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June 2013

In This Issue: Tanya Watchmaker, Bruce Nash, Laura Koronko, Lorne Stang, Dave Berrecloth, Ken Mullen, and Tweela Nepoose sport their sizzlin’ Savanna aprons at the National Aboriginal Day BBQ

Calgary Flooding Cold Lake National Aboriginal Day BBQ CAODC Well Servicing Awards What’s Happening?

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Message from Management Ken Mullen, President & CEO shares his thanks and well wishes to those affected by the floods and those who have stepped up to help out.

As we close out what has been a devastating week for the City of Calgary and Southern Alberta, we would like to acknowledge and thank all of our employees worldwide for their support and assistance in not only keeping Savanna running at 100 per cent, but demonstrating our values as an organization by pitching in and lending a helping hand. We have had calls of support and well wishes from across the company, from Toowoomba, Australia to Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, demonstrating that we are really solidifying our concept of One Savanna. Your sentiments are kindly received, particularly by those who were directly affected and who face a long and costly recovery. Maybe it is just part of the oilpatch culture to help others in need, but I am humbled by the level of assistance that people from all areas of the industry have provided, and continue to provide. At Savanna, many of our people have been using their time away from the office, as well as their personal time, to volunteer, and Savanna managers from many of our areas have provided labour, equipment, and even served mountains of barbecued food at the front lines over the past week. Many areas of the City of Calgary, and surrounding areas of the province, remain in an emergency situation, and we continue to encourage our staff in Alberta to focus on working remotely to ease congestion and clean-up efforts, and assist their communities and families wherever possible. Although we are fortunate that all Savanna employees are safe, we still have several individuals who have suffered dramatic losses personally or who have family devastated by the flooding.


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In an effort to help our Savanna families and all those impacted, we will be donating funds previously scheduled for a Stampede event directly to the Red Cross Alberta Floods Fund, and will match, dollar for dollar, any contributions made by Savanna employees up to a maximum of $20,000. Individuals wishing to donate may send a copy of their Red Cross donation receipt to flooddonations@ See more photos and info on the flood situation on page 7. 800, 311 6th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H2 Phone: 403 503 9990 Fax: 403 267 6749 Savanna Energy Services Corp. is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:SVY) For current stock information, visit or

Rig-n-Dig June 2013

Rig-n-Dig is published by Savanna Energy Services Corp. as an information vehicle for our employees and for our community. Suggestions and contributions are welcome and encouraged. Editor/Publisher: Chesley Ryder 403 718 2885 Managing Editor: John Bayko 403 781 9999

In This Issue

Message from Management Angel’s Safety Story CAODC Well Servicing Awards Benefits Article: Pinterest Code of Conduct Course What’s Happening? Australiana Last Page

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Angel’s Safety Story Angel Guerrero narrowly missed having one of the major veins in his neck severed by the hole cover in a frightening incident. Find out how it happened and how he hopes he can prevent others from experiencing the same fate, or one worse, by sharing his story.

Angel Guerrero joined Savanna in December of 2012 after more than 15 years in the mining industry. “It’s a different scale, but same scope — instead of digging for copper and gold, you’re drilling; but in both, safety is equally important. I am always on my toes, I’m always alert.” A few weeks ago, though, a situation on Rig 415 in the US caught him off guard. A few days after the incident and surgery

Guerrero was cleaning up tools in the toolshed as the crew had finished pressure testing. The driller asked him to start preparing the floor for the next step, but noticed that the blind rams were closed. As he went to open them, Guerrero walked onto the rig floor. The pressure released from the pipe caused the rotary cover to fly up and hit him. “It hit me in the chest, then the chin, and then the nose. I was lifted up off the ground about three feet,” Guerrero recalls. Guerrero says the crew had planned to open up the blind rams, but had not yet decided to do so, and he admits the lack of communication in that situation was one of the major problems. “For the most part, everyone knows their job, but the unfortunate part is that they become complacent and that’s when it gets dangerous,” Guerrero says. “You have to always double check, and take safety to the extreme.” Even though Guerrero was always a safe worker, he admits this incident has heightened his awareness and reminded him of the need to take things slow.

A few weeks later

“I enjoy the fast pace of the job here, but you still have to take the time and think about what the consequences of your actions could be. Each action you make has a reaction, so think of what that reaction will be before you take an action.”

BOP Stack:

Blind Rams

If Guerrero would have been hit an inch or two to either side by the flying piece of metal, it would have struck in a major vein in his neck. Guerrero hopes that by sharing his story, he will be able to prevent someone else from experiencing any sort of incident like his, or something worse. Nathan Ferrell, HSE Team Lead, U.S. Drilling, says he also hopes those who hear Guerrero’s story won’t have to go through it themselves. “Sometimes I think we get so caught up in trying to be efficient that quality gets compromised. It is far better to focus on one thing, do it right and do it safely, and then move on to the next thing.” Part of this focus involves pre-job planning: JHAs, safety meetings, and preparation, as well as asking questions. Guerrero says that the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. “I’ve been there, I’ve done it, and now I take it more seriously. I’m the lucky one who gets the chance to tell others my story.”

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CAODC Well Servicing Awards Congratulations to Rig 44 on receiving the Safety Excellence Award at this year’s 33rd Annual Safety Awards for the Service Rig Division!

Pictured above, Savanna Well Servicing Rig 44’s long standing crew members:

Congratulations, as well, to all of Savanna Well Servicing’s Operators who received the 2013 Operator Scroll Awards:

Wade Andersen (Rig Manager); Travis Andersen (Operator); Colin Reed (Derrickhand); and Colin Naus (Floorhand);

Travis Andersen Gar Atem John Baker Eugene Barry Eric Beaudry Dennis Boehler Caleb Boucher Patrick Boucher Bruce Busenius Jason Carmichael Robert Chalmers Rob Clelland Brad Conrad David Dupont Clayton Fadden Bryan Fehr Josh French Robert Gladstone

stand with: Preston Reum (Chairman, CAODC); Bruce Nash (Vice President & General Manager); John Cooper (Executive Vice President, Operations & Chief Operating Officer) on the left and Mark Sholz (President, CAODC) on the right.


Rig-n-Dig • June 2013

Nathan Goebel Peter Hampton Joey Hanlon Terence Harbum Chad Hebert Dan Hutt Shawn Jeffrey Aaron Keamey Kelsey Last Andrew Lewis Vince MacDonald Jordan Marcoux Owen McGee Michael Metzger Richard Middlemiss Kevin Okafor Brad Omeara

Collin Ouellette Craig Russell Jarrett Sears Shawn Seghers Aaron Shaughnessy Sam Skinner Shane Snow Stuart Elder Skylar Taylor Kyle Thibeau Troy Thomson Josh Urqhart Alvin Waldner John Wipf Tim Wurz

& Homewood Human solutions is now on Pinterest! Visitors can find a wealth of useful material on subjects such as mental health, physical health, social media, human resources, leadership engagement, and more. Note: you do not need to have an account to view their pins, so take a look today.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social network that allows users to post (pin) images or videos, and encourages users to follow, like, or share the pins others post as well as their “pinboards”.

Check out their site at:

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Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Course The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy, a document that focuses on our company’s regulations, and highest ethical standards including honesty, integrity and accountability, is one of the policies that every new employee must read and acknowledge as part of their orientation. However, this policy is special because all employees must re-read and acknowledge it every two years.

This year we are trying something new. Instead of reading the nine-page policy and signing an acknowledgement form, employees can now take an on-line, interactive course. The course is designed to be participatory – situations are presented and employee can choose the best response. The idea behind the course is to encourage employees to think about how the vision and values of Savanna applies to their everyday work.

All current Savanna employees working in offices are required to complete the course by August 30, 2013 and again every two years after that. All current Savanna field employee are required to complete the course by December 31, 2013.


Rig-n-Dig • June 2013

Calgary Flooding The city of Calgary has seen floods before, but never of this magnitude or even close to it. As it rained and poured in the second last week of June, both in the city and upstream in the mountains, the water levels rose to unprecedented levels, covering most of the downtown core and forcing close to 100,000 individuals out of their homes.

For more photos and stories visit: or search #yycflood, #abflood on your favourite social media site

Fortunately, Savanna’s Head Office in Calgary and D&D’s office in Redcliff, AB suffered no damage from the floods but in accordance with requests from many, have operated with limited staff during the state of emergency. The Alberta government estimated that the floods will cost the province upwards of $1 billion and 10 years to repair, but a surprising amount of people have stepped up to the plate to help out their friends, family, and community.

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What’s Happening? Last week, Savanna, our big BBQ, and partners Primco Dene, were up in Cold Lake making burgers and connections with the First Nations people and the community! Thank you to all who helped make this day such a success.

Tweela Nepoose helps prepare burger toppings

Brian Cardinal shares a smile with leaders of Cold Lake First Nations

Brad Hardstock and Lorne Stang flip some burgers

Family enjoying their meal

Excited burger eater


Rig-n-Dig • June 2013

Ken Mullen doing an on-air interview

Community members in the sun

What’s Happening? Savanna’s Employees celebrate 50! Left: Bruce Nash, VP, Well Servicing, turns 50. Below: George Wall’s retirement party after 50 years in the Well Servicing industry. What an accomplishment!

Do you have a photo to share? Send it in to us! communications@

Congratulations to Kevin Betke on 10 years with Savanna! Presented by Ryan Wyatt.

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“Australiana” Quick Fact: ‘She’ll be right’ is a term used by Australians meaning ‘it will be ok, we can fix it’. This month’s topic: Australian Food. See below for a true blue Aussie recipe for lamingtons. Lamingtons are a true Aussie dessert, which consists of sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and desiccated coconut. Enjoy! Lamingtons

Chocolate icing

Melted butter, to grease 75g (1/2 cup) self-raising flour 75g (1/2 cup) plain flour 70g (1/2 cup) cornflour 6 x 59g eggs, at room temperature 215g (1 cup) caster sugar 1 tbs boiling water 170g (2 cups) desiccated coconut

300g (2 cups) icing sugar mixture 35g (1/3 cup) cocoa powder 60ml (1/4 cup) milk 60ml (1/4 cup) boiling water

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350F. Brush a 19 x 29cm (base measurement) lamington pan with melted butter to lightly grease. Line the base and sides with non-stick baking paper, allowing it to overhang slightly. Step 2: Sift the combined flours together into a large bowl. Repeat twice. Step 3: Use an electric beater to whisk the eggs in a large clean, dry bowl until thick and pale. Gradually add the sugar, 1 tbs at a time, whisking well after each addition until mixture is thick and sugar dissolves. Step 4: Sift the combined flours over the egg mixture. Pour the boiling water down the side of the bowl. Use a large metal spoon to gently fold until just combined. Pour mixture into the prepared pan and use the back of a spoon to smooth the surface. Bake in oven for 20 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Turn cake onto a wire rack, cover with a clean tea towel and set aside overnight to cool. Step 5: Trim the edges of the cake and cut into 15 squares. Spread the coconut over a plate. Step 6: To make the chocolate icing, sift the icing sugar and cocoa powder into a medium bowl. Add the milk and water and stir until smooth. Step 7: Use 2 forks to dip 1 cake square into the warm icing to evenly coat. Allow any excess icing to drip off. Use your fingers to roll the cake in the coconut to evenly coat, then place on a wire rack. Repeat with the remaining cake squares, icing and coconut. Set aside for 1 hour or until icing sets.


Rig-n-Dig • June 2013

The EAP program through Recovre is an employee benefit that can be utilized confidentially to assist in those times when you need that bit extra help to cope with personal difficult situations. The program is available not only for employees but their immediate family members as well. Key features include: • 24 hour helpline – 7 days per week from registered and experienced psychologists. Call 1 300 010 690. • Trauma and incident response – in the event of a serious incident employees can access immediate assistance • Assistance for immediate family members • Telephone consultation and flexible meeting arrangements • Face to face professional counselling within 48 hours • Up to 3 x 1 hour short term solution focused sessions with on going review • Critical Incident debriefing program on site Questions? Contact: Anita Hindle, HR Team Lead 07 4633 6702 Toowoomba, QLD For Canadian and US Employees seeking EAP assistance, please contact: Julie Bell, Savanna USA — 281 907 4800 Sylvia Sargeant, Savanna Canada — 403 214 5950

Surat Basin Mining Energy Expo & Congratulations Savanna Energy Services attended this year’s Energy & Mining Expo on the 19th & 20th June at the Toowoomba Showgrounds. As a global leader we were making our presence known and promoting our brand within the industry. Our Goals for attending the expo: • Networking – opportunity to liaise with suppliers, customers and general public in raising awareness of Savanna Energy’s footprint both locally and globally • Supply Chain – chance to interact with suppliers to the industry and prospective opportunity to review supply arrangements • Community – It’s important to be seen as part of the community and develop relationships that will help us stand out among competitors • HR – drive and reinforce employer brand from a local perspective; speak with potential candidates for the new rig coming in We had a very successful two days at the expo. Thank you to Lizzie Ballinger for organising the site and the promotional packs and displays to assist with increasing Savanna’s brand awareness. Thank you also to all those who volunteered to assist over the two days.

Congratulations! Crew members from Rig 66 recently were rewarded with a sports bag to celebrate achieving 200 days incident free.

Pictured (left to right): Bill Schwerin, Chris Gipps, Dan Coleman, Kevin Pressey, Jason Orchard, Kenton Wotherspoon, Trevor Schulze, Jye Robinson, Graham Howells, Seth Given, Andrew Jensen

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Growth in Australia We have recently acquired another temporary office to house our growing office staff in Toowoomba. This will be the new home of our finance team as their existing office will now house the maintenance team.

Meet & Greet – Dan McCoy, HSE Advisor

Q: Where is home or where are you from originally? A: Toowoomba, born and raised

Q: Any prior experience in oil and gas? A: I started as a leasehand for a well service company several years ago, and found my way into the Safety world at Savanna two years ago.

Q: How did you come to arrive at Savanna?

Q: What about the opportunity to work for Savanna appeals to you? A: Savanna is always striving to be better and for its employees to be better, and in turn pushing us all further and training accordingly to ensure we are the best we can be personally and as a company, which is very exciting to be a part of.


Rig-n-Dig • June 2013

A: I guess I was a bit of an experiment to see if a rig hand could handle being a part of the safety team and was recruited from another well service company, I guess the experiment is working so far.

Q: What do you do outside of work? A: Like any typical male I like anything outdoors, anything with a motor and have a very keen interest in racing greyhounds.


Savnet Survey Summary What is Savnet?

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey! Here is a summary of some of the results:

Savanna’s communication department recently sent out a survey across the company for feedback on Savnet. We had a great response rate with 182 participants! Over the next several months we will be working to address much of the feedback we received from this survey. You may have already noticed some of the changes to Savnet, and we intend on continuing to improve the site to make it more meaningful for users and for Savanna.

Savnet Survey Results How often do you use Savnet?

How do you find things on Savnet?

Every day 2-3 times per week once per week

key words in the search box

once per month

click links

I never use Savnet

links and search box

Which areas are you aware of?

Which areas do you use?

forms, policies and procedures library phone list stock ticker

Savnet is a space where employees can find, share, and store information. It can help us meet our objectives as a drilling and well servicing company in many ways. For example, Savnet can:

newsletter discussion forums shared workspaces for group projects service desk

create and sustain Savanna’s 1 Help values-based culture by helping

rig locator and utilization tracker (consolidated dashboard) powerpoint presentation templates

people work together more effectively worldwide.

anonymous suggestion box

Employees can use the site to:

personal profile page/direct messaging other

• share information with team members; • access forms, policies, and procedures; • find contact information; • and set up team sites and shared calendars Employees can also access many of the perks that come with working at Savanna, including:

Have you tried using or creating workspaces on Savnet? yes

How would you describe using Savnet? very confusing


• RSP information I am comfortable with it

• Heath and Benefits information, forms, and news organize Savanna’s wealth of 2 Help information capital through: • Team sites • Libraries • Calendars

i would like to learn more about Savnet. true false

• Discussion Forums

Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the survey! The communications team, with the help of IT, will be upgrading and improving our company’s intranet site over the next few months and will be using this information so we can make it better fo everyone.

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SAVANNA scholarship policy Each year, Savanna Energy Services Corp. will award a scholarship in the amount of

$3000 4 to

eligible students

Eligible candidates must: • be 20 years or younger as of August 1 in the year of application • provide transcripts (60% or greater required in final year of classes) • be prepared to enter the eligible instituion within the year of application • be a dependent natural child, adopted child, stepchild or legal ward of an eligible Savanna employee (who has worked with us for at least 1 year)

The details: Required



Submit to:

proof of final acceptance must be submitted in order to receive payment



application form, transcripts, reference letter

second Friday in August

Questions? hr@savanna


Rig-n-Dig • June 2013

Find the complete policy, and application forms on Savnet under “Policies, Procedures and Forms” or on the Employee Portal under “Common HR Forms”

Dave Hoogendoorn Memorial We miss you Dave Dave Hoogendoorn was Savanna’s Director of Operations, Canadian Drilling. He was involved in a motorcycle accident the evening of Friday, June 7 and passed away from his injuries on Saturday, June 8, 2013. We are all greatly shocked and tremendously heartbroken that Dave is no longer with us; we send our love and sincerest condolences to his family and friends who have lost such a wonderful person. Dave, we lose one of the best in you. Your decency, kindness, good nature, work ethic, caring, respect for all, mischievous smile and the twinkle in your eye will forever be missed by your friends at Savanna.

David John Hoogendoorn was born on November 22, 1957 in Chilliwack, BC—the third child and first son of John and Jean Hoogendoorn. He was raised on a farm just outside of Agassiz, BC where he milked cattle on the family dairy farm until he was 17 years old. At the age of 17, David moved east to work as a farm hand just west of Roblin, MB. He spent a year in Manitoba before heading back westward to Alberta where he started working in the oil patch for Jennings Drilling in 1977. Shortly after moving to Alberta and starting his career in the drilling industry, David met his bride-to-be Maxine in Edmonton through a mutual friend. Maxine and David were together for three years when they had their first son Travis. Unfortunately, Travis was born with a congenital heart defect and passed shortly after child birth. Undeterred, Maxine and David went on to have four children: Jordan, Carla, and twin boys Jared and Kyle. The family started out in Sherwood Park but moved out to a 160 acre farm just outside of New Sarepta in 1988 where David and Maxine have resided ever since. David took on progressively more senior roles within the drilling industry which afforded him the ability to be on the road less and less. This opportunity allowed David to spend more time with his family— especially his four grandsons: Jase, Hudson, Nathanial, and Dawson and to focus on his passion of farming grain on his quarter section of land. David was a devoted husband, father and grandfather, a loyal son, a loved uncle and a respected colleague. He will be missed by many and was taken far too soon. — The Family

Dave knew how to get things done: quality, pace, timing, the works. This well rounded skill set is rarely seen to such a level in any individual. The thing that touched all of us more than anything, though, was that Dave knew what he knew and was not afraid to put forward that knowledge, but he didn’t do so in a pushy way, or in a way that belittled others or suggested that he knew best. Rather, it was simply that he knew, and if we could use it and accept it, great. If not, no hard feelings, and he still knew what he knew. Dave was never one for fancy terms; that Dutch farmer stock probably prevented certain vices that we sometimes get. But the word that comes to me is that Dave truly was the servant-leader, the leader who gets where we need to go by serving the needs of others first. We’ll miss you.

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When you run for Ronald McDonald House,

YOU’RE A ROCK STAR! In support of: Presented by:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

10K & 5K run • 5K walk • 1K McDonald’s Go Active walk Liberate your inner rock star while racing past bands, jugglers and belly dancers (we told you it was awesome).

Fun for experienced runners and the entire family Help ou r House by collectin g pledge s and rece ive grea t rewards (Th ey reall y are gre check o ur webs at, ite)



Rig-n-Dig • June 2013

Rig-n-Dig June 2013  

Calgary Floods, Angel's Safety Story, CAODC Well Servicing Awards, Cold Lake Aboriginal Day BBQ, Savnet Survey Results, Scholarship Policy

Rig-n-Dig June 2013  

Calgary Floods, Angel's Safety Story, CAODC Well Servicing Awards, Cold Lake Aboriginal Day BBQ, Savnet Survey Results, Scholarship Policy