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Social Recruiting

Beyond Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

As people get increasingly connected socially and professionally in the virtual world, social media recruiting efforts will correspondingly need to grow and evolve to find avenues beyond using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for hiring quality talent. All of them have been extensively mined and harvested by recruiters and continue to be mined primarily because of their huge user base. Recruiters now need to develop social recruiting strategies beyond the big 3 to make their hiring quicker and more effective.

Here are some other platforms you may want to consider in your social recruiting efforts

Youtube Recruiting is no longer just head-hunting but has progressed to include employer branding, candidate engagement and much more. Youtube can be an effective platform to achieve this.

3 easy ways in which you can leverage Youtube : Company culture – show how great it is to work with your company

Employee videos – share employee experiences and testimonials Video newsletters – keep candidates up to date on your company With the potential to go instantly viral on the net, Youtube can build your company brand like no other provided the content is engaging and entertaining. Here’s how one company uses Youtube to recruit:

Slideshare SlideShare can be used for recruiting as it focuses on professional content, making the user base a far more relevant audience to target.

Here are few points to help you on Slideshare : Slideshare allows you to host content in long form from a blog or website allowing you to establish connect with a very relevant group of users. A recruiting strategy with SlideShare is the fact that you can embed your presentations on websites, blog posts or anywhere else you can think of.

It is a great platform to showcase your employer brand and thus attract prospective talent Remember that slide share can be integrated with LinkedIn thus optimizing the power of LinkedIn

Pinterest Pinterest is an online pinboard with a visual focus and is a great medium for sharing images, graphics, and charts related to your brand and open positions

Here are few pointers which you can use :

Try Creating a new Board for each Job Pinterest users can create boards to organise their photos into different themes and events, so when you have a new job to fill – create a new board! Be Creative When pinning to Pinterest, use both types of media available – photos and video – and make sure that they are different to each other. Use Links and Description One of the best features of Pinterest is the linking feature – and use it to your best ability.

Google+ Google+ can be used for recruiting as it provides an opportunity to connect with candidates by adding them to their circles.

Here are few pointers to know how Google + can be used :

 The “Circle” function can be used by recruiters to share jobs with highly specific group of professionals.  Create an interactive company page to increase the engagement level within your followers  Take advantage of Google Plus Hangouts to hold video interviews or interactions if any with candidates anywhere on the globe.  Use this platform to speak about your work culture and thus building your brand online thus attractive more passive candidates

Quora Quora is now being explored as an option by recruiters as it is an organized question and answer forum. It offers a deep profile view of your prospective candidates and is a great way to follow passive candidates and their interactions.

Find some tips to consider before using Quora:

Make sure you are participating in the right discussions to ensure finding relevant candidates for vacancies

Consider hiring for senior positions which are usually difficult to close. It can be done by identifying thought leaders and reaching out to them. Another method that might take you longer but could also yield you some excellent resources would be to search for topic areas that have to do with the industry in which you source.

Other Growing Platforms Instagram, Dribble and Foursquare are some of the other fast growing platforms which are being used for recruiting a particular skill set, for instance Dribble can be used particularly to generate leads on designers with an opportunity for designers to showcase their work.

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Social & Referral Recruiting Resources: YouTube, Slideshare, Pinterest, Google +  

As people get increasingly connected socially and professionally in the virtual world, social media recruiting efforts will correspondingly...

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