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To, Shri Arvind Chaudhary Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) General Manager (Personnel) Central Warehousing Corporation 4/1, Siri Institutional Area August Kranti Marg Hauz Khas New Delhi – 110016 PH: 91-11-26515178

FROM, Saurabh Sunil Shrivastava A1- 244, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063

Subject: Application for seeking information under RTI Act, 2005 with respect to Tender No: CWC-CD/XIIEDI SYSTEM/CUSTOMS/11-12 Dated 29.07.2011 for DEVLOPMENT OF WEB ENABLED SOFTWARE ON A SPOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS) MODEL AT 26 CFSs/ICDs/ACCs OF CENTRAL WAREHOUSING CORPORATION. Dear Sir, With reference to the subject cited above under the provisions of RTI act 2005, please provide the following information: A. Was a consultant appointed for the drafting of the tender for technical specifications and other technical requirements? B. If a consultant was appointed, then please provide the following: a. Name of the consultant b. Address and contact information (Phone, Mobile, Fax, Email) of the consultant c. Qualifications of the consultant and experience relevant to drafting of technical specifications and requirements of the tender d. Copy of appointment letter of the consultant e. Copy of the tender on basis of which the consultant was appointed f. Copy of the report given by consultant C. If a consultant was not appointed, please provide the following details a. Please state whether a tender committee was formed? b. If the tender committee was formed then please state the following: c. Name(s), designation(s), contact information and qualification of each member of the tender committee d. Whether any member of the tender committee has prior experience relevant to drafting of technical specifications and requirements of this particular tender e. If tender committee was not formed, was the tender prepared with consultation with a prospective tenderer to suit his requirement? D. What was the methodology used to determine the feature list? E. Were the following points considered in drafting of requirements of the tender: a. Whether a module for train operations of CWC may be required in the software?

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Whether the software being based only on SaaS model will impact the number of vendors who may otherwise be able to provide the software only in client server form with onpremise installation of the software? c. Since this tender is valid for more than one year, does it have scope for additional features at a later date? SaaS model has all CWC data at vendor end. Are any procedures adopted that the vendor may not on purpose compromise this data? For the same reason, does the vendor require any security clearance from the Government of India? Is a risk analysis and risk strategy been put to use by CWC in case a tender has to be cancelled mid way for any vendor? How many TEU is currently being handled at the relevant 26 locations? If more than 4.5 lacs, then why is the document encompassing on 4.5 lakhs TEU? What is the average TEU for the past 3 years? Is there a committee/designated person appointed which/who has made recommendation on growth or reduction of TEU based on which 4.5 lacs TEU was decided? If a committee/person has been appointed for making recommendation on growth or reduction of TEU, kindly state findings of the committee/designated person’s report or kindly provide the report in full. Does CWC expect to have a readymade product? If CWC does not necessarily expect to get quotes for readymade product, what methods were used to determine the timeframe of 2 months for development of the software to suit CWC needs? Was it decided that in how many months delay in delivering of the software the tender will stand cancelled? If yes, what is the timeframe decided? Whether once the tender has been awarded and the software put into use, if the vendor is found contravening any clauses, will the tender be cancelled mid way? Whether the tender being awarded also requires the code and database structure to be made open to CWC? a. If no, since the tender may not be continued with the same vendor will the older data be purged and not put into use in the newer software? Whose responsibility will it be to ensure that old data is safely and securely erased? b. If yes, whether the responsibility to port data from old system to new system will be of existing vendor or new vendor chosen later? Also if this is the case, is there a prescribed format of database under which the software has to be designed? Page 23, Clause X (a) states that CWC will claim damages from a company going insolvent mid contract. Whether any legal expert was appointed to confirm if the clause is within bankruptcy/insolvency laws prevalent in India? If yes kindly provide the following: a. Name of the consultant b. Address and contact information (Phone, Mobile, Fax, Email) of the consultant c. Qualifications of the consultant and experience d. Copy of appointment letter of the consultant e. Copy of the report given by consultant. As stated in Clause X (c) - thorough inspection of the system will be conducted by CWC. Please clarify the following: a. Whether there will be a third party vendor appointed to conduct the thorough inspection of the system? b. Are any pointers pre-decided on the methodology for thorough inspection of the system? c. Whether thorough inspection entails inspection of source code of the software? As it is not stated in clause XXII on page 84 of the tender (or any other portion of the tender document), does application unavailability also account Internet link down at CFS/ICD/ACC from ISP end due to issues with ISP? Rephrasing the question - Will such a scenario constitute as application unavailability? What unit of time will the application unavailability be calculated in?

V. Whether CWC has in place a system for measuring percentage drops. Whether unit of time (least count) used to calculate percentage be seconds or minutes or hours? W. Page 91, Clause "Isolation" - States hypervisor. Is CWC expecting the deployment on cloud infrastructure instead of dedicated servers? X. Page 91, Clause "Encryption" - is there a minimum requirement of how many bit of encryption? I.e. 64 bit, 128 bit, etc. Also does the software have to use double encryption of MD5 and SHA2 or either of those? Y. Page 92, Clause "Power redundancy and failover" - Please state whether the datacenter has to be tier1, tier 2, tier 3 or it could be of any type. Z. Does CWC explicitly require redundancy of Internet gateways connected to the datacenter? If yes, how many independent Internet gateways in India need to be connected to the datacenter?

Name of applicant: Saurabh Sunil Shrivastava Father’s Name: Shri Sunil Rudra Prasad Shrivastava Format of Information: Word Document (Hard copy) Information Required by: Post

Details of fee: Postal Order no 93E 064448 dated 24 August 2011 for fee of RTI applications . I state that the information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in section 8and 9 of the act to the best of my knowledge. I also state that I am citizen of India and eligible to seek the information under the right to information act-2005. I have attached copy of my PAN card in support of my citizenship.

I am ready to pay additional charges required to cover cost of delivery, if any. However it is requested to inform the place, exact amount and mode of payment.

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New Delhi 23/08/2011 Saurabh Srivastava A1- 244, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063 Phone number: 09953750398 Email address:

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