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When God Seems Silent


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Introduction Letter from the Conference Coordinator

Prayer A Prayer Witten from Prison

Event Details Friday Saturday

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Meditations 10 Things God is Always Telling Us

Why do You stand afar off, O LORD? Why do you hide in times of trouble? Psalm 10:1

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Letter from the Conference Coordinator

The heart behind the “When God Seems Silent” conference is a deep desire to meet with God in a real and life transforming way; allowing the truth of Scripture and the power of the Spirit to minister to God’s people in times of silence. We all go through hard times and moments of doubt, and this conference seeks to find answers to some of life’s greatest challenges by slowing down and listening for the voice of God. Sometimes God is speaking to us and we just aren’t listening, other times God is intentionally guiding us through moments of silence to strengthen our faith and further reveal His love. But no matter what season of life God has us in, we can trust in His promises and rest secure in His love. My prayer for you is that during our time together, God stirs up in you a deep and unquenchable passion for Jesus Christ, a love for the family of God and a renewed adoration for the gospel. In Christ, Ryan MacDonald

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O God, early in the morning I cry to you. Help me to pray and gather my thoughts to you, I cannot do it alone. In me it is dark, but with you there is light; I am lonely, but you do not desert me; My courage fails me, but with you there is help; I am restless, but with you there is peace; in me there is bitterness, but with you there is patience; I do not understand your ways, but you know the way for me. Father in Heaven praise and thanks be to you for the night. -Dietrich Bonhoeffer



A Prayer Written from Prison



Session #1: Hearing the Voice of God 1 Chapel Credit

J.P. Moreland

Extended Worship:



Session #2: The Wonder Wand Dr. Joanne Jung 3 Chapel Credits (With Meditation and Silence)

6 5 6:30pm – 7:45pm 7:45pm – 8:45pm

9:00am – 10:30am

Meditation and Silence 10:30am – 11:30am Directly following Dr Jung’s lecture, the Spiritual Life Department will give instructions for guided meditation to be carried out in silence. As this will take the place of Sabbathing Chapel, Biola students will receive 3 chapel credits (Attendance of Session #2 required)

Senior Commissioning: When God Seems Silent About Your Future 10:51am – 11:51am Put on by Residence Life, this special event for graduating seniors will be held on Sycamore Lawn. Dr. Mickey Klink will be speaking .

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Lunch (not provided)

Session #3: The Curse of Separation 1 Chapel Credit

11:30am – 1:00pm Pastor Mike Erre

1:00pm – 2:15pm

Food and Fellowship 2:30pm – 3:00pm This is a time for you to discuss with a few friends what God has been teaching you through this conference and dialogue about the way God speaks to you in your own life. These are a few suggested questions to start conversation: 1. In what ways does God speak to His children? 2. In what ways have you resisted the voice of God? 3. Have you ever felt forsaken by the Lord through His silence? 4. What steps can we take to prepare our hearts to hear the voice of God? 5. What role, if any, does our community play in leading us to the voice of God? 6. What role does the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit play in communication? Session #4: The Questions We Ask in Silence Dr. Rick Langer 1 Chapel Credit

3:30pm – 4:15pm

Prayer and Worship:

4:15pm – 5:00pm



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is the Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, here at Biola University. Dr. Moreland has published over 70 articles, authored or co-authored over 30 books, spoken at over 175 colleges and universities, and helped to plant three churches. He and his wife Hope are active members of Anaheim Vineyard Church.


is an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Spiritual Formation at Biola University. Beyond teaching undergraduate students, Dr. Jung frequently speaks at women’s retreats and serves at her church. Her particular fields of study are in hermeneutics, spiritual formation, and the English Puritans.

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has served as the lead pastor at Mariners Church Mission Viejo Campus since August of 2010. He has authored four books, including his most recent title from 2010, Why the Bible Matters: Rediscovering Its Significance in an Age of Suspicion.


is a Professor of Biblical Studies and the Theological Integration Director at Biola University, as well as the Director of the Office for the Integration of Faith and Learning. He is passionate about helping students to integrate a rich understanding of Christian worldview and practice into all areas of life.


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Joining Biola for the second time this semester, Lovelite is a worship band seeking to both arouse praise in the Church for its Beloved and to instill a yearning for Him in the hearts of unbelievers. As described on their website, “Lovelite brings an energetic infusion of euro-pop to worship.�

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Speaking in Silence: 10 Things God is Always Saying to You

Heb 13:5 Gen 50:20; Rom 8:28 Heb 2:18; Heb 4:15; Isa 55:8 Heb 2:11 Prov 3:5-6 John 14:27 Jer 29:13 Rom 8:1 Col 2:6-7; Eph 2:18 I Cor 13:12

I will never leave you I always work things for your good I understand you, even when you don’t understand me I am not ashamed to call you mine I will prove Myself worthy of your trust Do not be afraid Seek me with all your heart You are condemnation-free You are being built up in Christ You don’t see clearly yet, but one day you will



O God, do not remain quiet; do not be silent and, O God, do not be still.

Designed by Liam Savage

Psalm 83:1

When God Seems Silent Booklet  
When God Seems Silent Booklet  

Biola Universiy's Free Conference on the subject of When God Seems Silent. Dr. J.P. Moreland, Pastor Mike Erre, Dr. Joanne Jung and Dr. Rick...