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How can Employees be turned to Recruiters

How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

Hiring Issues

Faced by an organization

• Ensuring a candidate’s professional as well cultural fit with the organization is a crucial task. Even after multiple rounds, organizations end up making a bad hire. • Competitors also target the same limited pool of resources .

Competent employees are a critical factor for any company’s success. Human Resource is one asset which can make or break the organization.

• Evaluating that the new hire be stable and loyal is an important part of the prerecruitment process

How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter


• In depth interviewing Process and behavioral and technical evaluations based on administered tests. • Interview panel consisting of representing different departments



• Detailed job analysis and job description listing out the attributes of the person needed for each role • Detailed process of prescreening and reference checks to weed out completely undesirable candidates • Employee Referral Program – One of the most productive hiring techniques using company’s current employees to refer prospective candidates because “ Good Talent knows Good Talent”.The success mantra of this technique is highly dependent upon the participation of current employees. How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

Step 1

Encourage participation Here are some tips to turn your employees into smart recruiters : • Involve Senior Management. Ask them to address the employees about the usefulness and relevance of employee referral program. • Ask the employees, who they think will be the right fit for the organization. Let them do the job analysis, make job descriptions and list out the skill sets and attributes of the potential employee so that they are involved from step one. • Broaden their horizon by increasing the pool of the potential candidates encompassing not only their acquaintances but also their ‘friends’.

How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

Step 2

Harness the power of Social Media • Educate your employees about what is happening in the organization and ask them to promote the same through social media. • Tell them why the organization is a great place to work and what are the benefits of associating with them. • Employ social recruiting tools to help employees match the job descriptions with a candidates qualifications to ensure they reach out to the right person, increasing their productivity. • Have training sessions with a person knowledgeable about social networking who can help employees unleash the potential of their social networks.

How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

Step 3

Communication is the key • Keep your employee referral program simple to understand. Employees will not be willing to participate in any tedious, difficult to understand and time consuming process. • Ensure employees are aware about the open and priority requirements in your organization on a regular and frequent basis

• Employees should be made aware that why the new hiring is important for the organization. A brief on the new project which can be shared with the employees goes a long way to ensure the success of the program.

How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

Step 4

Rewards & Recognition • Cash rewards is one of the most preferred and motivating referral reward. • Reward all referrals in some way, to keep employees motivated and encouraged to participate. • Organize competitions between departments for example rewards for the team having maximum no. of hires etc. • Non monetary awards like public recognition to employees , movie tickets , meal vouchers, personalized thank you notes also go a long way in motivating employees.

How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

Step 5

Transparency and Efficiency • Provide feedback whether it is good or bad so that they can focus on the right talent. • Most of the employees get frustrated when they don’t get to know the status of their referrals. In the absence of any feedback they are less likely to refer someone for the job. • Complete the process quickly. Once you start getting the referrals, it is very important to shortlist and conduct the interviews as soon as possible.

How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter


Keep improving the program • Evaluate your Employee Referral Program regularly. • Take feedback from employees regarding the effectiveness and ease of use. • The most important criteria to judge the success of any employee referral program is the number of employees participating in the same. • Always sign up the new employees on the referral program and encourage them to participate in the same. • Introduce program changes, new technology and recruiting tools in your employee referral program based on feedback.

How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

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How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

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How to turn Good Employees in Great Recruiter

How can Employees be turned to Recruiters: Zalp  

In every organization, your employee referral program needs to be evaluated regularly. You should encourage your employees to participate in...