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Vortex EcoSmart Hand Dryer Brochure From: SAVORTEX Ltd Date: May 2013

Can you afford to ignore the hand dryer that has achieved a Guinness World Records™ title?

Most pairs of hands dried using 30kj of energy

The Vortex EcoSmart Hand Dryer

Four pairs of hands dried using less than 30kj of energy

Our World record holding, Vortex EcoSmart hand dryer uses just 550W of power consumption and comes with an industry leading 7 year no quibble replacement warranty. The Vortex uses a unique brushless bypass motor technology, replacing heating elements, to compress and recycle energy to produce heat and thereby delivering long life & industry-leading power drying.

• High speed • Low power consumption, only 550W • Long life 7 year warranty • Low sound emission (From 83dB) • Simple installation and retro fit option • WEEE compliant – High recyclable material

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EcoSmart cost savings from SAVORTEX SAVORTEX has achieved a Guinness World Records title for its Vortex EcoSmart Hand Dryer; Drying 4 pairs of hands using just 24kJ of energy. Our most recent achievements are winner of the best Energy Product/Service Award 2013 from the the Energy and Environmental Awards, and the Energy Efficiency Product Initiative of the Year from the Electrical Time industry awards. The company was also awarded UK’s 'Committed to Excellence' profile Award and best new product by the prestigious 'Best Business Awards'. SAVORTEX was recently selected as ‘Best of Britain,' one of 16 high-growth CleanTech companies backed by the Technology Strategy Board and UK Trade & Investment. SAVORTEX customer research found that both energy consumption and product longevity were the two critical factors contributing to the overall cost saving of a hand dryer.

We are proud to introduce our world record holding and a British innovation; the Vortex EcoSmart hand dryer. The Vortex EcoSmart hand dryer consumes just 550W, compared to as much as 1600W to 2400W with other dryers. It comes with an industry leading 7 year no quibble warranty as standard. A product of six years scientific research and development; the impressive low power consumption is due to our unique patented compression and heat recovery technique which incorporates three registered patents*. It is the only hand dryer to recycle energy whilst operational. Furthermore, our pioneering brushless bypass motor technology offers considerable life cycle savings with sustainable drying, having successfully passed 2.4 million drying cycles. Ultimately our success is down to our team of highly skilled professionals who ensure that you receive a world-class service that is tuned to your businesses requirements through our account managed service.




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Call 0207 956 8840 Most pairs of hands dried using 30kj of energy


Innovative technology

Reduced operating costs

• Our patented award-winning drying technology

Over its lifetime the Vortex dryer has low operating

uses a compression process to generate the warm

costs compared to other conventional hand dryers on

air required for drying, meaning there is no need for

the market because the unit consumes much less

energy-hungry heating elements.

power and never compromises on performance.

• Following compression, a proportion of the warm

The patented technology means that the Vortex dryer

air is then spun into a vortex, which ensures some of

consumes just 550W of power compared to as much

it is recovered back into the dryer.

as 2400W with conventional dryers. This is achieved in two ways:

• This process allows a significant portion of the heat energy to be recycled, which in turn maximises the

- By utilising a highly energy efficient ‘brushless’ motor

energy efficiency of the system - without

to accelerate the air.

compromising on performance. - By recycling heated air; once the warm air is blown

• SAVortex’s first product utilising this technology is the Vortex hand dryer, which has been developed

out of the dryer a portion is sucked back in thus reducing the heat energy required.

by our in-house UK-based engineering team over the past 4 years. It is now successfully installed on sites across the UK and Europe.

Call 0207 956 8840 Most pairs of hands dried using 30kj of energy


Rent the Vortex EcoSmart hand dryer for less than your energy savings... ...from as little as ÂŁ2.51 per week*


*Please inquire within for terms and conditions.

Sustainable design The Vortex hand dryer was conceived using

We also minimised the number of parts (see diagram

sustainable design principles and each unit is built by

above), supporting our view is that there is a strong

hand at our UK factory in Wiltshire.

link between simplicity and durability. Furthermore, the dryer was designed to be compatible with existing

From the outset, our in-house engineering team did

hand dryer wiring to prevent the need for wasteful

everything possible to minimize its impact on the


environment throughout its life-cycle. We set out to develop a hand dryer with a life-expectancy of 15

Then, of course, there’s the best-in-class energy

years compared to as little as 1-2 years for

consumption - the Vortex uses less energy than any

conventional dryers. To achieve this objective the

other dryer on the market, running at only 550W.

dryer was designed around a digital brushless bypass motor, resulting in much less mechanical wear than in conventional dryers and hence prolonging active life.

Reduced environmental impact • By reducing energy consumption compared to

gree n s p e app c rov ed

conventional hand dryers, the Vortex hand dryer significantly reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

• The Vortex hand dryer also significantly reduces GHG emissions when compared to paper towels.

• Furthermore, eliminating paper towels reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Call 0207 956 8840 Most pairs of hands dried using 30kj of energy


Exploded view of the Vortex EcoSmart Hand Dryer Back Plate: The Universal Back plate insures that negligible sound is transmitting into or goes going through the mounted surface. The design also enables both embedded and surface mount wiring. The back plate is also specifically engineered to cover surface damage when replacing an existing dryer, with easy retrofit and no new wiring needs.

Patented compression & heat recovery system: Our patented drying technology uses a compression process to generate the warm air used for drying. The warm is then recycled, maximizing the energy efficiency of the system.

Benefits: a) Easy and expedient Installation b) Better acoustics/negligible disruption in adjacent room. c) Highly cost effective to install or replace existing dryers.

Benefits: a) Low energy consumption (uses only 550W1) b) Low carbon emissions/significant cost savings c) Dramatically reduced operating costs

1. SAVORTEX motor energy consumption & internal test data.

The Vortex uses a Brushless Bypass ‘clean’ motor technology: The only commercial hand dryer to implement this sustainable more environmentally friendly motor. - Unlike Brushed motors which use carbon brushes to rotate producing dust & pollutants, Brushless motors rotate using electrical switches, therefore less wear and tear. This newer and more enhanced motor offers an exceptionally long life (10x more) than conventional brushed motor hand dryers.

Benefits: a) Exceptional longevity. 7 year no quibble replacement warranty, expected life of 15+ years. b) Sustained cost savings year on year over the life of the dryer. c) Significantly lower dryer technology replacement cost year on year. d) Improved heath & safety. Brushless Bypass motor technology safeguards users. e) Environmentally friendly f ) Low sound emission

Front casing: Aluminium: The vortex front casing has been created from high-pressure die cast Aluminium.

Benefits: a) Sustainable, improved quality. b) WEEE compliant. c) Robust and vandal resistant d) Waste value at end of life cycle

Patented Air Nozzle: Unlike conventional dryers, the Vortex is the only dryer that draws air in the same chamber as it impels. This provides for a clean air intake.

Benefits: a) Better air quality intake

Colour options & part number

Specifications Electrical

Antibacterial Diamond White

Mains Voltage: 230V AC +10% -10%

Part no: Vortex 540

Power: Absorbed – 550W Power: Standby – 2W Motor Type: Brushless DC, Anti Particulate / Ozone emissive. Motor Speed: 19,200 rpm EMC: Complies with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive WEEE: complies with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive; high content. recyclability.

Antibacterial Metallic Silver Part no: Vortex 535

Installation Securefix approach Seperate prewired backplate for vertical positioning Main blower casing hinged to and then dual secure fastened to backplate Main blower casing fitted as and when required on site in seconds; thereby mitigating theft

Antibacterial Matt Black

Automatic power cut out upon casing removal Hand dryer should be mounted vertically on solid substrate walls; not hollow partitioning

Part no: Vortex 550

Operation Non-contact infrared hand detection with minimal over run when hands removed Operating Sound: From 83db (Standard sound measurement procedure used on production line) Optimum Operating Temp: 39 degrees.

Width: 356.4mm

Gentlemen: 1080mm

Depth: 220.3mm

Ladies: 980mm

Weight: 7.95kg’s

Children & Wheelchairs: 850mm

Construction Front Cover: LM24 Aluminium Back Plate: MDF Blower: Steel

Front Elevation 356.4

Side Elevation 220.3


Height: 358.1mm

Distance between floor height and air outlet



Case Studies


“I have been extremely pleased with the Vortex hand dryer we have recently had installed.

In my busiest restaurant we serve over 70,000 customers per month and its fair to say that our toilets

SAVortex helped considerably in the development of The Vortex 55O hand dryer.

During the evaluation they took care to ensure that the location of the dryer was fully considered especially when going from paper towels to a high speed hand dryer environment.

& hand dryers get a lot of use, so I jumped at the chance of putting in a hand dryer that is quick at drying hands whilst saving me a lot of money over


the year. It also has the benefit of being a good fit with our company’s policy of reducing carbon

emissions and saving energy and with the benefit of

The University has long been a leader in the field of environmental research and is committed to reflecting this in how they care for the campus and

offering one of the longest warrantee’s out of the other hand dryers available on the market. Ahmed Khan, McDonalds Franchisee

its surrounding environment. UEA is committed to becoming an exemplar of good environmental practice in the higher education sector, particularly in terms of carbon reduction. From waste management and recycling to


promoting sustainable transport schemes and helping cut down carbon emissions, the Sustainability team is tasked with reducing

the environmental impact of the university. University of East Anglia


We are leading the way in all 6 of our hotels with energy saving initiatives and making

significant steps against global warming without compromising our very high standards.


We now have the SAVortex hand dryers in our washrooms. We are delighted with their

performance and powered at only 550 Watts.” Howard Hastings, Managing Director, Hastings Hotels

area within a few years. With this in mind, we


consciously embed sustainability in the bank’s


strategy and operations. After we placed our order, I


heard that SAVortex had been awarded a Guinness World record and this is the icing on the cake and

We have been delighted with the performance of our new Vortex Eco Smart

Hand Dryers over the last few months. They are subjected to periods of intense use on a daily basis, and they dry hands much faster than the traditional

simply endorses the fact that we made the right decision. We look forward to a having them on board. Chris Reid ABN AMRO

dryers they replaced. Yet they use much less electricity which not only saves money but also helps reduce our carbon footprint.

,, ,,

We hope eventually to replace all our traditional

dryers with Vortex Eco Smart Hand Dryers. May we congratulate you on an excellent product, we hope it meets with the success it deserve.

Usamah K. Ward, Facilities Manager, East London Mosque

We were very impressed with the performance and the energy efficiency and the Vortex hand

dryer is now officially the number one and only choice for AWE throughout the whole AWE estate. Choosing energy efficient equipment like the Vortex eco-smart hand dryer as our preferred hand dryer will help us


achieve our targets. All areas of energy consumption


are being reviewed and choosing the SAVORTEX hand dryer has been seen as a quick win in the difficult You have to make intelligent procurement decision taking into account with the life

cycle of the products. When it comes to sustainability, we aim to be a leading bank in this

task of reducing energy consumption without compromise and saves 82% on the previous hand dryers used. Andrew Kulka, Energy Manager, AWE

Call 0207 956 8840 Most pairs of hands dried using 30kj of energy


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Most pairs of hands dried using 30kj of energy

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Vortex Eco-Smart Hand Dryer Brochure  

Energy efficient Vortex Eco-Smart Hand Dryer from SAVORTEX - Brochure.