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ISSUE 05 — January 2018

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The SAUVAGE MAGAZINE team is a collaborative effort by SAUVAGE MODEL & PRSMC CREATIVE. This magazine is a small publication with little small staff so very likely you’ll find our graphic designer

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what we can to help each other out and its the supportive vibes that drive our ambition to create this magazine in the first place.


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LUCROUX SS/17 COLLECTION ‘THE PILOT PROJECT’ Lucroux is a delicate contemporary jewelry hailing from Bandung that explores the combination between sterling silver within other exceptional materials. They aim to give a unique touch in simplicity of their designs. Patinated silver is being their focus on their product development. Lucroux’s core value is to provide a durable yet affordable piece of jewelry which would go along for multi-purposed activity, including daily, semi-formal and also formal occasion , that is wrapped with organic-shaped design. Lucroux is a manifestation of the idea that human existence is something that we should celebrate. As the transience and imperfection is the most profound way to define what it is like to be a human. The Pilot Project is their debut launched on July 2017. The collection is available for men and woman, consists of rings, bangle, earrings, and collar set. Each article was designed base on their personal interpretation of modern culture. You could catch these collection on Instagram at @lucroux.official while the website is still on progress.








LOVA is a simple and casual label manifested by aspects of daily life such as music & film. We chatted Raissa Febriani, a self-made fashionista and the driving force behind the brand.







Tell me about yourself and what do you do? My name is Raissa Febriani (@raissafebriani), I’m Piscean. I’m directing my babies LOVA (@lovastuffs), freelance fashion stylist, still learning DJing and now cooking some project, it is wedding gallery called KOOP WEDDING (@koopwedding), will be launching soon at my wedding party. According to you, favorite part of being a fashion designer is? Seeing people with cool style wearing your clothes. What skills do you think are important for a successful fashion designer? Highly creative and artistic. What qualifications are required for a fashion designer’s career? Must have a strong capacity for creativity, including a knack of color, textile detail, and style. How do you keep up to date about fashion? I don’t like following trends but to up date my reference about fashion, I love watch movies, go to art museums, gigs or party and also listen new kind of music. What do you think about the ethics of work and the type of ethics you believe in working with fashion? Always work honestly with heart, open minded for everything, explore more, and have fun. Say something about your background? I had studied Accounting during my college days before deciding to follow my heart and passion to learn fashion, yes I’m self-taught. What do you consider an important aspect in the fashion industry? Strong characteristic of brand. I think following trend is not bad, but now I learn characteristic is important, you can be trend if you have it. Motto and quotes your life? Don’t complain. Live life to the fullest. How do you describe your personal style? Easy, black, oversized.
















How do you handle stress? See the sunset, go to the beach or simply just watching great movies How do you deal with arrogant clients? Haha it’s a cliche anyway but it always works, be kind to everyone then good will come to us. How comfortable do you work with other models and designers? I like to work with creative and open minded people. Brainstorming and talk about wildest idea or anything, its feel so good. How do you connect past and present fashion trends? I always love vintage fashion, there is always a vintage touch in my design but in a new way. What are the trends you currently see in the fashion industry? Nowadays the trend is very fast in and growing because technology and media social. There are good and bad sides. Good because it is getting easier to get reference about fashion trends. Bad because it’s hard to find different works, pure and honest. Messages for fashion people? You are the pieces of art, appreciate it with style of fashion. Which country do you like? JAPAN Who is your favorite designer? Raf Simons and Rei Kawakubo. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? I just lay in the sand, catching sunset in happiness because all of my dream and business goes well amen. The most proud achievement? Graduate from college with my own money. Any plans to show your collection at JFW this year? I wish... next year amen. Shop her brand @lovastuffs






Photographer – Rachel Mantiri @moodscape Model – Nata @mirkina1 / Hasina @thetropicalnomad Makeup – Nata @mirkina1 Location – Rumah Rabbit @rumahrabbit WARDROBE Lingerie – Nue Lingerie @nue.lingerie Jewellery – Eleven44 @eleven44





TUVEE SS/18 COLLECTION Tuvee is an apparel brand owned by two animal loving women living in Bali. Its diverse culture and rich arts and crafts traditions make this island an inspiration and unique environment. Tuvee cater’s their outfits to work for any occasion. their designs have asymmetrical patterns mixing elements that are bold, comfortable, fun yet timeless. The hallmark details can appear in sleeves, necklines, hemlines, layers, gathers, shoulders, slits, wraps, prints and embroidery. While our fabric heritage is based in Lycra, spandex, rayon and voile, Tuvee’s designs are made with joy and love.








Do you really love fresh meat, fresh shrimp, fresh vegetables, shabu - shabu, etc that can be burned burnt by yourself? You really need to come to Flamming Pots, having the address on the road of sukajadi (Tomodachi), you will be served all you can eat all the delicious menu on top until full and there is a variety of delicious soup that you can choose from. Not to worry about price issues, its an all-you-can-eat ranging in one hundred thousand rupiah. The place is also really good for get-togethers with family and friends to get their stomaches bloated. :D Flaming pots are open from 10 am and closed until 11 pm, so it will not run out and do not forget post on instagram to update the promo info from Flaming Pots.



Alamat : Jl. Sukajadi No.193, Cipedes, Sukajadi, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40153 Telp : (022) 2036755 Instagram : @flamingpots




S W O O N Photographer / Nara Pratama / @nrprtm Model / Chrissie / @heyitschrissie Hair & Makeup / Uwie Kania / @uwiekania_makeup Wardrobe & Styling / Mira Indria / @miraindriaofficial Location / Flash Foundation Studio / @flashfoundationbdg



We had the pleasure of getting to know freelance textile & fashion designer Inggita Aristiarini Alibasjah, aka Gita Alibasjah. She is a fresh graduate from ITB, Textile Design major and her latest collection named GIAPANTA means ‘forever’ and is a tribute to her mother.










Tell me about yourself and what do you do? Hi, my name is Inggita Aristiarini Alibasjah, as known as Gita Alibasjah. I’m 22 years old and going to 23 this year. I graduated on July 22th, 2017 from ITB, Textile Design major. I currently working as a freelance textile & fashion designer. In 2016, I worked at Ali Charisma’s boutique in Bali for a month to fulfill my requirement as a college stu-dent. That was my precious experience I ever had, to be able to work with Mr. Ali Charisma. And now I’m handling three projects, as a freelancer, designing an outerwear, designing tenun for localbrand and a shirt for a brand that will come this year. According to you, favorite part of being a fashion designer is? My favorite part of being a fashion designer is when I’m looking for some inspirations. Because you need to focus on finding the best part of your taste, knowing that people are going to see your work in the future, and that’s your best of taste, that an amazing feelings. Especially if your artwork is being appreciated by many, that’s amaz-ing.

What skills do you think are important for a successful fashion designer? Able to do some hard skill for sure like drawing, sewing, knitting, anything for make a wardrobe. You need to do everything by yourself first, because if you’re not, the artworks you’ve made will just known as the other’s work. It will be useless if you aren’t be able to do everything by yourself. What qualifications are required for a fashion designer’s career? Be creative, be yourself, do not copy others, bold, be able to think under pressure, be able to solve problems. Because being a fashion designer is not always about making a trend & something aesthetics, but it’s also about how to solve the issues. And oh, don’t be a deadliner. How do you keep up to date about fashion? Keep up the internet of course, everything going by so fast in it. Analyzing the trend, seeing people wear the same trends and see how creative they are to wear the trends. Oh, by window shopping too, indeed. You’ll see the similar products in store, and that’s the trend. What do you think about the ethics of work and the type of ethics you believe in working with fashion? The type of ethics in working with fashion are integrity, articulate, sense of teamwork, discipline, sense of responsibility & emphasis on quality. Bust the most important is sense of teamwork & disci-pline. Fashion is all about detail and you got to do with many aspects in it, being able to discipline is the way you going to reach your goals. And don’t forget to be humble with everyone, it is very important.




Say something about your background?

How do you handle stress?

I grow up in a small town, living with my parents, my brother and my sisters. My father is a doctor, my mother is a psychologist, my brother is a musician, my sister is a computer science graduate & psychologist just like my mother. No one has the same education as me, as a designer. I always wanted to be an artist, musician or designer since I was a kid. I always love to draw & play music. When I was 5, my hobby was to draw something in anything I saw, like, papers, newspapers and even in the wall lol. But when I was a teenager, my Mom told me that music should just be my hobby, not my career. So, I chose to be a designer or an artist, and here I am now. My father & mother always encourage me to do what I want, what I like, be responsible & successful of what I choose. I’m very proud of my parents that always give me the best support for me.

When I’m in stress, it depends on my mood for what I’m going to do. Either the one who need friends to hangout with or I just need literally me time, alone, going to a coffee shop, bring my books & my laptop, just to feed my brain.

What aspect do you consider important in the fashion industry? Fashion industry should be: Trade-mark, originality and integrity. Fashion is all about your taste, your sense. Your taste should be yours, not others. Your sense should be your sense, not others. Your uniqueness should be yours, not others. That’s what I called, ‘trademark’ and ‘originality’. While integrity is a most, trademark and originali-ty should be too. Motto and quotes your life? “Find out who you are, and do it on purpose”. How do you describe your personal style? I’m all that basic & simple. My closet full of basic cuts, like, oversized outerwear, wide trousers, cullotes, ripped jeans, boots & sneakers. I love oversized tops & sneakers. I love being comfortable for what I wear. Oh, and the color is all that basic too, like white, black, and white.



How do you deal with arrogant clients? Make them amazed with your design. Just show your brain works perfectly, and show your best design and artworks, make them want to work with you again and again by showing how smart are you & how perfect your works are. How comfortable do you work with other models and designers? I have to make sure that I made the situation comfortable, like, do not too bossy, but not being like i’m in an ‘under control’ mode too like you know nothing. You do your job as a desginers, while with a models you should be humble, know your concept and with the designers you should be a smart, responsible and creative. That’s what I do to make myself comfortable. How do you connect past and present fashion trends? Researching everyday pasts, and analyzed what every people need in the present & future.





What are the trends you currently see in the fashion industry? current trends in the fashion indus-try nowadays I see is urban engine, a new class of rapidly growing cities in newly influential markets is becoming wealthy enough to provide shopping hubs for consumers in a way that makes them for the first time central to the evolution of fashion. Messages for fashion people? Keep unique, quirky & always find the best part of your taste. Which country do you like? London for sure. I love a country that aesthetics, neat, bold, full of story & have many beautiful places, like London. I love London because I love the Beatles too, i love English musics & the people. I think they are always look well educated & artistic. On the other side, London has the best design in everything. Who is your favorite designer? Elie Saab, i love a simple yet beautiful artworks. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? Probably in my own country, having a studio, making some amusing artworks, developing designs. The most proud achievement? My graduate collection. Because I finally made an artworks that depends on my own story, it’s about my Mother. I’ve always dreamed of myself, making a design or artwork about my Mother, and I made it, finally. My graduate collection is also been worn by model from Asia’s Next Top Model, Valerie & Veronika twins. Tell me a bit about your collection show at JFW this year? I’m in the making of womenswear & menswear with Tenun NTT motifs, hopefully I will make it happen this year. Get to know more @gitaalibasjah








RASHAWL is a fashion company which founded in November. 2013. The name “RASHAWL” is based on (R)enni (A)ndrianni which is the owner name and (Shawl). The fast growth of world hijab fashion industry, especially in Indonesia, makes us interested to produce hijab fashion line up that simple, easy to wear yet modern and using high quality fabric with still following Islamic Sharia.



Hijab Wear







CHROME By Arlan Prata

Sombre romantic portraitures are accompanied with elements of alchemy that’ll leave wanting to know more. Enter the dark and mystical world of Chrome.




Where do you come from? Tell us about yourself and starting with awesome art? Im coming from Cimahi, a small town formerly part of Bandung City. Im an INFJ, you can find me on articles about personality hahaha. I am a big fan of symbols, aesthetics and everything about sorrows. My parent and family inspire me to fall into the art world. When I was little, I often watched how my late father worked on pattern design as a drafter for a textile company. My mother is a creative individual, she is a type of person who can make everything into something fun. My older brother is an artist, a painter. It is clear that these aspects are the things that draw me close to the art world, and I’m happy for it. A valuable thing can come from simple matters. How did you make the decision to pursue art as career? I started with what I have, and what I don’t have. I loveto make a response to anything with soul and beauty in it. I can’t do things that I don’t like. So I decided to make art as my profession. Would you describe the artistic experience as spiritual one? For me art is a relation to something transcendental. When I draw / paint something, I must absorb, and in the same time, develop meanings from questions like who, what, why, when, where, how?, until I sense a strong bonding between me and the object I want to draw. How long does it take to do one picture? Sometimes it takes times. I am really concern about my concept. I don’t even start to work until I completely have a whole concept in my head. How do you think being a woman, shapes your vision as an artist? Every artwork created by a woman artist is a form of resistance to conventional perspective regarding gender role in social discourse, because it is not all about masculinity.













Do you have any advice for aspiring artist? ‘Art’ is where we make meaning beyond language. Know who you are and your surrounding, then, be honest. What are the benefit and challenges of being a professional artist? I am not a full time artist, but I wish to become ones, I do my painting and drawing during my free times. I am currently working in an animation studio in Bandung as a full time illustrator. The benefits? Networking and Knowledge of course. Who are your influences? Caravaggio (of course), Gottfried Helnwein, and My beloved Brother Yogie Achmad Ginanjar. Their works are so magical, mystical. It put a great amount of emotional impacts on me personally As an artist, do you have a favorite color? Why? Black, there is no dark color without black. How do you keep the mood when making work? and if you get stuck what will you do? Maintain mood means maintaining your wallet. Hahaha Usually, I listen to what I love, make interactions to anything I love. No one will have a good mood when they’re faced with something they hate don’t you think? Hahaha When I’m stuck? I look into other people’s achievement, which will motivate me to get back to work. There are plans to make your gallery and art exhibition? what goals will you pursue and realize in the near future? There are plans. But now I am quite busy with my animation work deadlines. My goal is to become actively participating in exhibitions

See more of her work @chromeosome






HUGO Photographer – Iksan Wahyudi @ikyunaski Models – Anna @meridi_ann / Jordan @iamjordanwilliam Stylist – Ican @icanharem / Janina @7ev7en Wardrobe – 7ev7en @7ev7en Ichan Harem @icanharem Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing Skull Bali @skullbali

T-shirts – 7ev7en @7ev7en Jackets – Ichan Harem @icanharem Pants – Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing

ANNA Cardigan – Skull Bali @skullbali Shorts – Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing JORDAN T-Shirt – Ichan Harem @icanharem Pants – Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing

ANNA Long Tee – Ican Harem @icanharem Shorts – Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing Shoes & Hat – Stylist’s own JORDAN T-Shirt – 7ev7en @7ev7en Jacket – Ican Harem @icanharem Pants – Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing Shoes & Hat – Stylist’s own

JORDAN T-Shirt – 7ev7en @7ev7en Jacket – Ican Harem @icanharem Pants – Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing

ANNA Vest – Skull Bali @skullbali Overalls – Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing

JORDAN Tank – 7ev7en @7ev7en Jacket & Mask – Ican Harem @icanharem Pants – Reinkarnasi @reinkarnasiclothing

ANNA Tank – 7ev7en @7ev7en Pants – Ican Harem @icanharem Shoes & Hat – Stylist’s own

T-shirt – 7ev7en @7ev7en Jacket & Mask – Ican Harem @icanharem






Since Conceived in 2011, REINKARNASI present as an array of new with a dynamic combination of contrasting elements: modernity and the ancestral, anarchy, lust and romantic. that all came from Rock n Roll life style inspirations with featuring motive kinds of art and music. REINKARNASI designs men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing with detailing known for its instead presents graphics nodding to multiple Character of Grunge music and its philosophy, and this makes a unique label identity that is recognized widely and is worn by pioneering personalities in other creative. Presented atop grunge music and rock n roll inspirations, this collection crafted from a stunningly soft cotton and is completed by premium fabric that we used. each style is processed by Hand finished and uniquely treatment for vintage looks and to give each piece its own character and personal style. @reinkarnasiclothing SAUVAGE


S I M P L I C I T Y Photographer: Rommy @rkw_ Videographer: Rizky @rizkybmb Model: Shannon @itsshannondesu / Miyu @meyou.mae MUA: Lisa @leesuhh Wardrobe: 906.thelabel @906.thelabel







M.A.N.K.I.N.D is a menswear based in Bandung, Indonesia, established since circa September 2015. With people behind the brand had been in the industry for more than a decade with mainly a graphic designer background. That explains why M.A.N.K.I.N.D collection will always have a graphic element on its product. Whether it’s only a simple typography or a random but thoughtful object, this graphic element is a must. the inspiration mostly came from workwear, military shape transforms into mankind itself. M.A.N.K.I.N.D goods produced by an adept tailor, the products is sewn, printed and manufactured in Bandung, Indonesia. We undertake every step to designed these products from sketch to digital illustration to create a signature print and pattern.







Written by Arlan Pratama | Artwork by Moodscape




General – The method of change change the idea, the nature of aggression able to overcome all obstacles. Career – strives harder, for the sake of improving status through promotional channels. Finance – the monetary situation will improve. Can be used for new projects rather than shopping. Do not be tempted by luxury. Love – in need of a high sense of tolerance to understand changes in the couple. Healing – notice the pattern of healthy food and intake into your body. Do not be satiated. Color – salmon, bahama & fawn Fashion – studs moccasins & top cutout Scent – tendre jasmine & fleur D’or

General – independence is more important than social grace such as adaptability. Career – focus and get full support from colleagues and family. Finance – earnings quite fantastic. Love – the opportunity to make romantic and selective alliances before starting a more serious relationship. Healing – maintain a fitness routine. Color – amber, lilac & neroli Fashion – velvet robe dress & studded handbag Scent – orchdee & mer

General – a prominent assertive nature makes life go according to ambition. Career – keep working hard, because every effort will not betray the final result. Finance – Help from friends is in need, no need specekatif business. Love – time will be fully occupied in the work, so that affects the ongoing relationship. Healing – relexation is needed because the stress affects stress and immune decline. Color – Citrus, currant & pistachio Fashion – maxi dress & fringe earrings Scent – lemon citron & rose absolue




General – explore the mystery of self and you will actively engage in philanthropic activities. Career – full family support is a bright spot when there is turmoil in the professional world. Finance – the turnaround is slowing down. Love – minimize disputes, keep relationships moving despite serious debate Healing – prevention is better than cure. Color – Garnet, Merlot & Ebony Fashion – overall leather & white tees Scent – figuier & iris noir

General – the opportunity does not always come twice, do the best for your contribution effort. Career – all smoothly in accordance with the plan that has been made. Finance – Just be grateful whatever you get for blessings and smooth. Love – Love is active, aggressiveness you are able to actually engage in a committed relationship. Healing – excess energy should be used for fitness activities. Color – arbork, nickel & celaton Fashion – cropped T-shirt & front flap bag Scent – chevrefeuille & ambre

General – Collaboration and teamwork are needed for success in life. Career – stay calm about the chaos. Significant changes in management will fade in these two weeks. Finance – persistence is the key to success, do not indulge in unnecessary speculation. Love – prepare mentally and full patience for the offense that will happen. Healing – preventive maintenance is the key to good health. Color – crimson, saffron & mauve Fashion – belted wool coat & crossbody bag Scent – oranger & cerisier




General – Aggression should not be used to fight with others. Career – Keep calm and wait for good things to happen, do not be rash. Finance – Fiscal projects are helped by some speculation. Love – Very passionate and overwhelming. Healing – Fitness will remain prime until midmonth, the rest have to save energy. Color – Obsidian, sage & plum Fashion – Palazzo trouser & flowing blazer Scent – Bergamotte & muguet en fleur

General – Philanthropic activity begins to suck your vitality. Career – The work environment starts to mess up, do not waste anyone who has been supporting your career. Finance – If you can enjoy a speculative venture, it can expect good results. Love – Allocate enough time to date. Healing – No serious problem but meditation is strongly recommended. Color – Cobalt, calypso & charcoal Fashion – Fringe blouse & mules heel Scent – Osmanthus & lilacs mauve

General – Be careful in every action, do not be careless. Career – Stay focused and enjoy all the rhythm. Finance – Very good but spending increased. Love – Family disputes are not a reason to give up. Healing – Recovering from influenza, should be enough rest. Color – Terracote, mahogany & juniper Fashion – Straight jeans & foin double coat Scent – Vert & acacia



December 21 – January 19




General – An important decision must be thought through. Career – The luck factor is on your side. Finance – Shopping luxury goods or vacationing abroad. Love – Do not be frustrated if you have not found the ideal partner to be your criteria. Healing – Adequate rest and relaxation. Color – Olive, parot & jade Fashion – Leather belt & daze denim jacket Scent – Vanille bourbon & magnolia

General – Not a time to be concerned, but contemplate the future and plan the strategy. Career – You should prepare Plan B, if it does not match the analysis. Finance – Hard work to face obstacles. Love – Having fun without commitment. Healing – Very good maintain with regular exercise routine. Color – Stone, granola & coral Fashion – Voltaire sweater & leather tote bag Scent – Cedre & mistral

General – You bulldoze all contradictions with aggression. Career – The family supports your career ambitions. Finance – Start managing financial affairs for prosperity in the future. Love – Many opportunities but you are not ready to commit. Healing – Detox food for the sake of digestive health. Color – Indian ivy, tarragon & ocado Fashion – Ankle boots & flannel outer Scent – Bigarade & narcisse


93 Bandung. IND +628112286254 / +6285861803868 /


P h otogr aphy V i de ogr aphy Gr aphic D e s ig n S o c i al M e dia M anagement

F ollow us on in s t agr am @pr s m c. s tu d i o + 6 2 81 3 2 2 0 4 3 019

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