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Spring 2010 ISSN 1918-1612

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On the Cover: Yu-Chen is wearing in this speckled winged sweater, $59, Pseudio. Turquoise oversized earrings, $20, Le Chateau.Pins, Overman, available at and The Greenman. Caramel hat, stylist’s own.

SPRING 2010 Volume 2, Number 3 – March 2010 Publisher Panache PEI Marketing, Sales & Distribution Printer Kwik Kopy

Writer: Katharine MacDonald If you're in the market for a small-scale makeover, a manicure from one of PEI's many salons will definitely make you feel - pardon the pun - polished! All prices are before taxes for a regular manicure.

Star Nails $17.00 Charlottetown

Savannah Belsher-MacLean OWNER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

CJ Nails $18.00 Summerside


Princess Nails $20.00 Charlottetown

Kristin Cheverie ARTS EDITOR Mary-Elyn Keenan FASHION EDITOR Katharine MacDonald FASHION DIRECTOR Writers: Carly Martin, Melissa VanToever, Chelsea Ling, Kelly Clements-Gennis, Todd MacLean , Contributors: Mark Yammine, Emily Beck, Ancelene MacKinnon, Yu-Chen Liu, Jackie Skinner, Katryna Crabbe, Kirstin Sweet, Patrick Callbeck, Kayla Shaw, Pat Deighan, Kelly Clements-Gennis, Christina Gaudet, Aimee Power Subscription Services Have you got ideas or suggestions for Panache? Email us!

Simply Aesthetics $20.00 Stratford Absolutely Fabulous $25.00 Charlottetown Mind Body & Spirit Aesthetics $25.00 Kensington Tina's Cut Above $25.00 Montague Above & Beyond Hair Styling & Aesthetics $25.95 Alberton Cocoon Esthetic Clinic $27.00 Charlottetown Kennedy's & Essence of You Day Spa $30.00 Charlottetown



Within the spirit of our ‘Makeover Issue’ for spring 2010, Panache PEI got a new place to call home! Here are a few before and after photos of our very own makeover adventure.

You can now find us located at 102 Queen Street, Suite #2, in Charlottetown!

makeover your...

hair colour & style

Photography by Katelyn Fraser Written by Emily Beck Kristin’s hair had previous colour on the mid-shaft to ends with her natural light brown growing in. With her complexion, this copper colour was too washed out. To put depth into it, a series of a light copper-red colour was foiled into her hair with only a few very dark brown foils to balance out the red, including a panel in her fringe. To bring down the rest of the old colour, a deep red-violet base was used all over the demipermanent colour helped to add shine into her processed ends. As for a cut, I layered her hair considerably to help encourage her natural wave and help reduce bulk when trying to smooth it. The fringe she had was great, so I only trimmed and lightly texturized. A colour leave-in serum geared for red-heads was applied before blow-drying. It is an intense moisturizer and greatly increases the longevity of the colour. We decided to smooth the hair so she could get a better feel of the cut and colour.

One of the newest environmental and design trends within the home is decorating with refurbished furniture. By renewing and refreshing an old piece of furniture, you can restore it to its original glory or give it a new lease on life in a vibrant and unexpected colour. Doing this quickly updates a room and adds personality, individuality and flair. The new and exciting Charlottetown-based business, Turquoise Shed, focuses on furniture recycling and redesign. Carly Martin and Melissa VanToever started the business in order to solve the decorating dilemmas they faced when trying to transform and personalize their own homes. "We had to work with what we had by refinishing hand-me-downs and used pieces, mixing them in with some new finds and using some DIY know-how to get the desired end results. We loved the process so much that we decided to do it for others." In this case, the client was trying to create a grown-up and finished bedroom, yet still fun and light. They had already painted, were taking up the old bedroom carpet and laying down new floors but weren’t sure where to go from there. Working with the Turquoise Shed motto of Recycle, Refresh and Redesign, the clients existing dresser was refinished using No-VOC paint and water based finish for protection. The old hardware was replaced with simple reflective pulls, and the walls accessorized with a fresh picture by local photographer, Katelyn Fraser. A new, larger mirror helps to brighten up the room. The client’s reaction upon seeing the makeover? “I can't believe this is the same room! I love it!”

before 6


NEW Photography by Katelyn Fraser Written by Carly Martin, Melissa VanToever, and Savannah Belsher-MacLean

A used queen size headboard was sourced for the client then painted and completed with a custom fabric upholstered panel. New bedding and throw pillows were added.

The existing side tables were refinished and topped with the client's existing clock and two new lamps. The curtains were custom created, printed on cotton, and really set the room's fresh and cheerful tone.

after A simple wood shelf was created, then secured with refinished brackets and topped with framed photography purchased from Etsy. Flowers and vintage vases are the finishing touches to the room.

diy project

makeover your...

Photography and article by Chelsea Ling

Yoyo Necklace - Sew five yoyos of varying size - attach to each by hand sewing. On the outermost yoyo on each side, attach a metal jump ring. Attach a chain to the jump ring on each side, adding a clasp to your chain if necessary.

Ruffle Rose Headband - tear a 1" strip of fabric from your sheet. Wrap diagonally around a plastic headband, using hot glue to affix the fabric to the band at each end. Tear another 1" strip, and use pinking sheers to decorate one side. Loosely stitch along one side, gathering as you go to create a ruffle. Mount fabric rose in the middle using hot glue.

When it comes to recycling and repurposing,

your options are almost endless, especially with fabric! Using a few crafty tools and adhesives with a little bit of elbow grease you would be surprised what you can come up with. The following nine projects were all made using the same old sheet. What else can you think of to make with old fabric?

Grocery Bag - Cut one 16"x30" piece of material, finishing the top and bottom seams. Turn inside out, and finish side seams. Cut one 3"x24" strip of fabric, and finish each edge using heat and bond or sewing machine. Cut in half, affix one to each side of the bag as handles.

Memory Board - Cut a large piece of foam core board or stiff cardboard. Wrap in sheet fabric, using hot glue to secure on the back. Wrap with diagonal ribbons as shown in the photos, using brads or pins to affix the ribbon at each cross point.

Ruffled Pillow - Cut a piece of fabric 16” x 30”. Using heat and bond 3/4” strips, finish the top and bottom seams. Turn inside out, and finish the side seams with more heat and bond. Allow seams to cool and turn right side out. Affix ruffle cut from edge of sheet to middle of pillow using a strip of heat and bond as wide as your pillow. Insert 12x12” pillow form and close open end of pillow with another strip of heat and bond.

the Artisan Collection at

Bow Brooch/Hair Clip - Cut a 3x24” piece of material. Finish edges by folding over a piece of 3/4” heat and bond and iron until affixed. For base of bow, cut an 8” piece from the strip. Fold the ends into the middle, affix with hot glue. Cut a 6” piece from the long strip and do the same. Glue smaller piece to the middle of the larger piece. Using a 4” piece wrap vertically around the middle of the box to form the center. Affix brooch or pin back to the underside of the bow.

Braided Trivet - Tear six 1" strips of sheet material. Braid two long strips with three pieces each. Wrap strips around each other to form a circle. Hot glue or hand stitch to hold in place.

Makeup Pouch - Cut one 6”x12” piece of fabric. Finish top, bottom, and side seams by sewing or using heat and bond. Place right sides together, leaving 4” for the flap. Affix button to the front of the pouch, and make a button hole in the flap.

Studio open noon to six Friday & Saturday and when the sandwich board is out 126 Richmond, Charlottetown 892-3307


Keepsake Box - Cut pieces of sheet just wide enough to cover the box and lid. Wrap as if you were wrapping a gift, affixing the fabric with hot glue. Adorn with ribbon or embellishments if desired.

Fantastic clothing, jewellery, home décor,tons of handbags, kids area,great cards,Japanese paper and so much more!


Written by Katelyn Fraser Photography by Mark Yammine My life has been transformed over the past 7 weeks! I knew that exercise and diet would have a huge positive impact on my everyday life, but I didn’t realize just how huge. Since January 1st, I’ve lost 22 pounds and 27 inches! With the guidance of Rachelle Wood, RHN, I have managed to ban sugar, carb cravings, and replace those foods with ones that help my body function much more efficiently. It certainly wasn’t easy - the first two weeks were excruciatingly hard, as Rachelle warned me they would be. But after I broke free from my old habits, the scheduled meals no longer felt confining, but comforting, as I knew that it was a plan that I could follow and that by following it I would feel amazing. In the first two weeks I lost almost 9 pounds. Talk about motivation to keep going! A strict meal plan was not all that it took to whip me into shape. I also attended 5 to 6 exercise classes per week at Dynamic Fitness. I was taking a variety of classes including Adult Functional Fitness, Hot Yoga, Pilates (mat and reformer) and Ab Attack. At first I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb, the out of shape girl in the back corner who could barely finish the reps. But again, at around the two week mark something changed - it felt easier and suddenly I was excited for class rather than afraid and apprehensive. I also started to feel better in my jeans and, as a result, I wanted to work harder. Having the team at Dynamic Fitness and Rachelle rooting for me really helped me stay motivated to reach my goal. Seeing the genuine happiness on my trainer’s face when I would update him about my weight and inch loss was enough to fuel my workouts for the week. My number one suggestion if you are looking to achieve and weightloss/fitness goal would be to make yourself accountable to someone - a trainer, a nutritionist, a workout partner, someone to work for when you are too tired to work for yourself. I think the before and after photos speak for themselves, but if you would like more info about my journey to a more healthy body, you can check out the Panache PEI blog at

PR O F ES S I O N A L W I S D O M Triona Harrop Owner of Dynamic Fitness One of the most important things to look for when taking the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle is to source out a fitness regime that is constantly changing and developing, but has your best interests in mind. In an intimate facility, you can grow leaps and bounds under the watchful eyes of highly qualified instructors. Dynamic Fitness began as a concept of combining Eli Sport and its high performance athletic training, with mainstream workouts such as Pilates, dance, fitness, and yoga. With this unique combination of fitness methods, each individual’s goal can be met and, more importantly, further developed. As a facility owner, my goal has always been to provide the best the industryhas to offer. It is our mission to continue to push the envelope, explore new methods, and further develop our programs. Always look for a fitness regime that will entice you, motivate you, encourage you… remembering that YOU are the most important aspect!" For more info about Dynamic Fitness and their available classes and training programs visit their website at

Rachelle Wood Registered Holistic Nutritionist What to Look for in a weight loss program? It should educate, not medicate (no vitamins required); it must be customized to suit your dietary preferences and lifestyle; and it should be instructed by a licensed professional, such as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.” The Rachelle Wood Holistic Weight Loss Program has helped PEI lose over 50 000 pounds in less then 5 years. It includes a weekly consultation, customized meal plans, themed educational articles, lots of healthy recipes, and expert nutritional advice. To book a free 20 minute first consultation call Rachelle at 902-892-SLIM or check out Rachelle Wood Nutrition is now changing the way the world eats! In January 2010, Rachelle launched a customized online version of her successful weight loss program, As a valued Panache reader enter in the access code HEALTH2010 and receive a $5 monthly discount off this online service.


Total inch loss - 27 (Between Jan 1 – Feb 18th)

Katelyn and some of her trainers at Dynamic Fitness

Before Neck 12 ¾ Shoulder 44 Bust 40 Arm 11 ½ Ribs 33 ½ Waist 32 Tummy 39 ¼ Hips 44 Thigh 22 ¼ Knee 16 ¼ Calf 15 Ankle 9¼

After 11 ¾ 42 37 10 ¼ 30 29 35 ½ 39 20 ¾ 14 ¼ 14 ½ 8¾


INTO A STYLE CELEBRATION! NO MATTER WHAT LIFE BRINGS YOU, WE HOPE TO INSPIRE YOU FOR YOUR EVERYDAY FASHIONS! Photography by Mark Yammine Assistant Photography by Katelyn Fraser Stylists: Mary-Elyn Keenan and Katharine MacDonald Hair: Emily Beck Makeup: Savannah Belsher-MacLean Models: Yu-Chen Liu and Ancelene MacKinnon, and our prized pup, Wren. Special thanks to Bradley and Aimee Horner.�



Opposite page: Yu-Chen looks downtown chic in this speckled winged sweater, $59, Pseudio. Rich & Skinny boyfriend jeans, $289, Island Activewear. Navy patent booties, $50, Winners. Turquoise oversized earrings, $20, Le Chateau. Pins, Overman, available at and The Greenman. Brown leather handbag, $125, Lou Lou. Purple camisole, bangle, caramel hat and coffee mugs, stylist’s own. This Page: Ancelene is casual cool and ready for a coffee run in this gray sweater dress, $8, earrings, $3, wooden bangles, $2, Value Village. Purple suede boots, $5, The Open Door Thrift Store. “Bethany” one of a kind percher with reproduction 1930’s feedsack fabrics and repurposed vintage buttons, Love Charlie, available at Coffee mugs, hose, and necklace, stylist’s own.

Kick it back to the eighties with this cobalt blue Bench bubble jacket, $120, Nike sneakers, $110, Island Activewear. Navy boy cut shorts, $16, Capezio legwarmers, $22, Demi Pointe. Bracelets, $20 each, Le Chateau. Earrings and stain glass necklace, Overman, available at and The Greenman. Pilates band, yellow sports bra, stylist’s own.


Menswear accessories have never looked so fab as when WKH\¡UHSDLUHGZLWKWKLVEODFNUXIĂ HGGUHVVRYHUAll eyes are on Sam in this curve hugging magensized ring, $30, corsage zipper bracelet, all Lou ta dress, Dows, $ 210; beaded $30, necklace, vintage, Lou. Dior belt, $4, Value Village. “Joelleâ€? mini woolboth stylist's own; ring and diamond bracelet, felt bowler style cocktail with feather stylist's own; hat "Nancy" cocktailmount, hat withLove chenille Charlie, available at Betsey Johndot veil, Love Charlie, price upon request. son purse, hose, bowtie necklace, all stylist’s own

Get ready to celebrate the New Year in a charcoal tiered dress, Pseudio, $49; crystal bib necklace, stylist's own; rings, Swarovski, both stylist's own; navy flowered fascinator, Paper*Cakes, price upon request. **See the Weekenders' Project on page 16 for details on how to make your own hair fascinator!

Bring style back into travel with this purple dress, $40, Lou Lou. Swinging jacket, $99, Colour Blind. Nude pumps, $7, earrings, $2, Value Village. “Pasiphaë” hand-blocked wool felt hat with hand-formed felt beads, Love Charlie, available at Hose and suitcase, stylist’s own, available at Winners.


$QFHOHQH LV PRYLQJ RQ XS ZLWK WKLV RIÀFHDSSURSULDWH ensemble! Red dress, $149, and waist cinching belt, $25, Samuel & CO. Black patent heels, $6, and pin on scarf, $2, Froggies. Silver necklace, $30, briefcase, $50, and crystal embellished watch, $45, all from Lou Lou. Scarf on briefcase, $1, The Open Door Thrift Store. Hose, bangle and vintage stapler, all stylist’s own.

Cruella Deville may have been evil, but her style was VLPSO\Ă€HUFH:KLWHMDFNHW/RX/RX%ODFNSHQFLO skirt, $39, Pseudio. Pinstripe blouse, $6, Calvin Klein belt, $4, Value Village. “Gladiceâ€? vintage style sinamay FRFNWDLO KDW ZLWK EHDGHG Ă RZHUV EODFN DQG FUDQEHUU\ rooster saddle, goose biots and Russian style veiling, Love Charlie, available at Leash and collar embellished with rhinestones, Dollar Store. Earrings, red t-strap heels, and Gucci sunglasses, all stylist’s own. 18



beauty routine

makeover your...

Photography by Katelyn Fraser Written by Savannah Belsher-MacLean

Clockwise from top left: Longest Lash Thicking and Lengthening Mascara in ‘Black Ice’ by Jane Iredale; Velvet Matte Eye Colour in ‘Creme’, ‘Prairie Grass’ and ‘Violet’ by Pure Anada; Natural Mascara by Pure Anada; PureGloss Lip Gloss in ‘Pink Candy’ by Jane Iredale; Makeup Brush Ensemble by Pure Anada; Luminous Bronzer in ‘Medium’ by Pure Anada; Lip Calm by John Masters Organics. Pure Anada products available at Murphy’s Pharmacies; John Masters Organics available at Tink ‘N Ginger; Jane Iredale products available at Carrie’s Esthetics. *Prices upon request.

Spring time always brings a feeling of

“out with the old, in with the new”, so what do you do to improve your old makeup and skin care routine? How about you try these mineral and organic choices of cosmetics and skin care products that are available in choice Island salons and pharmacies? Now, that sounds like the beginning of a more beautiful and healthy you!

Clockwise from top left: Organic Expressions Day Creme by dermaE; Lavender & Chamomile Calming Cleanser by Pure Anada; Green Tea & Grapeseed Hydra Lotion by Pure Anada; Firming Eye Gel by John Masters Organics; Fruit Enzyme Facial Scrub by dermaE; Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser by Pure Anada; Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil by John Masters Organics; Berry & Bouquet Hydra-Cream by Pure Anada; Organic Expressions Facial Cleanser by dermaE; Moroccan Clay Purifying Mask by John Masters Organics. Pure Anada products available at Murphy’s Pharmacies; dermaE products available at Murphy’s Pharmacies and The Root Cellar; John Masters Organics available at Tink ‘N Ginger. *Prices upon request.

Forget about processed cheese and white bread - your body will thank you for this delicious treat of whole grain bread, creamy havarti with juicey apple thrown into the mix. Ingredients: two slices of whole grain bread thinly sliced havarti cheese 1/2 apple, thinly sliced Simply put a new spin on the classic grilled cheese. Tip: fry it slowly on medium heat to toast the bread and melt the havarti over the apple.

Grilled Cheese and Apple Sandwich Photography by Leigh Elliott 22


Fro-Yo Delight


Opt for a dessert that delights the taste buds and your digestive system with a version that is lower in fat and at least as delicious! Ingredients: vanilla frozen yogourt frozen mixed berries lemon for garnish All too easy - heat berries on low heat on stove top until thawed, soft and juicy, then pour over freshly scooped frozen yogourt. Garnish with lemon and serve!



Kelly’s Go Green Smoothie




E LEM LY C 3713 L E K 218 eelb 902 @think f kelly .think f www

    "!""! !""!  """"!

Instead of the regular, all-too-sugary smoothie, drink back Kelly's Signature "Go Green" Smoothie. They're jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and omega oils so you'll soon find yourself more focused and clear with more balanced energy, and generally feeling great! Ingredients: 8oz filtered water 1 frozen banana 1 orange, juiced 3 cups of spinach 1 tbsp chia seed To learn more about Kelly's "Go Green Smoothies" visit









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weekenders’ REVAMPED DRESS PANTS project Written by Jackie Skinner, Kirstin Sweet, and Katrynna Crabbe of Sunsets on the Eastside Photography by Patrick Callbeck

Materials needed: dress pants measuring tape scissors needle and thread seam ripper decorating materials (ribbon, studs, buttons, etc.) Step 1 Measure pants from hips to just below the knees, add 2 more inches for a hem and cut along this point. Fold the hem under and stitch down. Step 2 With a seam ripper, undo the outside seam of the pant legs at the bottom up to about 6 inches. Fold and sew these seams down. Step 3 Add a ribbon or button at the bottom to overlap the area that you just seam ripped. This should make for a snug bottom underneath the knee. Step 4 Use your imagination and decorate them as you wish!

springtime listening

makeover your...

Photography by Katelyn Fraser Written by Pat Deighan

1. If you are a fan of last year’s critical darlings the Fleet Foxes, I would highly recommend you listen to Charlottetown's Raccoon Bandit.

2. If you’ve found yourself listening to Catherine MacLellan's “Water in the Ground” quite often, then you can't go wrong with Amelia Curran's new album “Hunter Hunter”. 3. Have you been listening to The Smiths followed by Interpol and then a dash of U2 thrown in? Then I would recommend In-Flight Safety's “We Are An Empire, My Dear”. 4. If you are a fan of Deerhunter and like straight-up power pop at it's finest, then check out the Danks “Are you Afraid of the Danks”. 5. So, for the past few years you have been wearing out your copy of Rose Cousins debut CD “If You Were For Me” then stop what you are doing right now and immediately go out and purchase Rose's amazing new album “The Send Off”. You will not be disappointed. 24

Better than New - pages 6-7 Turquoise Shed (102 Queen St, Charlottetown) Etsy ( Makeover Your DIY Project - pages 8-9 Paper*Cakes ( Makeover Your Body - pages 10-11 Dynamic Fitness (133 Queen St, Charlottetown) Rachelle Wood, RHN (38 University Ave, Charlottetown) Spring Shift - pages 13-19 Pseudio (670 University Ave, Charlottetown) Island Activewear (299 University Ave, Charlottetown) Winners (670 University Ave, Charlottetown) Le Chateau (670 University Ave, Charlottetown) Overman ( LouLou Clothing and Accessories (449 University Ave, Charlottetown) Value Village (339 University Ave, Charlottetown) Open Door Thrift Store (18 Allen St, Charlottetown) Love Charlie ( Demi Pointe (100 Kent St, Charlottetown) Colour Blind (58 Queen St, Charlottetown) Samuel & CO. (670 University Ave, Charlottetown) Froggies (9 Jordan Crescent, Charlottetown) Dollaroo (Confederation Court Mall, Charlottetown)


MARKS THE SPOT Where to find the treasures featured in this issue

Makeup Kit Makeover - page 20-21 Murphy’s Pharmacies (41 St. Peters Rd, Charlottetown) Tink N’ Ginger (150 Queen St, Charlottetown) Carrie’s Esthetics (150 Queen St, Charlottetown) The Root Cellar (34 Queen St, Charlottetown) Recipe Makeovers - pages 22-23 ThinkFeelBeBeautiful ( The Weekenders’ Project - page 24 Sunsets on the Eastside ( Makeover Your CD Collection - page 24 Back Alley Music (69 University Ave, Charlottetown) Ancelene is wearing a high collared Kersh tank, $57, Island Activewear. Silver boy cut shorts, $15, Mondor leg warmers, $11, Demi Pointe. Nike sneakers, $110, Island Activewear. Earrings, Overman, available at D&G cuffs, $175 each, Lou Lou. Ring, $55, How Bazaar. Pilates band, stylist’s own.


Style at... the PEI Music Awards

Coralee Mahar Who is your music style icon? “Feist”

Meagan Blanchard Who is your music style icon? “Jill Barber - for her high-waisted, 50’s style dresses.”

Grass Mountain Hobos How did you guys come up with your style? “We just take our clothes from funeral homes.”

Tim Chaisson How did you pick out what to wear tonight? “I had to wear my new Cowboy boots!”

Alisha Marie Stephen Any fashion ‘hits’ of the evening? “Meaghan Blanchard”

Christian Gallant and Colette Cheverie Any fashion ‘hits’ of the evening? “Catherine MacLellan’s shoes!”

Smothered in Hugs/English Words Who is your music style icon? “Spoon”

Sarah MacDonald Who is your music style icon? “Stevie Nick’s gypsy dresses, Freddie Mercury’s hotpants, and Elton John’s glasses.”

Haunted Hearts Shannon Kemp Kinley Dowling Sarena Harding Daniel Roper Who is your music style icon? Who is your music style icon? Who is your music style icon? Who is your music style icon? How do you describe your band's style? "Ian Tyson meets the Beatles." “Regina Spektor” “Gwen Stefani” “Goldfrapp” “Definitely Lady Gaga.”

“The Trish� (oil on canvas) -Marie Fox


Details, Past & Present Fine Art Gallery XXXLJTTUIFCSJEFOFU KFOOJGFS!LJTTUIFCSJEFOFU 506.532.2582

TO ADVERTISE CALL : 902 969 1618

166 Richmond St. (Victoria Row) Charlottetown

featuring fine art, unique jewelry, glass & pottery Winter hours 12 – 5:30 Mon – Sat (except Fri)

(Kwik Kopy Ad)


FOR AS LITTLE AS $4 A DAY 133 Queen Street, Charlottetown 路 902.892.5504 路

Panache PEI - Spring 2010  

Panache PEI Magazine Spring 2010 Volume 2 - Issue 3

Panache PEI - Spring 2010  

Panache PEI Magazine Spring 2010 Volume 2 - Issue 3