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5 Pointers

to help you with Social Recruiting

The good news for you is that with just a little more effort, you can awaken the most powerful weapon in

your recruiting arsenal – Social Media. Now, with about 94% of recruiters actively using social

media to connect with job seekers, it’s hard to see social recruiting as the newest trend. Social media in

the hiring process is here to stay. Here are five ways which will help you to leverage the power of social media to

find top candidates for your organization

1. Start with the Basics Before plunging into social recruitment, here are some fundamental points to consider :

Which channels can be used to build communities? Which channels can be used for sourcing?

What is the response mechanism for the applications received ? Are there any tools which can help you in your efforts?

What % of hires are you looking at achieving through this medium?

2. Define your activities Ascertaining what you are trying to achieve through social recruiting is of prime importance. Which of these are on your mind?

Candidate Sourcing Creating online communities Building an employer brand

Engaging with prospective candidates Reference Checks

3. Prepare to Get Started Set up effective social media profiles for your company (Start on networks you’re familiar with) Build online communities to develop conversations

Be responsive to increase your social media engagement levels But, going public also means opening the floodgates of criticisms . Be ready for that !

4. Involve all employees Encourage top employees to join talent communities and promote your company. Regularly inform employees about key openings that you would like them to share with their social networks. Encourage employees to “talk� by sharing the positive aspects of working with your company in their social networks Stay consistent with your social recruiting efforts

5. Measure Results While it may be true that measuring ROI on social recruiting isn’t clear-cut, there are several things to keep in mind.

Free? Even if social media resources are “free,” there is a cost to use them. Social media recruiting must result in hires. Put trackable URLs in any social media post so you can know the reach of each of the job. Goals must be established for all of your social recruiting efforts. The end goal is to fill more jobs, faster, with high quality candidates.

Remember to use your social media tools in

conjunction with traditional methods to ensure your reach and accuracy is optimized To read more on social recruiting and trends in recruitment

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