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E 24 MAY 2019


ven as the solar story develops in India, there is a part of the sector that has quietly been working and making an impact in its own way. Yes, Mini Grids and even micro grids, in the limited opportunities they have had in the country, have made a strong case for themselves. Serving areas that usually had no grid or very poor central grid access, these are the areas that have been a playground for mini and micro grids. Working in terrain that is almost invariably inhospitable, in conditions that can be extreme, and serving relatively small markets, the mini grid case for India offers some great learnings. Be it on the impact of connectivity, the buying ability of consumers and willingness to pay for quality energy access, besides dependable power to village level enterprises, the companies that have worked in this space need to be heard too. Three recurring points made by multiple MGO’s (Mini Grid operators) stood out. They provide much more dependable power than the central grid in areas they serve, their T&D (Transmission and distribution) losses are way lower, and of course, they generate some much needed employment in these far flung areas.� SAUR ENERGY INTERNATIONAL | VOL 3 l ISSUE 09

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Saur Energy Magazine May 2019  

Saur Energy Magazine May 2019