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Hey my bachelor buddies. How is the month going,


Editor’s Note getting all heated up in Dubai? It is warming up globally now, being just the beginning of June and the temperatures are going crazy. That’s why we at Men’s Era have decided to GO GREEN from our next issue. We will be printing and using all the possible eco-friendly materials. As we promised previously, we have brought the most exciting issue this month. This month, get geared up with the techno edition of Men’s Era. We introduce you to 3D animation - an exciting career and investment opportunity. Also new sections - MY RIDE, MY STYLE on cars are here to interest, inspire and entertain you more.

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June 2010

Volume 3

Savio Dias. Editor, Men’s Era

Issue No. 3 I

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Fact Zone

Making your own gaming PC Pg. 2

E nt e


My Ri d




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Hang out


Play some cool games at a really low cost

r Yo u r Dig Pg . 1 it a l A 2 Pg. 16 v at a r lo















Another simple man interview - Amit Dharadhar



Cook It up

Pg. 18

Bachelors are going to learn something new

Gamer Zone

Pg. 20

Check Out Batman - Arkham Aslyum On PC

Mobile Zone

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The E66 - new in business communication

Laptop Zone

Pg. 25


eN o. 3

Toshibha A-300 is in town

Top 5

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This weeks top 5 Movies & Songs


Men’s Era


As always we bring you some unusual facts. This time it is about games , some of them will totally blow you off.

ore able sc h c a e r imum Pac-Man The max f o e m a e in a g possibl ints. ,360 po 3 3 ,3 3 is “Nintendo” transl ates as “Leave luck to heav en”. The first ever prod uct released by Sony was a rice Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was banned in South Korea, as it featured the destruction of Seoul, its capital city. The ban was lifted a year after the

GTA’ s fi rst (at E appe 3 in aran 1 9 ce 9 7 were ), at tend told ees from that one t o drive side city of t to t he g he o ame’s take ther play w ers ould arou n d th minu ree tes. A to tal of 5 been 7 ga mes rele have a s ed fo N-Ga r No ge p kia’s hone / h a gami ndhe ng h ld ybrid .


Lar a C rof cal t w led as Lau orig ra inal Cru ly z in Raid Tom er. b

A six-d igit num ber can on the be seen Scorpio n t anks in which r Halo, efers t o the b of the irth da te game’s a r t direc Marcus tor, R. Leht o. His in appear itials a on Mas lso ter Chie f’s boo ts.

s stage y l r a the e y XII’s During s a t n a al F plans e r e of Fin w here in ent, t m p r join o e l y e a v l e p d nd a seco t e l me. to the ga

June 2010

The Xbo x was o riginall to be c y due alled t h e D ir after M ectX-bo icrosof x, t’s pro grammin interfa g ce for Windows .



Men’s Era

Guys enjoy playing games more than girls do; they never seem to get bored of them. You always wished to show off in front of your friend but don’t have the budget for a monster PC or the alien ware. Here is an amazing system put up together, the right thing for you. Many people make the mistake of going only for branded things, as brands have been successful to manipulate the minds of people. But why not think of saving a bit from your hard earned money if possible. Here are some ways which will help you do so. The sytem put togeather is not just a Gaming PC but complete machine which has the capability of handling a lot when it come to 3D Production. Yes we are putting togeather a professional & Fun system. So lets get started....

June 2010


Men’s Era

THE GAME MONSTER “Fast, Efficient & Cheap Solution” “Ever wanted to show off with your super fast speed computerWritten By : Savio Dias

Here is your chance”

Photograph By: Savio Dias

First you need to select your processor • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 is fairly recommended - Costing approximately Dhs. 450 Other options are available if you are willing to spend more,

• Intel Core i7 2.5 - Approx. Dhs. 1050

• AMD Phenom X3 2.5 - Approx. Dhs. 800

June 2010

Next is the motherboard • Recommended - ASUS P5Q - Turbo – This costing us approximately Dhs. 550 The next best alternative is gigabyte. Many people go in for Intel based motherboards. The normal intel mother boards are good only when it come to normal stuff. and their high end series are really expensive. Just ensure that your motherboards support 2 PCI-E (Express) Slot and 4 slots for Ram DDR2. >> 3

Men’s Era It is suggested to avoid the purchase of DDR 3 as it is very expensive.

Ram Fill it up - Can take all the 4 slots with 2 GB of ram DDR2 -800 MHZ

Alternative to that is the ATI 5870 card which will cost you about Dhs. 850. Nvidia Graphics are really good but they are really over price. The card equivalent for ATI 5770 cost you around 1200 Dhs.

Other equipments

Total to 8 GB DDR 2 - 800 MHZ – Costing only Dhs. 500

• 500 Watt Power - If using 1 Graphic Card – Approx. Dhs. 110 - Normal one

Hard Disk

• 720 Watt Power - If 2 Graphic cards – Approx. Dhs 200

1 500 GB WD ( Western Digital ) - Dhs. 150 If needed you can go in for another 500 GB

• DVD – ROM - you can purchase good ones costing you only up to Dhs 100 Most important is the coolant fan for the processor and system For processor you can go for gigabyte cooling – Approx. Dhs 100 fan ( For Core 2 Duo) External Small fans - Approx. Dhs 15 A decent casing of your choice would cost between Dhs 50 – 150. If you are capable of assembling it yourself, then do so otherwise you can always ask for help outside or from a friend you know who can do it. Assembling with help of an outsider will cost you up to Dhs 150 - 200.

Photograph By: Savio Dias

hard disk , if u really require it. Make sure you go for the same company this will help a lot.

Graphic Card Most important heart line of the Gaming system The one in budget is Sapphire 5770 HD 1GB DDR5 – costing approx. Dhs. 650

June 2010

OS: You can either use XP or Windows 7 but to obtain the best out of your system double cores and ram take 7 Ultimate 64Bit. Now if you really got some extra cash then go and get a really cool monitor. We like the Samsung SyncMaster P2370. It a huge 23 display which is fun to work and play with. Get all of it installed in your system and fire up those games and you will be ready to proudly show it off to your friends. Broadband Computer Trading (L.L.C) Tel: 04 351 1300 At Computer Plaza , Al Ain Centre, Dubai , U.A.E. 4

Men’s Era


A n U n d is cove re d b is t ro The Spice Club is a perfect restaurant for Indian cuisine and foodie people. It has a pleasant ambience with a variety of specialties both in vegetarian and non – vegetarian food. In earlier days, people used to mull over the approach in which they present something with great passion. This has been reflected in the appearance of the restaurant and in the excellent flavoured food plus mouth watering dishes.

It is entirely based upon the values of traditional Indian hospitality and service, which has been delivered with style and panache. The Indian cuisine served here is at its best

Buffet Cost @ 70 Dhs Per Person

quality and the menu is a stunning repertoire of favourites. It is an appropriate selection of place, be it for dining with family or for business parties, or can simply be known for a decent party spot. The restaurant is located at LE MERIDIEN Fairway Hotel, Dubai and is one which should definitely be tried out by all Indian food lovers.

Photograph By: Savio Dias

The Spice Club, Le Meridien Fairway Hotel, Al Gharood , Dubai Tel: 04 608 5000 (ext 298) Lounge Bar : 12:00 noon -3.30pm 6:00pm - 12 midnight Written By : Savio Dias

June 2010


Photograph By: Savio Dias

e, My Rid le My Sty

Men’s Era

Puranik Prasad


raph B y: Savio Dias

A car enthusiast , gamer and a budding engineer. Puranik Prasad like his Outlander. He is fun to go crazy dude,who likes enjoying each and every part of life.

“I liked cars since my childhood and my dream is to make a car with immense beauty, that every guy who looks at it falls in love with it, leaving his girlfriend behind.”

“I like the way she moves”. “I like taking it for long drives .”

June 2010


e, My Rid le My Sty

“ It is small and tinny just like me ”

- Dipesh Soni

Photograph By: Savio Dias

Men’s Era

Dipesh Soni Small , Tinny, Fast & Thrilling. Dipesh Soni an employee at RAK Bank , likes his Focus.

“Focus was the car which i brought as it gave excellent pleasure & thrill that this small car could do.” He like riding his car at top speed on the Emirates Road on his way back from office.

“I mostly have shifts which get over in the night and at that time the roads are clear to speed. But I do make sure to maintain my limits and follow the rule.”


ph By: Sa vio Dias

June 2010


e, My Rid le My Sty

Photograph By: Savio Dias

Men’s Era

Photograph By: Savio Dias

Swarup Vasudevan My car is simple as me , it gives me the bossy look which I like to have.

“ I aspire to be a business man and having a car like this gives me the thrill of being on the way to it.”

Swarup is and IT student at Manipal Universtiy , he likes being on the road.

“I prefer diriving inspite of having college transport. I love my ride and like to go about in different places in it.” Compiled By : Savio Dias June 2010


Enter Your Digital Avatar June 2010

Explore 3D as a Career

Men’s Era

Well avatar is everywhere so we thought this would be a better way of letting you know about a new career option WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF 3D.

In this article we are introducing you

to a new industry altogether - 3D as a career. while every one wants to sit and work calmly on a computer with no intervention where this is a industry which takes you closer to it. Well not all companies but maximum of them have free casual environment in the entertainment technology also called the ET industry.

of movement. It is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in a number of ways. The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although several other forms of presenting animation also exist.

2D : The traditional type of animation or also famously known these days “ the Disney style animation “. It is hand drawn sequentional to create the illusion of motion from tom and jerry to the latest the princess and the frog. Earlier 2D was just hand drawn now it combination of hand and computer working together. From Tom & Jerry to the recent Disney hit the Princess and the Frog

3D: As computer became more

3D Model By: Savio Dias

We the growth of technology and need of content has lead to the creation on various different fields in this article we will introduce to various different career options and field within in the industry. So lets us the understand the two different major fields in the industry

Animation: Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion

powerful and multitasking came to ease technology took to front and the 3 rd dimension came in . With the help of technology now we can create three dimensional character write in the computers. From ratatouille to Avatar it all 3d now.

To give more idea how work goes on a film project check the illustraction on the following page. This a just a workflow pattern followed by most company. >> 12

June 2010

Editing,Dubbing, Music Mixing and distribution takes place. This is the final stage where the idea concept at Pre-Production



This stage we add color to the character and it surroundings.




Here The Charater actually starts to walk and move around all neede movements are done at this stage. This includes the Camera also.


This Process includes make of the character, The charater which is designed at the PREProduction is go to life here.

Production Stage Of Animation

Here is the stage where the character gets life. In other words to say he gets his bones. This stage he learns his rules of running , walking and Talking.


The first stage in which the idea is developed. From Character to voice recording takes place here. Storyboard, character design etc. all take place here.

The Basic WorkFlow

This stage we glow the surrounding , we get the element of darkness and lights in it.

Men’s Era

Note be that the Production stage of animation goes more deeper. We have just explained it in most easiest and simple way so that you get an rough idea what exactly goes on where. The Stages at production level changes slightly as per studios as per their convenience.



Men’s Era

VfX Shot: Savio Dias

VFX : Visual effects (commonly shortened to Visual F/X or VFX) are the various processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shoot. Visual effects often involve the integration of live-action footage and computer generated imagery (CGI) in order to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, costly, or simply impossible to capture on film. They have become increasingly common in big-budget films, and have also recently become accessible to the amateur filmmaker with the introduction of affordable animation and compositing software. From Matrix to Transformers.

Where can I pursue my studies in 3D? There are many institute here in the UAE and also internationally. All of them provide specialized courses for different level of specialty. June 2010

UAE SAE Institute Al Khazimi Institute Abu Dhabhi – Which is part of Maya Academy of Advance Cinematics, International. International Vancouver Film School Gnomon Maya Academy Advance Cinematic International (MAAC) SAE Institute. Both MAAC & SAE have 100’s of branches spread across the globe from India to Uk To Nepal. However in order to understand what you want to do or what type of course you want to pursue it important to know where all animation is used. It not just films but the industry has a wider scope. >> 14

Men’s Era

Areas where animation is used It not jst films that uses animation but it used in many other industries.

Automobile: Car design – most of cars are designed today in 3d which gives you a chance to play a lot with design, and also gives an assumption of what complexity you might face in the design. This not just helps in the creative aspect but also gives u better chance of placing your product before your future clients.

Architectural : 3D walkthrough & Design today highly depend on this. You need investors to help u make your construction possible and this again helps u there. But more importantly you can see what exactly your dream project is going to look like. Show people what u want actually no wonder learning 3d software’s are become a must for interior designers.

3D Model By: Savio Dias

Other Industries : From various other industries like civil, Oil , Mechanical , Scientific and even space exploration 3d is used as a learning part or as a guidance. With the capability to handle and show results a lot to reality form collisions to separation the 3d Visualization is become a big game player. Doctors can now demonstrate a operation or their new techniques using the help of 3D visualization which help them to show the same object or procedure in different form or angles.

Software Used in the Industries

Snapshot By :Savio Dias Maya 2011 In Use

There are various companies which make softwares for various use and various departments. But one software which you should learn and is leading in industry is Autodesk Maya. Maya Is conquering the industry for many years now. its been used in many Hollywood films from the latest Avatar to Lord Of the Rings.

From architectural design to engineering this industry is wider then you excepted. The scope of animation or 3D as overall is definitely on a high in UAE, but a bit slow due to the slowdown. Written By : Savio Dias June 2010



Men’s Era

Amit Dharadhar Car Crazy

• What is the one thing that excites you about your car ?

• What is one thing so special about the you car ?

I like to race and speed up my car and push it limits to the extent. Whole excitement of being the first to stand in the line at a traffic signal in Bur Dubai and being the first to pull it up. However I m not kind of person who will race to any limit without considering the safety of others.

The special thing in the car is me. It’s me in the car I took care of it like my baby. All the modification which you see in the car the add-ons in the car lights, sound system , engine is all done by me on my own self. I am not a mechanic or something I myself did it all to make the car feel my own.

• What is MR. Amit all about ? I am soft person and like to things at my pace. Currently I m pursuing a degree in computers from Manipal University. I like to hang out with my friends like any normal guy and love to drive. • Since when you be riding you car ? Its been 2yrs since I got my license , but I would like to confess that I would drive my car way before that somehow or the other. I used to always take my car on rides in empty parking lots. I was the only one in the family who took care of the car since the age of 11. And today 9 years later I feel proud at looking at my car.

“ My car might look old but dont go on its look , it can take on most of the latest Toyatas on the road. ”


Interviewed By : Savio Dias June 2010



Men’s Era

Bachelor Simple , Fast & Tasty

Cooking Chef Savio Dias

Bombay Vegetable Sandwhich Ingredients: Bread - 4 slices  Tomato - 1  Potato -1  Red onion - 1  Chat masala - 1/2 tsp

(or Mirchi (Chilly) Masala will do)  Butter - As needed  Green Chutney Photograph By: Savio Dias

 Salt - to taste

Preparation Steps:• Cut onions and tomato into thin rounded Slices. Boil and Peel potato, slice it also into

round slices. • Apply butter on one slice bread and chutney on the other. (Trim Edges if you like so) • Layer potato, tomato, onion on two bread slices. • Sprinkle chat masala and salt.

June 2010


Men’s Era • Cover with another slice of bread and press it lightly. • Toast the sandwich, until light brown. • Cut into four equal portions and serve it with tomato sauce.

Aloo Bhaji Ingredients: 4 large-sized Potatoes (cut into very thin strips)  3 finely chopped Green Chillies (optional)  1 tsp Black Cumin Seeds  1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder  1 Dry Red Chilli  4 tbsp Oil  Salt to taste Photograph By: Savio Dias

Preparation Steps:-

• Heat oil in a flat pan and add red chilli after breaking it in two pieces. • When the chilli turns brownish; add the cumin seeds and allow it to splutter. • Now add turmeric powder, green chillies and potato strips. • Fry till the potatoes on high flame for 20 seconds and then on low flame till tender. • Add salt to taste and stir properly for 1 minute; put off the flame. • Serve hot with freshly prepared rice and dal.

Come and enjoy the all new SPICY TASTE The taste of real India is here..... June 2010


Reviewed By : Savio Dias Eidos and developer Rock steady bring to you Batman Arkham Asylum. For those who have read the comics the iconic psychiatric hospital is essentially Gotham City’s Alcatraz, and it has just about every villain Batman has ever twisted with at one time or another.Arkham Asylum is a great third-person action game in which the lunatics take over the asylum and only you can stop them. At the start of the game you learn that Batman has captured Joker. As the lengthy intro sequence plays out, you see him being returned to the asylum under Batman’s watchful eye. Joker doesn’t seem to be worried at all by his tight spot, and it promptly becomes apparent that he has deliberately allowed himself to be captured as part of a grand plan that involves taking control of Arkham Island. Clearly you know now that it’s a trap, but as Batman you just can’t walk away from it.

Snapshot By: Savio Dias

Being the Batman, you not only get to go toeto-toe but also get to play with great gadgets, solve some remarkable riddles, and do an honest detective job. In short, you can do all you want when you don a Batman costume in a game. But the game misses the whole enthusiasm of getting behind the wheel of the bat mobile. The reactions of enemies, the dialogues and the voices give a sensation of playing as a bona fide superhero. June 2010

Men’s Era

Batman Arkham Asylum Platform:PC

Photograph By: Savio Dias


Game play in this dark, creepy world breaks down into three main portions -- fist fighting, attacking from the shadows, and exploration. As you move from room to room chasing Harley or Commissioner Gordon’s kidnapper, you’re going to run into bad guys. Lots of times, you’ll find a crew milling about or the Joker will spring a trap with handfuls of guys who are ready to kill you. This is when you’ll make use of your straight hand-to-hand moves. Fist fighting in Arkham Asylum is pretty much easy to learn/hard to master combat system. The game allows Batman to move faster than his enemies and engage them in 360 degrees. Overall the game is impressive and graphics are super cool for any such type of game. However the game is unsatisfactory in terms of two things: The Game Play and the Incompleteness of Bat Mobile. Special Price : AED - 190 /At Sharaf DG, Times Square , Dubai , U.A.E. Ratings: 20

Men’s Era


Nokia E66

Reviewed By : Savio Dias

Mobile review

Currently business mobiles have reached at a greater level. More and more mobile companies are coming up with huge number of devices which are being specially designed for the purpose. Nokia E-series is almost a default name that comes to our mind in consideration to business mobile. Nokia E66 is the talk of the day.

Nokia E66 packs with some serious business power despite the lack of the full QWERTY keypad in comparison with E71. The great looks and the more than decent multimedia capabilities are also a welcome bonus. Nokia E66 has a lot of competition from BlackBerry. But Nokia’s huge market, its simplicity and prices are an ultimate challenge. Nokia E66 features a 2.4” 16M-color QVGA display. Its performance is completely up to Nokia’s usual high standard with great contrast and brightness. This enhances the picture quality and gives it a pleasurable look. Nokia E66 is powered by a single 369 MHz CPU and has 128MB of RAM. This feature is really good when it comes to Symbian mobiles, allowing it to go fast and smooth with no holdups. Even the new animations and transition effects that pervade the menu do not cause any problems. Memory Full warnings are highly unlikely and you should make quite an effort to deplete the available RAM.

Photograph By: Savio Dias

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is on all mobile phones, companies can use the number to identify valid subscribers and the type of equipment used. The carrier could thus use the number to remotely disable the phone in the event it is stolen or reported lost and customize data content to be compatible with the type of equipment used, among other things. How do you know IMEI Number : (Here’s one of many methods used to get your IMEI Number.) June 2010

What’s Your IMEI ? • Ensure your phone is powered on. • Clear any numbers you pressed while

making that call. • Press the following keys one by one: * # 0

6# • The number that appears on screen is you

IMEI Code. Certain mobile phone name it as serial code also.


Men’s Era


From, Love

Technology is all over the world we use it or we may misuse it, this being the techno edition let’s see how technology can make your love life better or how it can ruin it. Here we put together some Do’s and Don’ts and some tricks.





iiinn ggg tr

ur off yo n r u t you your re on t s that You want u o i You a v ortan . b p e o t m a e i d b t s a ld o , 3 en on the m t shou terms Well i ne first wh e or she is in techno you ou ngs y h k ho e i a t s p h e t a l u l p h a e t e s c c m w s on (be . So to are so lly o kno es it i a date t for the day the phone ber) and y caller There u ing o virt e n ei e d v o h B t a t ’ s ometh e r n n s l s i e a t f s o p c s o e t l u k e n or J thin hav ou for ut u if you ard Cullen ng calls. B nt, leave it (Don’t uldn’t be, y r i w e be ho are Ed heck incom the presid you s emem acts R ) ! ! r s c o rt nt OK to sick mom perve and eye co r t g is you ail. talkin actions tha ng m e m goi u t voice are th n e om old keep m th new and the d bo on in ships. Avoi s and n er relatio f many text ome Texting yo o ur date: es 2 pitfall to hav nd there, e r u s Don’t text make tact here a on dates. . on There sho excuse fo real c lly early on uld be sim r texting (u a i ply no nless he o bathroom espec ip r she is in or her mo tionsh by a th l m is aroun e e r him/her a ed d). Instead ding call and ke , give A bud be maintain is ep in touc before and t h all the ti e, after the d me canno d IMs. Voic ient ate. n ed a texts e main ingr gives e h what t nce is. Voic a m of rom or, sarcas m) m e u h you h n (ahem a e v and e on. ti c sedu

June 2010

and a date


Men’s Era you Well w ! o d n d n u do? t frie ate an 4 o ok o n d do y Facebo Do good t : a k h o da h. W s be ebo Fac ave ha in touc n’t do i h o ive You to keep t you d elat r t d a n wan re, wh ds a n u e i s r rf for e fo ds. c n a e l i fr ap k is o o eb Fac gers. n stra


’s wh






y yo u do A) Y n’t b our n eaF folk. ew d aceb ream Don ook ’t tur whe p a frien l re yo n Fa m a d: y be cebo u vie datin ok in for h B) It go to is/he s r atte an aren ther busi too soo a ntion n n fami ess, with . Facebo . ly an o d old appeara k is all u nces p pals by fr in your from ien high scho ds, ol.


ERRO R In Conn ectio n

Graphics By: Savio Dias

This is about dating and mostly against technology but there is wider positive scope here. This one is specially of all those bachelors friends of mine who are in love. Turn to the next page and see how technology can be used conveniently to make your love life easier and more romantic.


By, Technology June 2010


Men’s Era




g rem n settin

ing yes be ices d n A . t v tes a lo se online ser the a d r e e for memb t so u Girls re tend to forge our cell phon ktop e es ry ter ’s d sure you guys w il calendar o u p m o a rc ake like Gm s or use you list. (M .) o d r o t e remind hich has the ur calendars w yo screen get to check r o don’t f





From Gmail to Hotmail to Yahoo all these popular services have reminders and many other cooler options that we make your life not just in love matters but generally very cool. Gmail Leads into such innovation from time to time.


E-cards m ake you lo ok geeky b With all th ut does th e soft mus e trick. ic and the on the com b eautiful im puter scre ages en, he/she and fall m is sure to ore in love smile with you. Impress h er with so me cool e hundreds -cards. Th of website ere are s, which a So make o llow you to ne... and w do so. atch techn the magic ology wan . d do

• • • Are some kool links where you can make your sweet little e-card.


ws: Slide Sho r o s o e easy. Small Vid me very o st c e b s a sh all the be y f a o d o e e s e id h ice mall v Editing t ether a s r and a n e g o /h t t im u h . p Simply had with utube etc o e v Y a n h o u it o y about pictures email bonkers o g ’t morning n o ly r D a . e g ally. n n so her in a er person o t h e it is d r n p e r Just s . or su is upset.. e h s n e wh

It simple to make such videos, windoes movie maker is what you require. If u want something more then that , try Ulead Video Studio.

To conclude, technology is both an devil and an angel. Use it well and the halo remains over you. The minute you make a misuse of it, see your own heart crying. So go ahead guys think good, do good and you will get good back.

Graphics By: Savio Dias

Written By : Savio Dias June 2010



Men’s Era

Fast , slick & attractive looks and a price buster. Toshiba’s Satellite A300 is a visually outstanding system, especially in the age of notebooks. As in the competitive market where vendors are striving for notebooks that is ever smaller and less noticeable. The A300 stands out for the semi-business-like tone & casing with stripes gives it, as well as the Harman/Kardon speakers that right above the keyboard.

responds well to even quite quick typing speeds. Almost all of the A300’s physical features, from the screen to the speakers

Toshiba sells a huge number of configurations under the A300 branding, so it’s important to check that what you’re getting matches what you expect. We tested the satellite A-300 which was packed with Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, 350GB 5400rpm SATA hard drive and Windows Vista Professional, Off course 32 bit and the most pleasing recovery partition. The A300 15.4-inch WXGA display is run from an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 with 512MB of RAM and the ability to grab up to 1800MB of memory in total from the unit’s 3GB of on-board RAM. Optical duties are handled by a DVD SuperMulti double/dual-Layer drive. The A300’s also not lacking in ports, from a single ExpressCard slot, HDMI, VGA, S-Video, three USB 2.0 ports, one shared USB/eSATA port, one FireWire port, gigabit Ethernet and a five-in-one card reader. Wireless networking is covered by both Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11a/g/n WiFi. One feature that you always wanted has been the keyboards, which are usually roomy and shabby looking. The A300 doesn’t disappoint, with a slick feeling keyboard that Reviewed By : Savio Dias June 2010

Photograph By: Savio Dias

offered up good clarity for most multimedia tasks. The biggest issue however is the weight of the laptop which is bit heavy compared to the its competitor. Standard ports are accounted for. A D-Sub and an S-Video out port allow for connections to display devices and a five-inone card reader (SD, MMC, MS, MS-Pro, xD) allows for the easy downloading of images from cameras. The FireWire port can be used to grab video off a camcorder. You’re going to want to keep it plugged in to a power supply, however. The A300 lasted a mere one hour and 20 minutes at total high performance for gaming and high end application. . It’s not really a portable laptop to begin with, but the battery life issue pretty much seals its fate as a desktop replacement. Price : AED - 3200 /At Sharaf DG, Times Square , Dubai , U.A.E. Ratings: 25

Men’s Era


s g n o S h s i l TO P 5 E n g 1. OMG Usher


2. Hey, Soul Sister


3. Break Your Heart

Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris

4. Need You Now

Lady Antebellum

5 Your Love Is My Drug


gs n o S i d n i TO P 5 H 1. Oh Girl You’re Mine


2. Ayaashi

Badmaash Company

3. Aye Khuda


4. He’s Such A Loser


5. Zindagi Do Pal Ki


TO P 5 B O L LY W OO D 1. Kites 2. Badmaash Company 3. Housefull 4. Paathshaala 5. Right Ya Wrong TO P

June 2010







1. Iron Man 2 2. Robin Hood 3. How To Train Your Dragon 4. Clash Of Titans 5. The Back Up Plan 26




Mag savio  

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