are not reported to Medicaid once an individual is determined eligible can also cause a problem. If these are not found or are overlooked and benefits are received, then once discovered the Recovery Department would be responsible for trying to collect any monies incorrectly paid to an individual. However, we have begun to see a substantial increase in notices being sent to the families after the death of a Medicaid recipient. The letter consists of a form to be filled out and sent back to the state that helps the state make a determination if recovery is going to be financially beneficial for the state, and also outlines the hardships and exemptions that could allow a family to avoid recovery of the homestead. Depending on the value of the home, the financial status of the direct heirs, and several other determining factors, you

may avoid recovery without any planning, but what can you do to plan to protect the home? First, understand that recovery can only be made from the estate of the person that received benefits and the state is limited to recovering only from the probate of that individual. In other words, if it doesn’t go through probate, they can’t get it. Now, many know that a Revocable Living Trust will avoid probate but a home in a trust loses its exempt status and would keep the individual from receiving benefits in the first place. One strategy for a married couple would be to transfer the interest of the applicant/recipient to the well spouse at home. If the well spouse owns the entire house, it will keep the home out of the probate of the applicant/recipient. It is obvious in this instance that a Pre-Planning strategy would be to transfer the home out of their names completely. Whether married or single, a transfer could be made to the children, for example, and get past the look-back period and/or the penalty period for transfers for less than Fair Market Value. Consideration should be given to whether or not Usufruct is retained when making a transfer like this. By retaining the Usufruct, the individual will do several things. First, they are able to continue to claim homestead exemption. Next, because usufruct is retained, the donee will receive a step-up in cost basis on the property upon the death of the donor. Finally, because the donation was made in this manner, the individual still had the use and control of their home until they died, yet it isn’t required that it goes through probate. The kids already have possession of the property and Medicaid has no ability to recover against the home. There are other strategies that may be available to protect from recovery – many depend on your particular situation and family dynamic. As always, Pre-Planning will offer the most protection. Please understand that I am writing about how Louisiana deals with recovery. If you are in another state, there may be some differences. If you have concerns, we will be happy to talk to you and will make sure the advice we give you will take into consideration your state regulations.

As always, Pre-Planning will offer the most protection.

January/February 2010

(See S.A.F.E. Planning ad for contact information, page 20)


taste savvy

hether it is a cold wintry day or you’re entertaining a group, Holly Clegg, author of the best selling trim&TERRIFIC™ cookbook series including a diabetic cookbook with the ADA and Eating Well Through Cancer, has sold almost 1 million copies. Holly has appeared on national shows including Fox & Friends, NBC Weekend Today, and The 700 Club. Known as the healthy “Queen of Quick,” her focus is on fast, easy and healthier recipes using everyday ingredients.

what’s happening:

• Mobile Rush-Hour Recipes phone application-delivered directly to your phone, easy daily healthy and delicious recipes with photo, shopping list, directions and nutritional information - availble on iphone, blackberry and smart phones • Watch Holly’s monthly cooking segment, Holly’s trim&TERRIFIC® Kitchen on “This Week In Louisiana Agriculture.” • Sign up for Holly’s Monthly Menu Newsletter and check out recipes:


this is the perfect opportunity to highlight savory, simmering hot soups. Soups are comfort foods as well as a source of internal heating and fuel on those cold winter nights. Best of all, traditional soups have been revamped into nourishing one-dish meals making them ideal for the busy person. A good fulfilling soup will meet the needs of all the food groups in one pot, which definitely simplifies cooking. Soups are ideal for any size group, from small to a larger group that might happen to pop in during the winter festivities. Best of all, soups are truly the ultimate make-ahead recipe allowing you to cook on your own time frame. The old adage, “the longer it sits, the better it gets” is true with soups. To the delight of the cook, a soup pulled out of the freezer might attract more compliments than when initially served. To reheat, take out the night before and thaw in the refrigerator, and heat in a saucepan over a low heat. After freezing sometimes more liquid needs to be added if the mixture is too thick. If you need to stretch the soup, just add more broth and toss in extra ingredients, as soups are very crowd accommodating. A loaf of hot crusty French bread and possibly a salad may be served with soup to round out the meal. These Trim & Terrific soup recipes might be hearty and filling but they won’t affect your waistline. These one-dish meals will warm you up on a cold winter night and satisfy the most demanding taste buds from family to friends.

January/February 2010

Yummy, yummy to my tummy, It’s soup weather! Shrimp, Corn and Sweet potato Soup Time and time again this recipe gets rave reviews, especially prepared with the naturally sweet yams. 1 red onion, chopped 1/2 cup chopped celery 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic 1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped 2 cups diced sweet potatoes (yams) 1 (16-ounce) bag frozen corn 1 (14 3/4-ounce) can cream style corn 1 (10-ounce) can chopped tomatoes and green chilies 1 (6-ounce) can tomato paste 4 cups canned fat-free chicken broth 1 1/2 pounds peeled medium shrimp Salt and pepper to taste Sliced green onions (scallions), optional

tuSCan Bean Soup This earthy soup with a full array of assorted veggies and barley seasoned with rosemary and thyme whips up with ease. If the soup gets too thick, add more broth. 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped 1 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon dried rosemary leaves 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves 1 bay leaf 2 tablespoons tomato paste 8 cups fat-free low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth 1/2 cup medium pearl barley 1 cup sliced carrots 2 (15-ounce) cans cannellini or Great Northern beans, rinsed and drained 2 cups packed fresh baby spinach leaves Salt and pepper to taste (optional) In a large nonstick saucepot, heat the olive oil and sauté the onion, green pepper, and garlic over medium heat until tender, about 7 minutes. Sprinkle with flour and cook for one minute. January/February 2010

Coat a large pot with nonstick cooking spray and sauté the onion, celery, garlic, and green pepper until tender. Add the sweet potatoes, frozen corn, cream style corn, tomatoes and green chilies, tomato paste, and broth; bring mixture to a boil. Add shrimp and continue cooking until shrimp is done, about 10 minutes. Garnish with green onions, if desired.

Shrimp, Corn and Sweet potato Soup

Makes 12 servings Nutrition information per serving Calories ................................................. 153 Protein (g)................................................ 13 Carbohydrate (g) ..................................... 26 Fat (g) ........................................................ 1 Calories from Fat (%)................................. 6 Saturated Fat (g) ........................................ 0 Dietary Fiber (g) ......................................... 4 Cholesterol (mg) ...................................... 81 Sodium (mg)...........................................513 Diabetic Exchanges: 1 very lean meat, 1.5 starch, 1 vegetable

Stir in the rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, tomato paste, and broth. Bring to a boil and add the barley, then reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes.

tuSCan Bean Soup

Add the carrots and continue to cook, covered, for 20 minutes. Uncover, add the beans and spinach, and continue cooking for 5 minutes until well heated. Season with salt and pepper (if using). Remove bay leaf before serving.

terrific tidbit Cannellini, white kidney, or Great Northern beans are all terrific in this soup. 10 servings/serving size: 1 cup Calories ................................................. 145 Calories from Fat ................................17 Total Fat ................................................. 2 g Saturated Fat .................................... 0 g Cholesterol .......................................... 0 mg Sodium............................................ 248 mg Total Carbohydrate ............................... 25 g Dietary Fiber .................................... 6 g Sugars.............................................. 2 g Protein.................................................... 7 g Diabetic Exchanges: 1.5 starch


Speedy Chili

Speedy Chili I add a teaspoon of Chipotle chili powder to add that smoky flavor. Easiest chili and most popular in my house. 2 pounds ground sirloin 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 (16-ounce) jar chunky salsa 1 (16-ounce) package frozen whole kernel corn 2 (14 1/2-ounce) cans seasoned beef broth with onion 1 (15-ounce) can red kidney beans, rinsed and drained, optional

In a large pot, brown the meat and garlic until done. Drain any excess liquid. Add the chili powder, cumin, salsa, corn, beef broth, and beans. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce heat and cook for 15 minutes. Makes 6 to 8 servings Nutrition information per serving Calories ..................................................212 Protein (g)................................................ 26 Carbohydrate (g) ..................................... 14 Fat (g) ........................................................ 6 Calories from Fat (%)............................... 24 Saturated Fat (g) ........................................ 2 Dietary Fiber (g) ......................................... 2 Cholesterol (mg) ...................................... 60 Sodium (mg).......................................... 794 Diabetic Exchanges: 3 lean meat, 1 starch

Some crispy garlic bread or a loaf of hot crusty French bread makes any of these meals complete!

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4 28

January/February January/February 2008 2010

Dr. Gary Bo B okker is plleasedd to t announce a new researchh sttuddy testtinng an investig i ational medication fo f r Alzheimer’s Disease. All research related procedures and study medication will be provided at no cost to those who qualifif y. Qualified participants must be: • Diagnosed with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease • 50 to 90 years of age • In generally good health, or have stable medical conditions • Have a caregiver that has regular contact with the participant Pati tieents who are currently taking Aricept or Exelo lonn may be eligible to particip ipaate in the studyy and wiill be ablee to continue taking their ir current medication.

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Day 38: Love Fulfills Dreams (And Nightmares) By Tara R. Thomas

I hate sweat, mosquitoes, rattle snakes, briars, un-level ground, climbing rickety board ladders nailed to trees, cold weather, smelly men, unwashed linens, worn-out hand-medown pillows, coyotes, hot weather, outdoor hole-in-the-ground toilets, no running water, poison ivy, red bugs, red ants, (again I say) smelly men, ticks, crude speech… All of these loathsome things come to mind when I consider deer hunting with my husband. A thought, might I add, that I would not have considered if it were not for DAY 38! Last Christmas, I got the most wonderful gift from my husband – two LOVE DARE 40 Day Challenge journals, along with a promise that upon completion of the 40 Day challenge, we would take a romantic getaway trip. We had watched the movie Fireproof and loved the message of the film. Thankfully, our marriage was NOT headed toward divorce like the one featured in the film. However, after twelve years of marriage and two children, our lives had gotten very busy and we realized the need to nurture our relationship like we once had. Sparks began to fly after just a few challenges were complete. Memories of our early love together came flooding back and romance heated up again. Due to baby-sitting needs we took our little trip a couple of weeks before we finished the challenge. It was better than our honeymoon, I proudly admit.

Then came DAY 38. LOVE FULFILLS DREAMS. “Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. –Psalm 37:4 TODAY’S DARE: Ask yourself what your mate would want if it was obtainable. Commit this to prayer, and start mapping out a plan for meeting some (if not all) of their desires, to whatever level you possibly can.” Up until this point the LOVE DARE had been fun although not always easy. Some of the harder dares were in the beginning. For example on Days 1, 2 and 3 we were not allowed to say anything at all negative to our spouse. On Day 27 we had to “eliminate the poison of unrealistic expectations you have in your home.” But with only two days to go at Day 38, it was looking like this hunter’s wife might not finish. My husband’s dream is my nightmare. Like the rich ruler in Luke 18 that went away sad when Jesus told him that in order to inherit eternal life he must sell everything he had and give to the poor, the thought of this Love Dare challenge made me very sad. Do I really have to do this one? CAN I really do this? I thought to myself as I began to count the costs. My son tried to help by telling me with excitement in his eyes, “It’ll be fun, Mama! We’ll even give you some of that stuff that makes you smell good!” He was referring to the

The purpose of the LOVE DARE is to teach you how to love.


January/February 2010


scent-killer spray that makes you smell like dirt. I guess you have to be a 9 year-old boy to understand that logic. It’s not that I am against hunting – I grew up with it and appreciate it. I remember when hunting season was a few glorious weeks out of the year when the guys were gone to the camp and Mom and I had the house, the kitchen and most importantly the TV all to ourselves! We celebrated the season with Christmas shopping, pretty food, and chick-flick marathons. That was years ago, before hunting became a yearround hobby. When I was a child there was an unspoken rule at the deer camp – no girls allowed. That was fine by me. I accepted it as a general order of things – the way God created boys and girls differently. I embraced the idea wholeheartedly. But all of those things are not important now. Dares are challenges that take you out of your comfort zone. The LOVE DARE does that, but not for the purpose of your own personal accomplishment. The purpose of the LOVE DARE is to teach you how to love. Love is sacrificial not selfcentered. The LOVE DARE challenges you to move out of

your comfort zone in order to pour out love extravagantly on your spouse even if he does not deserve it. As I wrote these words and pondered these things, I glanced up from my laptop at my husband. He deserves it. He deserves for me to try as hard as I can to make his dreams become a reality. His dream that he has carried since he was a young man is that his wife would go on a hunt with him. He even has a rifle that he has had since before we met – set aside for his wife. I hate many things that you have to endure in hunting. But, I love my husband. I hate Day 38 for daring me to do what I hate! But I love Day 38 for daring me to love my husband extravagantly! He deserves it! Actually, I don’t hate everything about hunting. I like honey buns, campfires, sing-a-longs, story telling, camaraderie, four-wheeler riding, beautiful colors of leaves, seeing animals in the wild, peace and quiet. More than all of these things I love the idea of making my husband, Todd, happy. So, pass me some of that scent-killer and a honey bun! I’ve got a dream to fulfill.

...pass me some of that scent-killer and a hon ey bun! I ’ve got a dream to fulfill .

January/February 2010


20 Things To Do In 2010 1. Drink plenty of water.

4. Live with the 3 E's — Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.

2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.

3. Eat more foods that

minutes each day.

5. Make time to pray.

9. Sleep for 7 hours.

6. Play more games.

10. Take a 10-30 minutes walk

7. Read more books than you

grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.

8. Sit in silence for at least 10

did in 2009.

daily. And while you walk, smile.

11. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

12. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

13. Don't over do. Keep your limits.

14. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

15. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.

Senior Care at Brentwood Hospital Levels of Care • Inpatient • Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) • Outpatient

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Brentwood Senior Care Unit (318) 678-7500


Warning Signs That May Indicate the Need for Treatment

• • • • • • • •

Depression, extreme sadness Confused thinking, difficulty concentrating Hallucinations; hearing voices Misuse of alcohol or medications Disorientation Numerous unexplained physical ailments Difficulties coping with daily living Excessive fears, anxieties or suspiciousness

16. Dream more while you are awake.

17. Remember you already have all you need. Envy is a waste of time.

18. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.

19. Don't hate others. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

20. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.

January/February 2010

the sage traveler

By Elaine Marze Houston is an excellent representative of “Texas-sized” everything! And, like so many Texans, Houstonians happily and frequently voice their pride in the attractions and points of interest which includes museums, sports teams, shopping centers, restaurants and first class medical facilities. Houston is the nation’s fourth largest city. Second only to New York City, Houston’s 17-block Theater District boasts nine performing arts organizations and 12,000 seats. In the heart of the downtown Theater District, Bayou Place is a trendy indoor entertainment complex that offers everything from a game of pool, a concert at the Aerial Theater or blues rhythm music heard at Harlon’s Barbecue and Blues. Or, the Alley Theatre features two post-modernistic stages, one of the oldest resident professional theater companies in the country. The Holocaust Museum, located at 5401 Caroline Street, is a sobering but factual reminder of what can happen to a nation that loses individual freedoms and is a learning experience as visitors re-live history from the origins of Judaism to the rise of Nazism, the Holocaust and the aftermath of the Final Solution. This commemorative facility pays tribute to the survivors of the Holocaust, and specifically features Houston survivors including a film and montage of personal accounts. Do not miss The Wall of Tears and the Garden of Hope during your tour. This is the perfect time of year to watch or enjoy Kinder Lake as it is transformed into an ice skating rink. Part of Discovery Green, located in the downtown area, this 12-acre

area provides facilities and equipment for musical concerts, various sports and games such as bocce ball and shuffle board, walking trails shaded by old oaks, and playgrounds. The grand lobby of the Jesse H. Jones Hall for Performing Arts provides the perfect ambiance for concerts by the Houston Symphony or the Society for the Performing Arts. Another popular local attraction is the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center where visitors can experience solitude in nature by hiking meandering trails through an urban forest, meadows and alongside ponds where hikers can spot swamp rabbits, woodpeckers, turtles and other wildlife. The Discover Center invites participation through interactive exhibits, games, field guides and aquariums. Visitors can learn from experienced naturalists about snakes, birds, coyotes and other creatures. Guided nature walks are scheduled each Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 3 p.m. While at the HANC, visitors can learn about such subjects as “Backyard Habitat Building” or attend a Winter Native Tree and Shrub sale. During the spring and summer, many people are fascinated by the Hummingbird and Butterfly Island, or walk the paths of the Sensory Garden to smell, touch and listen to the garden buzz (bees). Not all of native Texas critters have been run off by rampant urbanization so visitors can experience swamp rabbits, armadillos and Green Anoles (lizards) in the Wildlife Garden. An entire day can be spent at the Houston Space Center on NASA Road One while getting reacquainted with the accomplishments of America’s manned space flight programs. (continued on next page)

“Texas-sized” everything!

January/February 2010



Regardless of a person’s age, it is exciting and interesting to learn how astronauts eat, sleep and shower with zero gravity. The center includes interactive exhibits and the largest IMAX Theater in Texas, which is saying a lot. For those who once dreamed of going into outer space but haven’t realized that dream yet, you can at least enjoy a full-size space shuttle mock up that includes the flight deck, control panel and astronaut quarters. Anybody who has ever been to Houston has probably been to The Galleria, an indoor shopping mall which is located in the Uptown Houston District – a four-mile area known for its gourmet restaurants, art galleries and international haute couture. The Galleria features more than 330 shops and exclusive stores such as Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus in addition to nearly 50 restaurants and an indoor Olympic-size skating rink. Also on Westheimer Road, the Highland Village is another popular shopping spot, though it is an outdoor mall with palm tree lined walkways. Downtown’s only shopping center can be found on McKinney Street and boasts more than 75 shops. And, for shopaholics who can never get enough, Rice Village is a trendy outdoor shopping center located near Rice University and has as many stores as The Galleria in a 14-block area. After or during a day spent shopping or touring Houston’s many attractions, a visit to one of the Chocolate Bars is an absolute treat, especially for chocoholics! Any and everything imaginable is available drenched in chocolate – dark, sweet, milk – your choice. I highly recommend the German Chocolate Ice-cream and the chocolate pecan meringue cookies or, basically any of the hundreds of selections available to chocolate lovers there. Two of my favorite restaurants in Houston are Landry’s Seafood House and Pappadeaux’s Seafood. Landry’s has a luncheon buffet with a nice selection that should satisfy most seafood lover’s palates, and I don’t know anybody who has ever left Pappadeaux’s unhappy with their meal. Their light and slightly crispy batter is excellent, and the dinner entrees are usually large enough to feed two people. My husband and I have toured Houston numerous times over the past 35 years while visiting friends and family who reside there. But in the 34

The Houston medical complexes have a definite impact on the city’s economy... past months we have traveled multiple times to Houston, like so many other people, for appointments at the medical facilities there. Thousands of patients from literally around the world come to Houston as patients of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Methodist Hospital, Texas Women’s Hospital, Texas Children’s, Memorial Hermann, and St. Luke’s Hospital. The Houston medical complexes have a definite impact on the city’s economy and MDA’s reputation is worldwide. Indeed, during our trips to M.D. Anderson, we see people and hear languages from across the globe. And, because each time we are there we run into people we know, I decided to include pertinent information in this travel article regarding facilities there. Maybe it is because most Savvy readers are age 50 plus, but we seem to be at the age when cancer and heart disease is common among our peers, and many families, at some time or other, end up at a Houston hospital. First-timers should be aware that some hotels located in the medical facility area are attached to various hospitals by sky-walks which are invaluable to people who are making dozens of trips back and forth to one of the hospitals, or who have spouses with physical disabilities, and especially for small town folks who get rattled and lost driving in Houston’s traffic. We spent several nights at the Marriott on Fannin Street, which is a very nice hotel that is attached to Methodist Hospital. And, like most of the downtown hotels, the Marriott has shuttles that take patients and family members to the various hospitals. The shuttles are better than driving oneself, but it does mean you have to wait on their schedules, and you can get crammed in with sick people which can be a problem for those with immune system deficiencies. Our hotel of choice is the Jesse H. Jones Rotary House because of the sky-walks that connect directly to M.D. Anderson. After outpatient surgery, it is so much easier for the patient to be wheeled directly to a Rotary House room. Most

January/February 2010


“If it ain’t in Texas, it ain’t worth seeing!”

of the rooms are stocked with dishes / utensils, a micro-wave, dishwasher and refrigerator. The lowest priced rooms we have gotten in the downtown area begin at $105.00, before taxes and other fees so be prepared. Many downtown hotel parking fees are $20.00 plus per day. Also, hotel restaurants have breakfast buffets for $15.00 and dinner entrees typically range from $15 - $30. The hospital cafeterias provide food at more moderate prices. Some patients have told me they stay at hotels on the outer edges of Houston such as the Holiday Inn where they pay an $85 room rate before added costs which then brings the total to around $108. But, because doctor appointments may be spaced so haphazardly, it can be a real hassle traveling back and forth in all the traffic, though it is a cheaper option than staying at one of the hotels near the medical complexes. Since many patients and their families have to make multiple trips and sometimes the stays are longterm, costs can quickly become a financial hardship. Because of the H1N1 flu, children under 12 are not allowed in M.D. Anderson unless they are patients. Still, some families bring their children when they visit so it is very handy that the Houston Zoo is within walking distance of the Rotary House. The zoo is open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and has a train ride for lazy viewing of re-created habitats for the animals. A new Children’s Zoo has been added which re-creates the six ecosystems of Texas – city, farm, desert, forest, coastal, and prairie in addition to interactive displays and of course, animals. Another museum that may be of special interest to families who have a member under-going treatment for a serious illness is the Museum of Health & Medical Science at 1515 Hermann Drive. Among exhibits are huge sculptures of human organs that include a 10-foot brain and 22-foot rib cage that visitors can actually tour for an up close and special encounter. This museum is all about learning and exploring the body and everything under the skin. Whether for pleasure or business, when January/February 2010

traveling to Houston, you can be sure to find something in this city to interest or entertain you. And, I did not even get into the city’s draw as a sports Mecca or the historical aspects of Houston’s colorful heritage. As one man explained, his reason for refusing to travel outside the state, “If it ain’t in Texas, it ain’t worth seeing!” Elaine Marze is a freelance writer who also works in public relations and advertising. She can be reached at


puzzle savvy 1









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20. 21. 22. 23. 26. 28. 29. 33. 34. 35. 36.





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19 21


Planted area The rite place? Furry friend Maui greeting Jungle vine Place (a bet) Piercing Pharaohs’ symbol of power Hot tubs Auction offering Wedding page word Radio interference Tyrolean refrains Biretta or beret Guitar parts Call’s counterpart Diamond judge Falls, as into a chair Some medical procedures Charges for admission Hand cream ingredient De ___ (too much) Brief chapters?




1. 6. 11. 14. 15. 16. 17. 19.











Down 46. 47. 48. 49. 51. 52. 55. 57. 58. 60. 61. 62. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72.

Look narrowly Sundial figure Wharf pest Canned ham glaze Ossuary Flew Finds fault with Merlot cask Set as rivals All that’s seen of the Wizard of Oz, at first List abbr. Golda Meir, e.g. Historical period Web-footed mammal At attention Fancy affairs Prominent features of Bob Hope and Jimmy Durante ‘___ Becomes Her’ (Hawn/Streep comedy)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 18. 23. 24. 25. 27. 30. 31. 32. 37.

Fare for the toothless Tap output Bon or won follower Caisson Cloche fastener Word of woe Like cherries jubilee Follow Get one’s goat They have retractable roofs Solar system model Stand for a portrait Varieties They’re in a heat Walk without lifting the feet Circus employee They can be deceiving Air carrier Second word of an apology Joints with caps Quite high Bête ___

38. 40. 42. 45. 50. 52. 53. 54. 56. 59. 60. 63. 64. 65.

Kissing game turns Name on the marquee Bands of Indians Greg Brady, to Carol Scratched Lieu Expenditure ‘Me, too!’ Be taken with Skin designs, for short Not his Player’s peg ___ culpa It may be passed on the Hill 66. Utmost

January/February 2010


2 8


1 6 5 7 sudoku rules

3 7



Sudoku rules are extremely easy. Fill all empty squares so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear once in each row, column and 3x3 box.

4 1

4 2


4 7 9

Use a soft erasable pencil.

6 9 3

Double check before placing a number. Make small pencilmarks to show which numbers are allowed in empty squares. This will come in handy when analyzing techniques are used.


Never guess. Only make moves based on logical deductions.


Answers to both puzzles on next page.

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Resolution, smesolution — who needs it? Don’t be so stubborn, look at the answers! Here are the answers to the puzzles on pages 28 and 29.


January/February 2010

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