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*NU’S NEWS * Nu is the Vietnamese birth name for “Girl” Spring 2013

Farewell: Nicole Pietsch Counsellor Ameena Amin Community Outreach Assistant Student Jessica Ustel Public Education Assistant Student Welcome: Claudia Corradetti Counsellor Erin Powley Counsellor

Have you purchased your tickets? SAVIS’ First Annual LUNAFEST® Film Festival Date: May 2, 2013 Time: 7:00 pm Where: Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School 2420 Sixth Line, Oakville Tickets: $10.00 Please contact SAVIS to purchase your tickets at 905-825-3622 or

Want to learn more about the films at Lunafest? The Bathhouse will be one of the short films showing at Lunafest. This is an animated film by Korean filmmaker and artist, Jisoo Kim. The film takes the audience on a journey from the dark, polluted streets of the modern city, into the sanctuary of the Bathhouse. The women who venture into this place enter as strangers, weary from the struggles of the city, but together they encounter an empowering physical and spiritual transformation in this wonderful, fantastical short film! LUNAFEST is the first film festival to screen this film. If you would like to learn more about this year’s films, check out!

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Nu’s News


Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another. Erma Bombeck

2012/2013 Volunteer Program Highlights       

66 volunteers (24 new volunteers) 224 calls to SAVIS 24 hour Crisis/Support line 4, 314 hours of volunteerism Staffed 38 information booths in Halton Region 12 Steering Committee meetings 11 volunteers completed front line training in October 2012 5 women completed the new SAVIS non-front line training in January 2012

Spring 2013

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May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)!

According to a 2006 Statistics Canada report, one in three women will experience some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. Sexual violence is an extremely prevalent issue within our society. Sexual abuse can have harmful physical, psychological, and emotional affects on the survivor. This is why SAAM’s goal is to raise awareness about sexual violence as a public health, human rights and social justice issue. Despite the prevalence and impact of sexual violence, sexual assaults have extremely low reporting rates; more than 90% of victims do not report their experiences to the police. To advocate on behalf of survivors of sexual violence join the thousands of individuals and organizations across Canada on Friday May 3rd to wear purple in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The campaign is called No One Asks For It! Often many survivors have been blamed for their sexual assault after disclosing. This may be why many individuals do not report. When you wear purple on May 3rd, you are advocating against victim-blaming. Action Ontarienne Contre la Violence Faite aux Femmes (AOcVF) and the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC) produced a sexual violence prevention campaign named Draw The Line. The campaign challenges common myths about sexual violence and equips bystanders with information on how to intervene safely and effectively. Where do you draw the line? Visit to learn more! SAVE THE DATE! SAVIS will be actively participating in this campaign by holding an event in order to engage youth on ways they can Draw The Line. When: Tuesday May 21st Times: 4:00-5:00 pm at QEP, 5:30-6:30 pm at BYC Where: Bronte Youth Centre and Queen Elizabeth Park Youth Centre Come out and support this fantastic event!

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Nu’s News

Volunteer Spotlight: Abby Taylor This month for the volunteer spotlight we would like to highlight the volunteer work of Abby Taylor. Abby first came to SAVIS in September 2011 as a placement student in the Public Education program working with Paula Lam (Public Educator). During this time Abby successfully completed the SAVIS frontline training, assisted Paula in the development and facilitation of presentations to students, community workers and community members as well as creating the SAVIS newsletter and performing other administration duties.

Since completing her student placement Abby has continued on with SAVIS as a frontline volunteer, dedicating volunteer hours in a variety of different areas including the SAVIS 24 hour support and crisis line, staffing information booths and participants on the volunteer program Steering Committee. Recently, Abby has taken on the role as a SAVIS support and crisis line CORE worker at SAVIS which calls for her to take on some of the shifts that volunteers are unable to cover.

THANK YOU ABBY!!! A Few Words from Abby... For myself, volunteering at SAVIS means being a part of a united and supportive community. From my very first contact with SAVIS, I have felt genuinely welcomed and supported by staff and volunteers. My experiences with SAVIS staff, clients, and other volunteers has had a tremendous impact on both my personal and professional growth. Working on SAVIS’ 24-hour support and crisis line allows you to give back to your community in such an immediate and empowering way that is immensely rewarding. Having opportunities to travel with the SAVIS display board to various community events allows you to see the impact that SAVIS has, and makes me proud to be a part of SAVIS. Being a volunteer at SAVIS has truly been a volunteer experience like no other, and is one I hope to continue for years to come! -Abby Taylor We thank Abby for the many hours that she has dedicated to volunteering at SAVIS and for the passion and commitment she shows every time she supports a caller or speaks to a community member at an information booth. Paula Lam says… “Thank you Abby for saying yes to doing your placement at SAVIS. It has been an honour and privilege to work with such an incredible woman! To see her grow from a placement student, to a dedicated volunteer, to now a knowledgeable staff member who still volunteers her time is amazing! Congrats Abby! This volunteer spotlight is well deserved.”

Spring 2013

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Women’s Wellness Workshops at the Vanier Centre for Women Extended! SAVIS is pleased to announce that we will continue to run our Women’s Wellness Workshops (W3) at the Vanier Centre for Women through the summer. The workshops cover a wide range of topics including self-care, healthy relationships, anti-bullying and boundaries. Women are given the opportunity to share and explore these topics in a safe way through discussion, activities, and art. The response to this program has been phenomenal! Below is feedback received by women in the program: “Coming to your sessions makes me forget I’m in Vanier. Your kindness and education is just the right thing that I need to give me strength to overcome this obstacle in my life. I truly can’t thank you enough!!” “This course is a very open place for women. It is very important space for us to be able to open up. We need more opportunities like this course—I hope to see this program continue” “Really thought the ladies who did this program today were very cool and understanding and just all around great women! Thanks for taking the time and not treating me differently because of where I am“ Since W3’s inception in October 2012, SAVIS has been able to engage with over 160 different women many of whom attend the workshops regularly. SAVIS has provided over 55 workshops at Vanier and looks forward to continuing this impactful program. Submitted by Ameena Amin

SAVIS Community Booths On April 27th we will participate in 2 outreach booths simultaneously, one at the Milton Mall, and at the Earth Day & Sustainability Fair from 10 am to 4:30 pm. This is an annual event to recognize and showcase environmental and other sustainable (economic, cultural and social) organizations in Halton Hills. This is an amazing opportunity to engage the public and promote SAVIS. Check out our great booths!

Submitted by Martha Guerrero

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Nu’s News

Reducing the Risk for Child and Teen Sexual Abuse Disclosures of sexual abuse are often delayed; research indicated that just 30% of child abuse victims disclose during childhood.

According to Statistics Canada, 61% of all victims of sexual abuse reported to police are children under the age of 18 years.

Ways to reduce the risk of child and teen sexual abuse... 1. Provide basic information about reproduction. 2. Encourage an understanding of privacy and when things are appropriate and inappropriate. 3. Explain the differences between wanted and unwanted touch. For example, a hug that is welcome and positive versus one that is unwelcome and uncomfortable. 4. Teach children about their rights to body boundaries. Let children know that their body belongs to them and that they can say no to any touch at any time. 5. Provide information about puberty and changes in their body. Help to normalize the new emotions and feelings/needs that they may be experiencing. 6. Encourage critical thinking. Build the skills to differentiate fact from fiction in media images and representations of sexuality. 7. Support them in understanding they have both rights and responsibilities in their friendships and relationships. Encourage characteristics of healthy friendships and respectful relationships. 8. Develop a safe and open relationship with your child(ren) to encourage open communication. Check in with your child(ren) regularly about their experiences & friendships. Adapted from

Spring 2013

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Nicole Pietsch Our long time counsellor, Nicole Pietsch, has left SAVIS to begin a wonderful new job at the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres. This is an amazing opportunity for her and we wish her all the best! Nicole began her time at SAVIS in 1998 when she trained as a front line volunteer. She was also the summer student Take Back the Night Coordinator in 1999 and 2000. In 2005, Nicole became one of SAVIS’ full time counsellors. Nicole coordinated a program for youth in conflict with the law at MacMillan Youth Centre and participated in groups for teens who were Deaf or hard of hearing. Nicole was a dedicated staff and provided amazing support to clients! We thank her for everything she has done for this organization and we look forward to see the great work she will be doing at OCRCC!

International Women’s Day Dinner Party On March 7, 2013, Women of Halton Action Movement (WHAM) and Zonta of Oakville hosted its annual “International Women’s Day Dinner Party” at the Oakville Conference and Banquet Centre. The event was a fundraiser for SAVIS and Canadians in Support of Afghan Women (CSAW). Many community supporters attended the event to celebrate women’s achievements around the world, as well as acknowledge the changes that still needs to take place for women’s equality. The keynote speaker, Shae Invidiata, founder of “free-them”, provided a thoughtprovoking speech. The event was a huge success! The money will go directly towards SAVIS services for survivors of sexual violence.

A HUGE thank you to WHAM and Zonta of Oakville for organizing this amazing event, and for their continued support of SAVIS!

Spring 2013

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One Billion Rising at Sheridan College On February 14 2013, the V-Day campaign emerged to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. One billion women and girls all over the world rallied, danced, and protested against violence against women and girls, including Sheridan College students and the SSW peer mentor team.

1515 Rebecca St., Suite 227 Many individuals gathered on this day at Oakville, ON L6L 5G8 2 pm for a flash mob in the Sheridan College learning commons. 24 Hr Crisis Line: Speakers included Sheridan students and 905-875-1555 our very own Executive Director, Kathryn Toll Free: Baker-Reed who represented SAVIS and 1-877-268-8416 gave an empowering Admin Line: speech. 905-825-3622 We’re looking forward TTY: 905-825-3743 to next year’s One Billion Rising and we appreciate the invitation from Sheridan College to participate!

IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER! International Day of Families (May 15) Promoting awareness of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families. Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15) Raising our global voices to end abuse and suffering inflicted to some members of our older generations. International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (June 26) Supporting victims of torture, with a view to the total eradication of torture.

SAVIS Newsletter - Spring 2013  

SAVIS Newsletter - Spring 2013

SAVIS Newsletter - Spring 2013  

SAVIS Newsletter - Spring 2013