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VISIONS September 14, 2009

Volume XI Issue 2

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Muslim students at UB focus on spiritual cleansing through fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

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VISIONS xi.i sept. 14 2009

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VISIONS is the Student Association’s bi-weekly magazine, with a circulation of 3,500 per issue. Our office is located in Suite 350 Student Union on the Amherst Campus. Telephone: (716) 645 2950. Mailing address: VISIONS c/o Student Association, Suite 350 Student Union SUNY at Buffalo, Amherst, NY 14260. Questions or comments regarding this issue should be submitted in writing to the VISIONS editor-in-chief via e-mail or through the designated mailbox in the SA office. VISIONS is printed by Dual Printing Inc. located at 340 Nagel Dr., New York 14225. Printing questions should be directed to Dual Printing at (716) 684 3825. captain allsion is captain of the beejs

letter from the Vice President. What’s up UB?!?!?! Hope you guys enjoyed Asher Roth and Fall Fest (sorry about the lines)!! We want to thank each and every one of you for coming out to the event and having a great time with us. Trust us, there is plenty more of that to come as the year goes on. As you start settling down to your usual routines I hope that one of our many clubs or upcoming events will be included in those plans. By the time you get this, you should be pumped about Kofi Annan, the International Soccer Tournament or the Heritage Banquet held by LASA! While the year keeps going, we will continue to try and bring you the best events possible and we are always up for suggestions. Oh and don’t be a stranger, come up to 350 SU! God is love, Ernesto Alvarado SA Vice President

letter from the Chief of Staff. Fall Fest, SA’s first big event of the year, has come and gone and I want to take this chance to thank the Entertainment Department for all of the hard work they put into the concert. Since May and throughout the summer, Dima George (Entertainment Director) and her staff had dedicated countless hours to setting up a great concert for UB undergrads. From booking artists and signing contracts to planning the day’s festivities down to the hour, the Entertainment Staff’s commitment and dedication cannot be recognized enough. Most students do not know the amount of hard work that goes into not only planning the show, but making sure that the concert runs as scheduled the day of. Keeping things running according to plan is important to ensuring that artists in the future choose to come to UB and perform. Having worked six fests in the past, I can honestly say that the Entertainment Staff, hospitality staff and runners usually need between 24 to 48 hours to physically recover from setting up, cleaning up, driving to and from airports and running around to make sure everything runs smoothly before and after the show. So, thanks for all the hard work! The show’s success can be recognized by the hundreds of students that lined up early from Starbucks to Baird Point and waited to see Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Common and Lupe Fiasco perform. I hope everyone enjoyed the concert! Remember to take advantage of the Mandatory Student Activity Fee that you pay and come out to as many SA events as possible! Check out to see all future events! Eliane Abou-Jaoude SA Cheif of Staff


thoughts from the Editor.

The results of last November’s presidential election gave rise to an unprecedented increase of firearm sales in recent years. Even the campaigning months prior to the election contributed to this sudden burst in handgun and rifle commerce. A February 2009 Voice of America report cited a 50 percent increase in requests for civilian application reviews for the purchase of firearms between November 2007 and November 2008. Media outlets from across the U.S. continue to draw the same conclusion for the cause of this swell in sales: consumers grow fearful of stricter gun control legislation in the presence of a Democrat majority Congress. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban, signed under former president Clinton in 1994, barred the sale of rifles that were able to accept detachable magazines and two or more attachment features such as a folding stock, pistol grip or flash suppressor. The law’s sunset provision took into effect in 2004, effectively ending the federal ban under the Bush administration. For the past 5 years, the ban has not been renewed. As such, weapons of this nature have flooded the market. New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey each enacted similar versions of the ban, however without the sunset clause. It is no secret that New York is particularly restrictive and time consuming on the process to receive a handgun permit. The Empire State is one of seven which does not permit civilians to open carry a firearm. Whereas most states allow for the immediate closed carry of a firearm, New York requires a license to do so. Receiving one is considerably more difficult than obtaining a license to own in the first place. Should the influx of firearms in private residences nationwide be seen as an unruly response to Democratic majority led legislative and executive bodies or rather an expression of the rights they feel that they deserve to exercise? A June 2009 Rasmussen telephone survey found 57 percent of Americans believing that gun sales were up due to fear of stricter gun control as opposed to the 23 percent attributing it to a fear of increased crime. As widely contended as the Second Amendment is, it was not a year and a half ago that the Supreme Court upheld that it protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for private use. In the case, District of Columbia v. Heller, the court overturned a District of Columbia ban on handgun possession in the home. Although the ruling does not provide commentary beyond home possession, it sets a legal precedent on the interpretation of the amendment, particularly the “right of the people to keep and bear arms” clause. Are guns necessary to the security of a home and person? It’s a tough argument to make and even more difficult to determine the extent of their necessity. However it is with little doubt in my mind that the Constitution nevertheless allows for their possession. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder have both publicly expressed a desire to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban. Should a semi-automatic long gun be allowed to utilize as many attachments as it is able to fit? It may make the weapon appear more threatening in a slight degree, but at the end of the day it is still semi-automatic. Gun control is a fickle mistress. While there are many aspects concerning the extent of a firearm’s legality which should be explored and discussed, “constructive” dialogue often reduces these variables to nothing more than a matter of being able to own guns in the first place or not. They are indeed weapons capable of great harm, but the greater harm would be to disregard the tenants of a constitution which explicitly allows for their possession. Jeff Froustet Head Desk Editor


Academic Clubs

Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-health Honor Society) Anthropology Association for Computing Machinery Biology College Student Interest Group in Neurology (COSIGN) Communication Undergraduate SA Environmental Network Exercise Science Geography Geology Club Minorities in Health Related Professions Multi Cultural Nursing SA Minority Management Association Nusing Student Organization Political Science Association Pre-Dental Club Pre-Law SA Pre-Med SA Pre-Meds Without Borders Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) Student Association of Speech and Hearing (SASH) Student Visual Arts Organization Undergraduate Psychology Association

Engineering Clubs

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) American Society of Civil Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Engineering Cooperative Society Engineers for a Sustainable World Engineers Without Borders Institute of Electical & Electronic Engineering (IEEE) Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) National Society of Black Engineers Robotics Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

International Clubs

African SA Bangladeshi SA Caribbean SA Chinese SA Filipino/American SA (FASA) Indian SA Italian SA Indonesian SA Japanese SA Korean SA Latin American SA Malaysian SA Organization of Arab Students (OAS) Pakastiani SA Polish Student Association Taiwanese SA Turkish SA Urkainian SA Vietnamese SA

People of Color (POC) Clubs

Asian American Student Union (AASU) Black Student Union (BSU) NAACP Native American Peoples’ Alliance Poder: Latinos Unidos

Special Interest and Service, Hobby (SISH) Clubs Bahai Bible Talk Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC) Circle K Club Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Co-Ed UB Handball Club College Democrats College REpublicans Combined Martial Arts Community Action Corps. (CAC) Educational Opportunity Program SA Gospel Choir Hip Hop Hostelling Travel Club Impulse Dance Force Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Jam Club Jewish Student Union (JSU) Korean Folk Art Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance (LGBTA) Mock Trial

Muslim SA Outdoor Adventure Step Troupe Student Strategists and Role Players Smash Club Swing Dance Club True Blue Unite For Sight - Buffalo Health Urban Renewal SA United Nations Association Student Alliance UB Anime UB Feminists (Women’s Center) UB Kickline UB Veterans Fraternity (Phi Chi Sigma)

Sports Clubs

Baseball Club Boxing Club Men’s Crew/Rowing Team Cross Country & Track Equestrian Club Field Hockey - Women’s Gymnastics Hockey (UB Men’s Ice) Kendo Club Lacrosse (Men’s) UB Paintball Roller Hockey Rugby (Men’s) Ski Team Men’s Club Soccer Men’s Wrestling Tae-Kwon Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball (Men’s) Women’s Club Soccer Women’s Club Volleyball Women’s Ice Hockey Women’s Lacrosse Women’s Rugby UB Aces (Tennis)

clubjuice %l 0 0 1 rea

freshly squeezed

Organization of Arab Students Interested in belly dancing or Debka? If so, then this is the club for you. Full of sass and determination, this international club aims to give people a different appreciation for Arab culture. OAS is determined to break the misconceptions people have about Arab culture by showing them the music, the food and of course the dancing. OAS is always in search of volunteers, dancers and people that are just interested in learning about their culture. Their membership includes people from all walks of life. Along with their Sheesha Nights, OAS will also host Arab Day on September 24, Middle Eastern Night on October 24 with Iranian SA, a charity banquet and belly dancing classes. V

What part of the world are you from? Wherever that place may be I’m sure it’s represented by one of the Undergraduate Student Association’s International clubs. If you are interested in culture or just curious to know what they eat on the other side of the world, the International Council is the way to go. Check out what some of these clubs will be up to this semester. Chinese Student Association Ever wonder what it’s like to live in China? The Chinese SA invites you to their world across the horizon. This organization’s enthusiastic members strtive to spread Chinese culture through food and music. Alongside their typical dancing activities, they will also introduce Martial arts. Although it’s not the largest club on campus, CSA is full of spunk and they are determined to stand out among the rest. This year they will really put themselves out there to show people what it’s like to be part of their culture. The club is open to anyone who wants to join and is always in search of the creative juices that new members have to offer. There are several events to look forward to, including multiple bowling nights as well as a trip to Toronto on October 17.

Latin American Student Association Want to learn how to Salsa? Full of diversity and sexiness, this international club wants you! LASA is best known for the sense of community that it provides its members, regardless of their ethnicity. Although this club loves to showcase its scandalous dance moves, it also has more community oriented activities, such as doing volunteer work and offering fun activities. LASA prides itself on a history of outstanding achievements, including Club of the Year and first place in the International Cup. Its salsa socials are open to beginners and experts alike. Amid the various dance socials, other events LASA will be hosting a trip to Lasertron, Culture Show and their annual Heritage Banquet on October 16.



International Clubs By Andrilisa Read


DIGGING D Men’s Club Volleyball By Cheryl Mohabir

in the gold division. Placing in the top 16 in the country would mark an extremely successful season. However, things may change soon for Men’s Volleyball on the UB campus, according to senior Austin Ihle. “NCAA announced that UB has a very good chance of receiving a D-I Men’s Volleyball team within the next couple of years.” Due to this, Ihle, along with the rest of the team wants to perform very well at nationals this year in Louisville, Kentucky. “Doing well would greater the chance of the D-I division coming to UB. Also, by doing well, it would give Buffalo volleyball more notoriety in the volleyball world,” says Ihle.

At the end of the day, volleyball aside, this club is one of the closest-knit clubs on campus. “What I like most is getting to know all the other players who come and tryout and make the team. Through this process, you build great friendships and relationships that last throughout your college experience, or maybe even for the rest of your life,” Klein says. V



Many students here at the University at Buffalo have probably seen the D-I Women’s Volleyball team play, but never the men’s. The reason? There isn’t one. Fortunately, the Sports Council is home to Men’s Club Volleyball team, which represents the university on a national level. Since there is no D-I Men’s Volleyball at UB, the club sees more people coming to tryout and participate in the club. Club volleyball president, Tom Klein, feels that even if UB did have a D-I team, the membership wouldn’t vary too much because playing at the club level is more of a convenience for players as they don’t have to dedicate their entire lives to the sport. Open to anyone that has the slightest interest in volleyball, Men’s Club Volleyball holds practices in Alumni Arena from 7-8:20 p.m. in the main gym on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are looking to start practices on Sundays as well. The E-board is looking forward to the upcoming school year because of all the recruitments made at freshman orientation. “We have picked up players that have created some interesting starting battles. Our depth from these players has also changed the game. The team is going to be considerably better than last year, and I expect great things from the team,” says Klein. Men’s Club Volleyball has been very successful in the past. Year after year, the team makes it to nationals, where two years ago in Dallas, Texas, they placed ninth. Last year, they won the conference tournament and won the East Coast Championships. This year, their goal is to not only win nationals, but also end up

e h t

of arT Heroes

By Katie Cascio and Anna Oakes

Where did all the art go? Recently, it seems that the media has turned off its creative instincts and turned to reproduction. We see duplicates and remakes of movies, music and advertisements all over mainstream popular culture. Instead of seeing original art, more often than not, designers have turned to Photoshop paintbrushes and ready-made vectors. There are, however, some artists that haven’t lost themselves in this copycat society we are living in today. One of these companies resides right here in Buffalo: Hero Design Studio. Their vast array of distinctive artwork has been printed on hundreds of posters and articles of clothing. They were recently featured in Spin Magazine and have also connected with Buffalo Rising, a distributor of some of their merchandise. Several of their most popular silkscreens can also be found on Hero is the largest vendor of prints, P22 Font collections and limited edition designer toys in all of Western New York. Their experienced design team has created countless original artwork pieces to promote renowned musical artists including Elvis Costello, the Goo Goo Dolls, Spoon, Coldplay, the Dave Matthews Band, Fall Out Boy and the Plain White T’s. A magazine ad designed for Coalition of Independent Music Stores has two unique designs that are eyecatching. VISIONS 8

On one side, blue rays burst from an embellished blue-tinted picture of Ben Folds in order to promote Ben Folds, John Mayer and Jay Farrar. Opposite of this is a similarly structured version promoting PJ Harvey, Belle & Sebastian and My Morning Jacket. The simplicity of the posters and popping colors provide an instant gratification to the viewer’s eyes. This is just one example of the many designs they have provided for many different companies and artists. Each design is different and unique in order to provide each customer with an ad or poster that fits their needs. The amount of hard work and inspiration that is put into each work is immeasurable, making their designs truly priceless. Although, according to their Web site, the company’s original focus was to “produce online marketing materials for the Coalition of Independent Music Stores,” the studio has grown to have a client list that reaches national levels. Their team is full of experienced designers creating art media for Web pages, cover albums, prints, clothing and much more. Recently, Hero Design worked with Buffalo Rising to create an array of designs to focus on the Queen City itself. The art has a rustic feel, showcasing the true beauty of historical Buffalo. They put

in the extra effort to fabricate one-of-akind designs with the youth of Buffalo in mind. Witty puns and clever artwork ensure that the people of the city never forget where they’re from. Some of the designs even spotlight handcrafted skylines of the city. You can check these prints out at On top of being a design studio, Hero has a boutique located on Allen St. in downtown Buffalo featuring collectible items such as the Kidrobot collection. They recently had a release party in lieu of the Dunny 2009 Series of Kidrobot figurines. These plush toys range from grotesque with blood stained faces to cheerful, featuring nature designs. The self-proclaimed “geek store,” seems to have something for everyone. Needless to say, Hero is all about Buffalo. V

Hero Design Studio 93 Allen Street Buffalo, NY 14202 716.858.HERO


are av


at buff


for $30





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By Deya Roy Ramadan is a holy month observed by Muslims throughout the world. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and its beginning is marked by the crescent shaped moon. Muslims fast during the holy month and refrain from worldly pleasures such as watching television or listening to music or indulging in sexual activities during fasting hours. Ramadan is a test of one’s will power and one’s ability to devote themselves to Allah during the holy month. The daily fast begins before sunrise. A person is not supposed to drink water or eat during the whole day until sundown. After the sun sets every evening, followers of Islam break their fast (Iftar) typically by eating a date and water, followed by special prayer at night. It is also suggested to read the entire Quran during Ramadan. Persons who are ill or are required to take medications are not required to fast. Mothers who are nursing and women who have their menstrual cycle need not fast either. Ramadan is a month that focuses on spiritual cleansing. When asked about the significance of Ramadan in his life, Mohammed Arshad Alam, a senior in

t e s

Civil Engineering and an active member of Muslim Student Association (MSA), said “Ramadan is a point where I want to start something new and good in my life. Well, it is like New Year’s resolution for me. Every Ramadan I try to do something different which can benefit society and at the same time get blessing from Allah.” Syed Zeeshan Bagban, a senior pursuing Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, believes that Ramadan brings discipline to his life. “Other months of the year I can wake up anytime if I do not have classes but during Ramadan my day is like clockwork.” Muslims have different reasons why Ramadan is significant for them, the most common being that it is one of the five pillars of Islam alongside profession of faith, praying five times a day, charity and pilgrimage to Mecca. One might wonder if some Muslims fast due to peer pressure or fear of societal resentment. When discussing this curiosity with Alam, he promptly replied “No one can figure out if I fasted or not. I can just lie. However, it is more about spiritual satisfaction then peer pressure.” The Muslims believe that Allah himself commanded his followers to fast during the month of Ramadan. Alam fasts every day during Ramadan. On the other hand, Alam feels that restrictions on music and Internet usage can be particularly difficult. Bagban claims that passing the day

without food is not the problem, but living a day without water can be challenging. Fasting, as adhered to by followers of Islam, includes the refraining of ingesting fluids as well as avoiding consumption of solid food. Ramadan is a habit-forming month for many Muslims. Syed Bagban says that after Ramadan is over he feels awkward eating during the day. Even further, if he does end up satiating his appetite he feels full and unhealthy. Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan by observing the day as Eid Al-Fitr. It is a fast-breaking festival, widely considered as the important finale of the month. “This is all marked with a special prayer in which the whole community comes together in various mosques and parks to thank God for His mercy, blessing and compassion while asking to be reunited with Him in Paradise. In true Islamic spirit, the unfortunate are not forgotten; those who can afford it provide a special charity for the poor and needy so that they may also join in the celebration. The day is filled with family gatherings, feasts, community festivals, new clothes and gifts.” UB’s Muslim Student Association organizes Iftar, the evening meal during which Muslims break their fast for the day, on campus every day during Ramadan. Muslims and non-Muslims alike are welcome to join in the meal. V

Asher Roth

Asher Roth By Nick Baxter

I saw a YouTube video recently that rumored you to bring “special baked goods”, particularly brownies, with you to school performances. Did any of those treats pop up on your visit to UB? No, well I wish. What happens is when we go to spots people bring us brownies and bring us treats. So it’s definitely valid, but nothing yet, nothing yet in Buffalo.

What’s the funniest or craziest thing that’s happened at a show? The funniest thing that’s happened at a show, well the best is to me is when Brain falls down all the time. The guy that writes with me always trips over the speakers so watching him fall is the best. Your song “I Love College” probably describes your college experiences. You went to school for Elementary Ed. If you hadn’t of gotten signed, what would you be doing right now? I would definitely be teaching elementary education. I still have like a thorn in my side that I really want to start. I really want to teach. There’s kind of a direct correlation between teaching and writing (music). When did you figure out you wanted to do elementary education? Man, I was probably around 18 or 19 years old. I just realized they are untainted by society, they’re brutally honest, if you’re

going to something they’re not punks so they don’t think they know everything all the time. You can learn a lot from them. So, you’ve gotta love kids. What artists are some of your musical influences? For me its cats like Mos Def, Tariq Trotter from the Roots, Pharoahe Monch, Zach de la Roche of Rage Against The Machine; people that speak with substance and relevance and are socially aware, but are also trying to have a good time and make good music. What songs would be on your top 3 playlist right now? Right now it would be: Bob Marley, “Rainbow Country” Otis Redding, “You Made a Man Out of Me” Ryan Leslie, “Diamond Girl” (laughs) Your song “Dreams” is pretty deep and has some heavy lyrics, is there a more personal connection? No man that’s kind of the relationship with the Father. My Dad didn’t do a whole lot but he took on the responsible role as a parent. A lot of people don’t really do that, and that’s kind of what we want to get into with the second project. So, we want to do more than just scratch the surface.

Your popularity began on MySpace. Did you put yourself on there or was that someone else’s doing? No I put myself on there but I wasn’t like, “Yo I’m a rapper”. We used to chill in the basement and just free-style. We were just having a good time, you know? We weren’t trying to do anything, but I think that genuity was something that people really appreciated. Have you ever heard of the guy Sam Adams (Wiz) on YouTube? He sings “I Hate College”. No man, that’s dope. I’ll definitely have to check that out. Missionary Position or Girl on Top? I’d have to say girl on top, but it depends on the girls skills. (laughs) You know what I mean? V


What is the tattoo on your back, and what is the story behind it? Uh, I got it when I was 18. It’s a planet, well it’s the sun. I’m a fire sign. So I got that, and it’s also the one thing that everyone has in common so it’s a representation of life.


skewed. We decided to stop in a sex shop for fun and while we were inspecting the dildos molded from the penises of actual porn stars, a man and his friend came into the store. The man began to ask us questions about what suggestions we could give him on methods for pleasing his fiancé. We proceeded to give him an elaborate array of tips and continued to discuss his dysfunctional relationship until the storeowner kicked us out. As we made our way to the train station, the slightly rounded man and his equally grungy friend who sported a three-inch Mohawk, which we later learned was styled with Elmer’s glue, followed. The man continued to divulge tidbits about his life and continuously reiterated the fact that he’s in a band called Feet First. He suggested we go to a coffee shop and talk some more. After some hesitation, we agreed. The man was interested in one of the girls with me and as he led the way, attempting to chat her up, my friend and I strolled behind, arm in arm with pens at the ready to use as weapons if necessary. For about three hours at the coffee shop we discussed topics ranging from sex, gangs, racism, to traveling and 80s pop culture. The man bought us chai teas and continued to push up on my friend until the coffee shop closed. It was well after daybreak when we left. Again we found ourselves almost home free from the attention of the eccentric man and his subdued friend. We were almost to the train station—we thought that we could get away—when we decided to make a pit stop at Kmart. Somehow, we spent two hours in the store while the man selected clothes to buy for a yoga class. The shopping came to a halt when one shoe from the pair of sneakers he was interested in went missing. When

he passed out in the middle of the store and his snoring could be heard three isles down, we made our getaway. Once again we found ourselves on a path home when we realized our previous destination hours ago had been Street Sea Port. We stopped for a while in a small park to rest our feet. After continuing our journey we got sidetracked yet again, this time by the lovely furniture and kitchenware of Crate and Barrel. It was here where we decided that we all needed to live together in Manhattan and decorate our apartment with overpriced, pretentious items. We then walked through a few other stores, further discussing our plans for independence. After a stop at Wendy’s for sustenance to keep us all from collapsing in the middle of the West Village, we made it to the train station at 2 p.m. and completed our trek home. We never did make it to South Street Seaport. If you’d like to follow in our footsteps: Hookah Bar, Rico: 153 Ave. C (9th and 10th Sts.), East Village, (212) 505-5757, $15 per hookah, $6 per glass of wine. We recommend the mango and peach blend hookah and Egyptian Pharaoh and Sex Bologna blend hookah. Yes, that is the actual name! Coffee shop, Yaffa Cafe: 97 St. Marks Pl. (near 1st Ave.), East Village, (212) 6749302, inexpensive, vegetarian/vegan cuisine. Best chai tea lattes! Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the pizza shop we went to. Don’t worry about it though, the pizza wasn’t that good. Anyone remember the good old days when a slice was a $1.75? Long gone my friends, long gone. V


By Fionna Agomuoh As a travel enthusiast, the only thing I enjoy more than visiting new places is recounting my various adventures. This tale features a place fairly close to home for me, but it’s not the distance that makes this story interesting. The weekend of August 8, 2009 passed me with little sleep and a new appreciation for rudeness, that defines New York City. That Saturday, I experienced one of the strangest, most random nights of my life. What was supposed to be a quiet evening of catching up on my favorite TV shows and deep conditioning my hair quickly turned into an adventure. A friend of mine called and suggested that we go to a hookah bar. She and her friend met at my house to decide which hookah bar we would venture to. We left around 11 p.m and by the time we got to Manhattan, the buses were running on the late night weekend schedule. Busses would be running infrequently, so we decided to walk to the hookah bar instead. We passed through a block saturated with New York City nightlife: several bars, tattoo parlors and eateries all on the same small strip. We were momentarily detoured and decided that we might stay on this block and enjoy the festivities of the Lower East Side. We stopped at a pizza shop to eat, deciding to make our way to the hookah bar afterward. Luckily, the walk wasn’t far but was filled with odd sightings and catcalls. At the bar we smoked hookah, drank wine, made fun of the other patrons and made an extensive list alphabetically ordered of all the various international places we would like to travel to. We wrote down a country or city for every letter except x. After the hookah bar we decided to walk around for a while observing terribly drunk people before heading home. It was here that our plans were horribly


By Paul Iya and Sean McGuire There’s no doubt that the headliners of Fall Fest 09’ were top of the line with Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Common and Lupe Fiasco bumpin’ their respective styles. Retaining the crowd’s enthusiasm between sets can be as important and challenging as any onstage performance. With DJ Enuff on the card, however, there was no doubt that the audience was completely enthralled from start to finish. Bringing the latest underground tracks to the ears of UB students, along with his own, signature blend of mixed‘n’-matched vocals and beats, he kept the audience engaged with seamless transition. The eleven-year Hot 97 veteran DJ on the afternoon shift shares the radio wavelengths with the likes of Angie Martinez, another distinct voice in the industry. Even without his Latin counterpart VISIONS 14

he was able to hold the crowd together by maintaining the concert-hype atmosphere in between sets. Many attendees unfamiliar with the NYC hip-hop scene may not have realized that such a distinguished DJ was on scene, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Enuff filled the gaps after each performance with cutting edge Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop, allowing the crowd time to grow in volume and anticipation while the artists prepared for their performances backstage. For a DJ who loves what he does, Fall Fest was just another day at the office. Enuff shared with Visions his passion for music, specifically his love for shows outside his usual realm of radio and “the incredible freedom” that they emanate. “Concerts and clubs especially have that ‘cool factor.’ DJs can see the crowd’s faces and interact with them. We know

when we put on a good song and when the audience is feeling it. That’s something we don’t have when on the air,” said DJ Enuff. For many of us, radio may seem like a dying medium with emerging musical outlets such as Pandora, Slacker Radio and iTunes providing a more diverse sound selection. But, just as 80s-style skinny jeans and throwback jerseys have shown, the past is something to be respected and celebrated. With radio being the original music distribution outlet to the masses, DJ Enuff has proven that it’s not only alive, but thriving. “Why pay for music when Hot 97, myself especially, gives it to you free, gives it to you first and gives it to you uncut?” asks Enuff rhetorically. DJ Enuff went on to explain that when the track selection is based on marketability and a prayer for mass-acceptance, the potential emergence of unique and innovative music is impeded. Hot 97 attempts to avoid this problem by giving DJs who have long-standing roots in the various underground communities the final say on music selection. DJ Enuff takes over the afternoon shift with the highest ratings and listenership, saying “While Hot 97 is the blueprint that other stations and mediums have followed, the DJs are the trendsetters out there. I’ve coined terms and launched careers… I was the first ever to play Kanye.” In fact, the station has been integral to the start some of the industry’s biggest names, including 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Nas and Mr. West. It’s true, you can’t get that from an iPod playlist. Check out for live streaming music, regardless of your geographic location. For more news, info and music from DJ Enuff, visit his site V

By Nick Baxter

Looking at your career, would you have done anything different? Nothing. I’m going out the same way I came in.

What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you at a performance? In North Carolina at a public show I fell through the stage. It had two levels and I must have gone through a trap door. What rapper do you respect the most? Biggie Smalls How do you feel about having been able to make a song with Biggie while he was alive? Looking back it was a huge motivation. It was the battery in my back that gave me the confidence to take on the industry. Who are the people that helped you the most along the way? Styles P, Sheek Louch

If you could go to school anywhere, where would you go and why? I’d go to Syracuse University. I’ve loved ‘Cuse ever since I was a little kid. I was actually just up there the other day chillin’ with my boy Devendorf. What is something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know? I like my food extra, EXTRA well done. Being from the New York area I’ve got to ask, Yankees or Mets? Yankees Giants or Jets? I’ve gotta go Giants on that one. V


Fall is my favorite time of year. With the season comes new classes, new sports and Fall Fest! This year UB students got their money’s worth – an outdoor concert with an all-star lineup to the tune of Lupe Fiasco, Common, Busta Rhymes and my personal favorite, Jadakiss. Born Jason Phillips on May 22, 1975, Jadakiss is a native of Yonkers, NY. He was signed to Bad Boy Entertainment in 1994, making a name for himself as a freestyle rapper before the age of 20. Best known for his song “Why?” or his collaboration with Fat Joe and Ja Rule in “New York,” Jadakiss has had the privilege of working with quite a star-studded list. Throughout his respectable fifteenyear career, Jadakiss has performed with such hip-hop legends as Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Common and Mariah Carey. I was recently granted the privilege to sit with Jadakiss before his performance at Fall Fest. As a true class act and a down-to-earth guy, here’s what he had to say about sports, experience and life:


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beef on weck By Megan Hoak

Charlie the Butcher, Williamsville, NY This institution has been around since 1915 with its original location in the Broadway Market. Now with an additional location just one mile from the Buffalo airport, Charlie is still serving some of the best beef on weck in the city. For $5.79 you can enjoy

hand-carved roast beef prepared to your liking. Don’t forget to top it off with the staple “horsey” sauce set at each table as the featured condiment. The deli with its friendly diner atmosphere are definitely a part of the experience too. Don’t forget to say hello to Charlie! He knows his stuff when it comes to this local food favorite since he has been working with it since the age of 14. Visit for menu options and fun photos.

Schwabl’s, West Seneca, NY Another Buffalo institution that shares its proud history as a home of beef on weck, Schwabl’s has been featured in many publications and television spots. Recognized in Gourmet magazine, Maxim magazine and the Travel Channel’s “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain, Schwabl’s offers a healthy portion of thickcut roast beef cooked to perfection! It’s a little bit of a splurge at $8.50 a sandwich, but I don’t think you will be disappointed. Especially not after you pair it with one of their old-fashioned cocktails. The wait staff is extremely friendly and the “old” charm offers the nostalgia of enjoying the home-cooked meal I’m sure you are missing by now! You can check their Web site out at!

Laughlin’s, Buffalo, NY Laughlin’s offers the greatest college-friendly atmosphere by far, and their beef on weck isn’t bad either. Located just a short distance from the bars on Chippewa, this urban bistro is a little more laid back and presents a great atmosphere for watching a game or catching up with friends. Order up your beef on weck just how you like it with a side of fries, all for $8.95! And don’t be shy to order something from the bar to go with your meal. Visit them at

Anderson’s This Buffalo tradition, better known for its ice cream, also serves traditional beef on weck. However, this chain is like the McDonald’s of roast beef. The thin slices cut by machine are far less glorious than the hand-carved meat offered elsewhere. If you are looking for a fast food experience and a wallet friendly solution, $4.50 will buy you an acceptable version of Buffalo’s best beef on weck. Find locations at V



Wings, wings, wings! That’s probably all you have heard about since arriving in Buffalo. After a week of classes I’m sure you’ve hit up the traditional spots and are definitely ready for something different. Besides the chicken wing, Buffalo is proud to be the home of “beef on weck.” This traditional sandwich is served with roast beef on a kummelweck roll. Kummelweck is a German word that translates to “caraway roll,” named so for the caraway seeds decorating the top amidst a salt seasoning. It is also common, and essential in the way of tradition, to dip the roll in au jus and spread horseradish over the meat. According to Charlie Roesch of Charlie the Butcher, this Buffalonian favorite was invented by a German immigrant in the late 1880s. That’s about 100 years before the birth of chicken wings! Originally served on a plain Kaiser roll, salt was added so the consumer could knock back a few more beers. So, next time you’re preparing for a long night of partying you might consider whetting your palate with some beef on weck. After running around the city tasting some of the best of what Buffalo has to offer, I compiled a list of some places you’ve just got to try. When in Rome, right?

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By Jason Lubniewski

love of

About two summers ago I went to my friend Nick’s house down in New Jersey, the armpit of America. I say that only jokingly because he actually lives in Hoboken which, truthfully, is a really nice city. I’m not one hundred percent sure about the rest of the state, though. As I was saying, summer, New Jersey and one thing I forgot to add: All Points West. APW is an awesome music festival that is held in Liberty State Park on New York Harbor. They always have a huge lineup and I was pretty stoked. Nick was really excited to see this band called The Felice Brothers he had recently heard of which, in turn, leads to my story. After seeing them at APW, I realized they were a kick-ass band. This past Friday they made their way into the wonderful city of Buffalo. Now, usually when I go to shows, I don’t plan for them; I find out about them a few days before and then go. The Felice Brothers however, are one of a few bands that I would call a favorite. When I found out about them coming to town I was more than excited. First, we hopped on the subway. When we got to Mohawk place the first thing we noticed was the sick Winnebago out front. This added to the persona of the band a n d


felice brothers what they are all about. The Winnebago itself was pretty old. It had stains and splatters all over the side and a tiny trailer to carry gear and merchandise. Due to the visibly worn exterior of the Winnebago, I couldn’t imagine the inside being too nice. The mere fact that they have a Winnebago and not a regular van is one thing that makes me like them even more. One of the most ubiquitous annoyances at a show is waiting for the music to start. The doors opened at 8 p.m. We watched people slowly trickle in for about an hour and a half. As soon as the place filled up with more than 15 people, the first performer came on. He was a man by the name of Willie Mason. With a beer in his hand, he strolled up on stage with his acoustic guitar and addressed the crowd in a strong but delicate voice. It was a voice perfect for playing music that had meaning and didn’t have to be blasted into your ears. He played a ninesong set of good variety. From 9:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m., Willie Mason entertained us with his guitar and his man-pretty voice. Like most small bar shows, people didn’t really start to come in until the band they came to see was up. Unfortunately, this was the case at the Felice Brothers show. After Willie Mason left the stage,

more people started filling in to get decent spots for the headlining band. By the time The Felice Brothers took stage at 10:40 p.m., the place was packed. They started off with “The Greatest Show on Earth” followed by a cover of a song by popular folk singer, Townes Van Zant. After a few more songs, the singer ripped an American flag off of a nearby wall and started wearing it as a shirt. This was possibly the best segue into the next song, entitled “Whiskey in My Whiskey.” Following that, they played a few more upbeat songs before playing one of their more popular tracks, “Frankie’s Gun!” Shortly thereafter, they moved into an extremely slow and dark song called “Goddamn You, Jim.” The song set the tone for the rest of the show as they ended with one of my favorite songs, “Take This Bread.” At this point pieces of bread were actually being thrown into the crowd. To wash down the bread, they tossed out bottles of beer as well. All in all, it was a great show. If you like mellow folk music, check out one of their five albums. If you do happen to see them live, be prepared to dance and rock out as hard as the washboard player does…which is pretty damn hard if you ask me. V

chelsea handler writing is the way that she conveys exactly what she’s thinking or how she’s feeling while, more often than not, making it hilarious. To top it off, she is not ashamed to disclose her worst flaws: her drinking problem and her strong tendency to be a compulsive liar. My Horizontal Life is relatable and easy to read for any woman regardless of age or lifestyle. In May of 2008, Handler’s second book, “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea,” hit the New York Times Best Seller List. The book is a collection of short, humorous essays about Handler’s life, including a story about her DUI arrest, time in prison and vacationing in Costa Rica with her father. For those of you who don’t get out much, it might be fun and harmless to let yourself live vicariously through Chelsea’s experiences. And for those of you who party just as hard as Chelsea, read along and learn to laugh at some things you may not be so proud of and will never forget. If you’re anything like me, you will be hooked within the first few pages, unable to control your laughter. Chelsea has a personality to be admired; it’s not easy to share stories about soiling yourself with the world. I finished the first book on my flight to Israel and decided that I would try to live my life a little more Chelsea-esque. Not

that I would go all out and have numerous one-night stands, but that I would be a bit more frivolous and willing to let loose. The first night in Israel I was amped to be in a beautiful country on the other side of the world. I saw this as a great opportunity to test out my new lifestyle. Shortly after landing, we set up our headquarters and took a nap to shake off some of our jet lag. After waking up, I ended up going out to a local bar with my friend and her cousin. It wasn’t long before we were intoxicated. The bar was dark and smoky and the music was just right. The bartender was giving out free shots to people from New York, so I took advantage of the deal. After a night of dancing, drinking, smoking hookah and a make-out contest (which I won, scoring a free bottle of liquor), we decided to head to the beach, bottle in hand. I stripped down to my bra and underwear and ran to the warmest water, getting closer and closer to my friend’s cute cousin. It took about 45 minutes to finish that bottle and my night ended up in a steamy make-out session, rolling in the sand on the beach. So far I was showing valiant efforts in fulfilling my goal to come back from vacation with stories to share, embarrassing or not. V


By Corena Christensen Over the summer I spent a month in Israel with one of my close friends. Before leaving I picked up both of Chelsea Handler’s books, “My Horizontal Life” and “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea,” to keep me occupied over the twelve-hour flight. Handler is a comedian, actress, TV show host and writer. In fact, she will be performing on December 4 at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. Having done stand-up on Comedy Central and touring around the country, Handler now hosts her own late show, Chelsea Lately, on E! Entertainment. A year ago I caught an episode of her talk show. Intrigued by the appearance of the show, I held out through the first couple commercial sets but it didn’t take long for Handler’s fresh and straight-tothe-point sense of humor to really get me hooked. The comedian’s wit, sarcasm and sass smoothly translate into her writing. Handler’s first novel, My Horizontal Life, is a memoir that hit the New York Times Best Seller List. Appropriately titled, its pages consist of an abundance of the one-night stand veteran’s feats over men. Never leaving out the juiciest details, Handler reveals hook-ups, drug habits and nights of binge drinking. One of the best aspects of Handler’s


horoscopes Aries: MAR 21 – APR 19 This transitional month reveals your options for the next few months -- at a time when you might feel close to your breaking point. You may wish to act now, but some things aren’t very clear, making it difficult to distinguish your fantasies from what’s really going on. Taurus: APR 20 – MAY 20 Advancing your romantic skills and creative abilities is on the agenda this August, and the time is ideal for taking calculated risks that reveal your feelings and your talent. It’s time to focus on your playful side and refine your capacity to attract others with charm and grace. Gemini: MAY 21 – JUN 21 Advancing your romantic skills and creative abilities is on the agenda this August, and the time is ideal for taking calculated risks that reveal your feelings and your talent. It’s time to focus on your playful side and refine your capacity to attract others with charm and grace. Cancer: JUN 22 – JUL 22 You take yourself seriously this month, yet you may feel as if you’re pushing a boulder up a steep hill. It’s a time to keep an open mind and avoid serious commitments -- what you hear is probably not what you get, so turn those information filters up a notch. Leo: JUL 23 – AUG 22 August brought tension to relationships, reminding you to pay close attention to what you own and what you want. You may feel a great sense of urgency to break out of a rut, but this is a long-term process where amazing epiphanies do little to liberate you. Virgo: AUG 23 – SEPT 22 Examining relationships is a major theme for you this month, and you’re reminded that losing yourself in a codependent connection is not a recipe for long-term success. Your flaws may seem more serious than they are, so even minor changes will have greater impact than you imagine. VISIONS 20


keep it By Archana Jayakumar

So you sit around all day and you have only one thing on your mind: sex. Is this normal, or does that make you an addict? Health professionals have been diagnosing this problem to patients whose sexual behavior significantly interferes with their personal life. The National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity defines sexual addiction as “engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior acted out despite increasing negative consequences to self and others.” The negative impacts of sexual addiction can begin within the home, spread to one’s workplace and can even escalate to a criminal nature. It can range from excessive use of porn and obsessive masturbation to molestation and rape. There sometimes exists the need to find the perfect partner, which often goes unfulfilled. This failure leads to a life of several discontented romantic relationships and compulsive sexuality within these relationships. Some rapists and sex offenders fall into this category. They use sex to gain a sense of power and to calm their impulse, as opposed to having sex for the sake of intimacy and emotional connection with their partner. Like other mental health issues, sex addiction must be looked on as just that—an addiction. An addict’s desires to use drugs, drink alcohol or go gambling all result from malfunctions in the brain’s chemical activity. Like these addictions, a sex addict begins to build a tolerance to the sex that they have and progressively require more and more to quench their need. However, unlike these other addictions, the addiction to have sex is one that is rooted in our primal need to reproduce. Here, we are telling the addict to moderate the level of this natural process. Sexual addiction is more comparable to an overeater because our need for sustenance is similar to our need to copulate. Our society also views a lack of sexual desire to be an issue as well. A deficiency in one’s drive to copulate is seen as a psychological as well as a

medical illness. This is illustrated by the ever-increasing number of drugs such as Viagra and Cialis floating around in our market today. During the course of one’s life, sexual urges go through a cycle of frequency and necessity. As young adults we begin to learn about our bodies and what it is that makes us curious creatures. Growing into our twenties, thirties and so on, many people experiment with their sexuality. We decide what type of people interest us, when and how often to practice our sexuality and also where it is appropriate to do so. For addicts, the answers to these questions become very blurred because they begin to use the act as the only answer. As with many diseases, it’s often hard to identify sexual addiction, which in turn makes it just as hard to treat. It often takes a sharp turn in the addict’s life, such as a broken family, torn relationships, financial burdens or STDs for them to realize that they need help. Treatment can range from individual and group therapy to the use of medications. These medicines are generally the same ones they use to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. Recognizing that you have a problem and understanding that you are not the only one going through this is the first step to breaking the cycle. V

horoscopes derneath us; getting splinters in my ass was surely not my ideal plan for the night. The more we started to do, the more I got into it. Then, suddenly, it started pouring. Everything started to move faster and it felt so good yet hurt so bad all at the same time. Nevertheless, I stuck it out as long as possible until finally I looked up only to realize that the house lights were on. I freaked out assuming they had heard us and we were going to be busted any minute. We grabbed our clothes and started running through backyards naked, putting our clothes on in the process. We got back to my friend’s house and we were laughing our asses off, wondering how the hell we didn’t get caught. Then I realized it: I forgot my thong. I shook it off thinking I had no idea who the people were, assuming that they would have no idea who we were either. The next Monday at school, my friend told me she had the funniest most disgusting story to tell me. Apparently she was babysitting kids down the street when the four-year-old boy walked in the house with a dirty thong and a used condom in his hand asking what he had just found in his tree house. Not only was I laughing uncontrollably at this point, but my friend proceeded to tell me how she explained that the thong was floss for teeth and that the condom was a deflated balloon. She went on to tell him that they needed to throw them away and wash their hands because they were used and broken. To this day I still haven’t told my friend it was me. Oops. V

Scorpio: OCT 23 – NOV 21 Your heart may be opening with love, joy and innocence this month, but the complexities of the world keep imposing themselves to pull you out of the little paradise you’re creating. A spirit of play stirs your imagination, even when it comes to turning the fire of disagreement into fuel for fun. Sagittarius: NOV 22 – DEC 21 Your struggle between freedom and responsibility is triggered this month, a time when fatigue or frustration can keep you from achieving your goals. Emotions are likely to sway you, so be sure to clarify your expectations in close relationships to keep them growing. Capricorn: DEC 22 – JAN 19 The pressure to change the direction of your life is strong this month, and you could find it challenging to separate your fantasies from reality. Aquarius: JAN 20 – FEB 18 Money matters may arise this month, and you’re reminded to be more intuitive when developing your talents and managing your cash flow. Growth could come in business or personal partnerships, but beware feeling stifled by overly controlling relationships. Pisces: FEB 19 – MAR 20 Your ongoing struggle between personal freedom and committed partnership heats up this month, and you find motivation to take more control of your life. Expect changes in the way you connect with others and remember it’s healthier to make the first move than to sit back and react to what’s thrust upon you. Horoscopes courtesy of

sex and gossip

By Lisa Snow Everyone has an interesting story about the loss of their virginity. Mine was an accumulation of not only the loss of my virginity but one of the most critical social events of high school. Yes kids, I did it for the first time on prom night. We all have the one friend whose parents will let you party at their house as long as you spend the night. This is perfect because you get to be intoxicated while having a sleepover with the opposite sex, which I was not normally allowed to do. Randy, my prom date and boyfriend at the time, decided to take me for a walk to get away from the drunken chaos. I knew that this would be it from the start of our walk. Tonight is the night. The night Randy would pop my cherry. We were eager to find a place to be alone, but our options were limited as we were walking around a random neighborhood. Suddenly we found the perfect spot, the most romantic setting a girl could ask for. It was adventurous and risky at the same time. We climbed up to the top of a children’s tree house in a neighborhood backyard. The more we fooled around, the more nervous I got because it was my first time. He was the one, and I don’t know if it was my heart talking or the alcohol, but whatever it was, I was going to get laid that night. This was not at all how I had pictured it happening, but somehow it seemed so perfect. It was my first time and I wanted to be safe so of course we used protection. He took off his shirt and we laid it down un-

Libra: SEPT 23 – OCT 22 This month finds you pressed to choose between taking a risk and following a more conventional path. Ultimately, this is a turning point, a time to focus your attention on crucial issues and to push through these major changes.


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giGglEs So I was giving my boyfriend a bj and he jizzed in my eye. I had lasic eye surgery this morning. FML. I live with my grandma. I just stepped on a used condom in my shower. I haven’t had sex in months. FML. Who the fuck is the guy in my shower? FML. I was giving my boyfriend a bj for the first time ever. I was really nervous and thought things were going well. His roommate walked in, sat down on the opposite side of the room and put his headphones on. FML. Weed is expensive. FML.

Weed is also illegal. FML. My dad was in my apartment looking for toilet paper and found my vibrator instead. FML. I was giving this chick a good finger fuck and ended up ripping her vagina with one of my nails. I had to pay for the stiches. FML. I worked for Generation. FML. I was waiting in line for Fall Fest and sharted. FML. Today I was hitting on this chick and she was being way too nice. I went to the bathroom after the convo and had the biggest booger on my face. FML.

Today I updated my facebook status reiterating a previous FML about a person who didn’t know who their biological father is and about their father telling them this. Apparently my facebook isn’t private like I thought it was and I have all 9384938 members of my extended family calling me from over 400 miles away asking me what’s wrong and saying my dad is very upset and won’t talk to anyone. FML Go to to submit your FMLs or submit your FML on this paper up in 350 Student Union. DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and remarks presented in the FML section does not represent the thoughts or beliefs of the University at Buffalo Undergraduate Student Association, the University at Buffalo or any affiliates of the two. They are all anonymously submitted by individuals.

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I live with 4 ASIANS & NONE of them bring Asian girls to the crib... FML.


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