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Introduction SAUWS is an organisation that engages, enables and empowers students’ by helping to provide great opportunities that enhance their experience t: 01418494155 e:

Why Work with Us?

At the Students’ Association of the University of the West of Scotland we know our students and are perfectly placed in the centre of student activity across three unique unions that form part of SAUWS.

From the moment each student accepts their place at UWS to the moment they walk across the stage at graduation, SAUWS is there every step of their journey.

The Breakdown Campus Breakdown Paisley: 7,390 Hamilton: 3,784 Ayr: 2,177 Other: 4,018

Gender Breakdown Female: 10,410 Male: 6,073 Not Specified: 886

School breakdown Business & Enterprise: 3,813 Science & Sport: 1,566 Engineering & Computing: 2,060 Media, Culture & Society: 2,675 Health, Nursing & Midwifery: 4,216 Education: 1,880 Other: 1,159 *Correct as of 02/05/2017

Tota l Stu den t s 17,36 9*

The Numbers 6000+ students have given us the thumbs up on Facebook 2600+ students think our snappy 140 character tweets are worth a follow! 2500 Fresher’s Guides are made to let students know the what’s what of SAUWS. (Psst... they also come with lots of lovely advertising space.) 2500 goodie bags have our name written all over them and come with lots of excellent freebies; and your brand items could be included! 9200+ student visited during fresher’s week 2016

We have bucket loads of great value sponsorship and advertising offers available to help your business grow. Have a gander at the next few pages and see the ways we can help!

Want something bespoke, that’s not in the booklet or just fancy a chat about your options? Then phone our friendly Communications, Marketing & Web Officer, Karl.

t: 01418494155 e:

Freshers’ Fair Digital Package

£600 Web Advert Premium MPU (1 Month) Per 4 sponsored Facebook posts 4 sponsored tweets month 6 x TV Screen (1 month)

Paisley Union Stall 1 x table 2 x chairs 3 members of staff 6 foot space + electricity & wifi available on request

£500 +VAT per stall

Ayr or Hamilton Stall 1 x table 2 x chairs 3 members of staff 6 foot space + electricity & wifi available on request

£250 +VAT per stall

Book all 3 for £750! +VAT per stall

A5 Advert in Freshers Guide

SAUWS print 2,500 copies of the guide which are given to students as part of their welcome to UWS. It will also be available to view online.

Inside front or inside back cover - £350 Back cover - £400 Inside full page - £300 (Artwork should be supplied in PDF or JPEG format)

Freshers Bags Inserts Given to approx. 2500 students 1,500 flyer insert + a small freebie, such as a pen or a keyring

£400 +VAT

All YEar Advertising Tv Screen Advertising

Website Advertising

Paisley - 6 x Screens

£100 Per Week

Ayr - 3 x Screens

£50 Per Week

£300 Per Month

£150 Per Month

Hamilton - 3 x Screens

£50 Per Week

£150 Per Month

All 12 Screens

£150 Per Week

£400 Per Month


If you want to get more detailed information to UWS Students, then Per Week we can put your news article on the SAUWS homepage. Your article will appear in the rolling Per Month banner and the news feed. The best part is there’s no word limit! You get to decide how much or how little copy goes online. Your article can also include images, embedded videos and URLs.



A0 Poster Sites

Inside & outside the Paisley Union building available 4 x Inside 3 x Outside

£100 Per Week

£300 Per Month

YEar Round Stalls One of the best ways of getting your business known to UWS Students is to engage with them one-on-one. We have loads of space just waiting for your business to make use of.

We can adapt to fit your needs; whether you want to give out freebies or hold an event, just give us a call and we’ll work to make it happen. t: 01418494155 e:

£100 £50

Outside Stall (Paisley Only)

Inside Stall

Sponsorship The Team UWS Sports Ball celebrates the achievements of our sporting superstars during a lavish black-tie ceremony attended by 170+ students. Past locations have included Paisley Town Hall and the Glasgow Radisson.

The Big Awards ceremony lets us recognise the hard work of students and staff who have dedicated their time, energy and passion to SAUWS and UWS.

With hundreds of students and staff attending each ceremony it’s a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to shine as bright as they do.

Call today to discuss a sponsorship package that will leave you jumping for joy! t: 01418494155 e:

The Students' Union Ayr Campus University Avenue Ayr KA8 0SX +44 (0)1292 886362


The Students' Union Almada Street Hamilton ML3 0JB +44 (0)1698 894464


Scottish Charity Number: SC005410

The Students' Union Storie Street Paisley PA1 2HB +44 (0)1418494157


Media Pack 2018-18  
Media Pack 2018-18