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Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice

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Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice


What drove those young men from the nearby village one cold winter’s day 50 years ago to secretly open the sealed valve installed in the hot water bore hole in Moravci – where disa pointed oil seekers had put a large sign reading “Access strictly prohibited”? One thing is certain: none of them had the slightest idea that they had just discovered the treasury of health, well-being and countless precious moments that Terme 3000 offers its visitors today. Relax in the unique black thermal mineral water and enjoy its benefits for your health, body and soul… Treat yourself to relaxation, care and beauty treatments or health therapies in the Thermalium Centre and enjoy the feeling of well-being. There is plenty of fun for everyone – adults, pensioners, teenagers and children… Perhaps the diverse entertainment programme will encourage you to forget your age for a while and take part. Young children will be entertained by the playful Viki the Stork, while older children are sure to enjoy the many water attractions. You will be reinvigorated by the colourful world of water fun: in the embrace of nature, you will find over 25 indoor and outdoor pools with black thermal mineral and regular water, varous children’s pools, a diving pool and water slides with special effects. Each hotel also has private swimming pools. Terme 3000 is especially popular with fans of water slide adventures. An adrenaline-filled slide down the Aqua-loop with its 360° loop and the Free Fall water slide are experiences you will never forget! Don’t worry: if this is too extreme for you, you can always choose one of the many slower and equally enjoyable water slides and chutes. Your taste buds will also be pampered in Terme 3000; you are sure to be delighted by the Prekmurje cuisine and other renowned world cuisine dishes, as well as fine wines and delicacies from the nearby Goričko. While staying in Terme 3000, you will experience a unique contact with nature. And not just on the nearby golf course. Nature will continue to surprise you at every step you take on the trails trough the Pannonian plains or the neighbouring hills. As you swing your golf club, you might spot dragonflies hovering over the water hazard in the middle of the course. Maybe you will startle a pheasant while walking in the surrounding area. You will feel enchanted with this region as you count the large stork nests or wonder in the summer nights where all the stars in the sky came from. This is when you should remember that life is made of a multitude of brief, but extremely precious moments. All we have to do is notice them. In Terme 3000, nothing could be easier! We look forward to seeing you! Your Terme 3000 Team

Moravske Toplice

The Mysterious Pannonian Plain at the Foothills of Goričko If you have ever visited Prekmurje – distinguished by the Mura river, the Pannonian plains and the hilly landscape of nearby Goričko – then you know that this region in the northeast of Slovenia is special. Throughout its rich history, Prekmurje was exposed to diverse political and cultural influences, forming a unique identity. But more importantly, Prekmurje has something that is impossible to describe with words. In Prekmurje, everthing is connected: dreaminess and joy, levity and calmness, modernity and unspoiled nature… You can experience this in Murska Sobota, the centre of Prekmurje. It has the atmosphere of a modern town, but its inhabitants have never forgotten that their greatest treasure is the land and its abundant gifts. It is impossible to resist when the industrious locals fill the table with home baked bread, wine, bograč stew, traditional flat cakes and the delicious gibanica layered cake. Some say that the land by the Mura is mystical – almost exotic… They also say that the Mura is one of those unforgettable rivers that you always carry in your heart. As with all mystical things, this also holds true for the land at the foothills of Goričko: some of its mysteries will only be revealed to people who dedicate their love, heart and respect to it. Experience it for yourself and you will never forget it!


Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice offers a rich and diverse range of accommodation that includes something for every taste. Whether you are looking for refinement and prestige or a homely and relaxed atmosphere, you will find a suitable hotel here. All Terme 3000 hotels have swimming pools where you can enjoy the beneficial effects of pools containing regular or black thermal mineral water. You can also visit the Terme 3000 water park. If you are looking for more independence, we recommend an apartment in the apartment village; if you are of an adventurous nature, you will enjoy staying in one of the thatch-roofed Pannonian cottages and if you are a camping fan, we also have a well-organised and maintained campsite. The choice is up to you… We will make you feel at home in any of them. The hotel activities staff will drive boredom away with diverse entertainment programmes, while children will be befriended by Viki the Stork, the playful and sometimes naughty mascot of Terme 3000 and the trademark of this area.

The Hotel Livada Prestige***** This prestigious hotel is the first five star hotel in Europe to offer the benefits of black thermal mineral water right in your room. We offer several types of richly furnished rooms suited to your needs. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning (individual controls), balcony, cable TV with LCD screen, wireless internet, telephone, safe and mini bar. In the “CLASSIC ROOMS”, you will find a queen bed and massage shower, while the “PRESTIGE ROOMS” features a massage tub with black thermal mineral water and a separate toilet. The “PRESTIGE ROOM-COMFORT”, “JUNIOR SUITES” and “SENIOR SUITES” also have both a massage tub with black thermal

Accommodation for Every Taste

mineral water and a massage shower, while the “SENIOR SUITES” have a separate living room in addition to the bedroom. For businesspeople we offer a special “LIVADA SUITE”, which features an additional well-equipped room, where smaller business meetings and gatherings can be held. In the hotel’s Thai Wellness centre, you can enjoy a Thai massage with warm herbs and aromatic oils and cast off the burdens of everyday life thanks to our anti-stress treatments. We also offer special relaxation massages for pregnant women. You can also find relaxation in the world of saunas, where tension will evaporate in a classic Finnish, Turkish or infrared sauna, or in our special laconium, caldarium and balnearium saunas (herbal sauna, hot steam sauna and a lower temperature Finnish sauna). Stop by the fitness centre or solarium or simply indulge in the luxury of black thermal mineral water. You can choose from six outdoor and indoor pools and the Terme 3000

water park. While the hotel chefs are spoiling you with delicious dishes in the hotel restaurant, you are sure to enjoy the views of the picturesque Prekmurje landscape. For the most demanding gourmets, there is the hotel Prestige à la carte restaurant and for an evening chat, you can stop at the aperitif and panorama bars, where you can also experience the unique tastes and scents of Prekmurje. Just a few steps away from the hotel, you can enjoy a game of golf on the 18 hole Livada Golf Course, featuring the longest fairway in Slovenia. The Hotel Livada Prestige is also highly suitable for businesspeople, since it features a modern conference hall for 110 people where business events can be held.


The Hotel Ajda**** The Hotel Ajda is ideal for people looking for a homely and pleasant atmosphere: in the hotel lobby, you will be greeted by abundant plants that would make every gardener feel proud. The hotel is fully air-conditioned and most rooms have balconies. All the rooms are equipped with a modern bathroom, satellite TV, a direct phone line, wireless internet and a mini bar. There are countless options for recreation and relaxed water fun in the hotel’s private swimming pools featuring indoor and outdoor pools with regular and black thermal mineral water, fitness, saunas and solarium, as well as the Terme 3000 water park. The hotel restaurant serves sumptuous breakfasts

and delicious dinners; for socialising, visit the aperitif bar, tavern or game room. A covered corridor links the hotel to the Livada Prestige and Termal hotels and the Thermalium Wellness Centre. The hotel also features a conference hall and several conference rooms where business and other events for private groups can be organised.

The Hotel Termal**** A friendly hotel that will delight you with its relaxed and dynamic atmosphere, certain to chase everyday worries away during your vacation. The hotel is especially popular with cyclists and hikers, since it is a grade 3 cyclist and hiker friendly hotel. It is fully air-conditioned and half of the rooms have balconies. All the rooms are equipped with a modern

bedroom and bathroom and a terrace with beautiful views of the Prekmurje plains. All the apartments are equipped with satellite TV, telephone and stereo. Although the apartment kitchens are equipped with everything you need to create your own meals, you can also take advantage of the excellent and diverse menus of the hotel restaurants.

The Tourist Village Bungalows***

bathroom, satellite TV and mini bar. Internet access and computers are provided in the hotel lobby. The Hotel Termal has private baths with both regular and black thermal mineral water. You can stop in the conservatory next to the baths or visit the pleasant hotel restaurant, aperitif bar or the new Café Praliné, a veritable paradise for people with a sweet tooth. Hotel guests can also visit the Terme 3000 water park and the rich entertainment programme will ensure that there will not be a moment’s boredom on your vacation.

The Apartment Village Prekmurska vas**** Are you looking for something quiet and comfortable for all the family? The apartments (for 2 to 5 people) in the apartment village provide complete freedom and more comfort for people who simply want to step out of the door and immediately begin a cycling or hiking excursion. The apartments comprise a living room with a kitchen, fully equipped for preparing all your daily meals, a modern

If you are of an adventurous nature, staying in one of the traditional, thatch-roofed Pannonian cottages will be a real treat for you. All the bungalows are equipped with a modern bathroom, satellite TV and terrace. Each bungalow features four double rooms with private entrances. The Hotel Termal, the Terme 3000 water park and the Thermalium centre are only 100-150 m away.

The Camp Terme 3000**** Do you want to stay in complete contact with nature, but still enjoy the many experiences on offer in the Terme 3000? The camp, shaded by trees and offering its guests the beautiful Pannonian landscape and natural shade, is located in the direct vicinity of the Terme 3000 water park (14 indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water slides, saunas and a restaurant) and the Thermalium Wellness Centre. The camp is distinguished by its equipment (modern facilities and wireless internet) and the nearby restaurants and sports park. In the Moravske Toplice Camp, you will experience the beautiful Prekmurje landscape as you vacation in the company of storks, in the heart of vast green meadows and unspoiled nature. Proof of that are the many dragonflies hovering over the water hazard on the neighbouring golf course. Experts know that dragonflies are a good indicator of a clean and balanced environment.

Health services

“Black Gold” from M

The Moravske Toplice black thermal mineral water was designated a natural remedy in 1964. At its spring (with a depth of 1175 to 1467 m), it has a temperature of around 72 °C and is cloudy, salty and with a slight smell of oil. It is unique not only in Europe, but also worldwide, since it is rare for thermal water of this type to have such a high temperature at the spring. It is these high temperatures that make the “black gold” from Moravske Toplice all the more precious. Bathing in this water has a positive effect on the organism; it soothes, tones and refreshes, improves circulation, alleviates pain and nervous tension. Thanks to its photosensitivity, it also helps the skin tan faster. Black thermal mineral water is especially effective for joint problems. In conjunction with

Moravske Toplice – To Make You Burst with Health

The Thermalium Therapeutic Centre

peloid (healing mud), it eases pain, improves mobility and reduces joint swelling. These effects can be amplified with physiotherapy.

Indications • degenerative rheumatism • chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases • soft tissue rheumatism • non-infectious skin diseases (psoriasis) • post-injury states and recovery after locomotor surgeries with affected functionality

The therapeutic services available in the Thermalium Centre include spa treatment, outpatient physiotherapy and specialist diagnostics. The Thermalium medical centre offers a range of modern therapies: hydro-, kinesio-, thermo-, electroand mechanotherapy, acupuncture, inhalation, selective ultraviolet phototherapy… The therapies are performed by highly qualified staff using the latest equipment and two natural healing factors. In addition to the black thermal mineral water, they also use natural peloid (healing mud), which is found in the Negovosko jezero lake, accumulates in black thermal mineral water and is successfully used in thermotherapy. Both natural healing factors are highly suitable for treating and rehabilitating various rheumatic diseases, post-injury states and recovery after locomotor surgeries. Our preventative programmes comprise anti-stress programmes, rheumatism programmes, osteoporosis programmes, dieting programmes, neck or back pain programmes and psoriasis programmes.


With our wellness programmes, you can restore your health and renew your vitality, get in shape in the fitness centre or relax in the world of saunas – in addition to the classic Finnish and Turkish saunas, you can also choose the laconium, caldarium or balnearium (herbal sauna, hot steam sauna and a lower temperature Finnish sauna), and the infrared sauna. The Ajda and Termal hotels have private saunas with added themed programmes and the Hotel Ajda also has a fitness centre.

Terme 3000 offers several options for improving your health and well-being: pampering and therapeutic programmes in the Thermalium Centre, which consists of a relaxation wellness centre and a therapy centre. In their diverse range of services, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. You can also visit the Thai Centre in the Hotel Livada Prestige with its up-to-date Thai massages and treatments.

Enter the World of Well-Being A 15 Million Year old Energy, Trapped in Stone In the Miocene epoch, when this area was still covered by the Tethys Ocean, nature played with the sea sediments. In the process of diagenesis, the sediment remains on the bottom of the sea formed into spherical shapes called septaria (from Lat. sepire = divide into pieces, separate with partitions). These have been found in several locations all over the world, but septaria the size of those discovered in Slovenske gorice (1 to 2 m in diameter) are extremely rare. In the Thermalium Centre, they keep one of these astonishing, 15 million year old natural creations in a special resting room. It is said of septaria that their energy contributes to the body’s natural healing. It improves memory, self-confidence and brain activity and it is believed to be especially helpful in overcoming obstacles and difficult periods in life. The close proximity of a septarium can help restore your life energy, overcome insomnia, heal muscles and joints and strengthen the immune system.

The Thermalium: Centre of Relaxation, Beauty and Wellness The Thermalium Wellness Centre offers a number of attractive programmes; qualified therapists and wellness experts will help you choose the right one after a personal consultation. Or choose one of the relaxation programmes for perfect comfort and enjoyment – you can decide on one of the latest methods or traditional procedures, from hot and cold stone massages to Ayurvedic treatments, shiatsu massage and more. At the Thermalium, you can treat your body to unique baths and massages that you will not find in any other wellness centre. One of the most popular baths is the Pannonian bath, in which bathing in natural thermal mineral

water is complemented by sound, light and magnetic effects. The massages are also unique and coloured with local characteristics: from pumpkin seed oil massage to oil massage with herbs from the Pannonian meadows. Regardless of whether you have chosen a classic massage with the scent of Prekmurje or one of the better known and more exotic massages (Hawaiian, with golden leaves or stones, Ayurvedic, etc.), the experienced hands of our therapists will drive out your tension and make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. The “black” thermal mineral water is also the basis for the unique Thermalium Collection beauty care line. Its ingredients and the high percentage of thermal mineral water make it particularly suitable for sensitive skin. We have captured the rich heritage of the ancient Pannonian Sea in creams and body lotions that also make a great souvenir to take home from your pleasant vacation in Terme 3000. This way, the “black gold” will continue to pamper you long after you have left Moravske Toplice.

Water park

Where there was once the Pannonian Sea, the Terme 3000 water park stands today. Here you will find 14 indoor and outdoor pools with regular and black thermal mineral water. Even though every hotel here has private swimming pools with black thermal mineral water, the diverse offer and summery atmosphere in the Terme 3000 water park make it a must for many people.

The water park has an impressive range of water attractions. Firstly, there is the swimming pool with black thermal mineral water that started it all. It has helped many people visiting Terme 3000 for a break and to improve their health and vitality. Then there are the special children’s pools, the diving pool, swimming tracks, rapids, geysers, waterfalls, the river, whirlpools and underwater massage, water slides and chutes – open and covered, with visual effects, fun and

Where there was once the Pannonian Sea…

adrenaline-filled… And when you think you have seen it all, imagine sliding down one of the most spectacular water slides in this part of Europe: the Aqua-Loop, the first water slide of its kind that features a 360° loop after a rocket start. Even if you do not ride it yourself, the 24 m water slide tower will definitely make you stop and say: WOOOOW! The many water slides and chutes provide endless fun. In the Terme 3000 water park, there is a corner for everyone, whether they are looking for fun and excitement or relaxation in the shade of tall trees or in the sun. We provide special entertainment for families with children: Viki the Stork and his entertainment programmes will create many exciting moments and maybe even bring out the child in the

adults. As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities for relaxation and water fun, regardless of whether you want to splash around with your children, relax on a hydro air bed or slide down spectacular water slides. The attractions of the Terme 3000 water park are open to all the guests, while all three hotels – Livada Prestige, Ajda and Termal – also have their own private swimming pools.


The Smell of Prekmurje

If it smells like Prekmurje, you can be sure that there are delicious gourmet pleasures waiting for you. The excellent chefs in the Terme 3000 restaurants create dishes that combine the proud culinary heritage of this region with modern flavours. In the Hotel Livada Prestige, the culinary offer at the highest level is created by renowned chefs who have won the top awards in Slovenian and international gastronomy competitions. In the new Prestige à la carte restaurant, you will find unique culinary experiences that you are sure to remember. In addition to the traditional Prekmurje specialities, our restaurants also offer international specialities, diet menus and bio-menus. The superb culinary range is completed by quality, internationally recognised Slovenian and foreign wines. The

culinary offer in the water park also caters to all tastes: there is a self-service restaurant, the Rondo restaurant with a varied selection of daily menus, a beer garden, a summer garden and a thatched-roof bar. You can order from the daily menu, choose a house speciality and a refreshing drink for all tastes or, if you are a fan of fast food, you will not be disappointed either. Of course we have saved the best for last. Not only the chefs but also the confectioners of Terme 3000 regularly win top awards at national gastronomy competitions. You can sample their sweet specialities in the new Café Praliné, where you absolutely have to try the prekmurska gibanica layer cake, the buckwheat cake with pumpkin seeds and the roast apples in the Prekmurje style. Children will love the charlotte cake Viki – the hotel mascot Viki the Stork's dessert – and everyone with a sweet tooth is sure to enjoy a number of other sweet surprises on offer.

Active Vacation for All the Family

Terme 3000 offers countless possibilities for an active vacation. Join the many people who have already discovered the popular Nordic walking, visit a jogging track, go to the fitness centre or take a cycling trip and explore the local life and rich cultural heritage of this region. In the sports park near the hotels, you will find clay tennis courts and artificial turf courts for badminton, volleyball, basketball, handball, football, hockey and more.

There is always something going on in Terme 3000. As part of the themed summer weekends, presentations, tastings and entertainment programmes take place in the water park and themed parties by the pools are well stocked with good food and wellness offers. The ethno evenings and themed culinary events that take place throughout the year are also a lot of fun.

Attractions in the Surroundings

The Livada Golf Course

Conference Tourism

The greens that almost completely surround Terme 3000 are so vast that they are ideal for a golfing adventure. A special feature of this 18-hole golf course is hole no. 9. Its fairway is almost 600 m long, making it the longest in Slovenia. It offers a special challenge to golfers, as well as a stronger feeling of triumph and satisfaction when they succeed.

Although many different people enjoy golf, most of them are businesspeople looking to substitute their stressful workday with a relaxing day spent surrounded by nature. Terme 3000 also has comprehensive services for organising business events. All the halls are furnished with the necessary equipment to ensure the quality execution of seminars, workshops and other business meetings. The modern conference halls in the Hotel Livada Prestige can accommodate up to 110 people, while the Hotel Ajda offers four halls for events: the largest hall can hold up to 130 people, the smaller up to 50 people and the two conference rooms can accommodate up to 30 people.

Discover the Jewels in the Surrounding Area

There is something for everyone in Terme 3000 in Moravske Toplice: pensioners and toddlers, active families with teenagers and couples in love, golfers and cyclists, nature and cultural heritage enthusiasts... The surroundings of Terme 3000 are calling out to be explored and you are sure to be delighted with the many surprises you will encounter. One of these is the Plečnik church in Bogojina, with its unique clay decorations. There is also the rotunda in Selo that dates back to the 13th century, the Aquila frescoes in Martjanci and Turnišče and more. While you are exploring Goričko, make sure that you stop at Slovenia’s largest castle in Grad. On your way, you will soon discover how hospitable the locals are – they will be happy to stop for a chat or give you directions to the nearest potter or oil mill owner so you can buy some homemade pottery or pumpkin seed oil. In the mill on the Mura, you can also get freshly ground flour and buckwheat and millet groats. There is also plenty of excellent wine in this region and the wine roads in the nearby wine-

growing hills are very inviting. For people in love and those looking to fall in love again, we suggest a visit to the Otok ljubezni (Island of Love) in Ižakovci, where they will serve you a snack of büjraška malica (bread with garlic and minced lard) with a love potion and present the work of the büjraši, people who reinforce the banks of the Mura. For a romantic day out, you can also visit the tropical garden in Dobrovnik, which is filled with beautiful orchids and other exotic plants. Almost all of these places can be reached by bike; Prekmurje is known as a “paradise for cyclists” for a reason. There are endless cycling trails here, ranging in difficulty from easy and medium to extremely demanding. You can ride them alone or in a group, with a guide or just with a map of the marked trails. While cycling through forests, the wine-growing hills and along the river, you might see this region in a new light. And you are sure to take home something special and genuine – perhaps the smell of the soil after a summer rain, the taste of homemade pumpkin seed oil or the romantic calls of the storks.

Naravni park Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice d.o.o., Slovenija, EU Kranjčeva 12, SI 9226 Moravske Toplice, Tel.: 00386 2 512 22 00 e-mail:,,

Murska Sobota Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice






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Catalog - Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice  

Catalog - Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice

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