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Smartphone Arena: King of the Ring

A Facebook app for the devoted Galaxy fanboy. Finally, a platform from Samsung for them to declare their undying love for Galaxy Smartphones. Out here, they have the chance to challenge their Facebook friends who use other smartphones to a battle between their phones. And their friends will see exactly why they’ve lost. There are also videos of simulated boxing spars between a Galaxy SII and a Blackberry. It’s no surprise who wins.

Challenge friends to a battle between phones

Choose from among your Facebook friends

Spoils of War

If the Galaxy SII and the Blackberry were to have a fight, this is probably what it would look like.

We uploaded videos of what the fight might look like on YouTube and linked it back here.

For the complete video, please visit:

For the complete video, please visit:

For the complete video, please visit:

The line up

Results: A total of 3255 battles were waged online. The Galaxy S3 won every battle it participated in. Galaxy Fans found an engaging way to convince their non-android friends their phone is better. There was huge buzz on social media with regards to the Galaxy S3.

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