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Medical treatments and prices

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Table of contents Water & earth – the natural sources of health 3

The »back care« package


The indications


Trigger Point Therapy




Kinesio Taping




The »Young Mother« Package


Chemical analysis of the water used for medical purposes 6

The »Mother-To-Be« Package




Package for pregnant women and new mothers with problems of the locomotor system 21

Program for rheumatic diseases




Professional help


Preventive active relaxation program


Healthy skin from the depths of the Pannonian Sea 23

Rehabilitation program




Alternative treatment with acupuncture


Physiotherapy, Kinesiotherapy




Manual lymphatic drainage


General Terms


Thermalium Collection


Water & earth – the natural sources of health Here, the source of health comes from the depths of the Pannonian Sea. But instead of “black gold” the discovered “black thermal water” carries within it the most precious of riches - HEALTH. The health-beneficial effects of this black thermal water were discovered very early and it was soon recognised as the first natural healing factor in Terme 3000. Visitors are now able to experience another natural healing factor as well - the natural peloid from Lake Negova, which ripens together with the black thermal water. Due to their health-beneficial effects on the body, they are the main focus of various therapies and rehabilitation programs, preventive, relaxation or activity packages, as well as packages for pampering or well-being. The indications for therapies and rehabilitations are based on natural factors: • degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis and spondyloarthrosis, lumbar und cervical dyscopathy with spondylitic syndroms – sciatica and brachialgia) • non-articular rheumatism (humeroscapular periarthritis, fibrositis) • chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases (chronic inflammatory rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis deformans, special cases of rheumatoid arthritis) • conditions after the injuries and operations of the locomotive system with functional handicap • skin diseases (psoriasis vulgaris) We offer a wide variety of natural healing sources and friendly staff who will do anything in their power to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Experience the unique natural healing effects, state-of-the-art equipment, extensive expertise and hospitality – a combination that will guarantee success.


Become one with nature

Hydrotherapy is carried out in the therapy pool, full body baths and galvanic baths for arms and legs. Water treatment is quite possibly the oldest and most natural form of therapy. Long before our time, people believed that water contains the essence of life and the key to health. It stimulates the circulation, relaxes the muscles, relieves pain and detoxifies the body. Water takes part of your weight away and facilitates the easier movement of your limbs, which is great for muscle exercise. Hydrotherapy

To get the most out of these exercises, they should be performed correctly and under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Galvanic baths are only available in baths with thermal water. The Stanger bath provides galvanic full body therapy – a four-cell galvanic bath for the hands and feet as well as a two-cell bath for the hands alone. This treatment is based on a light galvanic current that creates a minor tickling sensation. The main purpose of this therapy is to stimulate the blood circulation and to relieve pain. It is often used in the case of poor circulation in the hands and legs as well as rheumatic diseases.

Individual therapeutic hydro-gymnastics, 20 min 16.50 â‚Ź (a program based on an individual evaluation of your health by a physiotherapist) 4

Group therapeutic hydro-gymnastics, 20 min 6.90 € (full body exercise supervised by a physiotherapist with an emphasis on exercises for the spine) Underwater massage –whole, 30 min Underwater massage – half, 20 min

19.00 € 14.00 €

2 cellular galvanic bath, 20 min

16.00 €

4 cellular galvanic bath, 20 min Stanger’s galvanic bath, 10 min

13.00 € 10.00 €

Thermal bath, 20 min 10.00 € Thermal bath with addition of herbal aroma 12.50 €

Hydrotherapy Inhalations

Thermal pearly bad, 20 min 14.00 € Thermal bath with addition of herbal aroma 17.50 €

Inhalations The inhalation of small dispersed particles though the respiratory tract, which humidify and clear the respiratory tract and relieve coughing. The therapy is performed with thermal water and optionally with herbs.

Inhalations 1x daily Inhalations 2 x daily

7.90 € 13.00 € 5

Chemical analysis of the water used for medical purposes (MT 4)

Chemical analysis


Kations Ammonium (NH4+) Lithium (Li+) Sodium (Na+) Potassium (K+) Calcium (Ca2+) Strontium (Sr2+) Magnesium (Mg2+) Iron (Fe2+) Manganese (Mn2+) Aluminium (Al3+) Cations total

mgl-1 34,1 3,1 5165 206 57,3 37,0 16,0 0,1 0,07 0,24 5519

mekv-1 1,890 0,447 224,594 5,269 2,859 0,844 1,316 0,003 0,003 0,027 237,3

mekv % 0,797 0,188 94,665 2,220 1,205 0,356 0,555 0,001 0,001 0,011 100,0

Anions Fluorite (F–) Chlorite (Cl–) Bromide (Br–) Iodide (J–) Nitrate (No3–) Sulphate (SO42–) Hydrogen phosphate (HPO) Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3–) Anions total

mgl-1 2,45 5735 5,9 9,0 5,2 198,0 1,35 4334 10391

mekv-1 0,129 161,745 0,074 0,071 0,084 4,122 0,028 71,028 237,3

mekv % 0,054 68,166 0,031 0,030 0,035 1,737 0,012 29,934 100,0

Weak electrolytes Metaboric acid (HBO2) Metasilicic acid (H2SiO3) Carbon dioxide (CO2) Solid ingredients total Ingredients total Evaporative remnant at 105 °C Evaporative remnant at 180 °C Specific conductibility at 18 °C Specific conductibility at 20 °C Density at 18 °C Density at 20 °C pH

50,6 56,6

mgl-1 mgl-1

15917 15917 13,98 13,70 18,1 19,1 1,01019 1,00979 8,57

mgl-1 mgl-1 gl-1 gl-1 mScm-1 mScm-1 gml-1 gml-1

Chemical analysis


Thermotherapy includes therapy with thermal packs, paraffin, peloid, ultrasound, cryomassage and cooling with appliances.


The body temperature can be increased or decreased. Increasing the body temperature affects the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Pain and stiffness are relieved by applying heat to a specific part of the body. Increasing the temperature widens the blood vessels, speeds up the flow of oxygen and nutritional substances and cleanses your body of toxic substances. Natural peloids contain minerals and produce a similar effect, which leads to an even smoother skin and helps with the detoxification of the body. Paraffin releases a lot of heat during the cooling process (the person soaks the hands in paraffin – when the paraffin is cooling, the skin receives much more heat than during any other form of heating your hands). It is used especially for treating chronic rheumatic diseases and for nail and skin care. Ultrasound with high temperature or moderate temperature micro-massage effects can help with a wide spectrum of acute and chronic health problems. The cooling process relieves pain, reduces swelling and prevents hematoma. Hilotherapy is a new therapy for cooling your body after operations, fresh injuries, chronic pain and diseases. It works fast; there is no uncomfortable feeling of cold on your skin and no tissue damage.


Natural peloid wrappings 1 location 2 locations 3 locations 4 locations 5 locations and more

12.00 € 17.00 € 21.00 € 24.00 € 32.00 €

Parafin 1 arm joint 2 arm joints

7.50 € 11.90 €

Thermopack 1 location 2 locations

7.50 € 10.00 €

Ultrasound Ultrasound / 2

9.00 € 14.50 €

Cryomassage Hilotherapy

8.50 € 10.00 €



Program for rheumatic diseases (min. 3 days) With this program, we want to help everyone suffering from certain types of rheumatism (arthritis, non-articular rheumatism or psoriatic rheumatism). We have combined the healing effects of nature with experienced staff and professional equipment. The program improves joint movement, muscle strength and relieves pain. In addition, you will get advice on how to continue the exercises at home. Package

• 1x medical examination • 2x group exercises in the pool • 2x individual exercises • 2x pain-relief therapy • 1x natural peloid Price: 75.00 € *The program can be reserved for three, six or more days.


Professional help In cooperation with experienced and specialized staff with modern equipment In Terme 3000, health care has a long-standing tradition. With time, our knowledge has expanded, every day we gained new experience and today we can offer first-class services, carried out by professional staff with modern equipment. We tend to the needs and problems of every individual guest and make them feel as though they are at home. PROFESSIONAL HELP is provided by doctors during an examination or counselling and/or the use of our services. We also successfully cooperate with renowned orthopaedic surgeons. We offer highly effective treatment in the fields of orthopaedics, rheumatology and dermatology (psoriasis). We offer excellent results in treating sports injuries, post-operative knee care, hip, spine and shoulder injuries by inserting endoprostheses, as well as treating chronic conditions.

Professional help

Initial examination first 28.00 € Initial examination first re -check 19.00 € Brief consultation 13.00 € Initial examination at the specialist physiatrist first 39.00 € Initial examination at the specialist physiatrist first re -check 29.00 € Specialist physiatric consultation 19.00 € Initial examination orthopedic specialist first 55.00 € Initial examination orthopedic specialist re -check 40.00 € 11

Preventive active relaxation program (min. 5 days) “for everyone who wants to spend an active vacation in the natural environment, under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff members”


• 1x medical examination (preliminary) • 1x medical examination (final) • ECG recording, blood pressure measurement, body temperature/height measurement, BMI measurement • 3x group hydrogymnastics • 2x group therapeutic gymnastics • 1x Nordic walking • 1x full body underwater massage • 1x full body classical massage • 1x foot reflexology massage • 3x natural peloid. Price: 163.92 €


Rehabilitation program (min. 5 days) This program can be adapted to the needs and injuries of every individual patient and is designed to improve his/her condition after an operation or surgery on any joints, muscle or ligament (ankle sprain, rupture of muscles, ligaments, cruciate ligament reconstruction, Achilles tendon problems, damage to other joints etc.). The program aims to reduce pain and swelling (if present), strengthen weakened muscles, increasing the mobility of joints, gait training, balance training and improving dynamic and static stabilization.


• 5x individual assisted exercises • 5x electrotherapy (stimulation of muscles, nerve or interference currents, or magnetotherapy) • 3x individual exercises in the pool • 2x short massage and a manual lymphatic drainage Price: 207.50 €


Acupuncture Acupuncture


26.00 â‚Ź

Alternative treatment for patients who do not tolerate certain drugs or in cases where standard methods do not achieve the desired effect. Brings quick relief, supports healing and even cures many modern diseases: Fear, situational depression, stress, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, skin problems - herpes, eczema, herpes zoster, neurodermitis, psoriasis; joint pain (shoulder and elbow pain, arthrosis, arthritis) and diseases and spinal (cervical, thoracal and lumbar region, Ishias, brachialgia) diseases of the peripheral nervous system, digestive disorders (ulcers, collitis, constipation and other intestinal problems), cardiovascular and blood diseases, problems with the pulse ... Often, it alleviates toothache and is effective against obesity, smoking, serious allergies (asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis).

Alternative treatment with acupuncture (min. 4 days) (for support in weight loss diet regime, nicotine withdrawal, against pain)

• 1x medical examination • 4x acupuncture • 1x full body classical massage


Price: 122.32 €


Physiotherapy Services in the field of physiotherapy improve the functional condition of your body and general well-being, thus contributing to a faster recovery, the return to your everyday life and the enjoyment of recreational and sports activities. They maintain and improve joint flexibility, strengthen and stretch the muscles, improve the supply of blood, reduce swelling and relieve pain. Our staff is always expanding their knowledge in the field of physiotherapy and can offer advice, as well as the latest techniques and methods to deal with your problems.

Kinesiotherapy Physiotherapy Kinesiotherapy

is a method of physiotherapy that is based on the implementation of appropriate, accurate and targeted movement assisted by a physical therapist during the rehabilitation of the patient.

Consultation with a physiotherapist, 10 min 7.00 € Therapeutic group exercises, 20 min 5.90 € ndividual active therapeutic exercises, 30 min 17.50 € Individual assisted exercise, 30 min 19.90 € Passive joint loosening exercises, 20 min 16.90 € Functional training - walking school , 10 min 9.90 € Breathing exercises, individual, 30 min 17.50 € Cykloergotraining, 10 min 5.00 € Joint loosening exercises with artromot,10 min 10.50 € Traction of the spine, 10 min 10.50 € Joint flexibility measuring - one axis,10 min 7.00 € 16

Joint flexibility measuring - several axes, 20 min 17.00 € Individual muscle strengthening exercises in osteoporosis, 30 min 17.50 € Joint mobilization (for increased joint mobility) 20 min 20.00 € Individual exercises for a healthy back , 30 min 17.90 €

For a healthy spine, we need the exercise for strengthening and stretching the muscles, which maintain the flexibility of the joints. The exercises are intended for those who already suffer from back pain or as a preventive measure. Same exercises are recommended for back strengthening and posture correction in children.

The »Back Care« Package (min. 3 days) Take care of your back today, so you won’t have problems tomorrow. A healthy back is essential for our well-being and the pursuit of our daily activities. When you experience back pain, it is necessary to act immediately so the problems don’t get worse. This is a personalized program that is suitable for strengthening a healthy back as well as relieving back pain.

Physiotherapy Kinesiotherapy

• 1x medical examination • 3x individual exercises for a healthy back • 5x electrotherapy (interferential currents) • 3x group exercises for a healthy back in the pool • 3x partial massage Price: 171.90 € 17

Trigger Point Therapy, 30 min

25.00 €

Myofascial trigger points are an outbreak of excessive tension of muscle or fascia. This point is sensitive in palpation - the pain spreads from this point in direction head, arms, legs or back. The Trigger Point Therapy is a world-recognized manual technique for quick elimination of pain.

Kinesio Taping

Physiotherapy Kinesiotherapy

Kinesio Taping is one of the leading methods of treatment and prevention, based on the body’s own natural healing process. With the help of elastic adhesive tapes, the body starts healing itself. The effects of this are evident through the activation of the neurological and circulation system. Tapes are applied to the targeted body parts using various techniques for the following purposes: to reduce pain (strained or damaged muscles), to relax or stimulate the muscles (in case of muscle pain, chronic pain e.g. in the neck and back, injuries), joint wear (arthritis), artificial joints (prosthesis), dislocations, fractures, jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, difficulties with toes (hallux valgus), ankle sprains, the treatment of scars (they become softer and don’t disrupt the movement so much), chronic infections (e.g. golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow), the correction of improper posture, scoliosis, flat feet, patella etc. as well as a lymphatic technique to reduce swelling, prevent hematoma, improve blood and lymph circulation and increase the space between the skin and muscle. This method works 24/7 for 3–5 days or as long as the tape sticks to the skin. The presence of taping and the elastic band does not inhibit the movement or daily activities in any way and has no negative side effects. The band is waterproof. In case you are not sure whether kinesio taping is the right choice of therapy, you can consult a physiotherapist.

Small Kinesio Taping (up to two bands), 20 min 12.00 € Large Kineso Taping (three or more bands), 20 min17.00 € 18

Individual exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, 30 min 17.50 â‚Ź One third of women of reproductive age have encountered faecal or urinary incontinence. It can happen immediately after birth, a little later or during the menopause. Half of women face incontinence after reaching the age of 60. The numbers are huge and the problems are even bigger, but most of these cases can be treated. During the exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles you will learn how to properly press together the pelvic floor muscles, especially when sneezing and coughing. You will also get advice on which exercises can be performed at home and which are better avoided. If you are among the women who experienced these kinds of problems, we urge you to seek help, for it will definitely make your life less complicated and more fulfilling.

Therapeutic individual exercises before and after birth, 30 min

Physiotherapy Kinesiotherapy

19.50 â‚Ź

Psychophysical wellbeing during pregnancy is of great importance. The activity is allowed during all nine months (if not otherwise prescribed from the doctor). Moderate exercise strengthens the heart, circulatory and respiratory system and provides the body with enough oxygen. Especially emphasized are the exercises for strengthening pelvic bottom and abdominal muscles, incontinence prevention, posture correction and trunk stabilization. Through the exercises the same body status as before the baby should be achieved. Strong abdominal muscles, upright posture and correct pelvis balance are effectively preventing back pains, strong pelvic bottom muscles prevent incontinence. The body is relaxed through the exercises and the mental stress is reduced.


The »Young Mother« Package (min. 3 days) Through the exercises the same body status as before the baby should be achieved. Strong abdominal muscles, upright posture and correct pelvis balance are effectively preventing back pains, strong pelvic bottom muscles prevent incontinence. The body is relaxed through the exercises and the mental stress is reduced.

• 3x individual exercises after childbirth • 2x exercises for the pelvic floor muscles • 1x aroma massage for tired feet • 1x face and décolletage massage Price: 104.40 € Physiotherapy Kinesiotherapy

The »Mother-To-Be« Package (min. 3 days) Psychophysical wellbeing during pregnancy is of great importance. The activity is allowed during all nine months (if not otherwise prescribed from the doctor). Moderate exercise strengthens the heart, circulatory and respiratory system and provides the body with enough oxygen. Especially emphasized are the exercises for strengthening pelvic bottom and abdominal muscles, incontinence prevention, posture correction and trunk stabilization. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, we recommend that you follow this program during the whole pregnancy period.

• 3x individual exercises for pregnant women • 2x exercises for the pelvic floor muscles • 1x aroma massage for tired feet • 1x face and décolletage massage Price: 104.40 € 20

Package for pregnant women and new mothers with problems of the locomotor system (min. 2 days) This package is designed for new mothers and mothers-to-be who are experiencing the following problems: • • • •

Back/pelvis pain Urinary incontinence Midline separation of the abdominal muscles/diastasis recti abdominis Pubic symphysis pain.

If you are experiencing one of the above problems, movement should not be avoided because it is essential for our well-being. If you have these problems, it is necessary to learn how to perform the exercises in the correct manner or the problems could get worse.

Physiotherapy Kinesiotherapy

During the consultation, a physiotherapist takes an anamnesis and makes an assessment. After that, he will design an individual training program. For the therapy to be successful, the patient needs to learn the exercises here and continue to perform them at home. Tips for proper walking and posture in daily life are also part of the program. If necessary, the patient will also learn how to use a back belt.

• 1x assessment by a physiotherapist • 2x individual exercises with a physiotherapist • 1x Kinesio Taping Price: 48.60 € 21

Electrotherapy is a type of physiotherapy used for treatment using a number of therapeutic properties of electric currents. We perform pain-relieving stimulation and the elimination of local pain in chronic degenerative diseases as well as after injuries and operations. We also perform muscle strengthening and peripheral nerve function stimulations.



Diadynamic currents Diadynamic currents / 2 Interferential currents Interferential currents / 2 TENS - analgesic electrical stimulation TENS / 2 - analgesic electrical stimulation Combined therapy - DDT + ultrasound) Laser - biostimulation Laser - biostimulation / 2 Magnetotherapy Electrical stimulation (1 unit) Ultrasound Ultrasound / 2 SUP (selective UV phototherapy )

9.00 € 13.00 € 10.00 € 14.00 € 8.00 € 10.90 € 14.50 € 14.50 € 22.90 € 12.00 € 10.00 € 9.00 € 14.50 € 8.50 €

Healthy skin from the depths of the Pannonian Sea (min. 3 days) The package is suitable for everyone with minor or more serious skin problems due to psoriasis. We conduct the treatment for psoriasis, which has a long standing tradition at our centre, using well-proven thermo mineral water and SUP therapy (selective ultraviolet irradiation). The irradiation process is performed with the SUP comb (for psoriasis on the scalp), the apparatus for psoriasis on the feet, hands and forearms and the apparatus for full body psoriasis. To get the most out of the treatment, reduce psoriatic lesions and lengthen the remission periods, we recommend a thermal bath, followed by SUP therapy and black thermal water baths several times a day. 10% of people with psoriasis also suffer from psoriatic arthritis. For this condition, we also offer warm compresses of natural peloid that have a soothing and relaxing effect on the affected areas. For more serious conditions, we recommend the program for rheumatic diseases.


• 1x medical examination • 3x thermal bath • 3x SUP therapy Price : 61.70 € *The program can also be extended from three to six days or more.


Mechanotherapy is the use of mechanical energy for therapeutic purposes. You will be treated by the skilful hands of our professionally trained therapists and various devices. During this therapy, we use pressure to smooth and knead your muscles, relieve pain, improve circulation and metabolism in the tissue as well as relax your body and mind.



Full body massage, 45 min Full body massage, 60 min Massage - half, 20 min Massage - partial, 10 min Presso-therapy - Lymphatic drainage device (one limb) Presso-therapy – lymph drainage device (two limbs) Diagnostic masage chair, 20 min Masseur – water massage bed, 20 min Mechanical acupressure massage, 20 min

35.90 € 48.90 € 22.50 € 13.90 € 8.90 € 16.50 € 11.00 € 13.00 € 12.00 €

Manual lymphatic drainage Lymphatic drainage is a special technique that helps the lymphatic veins stimulate lymph flow and remove toxic substances from your body. Lymphatic drainage is recommended in the following cases: in the case of swollen feet or to prevent the swelling, joint, muscle and ligament damage (the swelling can cause reduced mobility), water retention, after lymph node removal (this is primarily used for cancer patients where professional lymphatic drainage by a qualified physical therapist is needed), cellulite elimination, acne (in combination with proper skin care by a cosmetician), with pregnant women (in the case of swollen feet and for the prevention of stretch marks), eye circle removal and in the case of nerve damage. The purpose of lymphatic drainage: to stimulate the lymphatic system and cleanse the body of toxins and excess water; to strengthen the immune system; relieve pain and detoxify the body. A side effect is increased activity of the bladder.

Manual lymphatic drainage, 20 min Manual lymphatic drainage, 40 min


22.90 â‚Ź 43.90 â‚Ź


Reservations We advise you to book the Thermalium services a few days before desired date via Phone: +386/ (0)25122400 or e-mail: .

Cancellations If you need to cancel your appointment, please inform us 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment otherwise we will have to charge you for the full amount of the service(s) booked.

Advice General Terms

We advise you to come to the Thermalium at least 10 minutes before scheduled treatments. In case of delay we will be forced to timely limit the appointment. We dissuade you from drinking alcohol or eating larger meals before therapy. Beforethe beginning of the procedure please warn the therapeutic about eventual specialties of your medical health. Individuals, suffering from grave illnesses, should consult a doctor before any treatment.

Discount at one time purchase of identical treatments: 10 or more therapies/services 10 % 50 or more therapies/services 15 % 100 or more therapies/services 20 % All discounts are mutually exclusive.


Experience the healing powers from the depths of the Pannonian Sea at home In cooperation with the pharmaceutical company Galex d.d., we have developed the “Thermalium Collection” to give you the opportunity to experience just a part of the healing powers from the depths of the Pannonian Sea at home. The collection is based on the healing properties of black thermal water, which is successfully used in the treatment of many non-contagious skin diseases. Together we have created a valuable souvenir of your stay at Terme 3000, for they have managed to “creamify” the greatest treasure of Terme 3000. The Thermalium Collection is the first cosmetic line made from thermal water in Slovenia.

Thermalium Collection: Day cream Night cream Body lotion Body cream Hand cream

Thermalium Collection

21.50 € 21.90 € 18.90 € 18.50 € 15.50 €

Thermalium Premium is enriched with natural antioxidants extracted from the bark of the white fir: Thermalium Premium Day Cream 29.50 € Thermalium Premium Night Cream 29.90 € 27

Opening times: Mon.-Sat. 8.00-19.00 Sunday: 8.00-16.00 Telephone: +386 (0) 2 512 2400 Fax: +386 (0) 2 512 2400 E-mail: All prices are in Euro and valid from 1.4.2012. Taxes included in accordance with the law. We reserve the right to change prices.

Sava Turizem d.d. Naravni park Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice, Kranjčeva 12, 9226 Moravske Toplice, Slovenija

Sava Hoteli Bled ● Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice Zdravilišče Radenci ● Terme Banovci ● Terme Ptuj ● Terme Lendava

Medical treatments in Thermalium wellness centre - price list  

Medical treatments in Thermalium wellness centre - price list

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