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DIARY of a Nerdy Child

Saurav Kale

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Well, Hi! My name is Sammy Karl. I am 10 years old. I have a big brother called Sam and I guess that is why my name is Sammy. Actually, today was the last month of fourth standard at Valleymore Middle School.

This enormous building could be mistaken for a castle. But all seem to prefer it. One of them is I.

I like it ‘cause it gives you a royal feeling of going to a school which looks like a castle every other day. Let’s leave it right there and let me introduce you to our teachers: English: Christine Ma’am Mathematics: Dawn Ma’am Art: Rachel Ma’am SST: Malone Sir Science: Jordan Sir Sports: Abraham Sir Music: Borham Sir

For the record, it should be a law against telling which section you are in after you get into your school. In June, my section was IV A but it turns out they haven’t got labels to mark a certain class. I had ended up in V C. I would specifically like to talk to the principal, James Sir about this pandemonium but I never actually got a chance. But I’m starting to have second thoughts already. I am having thoughts that the moment I come in his room he starts talking about cleanliness and a bunch of other stuff like that.

Okay, back then I came back to my own class and there was none of my friends

there. I got a sight of many girls sitting in packs and talking like mad. For the record, if girls are allowed to talk then they should be allowing boys to do so. But they don’t, which is completely unfair.

Later in this year, I got a friend. Her name was Trista York. She was sitting beside me. She helped me a lot. She was my perfect role model. I can name thousand things which anybody in this class wouldn’t care to do. I end my day of middle school.


I woke up pretty early today, around 6:30. Mom said she was gonna go to the gym today and told me I had to go with Dad to the bus stop. The bus came around 8:00. I got detention at school today at Sports; I had to go to the staff room where all the boys and girls of the bus were already rounded up. I knew that Dad wasn’t gonna be too happy when he hears of this. This means one sentence: IT’S CURTAINS FOR YOU. I said sorry but the teachers wouldn’t budge on the decision of sending us to our Headmistress, Mrs. Coombes.

See? This is the wrath of the teachers. Since I have been trying to write a novel titled: “The Wrath of The Teachers� To escape from punishment, I thought up and excuse. I told the teachers I wanted to go to the toilet but I went back to my class.

Today at music, Borham Sir embarrassed us by making a singing this song: Ging Gang Guni Guni Ging Gang Guni Guni Guni Ging Gang Go Ging Gang Go! Haila! Shaila! Haila, Shaila Loo!

This was a song from “Native Americans” which was sung at banquets. Today at sports, Abraham sir made us all play tennis but it wasn’t my cup of tea at all, seriously. Today I noticed the least popular kid in Valleymore Middle School, Bryce Smith. Take a peek on what he did today:

Gross! Well actually to be sure, Bryce is the 201st popular kid. He is the least popular kid.

I never actually mentioned Hatson ever before but I like to hang around with him. He’s not my best friend, but because his name is so nerdy, that is why I like him.

At the art period, Rachel Ma’am told us to draw an angry face; speaking of angriness, I got a fit of anger today because Hatson pulled a really dirty joke on me. He told me if he was in my place I would never sit with a girl. But I thought in my mind: Why do boys tag along with boys and girls tag along with themselves? I got mad because I knew exactly what Hatson was thinking. But you know, to me, anyone, even if a girl who helps you is your best friend. To me, boys and girls are equal. But the problem was: I am an ordinary middle school kid. When you are ordinary, no one agrees to your opinions. You gotta be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd most popular to let people agree with your decisions.

So today was the last day Hatson was my friend. But he apologized and got to know the dark side of me. Since then, he never cracks such jokes, at least not in front of me.

Today, at lunch, when I opened my bag, I got a REALLY big surprise. To my horror I found nothing but two sliced APPLES. So, for the rest of my day, my Energy-o-meter was down to zero. When I came home, I found nothing but loaves of bread and fruit in the larder and refrigerator. Someone had been stealing our food!! I argued this out with Mom and she said she wasn’t going to the market to buy

food and we would have to ‘make do’ till then. I am really tired now my sleep-o-gauge in reach to hundred.


So, as I said, I am an early rising guy. Today, at school there were two fruits again. This time I couldn’t stand it. I vowed to catch the thief. Anybody would do that if they were starving because someone was stealing their food. Today’s day at school, we practiced singing that Native American song. At art, we made a smiling face. At sports, we played baseball. Of course that was not my cup of tea at all. Today’s day was very brief. Time ticked by at the speed of sound. Before I knew

it, I reached home. Today I noticed a change in me. I was so weak, so thin. Mom noticed it too and gave me some BREAD to eat. I ate two loaves and did my homework. Then I went straight to bed and fell asleep to wake up next morning.


To my surprise, I woke up at 4:45 am! I still had two hours. I read a book called “Diary of a wimpy kid” by Jeff Kinney. It was really funny. I liked it very much indeed. It was the second edition called “Rodrick Rules”. Then, at 7:00 I kept the book down and dressed for school. The day went like this: Today at art, we made a sad face. At English [we had English only on Friday] we discussed verbs.

At Mathematics [it was the same schedule as English]; we did ‘Numbers and Numeration’ which was pretty boring.

At sports, I was able to at least do a forehand in tennis. At SST we started with ‘My Beautiful Country’. At Science, with did start with ‘Our Solar System’ and believe it or not it was the 17th lesson in the book. Today was a pretty long day. When I got home, I found Mom and Dad very excited and were patting Sam on the back. I asked what the matter was. Then they said that Sam was gonna start a band. He chose some of his friends to play in his

band. I sort of liked the idea so I got interested. But I couldn’t play something in the band, so I just gave up. Then I went straight to bed.


So today when I woke up in a frenzy but cooled down soon after, ‘cause I heard a crashing of drums. The sounds came from the basement and look what I saw:

Well, I never believed that Sam could keep such cool name: Venomz. For a second I almost forgot that today was no school. Once I realized it, I gave a great whoop of joy. I spent the day playing video games till 11:00 am. At that time, Dad got fed up and shut me out of the house and told me to go and play soccer till I was sweaty and then come in. Here is the kicker: Instead of playing soccer, I went to Hatson’s house which was two blocks away and played Spiderman on his computer. When an hour was up, I went on my way back home, thinking how to cover it up. Then I found a house which gate was open and it had sprinklers to water the grass left open. So, I danced around the sprinklers to make myself LOOK like I was sweating.

Then I made my way back to my house, having high hopes that this trick would work. Then knocked on the front door. Dad answered the front door. He was pretty happy to see me covered in ‘sweat’. He thanked me and said that I was putting my health in front of video games. I spent the day reading books and playing video games.

Sunday Today, I suddenly woke up at 7:00. Today was Sunday, it was a holiday. Today I forgot all about yesterday, so Dad got really mad and told me that he was gonna take me somewhere special. I got really intrigued. So I poked around some more to find a map in the garage and was left open and a place marked with a pencil. It was: 21 Bayside Street, Highway 15. I was pretty sure Dad was gonna take me there because beside the street was: Bayside Tennis Stadium [B.T.S]

Man! Dad was gonna send me to tennis class. I’m officially on a comfortable Sunday, but I do not think so NOW. I gotta do something FAST or I would be forced to go and play tennis. So I did a couple of pushups and sit-ups. Next I went for a run. After an hour was up, Dad actually thanked me and said the words I never forgot. He said that if I do this everyday, then the tennis class idea could be overlooked. I gave a whoop of joy and thanked Dad profusely and went to my computer to play a set of video games. This time, I played Super Cricket. Really nice! I loved it. I played the side of England and won the world cup.

Well, I seriously got some juicy news to tell. The Venomz got booked to play at

the COUNTRY CLUB. We’re gonna be rich.

I spent the day dreaming of all these precious items I was gonna buy…

Monday Today was the second last day of school and I’m really excited. Today at English, Christine ma’am taught us pronouns. I got stuck at the pronoun, ‘the’. Christine ma’am told me that it is used for mentioning a particular noun. I got it and started off. At mathematics, our condition was bad enough already. We were supposed to cover up till the 7th lesson which is ‘Prime Numbers’ and were stuck at lesson five, which is ‘Factors and Multiples’. I got stuck at the first sum: ‘Write the least common multiple of 3 and 6’.

At art, we made our final sketch, a girl and a boy. At sports, we played table tennis and I got a hang of it and believe it or not, I won the championship and beat a boy at 11-6. I really was excited. I came home excited. I did exercise and hit the bed.

Tuesday Today was the last day of school and practically everybody had tears rolling down their cheeks. Hatson and I hugged each other the first time. We had a system of shuffling. That we would be put into different sections. We vowed that in sports period we would play as a team.

Then finally at the end of the day, I settled myself for a long, long vacation‌



Well, Hi! My name is Sammy Karl. I am 10 years old. I have a big brother called Sam and I guess that is why my name is Sammy. Actually, today was the last month of fourth standard at Valleymore Middle School… Sammy is in Valleymore Middle School in fourth standard. Suddenly he is facing bus problems. His father is forcing him to exercise. Will Sammy’s stress go away in the end? Summer Vacations are just one month away…

Diary of a nerdy child  

my diary of nerdy child Written by: Saurav Kale

Diary of a nerdy child  

my diary of nerdy child Written by: Saurav Kale