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EXT. LAKE. DAY A teenage girl, SARAH is sitting on a bench with her camera attached to her as she looks through the photos one by one. Her long, brown, wavy hair reaches down to where the top of her black skirt is at her waist. She swipes her fringe behind her ear to stop the wind from putting in her mouth. You can see jewelery swaying in the wind. A necklace she is wearing says ’Alex and Sarah. 12/05/11’. She touches the necklaces and sighs. She tucks it inside her jumper and huddles in her coat, continuing to look through the photos. Her phone buzzes in her coat pocket. She pulls it out and shivers from the coldness. She picks it up. SARAH Alex, why aren’t you here yet? Please just come as soon as you can. You can here ALEX’S muffled voice as he agrees to come and visit Sarah. INT. ALEX’S CAR. DAY ALEX pulls up to the side of brake and turns off the car. from the side of the car and takes his phone out from the missed calls.

the lake. He puts the handle He collects his keys and wallet puts them in his pocket. He glove box and looks at it. 3

ALEX Ah boy. EXT. LAKE. DAY ALEX approaches SARAH as she is still sitting on the bench. She turns around as she hears his footsteps approach her. She holds her skirt down and stands up slowly, giving slight puppy dog eyes as she looks at him. ALEX fixes up his suit and wiggles the top of his tie around, swallowing his throat a bit. He puts his hands in his face to suggest that he’s fed up of something. Sarah walks up to him with a shrug about her. ALEX puts his hands in his suit pocket and pulls out a jewelry box. ALEX I got something for you.. I..




SARAH (Cutting him off) I don’t want to take your things Alex. I don’t want you to buy me expensive things whenever you’ve done something wrong. ALEX I can’t help it Sarah. I thought these gifts would make you happier so then we wouldn’t have to argue like this. SARAH I don’t want you to keep buying me off though. It’s sweet. But you buy me off. ALEX I have no idea how to say sorry though. SARAH How about actually saying it? ALEX murmurs to himself and puts his hands back in his pockets with his head looking down. SARAH See, you can’t say it. It’s why you buy me off. I’m not a toy you can show off Alex. ALEX I know. SARAH I mean it. I’m not. ALEX ignores her and looks away. Not knowing what to say. SARAH adjusts her coat and moves her hair to the side of her shoulder. She pulls out her phone and brings up a text message. SARAH I can’t do any of this anymore. You are so hypocritcal. You shout at me and threaten to break up with me if I talk to a guy. But you’ve been flirting with more than 20 girls and somehow you still think I would WANT to be with you?




SARAH leaves a pause to see if ALEX would react to what she said. He keeps his eyes fixated on her and sighs. SARAH I’m done Alex. You won’t even say sorry and you keep trying to buy me off. We’re over. SARAH reaches for the back of her neck and moves the rest of her hair away. She unclips the necklace and holds in her hand. Her eyes fill slowly with tears as her hand trembles as she hands out the necklace to him. She looks up at his eyes and starts to walk away. ALEX (Shouting) Sarah.. wait! SARAH carries on walking, moving her hair to both sides of her body now, so that ALEX can’t see any part of her face. She brings her coat towards her, huddling it up. She walks quickly down a small road and dissapears. ALEX is only left with a necklace in his hand. He slowly walks back to his car, sighing and running his hand through his hair from all the stress.

Relationship script