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Hong Kong Recons Every Traveler with its Panoramic Serenity & Warmth

Now, you can plan for a fantastic tour to the countries of South east Asia with the help of various travel packages at cheaper rates. This article tells about Hong Kong, which is regarded as one of the best tourist destinations in China. Read on to explore the city.

Amazing is the appropriate word to define the natural beauties of Hong Kong which is also known as the Pearl of the Orient. Located in the South Eastern part of China, the city encompasses a total area of 1,104 square kilometers. The city preserves the exotic beauties of nature. The cool and pleasant climate, the enchanting mountain peaks, the soft touches of the misty wind and the lush green surroundings will make you fall in love with the city. Nightlife at Hong Kong is stunning. There are nightclubs, pubs, discs, bars and other places where one can steer-up the spirits and get lost in the electrifying beats of the renowned Djs. The glimmering lights from the luxurious buildings and hotels present the city’s splendid view at night.

Before starting your trip to Hong Kong, it is recommended that you must stay informed about the places to visit and the hotel rates. Use the Internet to compare the prices and collect other necessary information about the place. To get an overview of all the hotels you can visit the hotel websites to find the best hotel that suits your budget. Once you are able to arrange for the right accommodations, you have at least have the peace of mind that you have successfully covered one of the most important aspect of a comfortable travel.

Now, when you are almost ready to explore the city's most acclaimed secret fantasies from shopping to dining and a whole lot more, let’s start with the Hong Kong Airport, the famous international gateway to the city. (Of course the city is accessible by trains, bus or ship from mainland China or Macau).

Reaching the famous Hong Kong tourist attractions by Mass Transit Railway (MTR) trains: As you exit the Hong Kong immigration counter, the airport express trains to the city are at a distance of few meters. The train trip takes round about 24 minutes to reach Hong Kong station at Hong Kong Island.

Reaching the Hong Kong Tourist Spots by Bus: From Hong Kong Immigration Airport (HKIA), if you walk 30 meters, you can opt for a super class bus. It will take you to several beautiful locations throughout the entire city. Buses in Hong Kong are among the most comfortable and affordable choice of transport. You will also have a wonderful view as you pass through Tsing Ma Bridge from Lantau Island, the world longest bridge of its kind (2.2 kilometers).

Getting to the Hong Kong Tourist Spots by Sea: You can also opt for the ferries operated by TurboJet from Fuyong (near Shenzhen airport) and Macau to reach the Hong Kong tourist attractions. There are also ferries operated by Chu Kong from Zhongshan, Shekou in Shenzhen, and Humen in Dongguan.

Most of the Hong Kong travelers prefer to spend a day or two in Macau for enjoying the casino games and gambling. On the other hand some tourists prefer to travel to Singapore right after.

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Hong Kong Recons Every Traveler With Its Panoramic Serenity & Warmth  

Now, you can plan for a fantastic tour to the countries of South east Asia with the help of various travel packages at cheaper rates. This a...

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