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5 Simple Steps

to help you recruit with LinkedIn

With over 225 million profiles and more than 5.8 million business

development professionals in the LinkedIn universe, it is virtually a goldmine of talent for recruiters to mine and use. As per a recent ZALP survey on social media recruiting, 83% of recruiters who use social media use LinkedIn extensively for just about every activity involved in sourcing and hiring employees,

making it an essential component of any company’s social recruitment strategy. Here are five ways which will help you leverage the power of LinkedIn to recruit

top candidates for your organization

1. Create a LinkedIn Company Page Creating an impressive company page is the first step you can take when you start recruiting with LinkedIn, here’s how :

Gather an initial number of followers by asking internal employees to follow and promote the page. This followership helps to build an initial credibility when a prospect lands on your page Make the page engaging by providing insights about your work culture, post videos, presentations, blogs and even testimonials from your current and past employees You can also post jobs but make sure that the job descriptions are compelling and interactive and not just a stereotyped description of the profile. Tip: Want to make your company page stand out from the crowd? Upload a 646-by-220 pixel banner image and add a memorable tagline.

2. Develop your professional network

Apart from leveraging your company page, building one’s own professional network is also important for a recruiting professional. The following pointers will help you develop your own network easily :

To start with make sure everyone in your own organisation is part of your network. This will in turn open gateways to their networks Adding ex-employees and former colleagues is equally important since it enables you to broaden your reach Including the link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signatures, blogs etc. is an effective strategy to build your professional network on LinkedIn

As a recruiting professional you will receive many invitations to connect, it pays to consider adding most of them since they might be potential candidates

3. Actively search for candidates Sharing your contact information proves beneficial since active job seekers can easily contact you regarding open positions LinkedIn has a built-in search filter that can help to search and source relevant candidates for open jobs using precise key words.

Scanning through your employee’s network list for connections that suit your requirement and then asking employees to refer them is a proactive referral seeking strategy used by many (Make sure that this is done tactfully and employees should not sense a breach of privacy)

4. Join relevant domain/industry groups Recruiting through LinkedIn by participating in LinkedIn groups to build interest in your organization among the participating members and cementing your company credibility is an effective strategy.

These groups can also be used to reach out to more audiences by posting regular updates and sharing relevant content to draw attention to your company You can also use the groups to post open jobs within your organization and thus reach a wider audience Groups can also be used to scan through their members since they are individuals who either practice or are interested in that domain which means they are prospective candidates for you Participating in and starting your own discussion threads on these groups gives you a good opportunity to project your self as a thought leader and thus widen your follower base and add credibility

5. Being Proactive is the key Being proactive while executing all the previously mentioned aspects is of prime importance to ensure a successful LinkedIn recruiting experience Being responsive to every feedback, query or application that comes in through your company page is of prime importance to maintain your employer brand Using the Inmail and Introduction feature of LinkedIn is an effective way of proactively sourcing candidates and introducing yourself and your company to unfamiliar prospects

Do not hesitate to send a proactive invite to an unfamiliar prospect if his/her profile seems interesting, every added contact is a valuable prospective candidate for the future

Recruiting is ultimately all about relationship building and LinkedIn can serve as the perfect platform to do so if used effectively.

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Social Recruitment Strategy with LinkedIn: Zalp  

As per the recent survey conducted by Zalp on social media recruiting, 83% of recruiters who use social media use LinkedIn extensively for j...

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