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3. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? At a micro technical level, I feel that I partially observed the conventions of continuity. For my preliminary task, we incorporated match on action, shot reverse shot and the 180 degree rule. The 180 degree rule was used in the prelim task whereby Carly and I are having a conversation, as well as when Carly walks through the first door. However, in our main sequence when filming our thriller, we did not use any of these editing techniques. We did use parallel editing and a slight usage of continuity editing. The continuity editing is incorporated when Georgia opens the door to the garage, and then the camera displays all of the girls inside the garage. Although this is not full miser-en-scene, because the audience sees her walk in slightly before showing the inside, the technique was partially used. Furthermore, when Georgia leaves the house, here we had originally planned to use match on action. However, when cutting our sequence down, this match-en-action took too long. Overall, we did not use another of the techniques listed, as they were not necessary in relation to our storyline. Furthermore, for our preliminary task, my group and I did not use a storyboard. I had originally written a full detailed conversation that the two characters should share, however in the end; we decided that this was too complicated and confusing, and so by the end, we improvised with a casual small talk conversation. In contrast, to our actual thriller, we assured that we completed a storyboard with detailed descriptions of the sound, for example - diagetic/non diagetic, dialogue, actors, props. This excess detail was entirely necessary as it gave us a rough idea of the shots we needed to film on the day and the angle type and framing that we preferred. The storyboard acted as a guideline for us, this was very useful. The storyboard and creating of a shooting script worked very well for our group, in the sense that it gave us a guide line when actually shooting. It meant that we had a rough idea of what we wanted our actors to do, meaning that there were fewer disputes on the day. In respect to our storyboard, we were not able to do all of the shots as planned. For example, we had wanted to film the wife walking into the kitchen, then pan the camera into the hallway, and actually watch her walk upstairs from the hallway. However, after many attempts, we realized that it was too difficult to move the tripod and camera through the doors in a smooth transition. This left us with no other option than to adapt. Although our original plan was altered, I prefer the outcome to our original plan, because the camera does not display all of her walking up the stairs, and therefore adds mystery to her character and to the overall scenario. In addition, we had prepared to shoot a scene whereby the wife would look out the window and see her husband leaving the house, him turned the opposite direction to her, and as she turns away, he is staring at her. But we were not able to film this, as Kim’s (whose house it was) mum understandably did not feel comfortable with us filming in her room. Regrettably we made the decision to cut this scene out totally. I regret this decision because the main criticism that we received for our final product, what that the continuity between each scene was not clear enough,

the audience were left confused, and this window scene would have tied all of the scenes together – the show must go on. Moreover, on our original day of shooting, it was getting late, and the main character actors (husband and wife) were getting impatient, especially as we would have needed to drive to a new location (big wood). So we decided to film the scene where the wife is following her husband, in the streets. However, when looking over our footage in the media suite, we all made a mutual agreement that this scene did not look good at all. As a result, we ended up taking the equipment out once more, and making a separate trip to Big Wood where we re-filmed this scene. Furthermore, our schedule was also kept as a rough guideline. We knew that we wanted to film the book scanning scene first, then the panning scene, the mirror scene and finally the garage scene. However, we did not keep to the particular timings. Moving on, the group and I managed our time our time efficiently to an extent. With our preliminary task, we managed our time by filming everything shot by shot; we made sure that before moving onto the next scene, that we had captured all of the rights shots first. This proved a successful method, because it meant that we did not need to return to back and fourth to the previous shots. In our schedule, we had arranged to visit the wood, but we did not have time to do this, for a number of reasons. Firstly, we have not taken into account the patience of our main actors - Georgia and Jake. Secondly, we had spent too long filming the garage scene, as a result of doing the girls make up for the garage scene, and reshooting numerous times. Our schedule had been a rough idea, however the scenes took longer than expected as we realized that various shots did not work, or look good. However, overall our day was a success, and it proved a worthy decision to have filmed part of Jakes scene the day before. As this not only gave us practice with the equipment, but it also took the pressure off for the next day. When filming our preliminary task, we made a variety of errors. The first being that we kept on going against the 180 degree rule. This proved an issue as it degraded the consistency of our footage. Additionally, we found it difficult to film one person having a conversation, then the other, without displaying the full conversation, and only editing it together. This was difficult, because we were continuous in forgetting which person was to speak which line. Eventually we got the 'swing of things'. Another issue during our preliminary task was the editing. As a beginner in the editing suite, I found the initial experience highly daunting, as I knew what I intended on doing, but was unsure of how. But after practice and ongoing turn taking, we soon understood the process. Although at the time, I saw the preliminary task as pointless, I now understand that it was to give us the confidence and know how, of editing. This proved worthy as we were faster and more efficient when sitting down to edit our actual thriller. For our preliminary task, we organized the crew by assuring that each member would get a turn at using the camera. So when I was not acting, I was shooting or assisting Kim as she used the camera, advising her of when to record. The only person who did not get to use the camera was Carly. But we made sure that she still knew how to use the camera, additionally, she was more involved with the editing. Moreover, for the real

thing, we went about organizing our 'crew' in a variety of methods. Firstly, we structured our actors in the schedule. Assuring that Jake would be with us on the Friday, before the full day of shooting. This gave us the opportunity to film his scene whereby he is flicking through the book, without any disturbances. Moreover, we texted both Jake and Georgia come earlier in the morning at around 11, to film their scenes alone. When Jake was not needed this was fine, because he could easily go upstairs and continue his work, as he lives there. Then, we Facebook inboxed the six girl actors to come at around 1. When some of the girls came early, they were content with settling in Kim's room collectively whilst we finished up. All of the actors got on well, and after finishing acting, Kim's mum made lunch for all of us. The rest of the crew included Kim, Gabs and I as well as Sophie Bergman who did the make-up. The outfits were done by the actors themselves, we instructed them of the type of clothing they should bring, and they brought a variety of clothing in this style. It was then Kim, Gabs and I who decided what they would wear out of all of the options. The only important props which we used were the photo frames. This required more technical skills, as for the first image we used a website - - in which we placed Jake's and Georgia's faces into the faces of a couple hugging. As well as this, we scanned through the internet looking for pictures of a couple, whereby you could not see their. Finally, the location originally was an issue. This was because after emailing the manager of Avenue House N3 for the permission to use the woods there for filming, the manager responded by stating that we would need to pay a fee as well as be filling out paper work. This is not seemed applicable to us, and we had already decided that using big/little wood in Hampstead would be a more suitable choice. Furthermore, to film in this site required no permission - it was sorted!

Looking back at your preliminary task  
Looking back at your preliminary task