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*NU’S NEWS * Nu is the Vietnamese birth name for “Girl” Winter/2013

SAVIS Welcomes: Martha Guerrero North Halton Outreach Worker Soraya Khaleeli Senior Sharing Circles Assistant Abby Taylor Core Crisis Line Worker

SAVIS Services 

Free individual counselling for women and men 24 hour support line (905-8751555) Support groups

Information and referrals

Public education to groups and schools

Lunafest Women’s Independent Film Festival SAVIS is pleased to announce our 1st Annual LUNAFEST Women’s Independent Film Festival! Join us for an amazing night out on Thursday May 2nd, 2013, to view awardwinning short films by, for and about women. Incredibly diverse in style and content, the LUNAFEST Women’s Independent Film Festival is united by a common thread of exceptional storytelling. This event will be held in the beautiful theater of Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, 2420 Sixth Line, Oakville, L6H 3N8 Event begins at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $25.00 For tickets contact SAVIS at 905-825-3622

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Nu’s News

SAVE THE DATE! IWD Celebrating 102 years!

Thursday March 7, 2013 A Fundraiser for SAVIS Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services of Halton C.S.A.W.

IWD Dinner Party

Tickets $50 Tables of 10 Available Tickets Available through SAVIS of Halton 905-825-3622

Shae Invidiata Keynote Speaker Founder of FREE THEM Fighting to abolish human trafficking

Oakville Conference and Banquet Centre—2515 Wyecroft Road, Oakville 5:30pm-Cash Bar, Afghan Market, Book Sales, 50/50 Draw, Silent Auction 6:30pm-Dinner, Keynote Speaker


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International Women’s Day: March 8 International Women’s Day began in the early 1900’s when women became more vocal of oppressive genderrelated issues and more active in promoting change. Since then, there has been an annual event to celebrate and support women’s rights around the world. Despite the hard work of women’s rights activists, significant global gender disparity remains. Women are International Women’s Day march during second still not represented equally in wave of feminism. business or politics, barriers to education and healthcare remain, and women suffer significantly higher rates of gender-based violence. Women are encouraged to celebrate our achievements, stand up for their equal rights and raise hope for our future generations on March 8.

Keynote Speaker for IWD Dinner Party: Shae Invidiata Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. More than 80% of those trafficked are women and children. 70% of those trafficked are for the purpose of sexual exploitation. In 2003, Shae Invidiata moved to Hawaii from Oakville. While living in Waikiki, she became aware of the young prostitutes that lived in her neighbourhood. They were ‘prostituted’, living in a world where they were made to be ‘human slaves’. Invidiata believes there’s no ‘choice’. In human trafficking and slavery, once you have been taken in, it’s almost impossible to get out. Not unless you can get help. Shae then founded [FREE-THEM], an initiative to raise awareness and fight human trafficking. Shae has been recognized in the community of Oakville and Toronto for her philanthropic work; Shae was the recipient of the 2011 YMCA Peace Medallion and was named the 2011 Chatelaine Canada's Women of the Year Nominee. We are excited to hear her speak on March 7!

Shae Invidiata

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Nu’s News

How to Support a Trafficked Person: General Principles for Protection and Assistance 

Respect for and protection of human rights: We should respect and strive to restore people’s human rights. Individuals must be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Informed consent: Before supporting the trafficked person be sure they are fully aware of the process of how you will help them

Anti-discrimination: Respect for any personal traits of a person such as gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, social class, religion, language, and political beliefs.

Confidentiality and right to privacy: Any information collected should remain private unless the person’s life is at immediate risk.

Self-determination and participation: Trafficked persons should be actively involved in all decisions made.

Individualized treatment and care: Assistance provided to trafficked persons should be tailored according to their personal situation.

Comprehensive continuum of care: On-going support and assistance in accordance with their individual condition.

Equitable distribution of resources: Offer various resources for trafficked people and their individual experiences.

Best interests of the child: The best interest of the child should be essential when providing assistance to children who are trafficked in conjunction with local Children’s Aid Society. In Canada a girl can be sold for $15,000 and earn her owner over $40,000 a year. (


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Volunteer Spotlight: Tessa Hulsman Tessa Hulsman has been a dedicated SAVIS volunteer since she joined the Take Back the Night committee in the spring of 2012. Since day one Tessa has shown great commitment and dedication to getting involved with SAVIS. In less than a year she has sat on the TBTN committee, completed the SAVIS training, joined the support and crisis line and attended community events with the SAVIS display board. When asked to talk about why she became involved with SAVIS and her experiences thus far Tessa explained: “I have what I call "My Journey Pathway" that I would like to share… I could relate to SAVIS due to my own recovery process and felt it was a place to start. I became a part of something that I believed in: "women helping women". Volunteering at SAVIS gave me the opportunity to place a new pebble on my journey pathway. The crisis line is a way I can give back; it gives me an opportunity to give another woman a moment of emotional freedom. No judgment simply unconditional Tessa and and her Lauren Tessa herdaughter, daughter Lauren support, listening and letting another human being in crisis know they are not alone, a place to go to simply "be". I was able to place a handful of pebbles on my journey pathway. Working as a volunteer at the information booths offers awareness to women of all ages, children, families, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters that there is a resource that they can offer to a family member in need and an awareness to those in need that they are not alone. More pebbles to lay down on my journey pathway. The volunteer training took me back to a place I had not been for a long time—that place in your soul that carefully holds your pain in a warm blanket, that place that is yours and protects what is yours and lets you come back and cry. The volunteer training program let me go back to "that place" with a different perspective. Although still painful, a new perspective that let me know I am not the only one that has "that place" and I have an opportunity, at the very least to listen. Many beautiful pebbles to gently lay on my journey pathway.”

“Since working as a volunteer at SAVIS, when I look over my shoulder my pebbles are shining. Not only can I look back but I can look forward and SAVIS has offered me light along the way. My pebbles are your pebbles and I always have a handful to share. “


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Nu’s News

Welcoming North Halton Outreach Worker: Marth Guerrero “No one deserves violence.” SAVIS is pleased to announce that we have added a new member to our team, Martha Guerrero! She is our new North Halton Outreach Worker. She has a background in marketing and communications as well managerial experience working at SONY Electronic Company in Columbia and Canada. Martha also gained experience by working at Access Alliance Health and Settlement Services. Martha enjoys helping others, story telling and being creative. She is also open-minded and friendly! Look for her in the community!

Martha at Chapters fundraising booth in Milton

SAVIS Milton Chapters Fundraiser SAVIS held a special fundraiser at Chapters Indigo in Milton on Thursday January 17, 2013 from 6pm—9pm. Martha Gurrero, the North Halton Outreach Worker and Jessica Ustel, Public Education Assistant student, represented SAVIS at the booth. The store donated 10% of customer purchases to SAVIS! $1400 sales were attributed to the fundraiser and $140 went to SAVIS! Clients and supporters of SAVIS came specifically for the fundraiser to show their appreciation. SAVIS will be holding more Chapters fundraisers in the near future. Thank you to all who supported our fundraiser at Chapters Indigo in Milton! Check out the article in SNAP Milton at: _medium=snapd


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Public Education Presentations/Workshops SAVIS offers FREE education presentations to the public! We present at schools and community organizations in Halton to: human service professionals students Some frequently requested topics: volunteers community members  Healthy Relationships  Unpacking Your Emotional Knapsack: Negotiating Between Work and Home Contact Paula at and The Importance of Self Care or  Healthy Sexuality  Coping with Your Emotions 905-825-3622 x27 to book now!  Self Esteem  Relaxation Exercises    

SAVIS Holiday Party 2012 The Winter Holiday party was a huge success! SAVIS showed our appreciation to the dedicated volunteers with great food and a fun art activity lead by Barbara Collins, Art Therapist, Vanier Cofacilitator and Crisis Line volunteer. A lovely mural was created by everyone at the party! It now hangs in the SAVIS group room.

Crisis Line training ended in December and the new volunteers received their certificates of completion! Congratulations volunteers! You did it!

Mural now in SAVIS office. Come check it out!


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Holiday Drive SAVIS Holiday Drive was a huge success! From the beginning of October we collected items such as toys, clothes, boots, coats, household items and gift cards. Clients from the individual counselling program, as well as support group, made wish lists 1515 Rebecca St., Suite 227 based on their needs and we were Oakville, ON L6L 5G8 able to provide those necessities. We would like to thank our gracious donors for their generosity:  Appleby United Church 24 Hour Support Line:  Jamie Blake and the RBC 905-875-1555  Compass Point Bible Church Toll Free:  Joan & Norm Graham 1-877-268-8416  Henderson Partners LLP Admin Line:  Hopedale Mall 905-825-3622  The Kinette Club TTY: 905-825-3743  Munns United Church Fax: 905-825-3755  Judy Stanley E-mail:  Trafalgar Presbyterian Church  As well as anonymous sponsors

IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER! The Day of Big Change, National Civic Engagement Day Led by Young Women: March 1— YWCA initiated a national leadership program for young women ages 16-29 to encourage them to use their voices and work toward social change for an end to violence against women. International Women’s Day: March 8— A day to recognize women’s accomplishments and to recognize the work to achieve full equality for all women. In celebration of IWD, SAVIS office will be closed on March 8, 2013. International Day Against Victim-Blaming: April 3 – In 2011, Toronto held its first SlutWalk. Participants rallied against blaming women for being sexual assaulted because of the way they are dressed. Slutwalk is now an annual social action event.

SAVIS Newsletter - Winter 2013  
SAVIS Newsletter - Winter 2013  

Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services of Halton Newsletter Winter 2013