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Wisconsin Aging Network - SeniorCare Petition If passed, the current state budget bill will hurt older people enrolled in Wisconsin’s SeniorCare prescription drug program (over 92,000 currently enrolled). The proposal dramatically changes SeniorCare by forcing people to purchase a Medicare Part D plan before enrolling in SeniorCare. Over 1/3 of older people in Wisconsin are already living at or below 200% of the poverty level (about $21,000 per year); forcing seniors to pay more for a private Part D insurance policy to access prescription drugs will have a devastating affect. We, the undersigned, appeal to the state legislature to SAVE OUR SENIORCARE by voting against changes to the program as proposed in the state budget. Signature

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Please return this petition by May 10th, 2011, to the WI Aging Network-c/o Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc., 1414 MacArthur Road, Suite A, Madison, WI 53714, or fax to: 1-866-813-0974 Questions? Contact GWAAR at (608)243-5670 or

2011 WI Aging Network Save Our SeniorCare Petition_due May 10