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Welcome to Comps News, Photo: Trey Hopkins A new year brings the possibilities of new beginnings. Comps Academy is delighted to start this new year by placing our newly launched publication, Comps News, on newsstands in local grocery stores. This business-focused publication shares valuable advice from successful industry leaders while highlighting the journey of our current and former students. As we launch into new territories, I thank my wonderful students and sponsors for making Comps Academy one of the most highly sought-after real estate schools over the past 4 years. Let's continue to victoriously grow our industry, communities, and businesses together!! Kind Regards, Vonnie Judge

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24 Upcoming Classes



SC Pre-License January 24 - February 4 9 am to 3:30 pm Online via Zoom

SC Real Estate Salesperson Applicants must complete a 60-hour Pre-Licensing course and 30-hour Advanced Principles.

SC Pre-License January 25 - March 31 6 pm to 9 pm Online via Zoom

SC Real Estate Salesperson Applicants must complete a 60-hour Pre-Licensing course and 30-hour Advanced Principles.


14 NC Post License 301 February 23 - March 4 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Online via Zoom NC Provisional Brokers must complete 90 hours of Post Licensing courses within 18 months for a full Broker license.

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SC Advanced Principles February 14 - February 18 9 am to 3:30 pm Online via Zoom SC Real Estate Salesperson Applicants must complete a 60-hour Pre-Licensing course and 30-hour Advanced Principles. Tel. 800-941-2130


Upcoming Classes

28 Apr


SC Pre-License March 28 - April 8 9 am to 3:30 pm Online via Zoom

SC Real Estate Salesperson Applicants must complete a 60-hour Pre-Licensing course and 30-hour Advanced Principles.

SC Advanced Principles April 25 - April 29 9 am to 3:30 pm Online via Zoom

SC Real Estate Salesperson Applicants must complete a 60-hour Pre-Licensing course and 30-hour Advanced Principles.



SC Advanced Principles April 26 -May 26 6 pm to 9 pm Online via Zoom


SC Real Estate Salesperson Applicants must complete a 60-hour Pre-Licensing course and 30-hour Advanced Principles.

Comps News Submission Deadline March 5 We want to hear from current or former Comps Students!! Participate in the upcoming issue by submitting your Must Read author and book’s title or Best Advice for new, or experienced agents.



Read to Get the Competitive Edge

Ryan Serhant

Frank Cook

Sell It Like Serhant: How to Sell More, Earn More, and Become the Ultimate

21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me

Really shows the true grit it takes to make it in this business!

Insights from topproducers on the things they wish they knew when they first started.

Josh Cardinal of Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group COMPSNEWS.COM | Winter 2022 | 6

Comps Academy Library Selection

David Grzesiek Financial Independence Through Buying and Investing in Single Family Homes

Nate Martines & Sarah Michelle Bliss 8 Ways To Dominate Any Market

For agents who desire to work with investors, this book is a must read.

It was a great read and wonderful guide for me as a new agent.

Ednora Long of United Real Estate

JoAnne Fowler of Coldwell Banker

Hard Work Pays Off You can’t drive down interstate 77 in Fort Mill or Charlotte without spotting a real estate billboard flashing Stephen Cooley’s million-dollar smile. His name and brand are fascinating topics for many students entering into the real estate industry. I was nervously excited to have the chance to learn more about the impressive real estate guru. Without skipping a beat, Stephen comes onto our Zoom meeting smiling and he humbly thanked me for the opportunity to share his story. My nervousness quickly melted away as he began. COMPSNEWS.COM | Winter 2022 | 8


tephen grew up poor on a farm in Mayo, South Carolina where his parents raised him and his sibling. Many members of his mother’s family worked in the mill while his father’s family worked in the mill or on farms. Stephen learned at an early age from his father and uncles that he was a hard worker. Therefore, he knew then that he wanted to pursue a career that would reward him for working harder than the average person. Once he graduated from high school, Stephen moved to Rock Hill to enroll into Winthrop University. On the day of enrollment, he faced two critical problems. The first problem was he recognized he lacked the necessary education to properly prepare him for college level courses. In his small town where kids would go to school barefooted, it was limited in resources, which impacted students’ quality of education. The second problem was that he was poor, so he had to get a full time job to pay for his education. He stayed focused on a four-year college plan and graduated from Winthrop with a business degree in 1988. The following day, he enrolled into real estate classes. Real Estate hasn’t changed much… has it!! Technology has drastically changed the real estate industry. Stephen reminisced to when he took his state board exams that nearly 1,000 people traveled to Columbia, South Carolina and sat in a large room to take their exams on paper comparing it to taking the SAT. Today, technology allows students to take their courses and state board exams remotely in some states. One thing that remains the same is there are just as many people getting into the real estate business back then as to now due to the

industry’s incredible income potentials. A successful agent could generate as much income as a doctor or attorney without the time and financial demands of schooling. Secret to Success Success requires time, but Stephen shares, “You don’t have to be in business for 33 years like me to make a living in real estate.” The beauty of this industry is that agents could succeed within their first year if they’re willing to work hard. He continues, “I never have been phenomenal or gifted at anything. I didn’t have to over work or be smarter. “ One secret to his success is that he remains extremely consistent in his motivation and desire to succeed, so he could provide a better life for his friends and family. Over his 33 years, Stephen’s career has survived world crisis such as the economic market crash and Covid. He jokes by saying, “I’m only human, so I’ve experienced some personal crisis like my love life, being a single father raising a teenage daughter, and caring for aging parents.“ In spite of it all, he credits his constant focus to succeed kept his profitability increasing each year. Another key to his success is that he only hires staff and team members who share his vision and ambitions. “I want to be in business with people that I want to be in business with.” Stephen takes his leadership role very serious and considers his 50-team members as his extended family. “I look forward to seeing my career grow with theirs.”

yourself too thin. Therefore, he focuses on his career, health, and family, so anything that doesn’t fit in those categories would never get any of his time. Surprisingly, he has never hit a golf or watched a ball game, but he could drive a tractor, dump truck, and cut grass. He smiles while saying, “If anyone ask me anything outside of those three things, they would probably think.... man, he knows nothing.” What’s next? Real estate has been good to Stephen and he has worked hard to be a great role model and leader for the real estate industry. He is driven to grow his team to a couple of hundred members who would benefit from this career choice like he has done. He wants to leave a legacy where he describes, “I hope the day I die; my team would be too busy to come to my funeral. That would make me happy. I would be disappointed if they were free all day. ” These words may sound harsh to most ears, but his intentions are digestibly clear. He has worked hard to build a brand, company, and influence to live beyond him, so the best way for his team and the industry to honor him is by continuing to work hard. But for now, he says, “I hope to do real estate for another 30 years.”

Little Known Fact Stephen believes that an average person is good at one thing and an above average person may be good at two or more; so, don’t spread

Tel. 803- 985-1240

Ask Vonnie!


The number of real estate questions I answer daily often surprises me. While teaching a CE class, I asked licensees who would they call to answers their real estate questions. A student shouted, “We would just Ask Vonnie!”



I have to work under Q. Do a firm / BIC at the start

Does Comps offers the NC’S 12-hour BIC course?

No, this course is only offered by the NC Real Estate Commission.

Q. I'm a SC resident, do I need to complete NC's

CE hours or am I


not required to take any NC's A. You're CE hours as long as you do not have an NC resident or business address. If you do, then you must complete both states' CE requirements.

COMPSNEWS.COM | Winter 2022 | 10


of my real estate career?

To activate your real estate license, a firm/ BIC must be in charge of your real estate activities out in the field.

Q. Can I have two

Brokers In Charge?

According to A. ItSC’sdepends. laws, a licensee may only affiliate with one BIC. In NC, there are some exemptions to this rule with the BIC's permission.

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I transfer my license Q. toCananother company if I no


longer like the firm?

A. Yes, you can do so online in most cases, but remember, you can’t take clients of the old firm to the new firm.


Q.Can I buy and sell properties that I own with my real estate license?


Yes, you must disclose your license status to the public (consumers and other agents) and review your firm’s policy.

Yes, it’s day and night, so you will need to review each state's laws closely to avoid violations.



Are there major differences between NC and SC 's real estate laws?

Does Comps offers NC and SC licensing and continuing education courses?

Yes! We are an approved education provider for both states. We're growing to be your one stop real estate education spot.

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Women In Charge

2022 Theme

Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.

a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and March is recognized as Women's History month, therefore Comps News did not hope want to miss the opportunity to celebrate and honor a few women leaders within throughout history. the real estate industry, an industry where males dominated many of the

leadership roles.

We thank you for serving our communities and spreading hope within the industry.

Shannon Cooke is the Broker in Charge and owner of Bloom Realty located in Rock Hill, SC. She is a mother of two handsome boys and a wife. She has been in the real estate business for 9 years and shares it is one of the best career decisions that she has ever made.

Shannon Cooke Broker In Charger 331 E. Main Street Rock Hill, SC 29730

803-329-9777 COMPSNEWS.COM | Winter 2022 | 12

Before real estate, she was a hair stylist and salon owner for 11 years and admits that it was a battle deciding to move into a new industry. However, she credits her faith in God which ultimately pushed her in discovering a new passion

of helping others' dreams come true through homeownership. Her business principle is providing her clients with "The Ultimate Experience" whether buying or selling. Shannon's best advice to other women in the real estate business is to never become content with where and who you are, stay committed to being your own competition, never settle, always advance and exceed every goal that you set, and ALWAYS know that you are unstoppable!

Kimberly Gaffney Broker In Charge

Kimberly Gaffney and Associates Realty LLC 2025 Ebenezer Rd. Ste K5 Rock Hill SC 29732


As a native resident of Rock Hill, SC for over 50 years, Kimberly's interest in real estate and love of interacting with people were the driving forces behind her decision to become a real estate professional. Her work experience includes consumer credit, property & casualty insurance and inside sales. She holds a business degree specializing in management, business law, and contracts which provide an invaluable foundation for her extremely rewarding career. After working for several local Companies in the area, Kimberly recognized the need for a true, down-home, "everyday people" firm. Therefore, in November 2015, Kimberly took the huge step to

Cathy Burns has been licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina since 2005. She is consistently ranked in the top 5% of real estate brokers in the greater Charlotte region. Cathy has earned the Five Star Real Estate Agent Award as seen in Charlotte® magazine every year since 2006 – one of only two agents to be awarded this recognition consecutively since its inception!

Cathy Burns Lead Agent / Broker


She is also a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™, Certified Military Residential Specialist, Certified Relocation Agent and Certified Mentor, and has been featured as a local real estate expert in The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte®

open her own agency and was the sole agent for several years. She serves the surrounding areas of Charlotte, Chester, York, Lancaster and the coast of South Carolina. Kimberly has earned designations in short-sales, foreclosures, and relocation. She is highly experienced in residential sales, land sales, probate sales and small commercial. She is extremely personable, outgoing, creative; and detailed which allows her to seamlessly assists her clients in navigating through all aspects of their transactions. She shares her business with her son Daniel Gaffney, who is also highly trained to helping others acquire their American Dream. magazine, Union County Weekly and Business Innovators Radio Network. Cathy is passionate about this industry and honored to be entrusted with helping others achieve their real estate goals, and invites you to put her market savvy and experience to work for you! Cathy’s advice to agents who aspire leadership in the real estate industry. First, commit to education and training in order to serve your clients at the highest level. Second, seek out a mentor to collaborate with as you grow your business. Finally, always believe in yourself and know that you can achieve your dreams!

Elizabeth graduated from Converse College, located in Spartanburg, SC. She holds a BS of International Business and a BA of Modern Languages. After college, she worked for her alma mater to help grow its Annual Fund over a million dollars.

Elizabeth Walker Broker In Charge

1376 Broadcloth St Ste 104 Fort Mill, SC 29715-4552


In 2008, Elizabeth went into management with Target Corporation where she achieved great success with training, focus, and clear goals. She frequently jokes that the Coldwell Banker brand chose her in 2010 and she is proud of what they have accomplished as a company for over 114 years.

Broker In Charge

11709 Fruehauf Drive #117 Charlotte, NC 28273

980-229-4940 COMPSNEWS.COM | Winter 2022 | 14

Most agents join her office because they want to grow their businesses, become more efficient, develop better sales skills, build personal wealth, and work with a company that celebrates their success in a fresh and fun way. She is looking for experienced agents to add to her Fort Mill family of real estate professionals. If you share these priorities and want to know more about the company, then connect with Elizabeth.

Locally, she is the managing broker in charge for the Helen is an energetic, bubbly, “go - getter” who graduated from King’s College where she received an Associate of Applied Sciences. Her ability to educate, lead, and care for others is what established her career in real estate.

Helen EdwardsJackson

Fort Mill, South Carolina's office and fortunate to have built the best team! Her mission is simple: She helps her agents live an exceptional life.

Helen is known by clients and colleagues for her loyalty, integrity, and professionalism. With many years of experience, Helen is earning a reputation as one of the most trusted and admired agents in the Carolina’s and Georgia markets. Her specialties includes being a Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation/ Foreclosure, Credit Restoration. Her motto is "no client left behind" which means she takes responsibility in

understanding the "BIG PICTURE" regardless of clients' price, annual gross, or credit scores. Her clients are always her FIRST PRIORITY, allowing her to earn their business and showing consumers what a 'premiered agent' is. Helens' 14 years as a clinical nurse affords her the ability to be an avid listener and execute the desires of her clients. Queen Helen enjoys teaching, praying, creating vision boards, throwing parties, and serving others. She loves spending time with her husband and three children, Justin, Mackenzie, and Brayden. She also enjoys traveling the world and a trip to the movies with the biggest bucket of popcorn she can find.

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