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Secretary's Time Firstly, I would like to thank you all for having shown your faith in me and deciding to honor me as the Secretary for the year 2013-2014. I am delighted to be reporting to you at the end of fantastic first quarter of VRT 196, started from changeover Outgoing Chairman Tr. Rajesh Shah to Incoming Chairman Tr. Vinamara Agarwal and his team. Our beloved Tr. Ankur Jain from KHRT 125 who has been in countless functions of VRT in the past was present as the AREA observer. Tr. Dhawal, the Master of Ceremony ,Sergeant at arms Tr. Sahil Garg and Tr. Utkarsh Rastogi were the remix versions of Munna bhai collecting sunshine for Treasurer Tr. Yaduraj, Tr. Siddharth who had recently received the unique distinction of super secretary for 4 consecutive quarters, Ankur Jain pinned our Super Secretary for the last quarter.The highlights of the evening were the inspirational speeches by the members of the executive board. AGM was followed by Rain Dance which was a total fun.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa VRT 196 had a good presence at the JALSA AAGM Nanital wining quite a few awards including, Best Table Secretary by Tr. Siddharth, Best Floor Tabler by Tr. Prashant, Best New Tabler by Tr. Tanay, as well as the Balanced Activity Award and maximum convention attendance award for the table. Outgoing AC Tr. Aditya Murthy handed over the jewels to the incoming AC Tr. Umang Sah, who then handed over the jewels to his team of board members and conveners. Square leg Anajan Singh was appointed as the Area Honorary Tabler, which was a reason to celebrate and feel proud of at our table.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Also, I would like to thank Tr. Tanay Goenka for his tremendous support specially in the Skit practice of “Band Baaja Baraat”.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Time continues.... As they say “Charity Begins at home” so we distributed Milk packets and other important medicines to the flood affected people due to enormous rise in the level of river ganges, Thanks to Tr. Utkarsh for taking the initiative and making all the arrangements. aaaaaaaaa VRT organized an event named " Savan Mein kajri" which was a very different & fresh event filled with flavours of Hinduism, Vedas and Culture by celebrating Rainy season singing folk songs with Panini Kanya Mahavidyalaya students. Thanks to Tr. Sahil taking the initiative in organizing the whole event.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I would like to thank Tr. Prashant Gupta and our AC Tr. Umang Shah for sparing all their time and participating in most of the area events making VRT feel proud and showing its presence everywhere. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa We also plan to take up two FTE projects this year. The TRUST has already been formed and other formalities are on the way. Thanks to our Project Convenors.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa VRT did good Fellowship, Charity & publicity events in the 1st quarter and I am sure there are many more to come. We feel proud to host the 2nd NEX on 18th and 19th of October and it will be our privilege to welcome and interact with the whole Area and National Board. Last but not the least, I would like to thank Chairman Tr. Vinamra , VC Tr. Siddharth , IPC Tr. Rajesh and Treasurer Tr. Yaduraj, all conveners and Sq Legs and specially to all the charming VRT females. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa So Friends, Lets fasten our seat belts and Reach Greater Heights. LMF Tr. Saurabh Shah Secretary

Thanks to all the tablers for their excellent respective reports which added stars to my quarterly report

Chairman’s Desk The year started with a bang with a wonderful AGM followed by a refreshing rain dance party at Sunbeam Sun City. A lot of plans have been laid down for the year and we are making sure that they are gradually implemented one by one as time progresses. VRT 196 once again got the convention award at the AREA AGM at Nainital for maximum attendance along with some other very coveted and prestigious awards such as Best Floor Tabler-Tr. Prashant Gupta, Best Secretary-Tr Siddharth Gupta, Award for Balanced Activity etc. We saw our very own Tr. Umang Sah being sworn in as the new Chairman of Area 8, which is indeed a great achievement for VRT 196 and makes us all feel proud. Sq. Leg Anjan Singh was appointed the Area HT for the year. We also contributed to the Area Board in the form of Trs. Rajesh Shah, Yaduraj Kanodia and our dynamic new Tr. Manan Sah and Tannay Goenka. Tr. Prashant Gupta was appointed the National Convener for Corporate Relations.VRT 196 is now all set to host th th the NEX at Varanasi from 18 to 20 October. Whilst we keep achieving and getting accolades at both Area and National level our focus remains on fellowship and bonding. We are also planning a project for the year and you will soon hear on the same from us. Till then goodbye and keep up the spirit of Tabling.

Tr. Vinamra Agarwal Chairman 2013-14 Varanasi Round Table 196 'Reach Greater Heights




The Pillars (Tablers)

The foundation (Sq. Legs)



CONVENERS & HT'S Tr. Yaduraj Kanodia Tr. Tannay Goenka Tr. Umang Agrawal Tr. Prashant Gupta Tr. Dhawal Prakash Tr. Utkarsh Rastogi Tr. Manan Sah Tr. Harsh Madhok Tr. Sahil Garg Tr. Harshit Goenka Sq. Leg Piyush Agarwal Sq. Leg Anup Agarwal

Supply House Convener, Table Blog Convener Fellowship Convener, Photography Convener Fellowship Co Convener, Fund Raising Convener Project Convener, Contact Tabler, International Relations Officer Greetings Convener, Project-co Convener, Publicity Convener Table Communication Officer, Table Blog Co Convener Web Master/IT Convener Twinkler's Club Convener, HRD Convener Go Green Convener RTI Week Convener HT HT

7th TABLE AGM @ Sunbeam Suncity The changeover from Tr. Rajesh to Tr. Vinamara was an opportunity for the tablers to interact with one another, recap the wonderful year gone by and to hear what Tr. Vinamra had in store for us in the upcoming year.

Tr. Dhawal opened up the proceedings as the Master of Ceremony introducing the executive board as well as the beloved Tr.Ankur Jain from KHRT125 who has been in countless functions of VRT-196 in the past. Sergeant at arms Tr. Sahil and Tr. Utkarsh were the remix versions of Munna bhai and Circuit.

Tr. Siddharth who had recently received the unique distinction of being the super secretary for 4 consecutive quarters, Tr. Ankur Jain was asked to pin our Super Secretary for the last quarter. Tr. Siddharth had a

special surprise for the tablers when he unveiled the Annual Report in a magazine style glossy cover which I must say could rival any Table talk and trumpets magazine in its presentation, look, content and feel. Our charter chairman and now Sq. Leg Anup Agarwal inaugurated and received the first copy of the same. The unique feature of the magazine being that the name of each tabler was printed on the cover of his personal copy of the annual report.

The highlights of the evening were the inspirational speeches by the members of the executive board. Super Secretary Siddharth, in his report presented the various activities, which happened in the year

along with the awards and accolades bestowed upon VRT in a very eventful day. Tr. Utkarsh whose fellowship report was published in the International Round Table Flash was acknowledged and lauded for his efforts in spreading the spirit of round table fellowship across the country. Tr. Yaduraj was then awarded for being the best floor tabler for his fantastic work on the VRT blog while Tr. Tanay won the best new tabler award for his fabulous work in arranging the Holi Belly event back in march.

Written By:- Tr. Harsh Madhok

Rain Daince @ The Oasis lounge Although Tr.Tanay and Tr.Umang Agarwal officially become fellowship conveners at the AGM, their exploits started much earlier in the day by turning Tr. Harsh_s farmhouse into The Oasis Lounge; A savannah for the VRT gypsies in search of a Casbah to quench their soul. Tr. Utkarsh who got awarded the fellowship hat from nationals for his tremendous effort started the proceedings with Tr. Sahil as the sergeant at arms punishing all the tablers for their indiscipline and robbing them of their jewels.

The evening_s main feature being the rain dance with sprinklers refreshing our weary nomads and re-energizing their spirits. The Sultan of the caravan chairman Tr. Vinamara was in full control of the proceedings directing DJ Romi into playing the latest bollywood and international chartbusters. Tr. Dhawal made sure that the tablers looked the part by getting them floral tshirts in bright colors of yellow, pink, red and orange. Tr. Umang Agarwal took the task of organizing a dance-off between the

tablers depending upon the colors of their t-shirts. One by one the tablers came and went but the best dancer of the evening was award to Tr. Umang Sah for his provocative belly dance which left all the guest mesmerized. Our area observer Tr. Ankur Jain who had travelled from Kanpur on a desert safari was happily observing the proceedings of the show and participating in the fellowship event for the ages. Our Sq.Legs Anurag, Piyush, Anjan, Vinay, Sharad, Shalab and Anurag established that they may have taken a back seat in the administrative part of tabling but when it came to fellowship, they were still miles ahead of their younger counterparts. Their begums were not too far behind when it came to monopolizing the dance floor. The night came to an end with the tablers recuperating, lounging and dining together. The Kafila left the Oasis Lounge at around 1 am to travel ahead into the new tabling year in search friends and bonds, the true wealth, which every tabler treasures. Written By:- Tr. Harsh Madhok

Flood Relief Measures @ The Ganges Varanasi “TOGETHER WE DID MAKE SOME DIFFERENCE” We have all heard the popular saying “ Charity begins very much from your door step”. Well we all know the natural calamity that took place last month in the state of Uttarakhand where in thousands of people have lost their lives. The floods were so drastic and such lethal that it eventually caused an enormous rise in the level of our holy river of ganges in our city of Varanasi.

The low-lying beds of Varanasi; particularly those closer to the ganges were almost completely engulfed within the river. Thousands of families in the low-lying areas of benaras were displaced. The local media was trying to cover all the flood-hit areas through their medium just to get the appropriate attention of the respective departments in the government. But sadly enough our local administration system has once again proved to be of no use. I would be quite honest guys, I have not been quite known as a social worker or charity driver sort of a person. But the recurring news everyday of the flood affected people in our town always kept hitting my head. I questioned my conscience several times and realized the answer quite soon enough and the answer was “take an initiative”.

Friends, I believe “Execution is the key to all such problems”. I think I am fortunate enough to be a part of such a philanthropic table that it was not just me but others too in my table who realized the same answer from their respective conscience just like me. One fine day our dynamic Tr. Dhawal Prakash initiated the idea on the watsapp group of our table to somehow be helpful to the flood affected people. In no time we got in touch with some local people here and identified a school named “Goenka Sanskrit Vidyalaya” near the famous ASSI ghat where more than 300 families had taken refuge in the classrooms after having lost their houses. When I went to inspect a day prior I was devastated to see the condition of the people living there. It reminded me like some sort of a refugee tent kind of an arrangement. There were not enough classrooms to accommodate so many people. My heart goes out to them. This site made my decision even firmer and on the morning of 9th of august we tablers got together at the venue to distribute milk packets and some medical relief items to the flood affected people. There were several viral flus that grew up due to unhygienic sanitation in the city so the medical relief items were quite appropriate and useful for them. Our Chairman Vinamra agrawal, Secretary Saurabh shah and Tr. Harshit goenka accompanied me Tr. Utkarsh Rastogi. Friends, ultimately I believe we all have to give it back to the society and I am glad our tablers understand the need of the needy and always strive to reach out to them and aid them in the best possible way. The look on the faces of these flood affected people, their children were heartening site to see while receiving the articles from us. Written By:- Tr. Utkarsh Rastogi

VRT Celebrates Friendship's day Friendship Day @ Twinkler Vivaan's B'day 4th August, The Freindship Day this year coincided with Twinkler Vivaan's birthday, the son of our Table Chairman Tr. Vinamra Agarwal and he had thrown a wonderful party to celebrate both the events at Gulab Bagh, Hotel Taj Ganges, Varanasi. He had invited all the tablers along with there wives and twinklers to make for a great socail. The decoration was based on a jungle theme and all the invitees were requested attend in attire suitable to the theme. It made not only the twinklers come out in wild colours but also the tablers show their wild side. There were lots of colours, balloons, toys in one corner of the hall, and activities to engage all the twinklers, and the tablers if they so wished! It was a very interactive afternoon and it was good to spend time with tablers and their families. Most of the SQL including AHT Anjan Agarwal, HTs Anup Agarwal,

Piyush Agarwal, Rajesh Shah, Shalabh Gupta, Sanjay Wahi, Sharad Agarwal, Anurag Goenka, Vikas Goenka, and Trs including Siddharth Gupta, Sahil Garg, Rahul Goenka, Manan Sah, Tanay Goenka and Harshit Goenka, Utkarsh Rastogi, Saurab Shah and Yaduraj Kanudia were present alongwith the ladies and twinklers. The birthday cum friendship day cake which was in the form of the jungle with animals having their own fellowship was cut by Twinkler Vivaan and it was followed by well spread out lunch. Everyone left the party with smiling faces specially the toddlers who were happy to receive their return gifts. Overall it a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I look forward to spend more of these with the fellow tablers and square legs. Written by Tr. Harshit Goenka Edited by Tr. Yaduraj Kanudia

Skit Practice @ Chairman's Residence “Band Baja Baarat � What a start it was, evening kicked off with everyone wishing Cir. Tanushree Agarwal a very happy Birthday, after so the room was full of energy with tablers looking forward to our coming AGM. The "Love" of our table Tr. Tanay goenka started with his presentation of our Skit, it was prepared with help of TR. Prashant Gupta & Tr. Harsh Madhok. He avidly showed us videos and after a long frenzied discussion we all came to the conclusion to what our final skit would be. Starting with the dance practice we saw hidden talent among our tablers, Tr. Vinamra "suspiciously" was very quick in learning the Dance moves. Then Came Tr. Saurabh Shah who did a surprisingly good dance number and even volunteered for it to be recorded for future reference :) In the meanwhile Tr. Vinamra & Tanushree made sure that everyone was well taken care and served some great snacks which were relished by everyone. Before the evening could end we were presented with a treat which was our Tablers Tr. Prashant Gupta & Tr. Yaduraj moving to the music and doing something that would put to shame the best of "Nagins" :) Tablers exhausted and hungry (again) continued to a great dinner at the Taj Varanasi, discussing and looking towards our area AGM at Nainital. -Tr. Manan

KANPUR Visit FAMILY CALLING FAMILY Its always a pleasure travelling in Tabling family. VRT 196 were invited to Kanpur for KHRT 125's AGM & Social. Tr. Prashant Gupta, Tr. Umang Sah, Tr. Vinamra Agrawal & SQL Anjan Narain Singh with his wife Smita Singh went for the same to Kanpur and as you can see pictures says it all. We all drove there from Varanasi, which is around 340 kilometres, and the phone calls didn't stopped until we reached. Everyone was asking us to stay at their home and finally SQL Anjan went to stay with SQL Shashank, Tr. Vinamra went to stay with SQL Sameer Gupta, Tr. Prashant & Tr. Umang went to stay with Tr. Ankur Jain. As always the war between Apple and Android took its toll, and the journey was delayed a bit. The AGM of Ladies Circle was very nicely organized, and we were welcomed the moment we reached. Tr. Umang went straight for the Dias whereas all other were busy hunting for refreshments. The seargenting of ladies circle was amazing and hilarious, with Cr. Rashmi and Cr. Poojan taking everyones happiness. Immediately after the Ladies circle AGM the Round Table AGM began, it saw another stupendous session of seargenting with a pannel of judges, it was hilarious if i were to sum it up in one word. Incoming Chairman Tr. Rishabh ended the session with a motivational speech with will put Adolf Hitler to shame if he were alive.

The party moved to the dance floor where the fun never seem to end. Late in the night we decided to end up at Tr. Ankut Jains house, where the host Tr. Ankur and his wife Cr. Rashmi were gracious hosts and treated us in the wee hours of the morning. Alas everyone passed out and lived to see the next day. Tr. Aseem Jain, Tr. Dhriv Dalmia and Cr. Anushree joined us in the morning for breakfast, where the party was to leave in the morning became a request to have evening coffee and leave. This is family once you are with them you never want to leave. Alls well that ends well, we reached safely home at night again, courtesy the Kawaria's to whome the government has presented one side of GT road on a platter to walk away their sins; while we navigate the other end. It was a great experience for all of us and we hope to see them again soon. Cheers.

Tr. Utkarsh Visit's GUJRAT “TABLING, TRULY A PASSPORT TOWARDS FRIENDSHIP” Well, it all started a few months back when I first visited the south india tablers. Ever since then, my entire zeal for “table travelling” has grown many folds. After that I also happened to visit the tablers in Calcutta last month for which I made a brief report and in reply to that report I got a beautiful reply from Mr. Vineet Parikh. It said the following… “It was a pleasure reading the report. Tabling truly is a passport towards friendship”….. Well it is a small but a very meaningful line written by Vineet, which is why I have captioned this report as “TABLING, TRULY A PASSPORT TOWARDS FRIENDSHIP”. So this time I was to visit Gujarat, mainly 2 stations ahmedabad and surat. I was pretty excited but anxious at the same time wondering how the Gujarat tablers celebrate in the absence of liquor (since Gujarat is a dry state). I thought to myself “jo hoga dekha jaayega, lets go have some theplaas and dhoklas atleast”. So I reached surat to start with wherein as usual I opened the RTI application on my phone, got in touch with a few tablers just through a couple of text messages. In no time, I started getting calls from several tablers across 5 tables of surat. The plan was set for evening and I was so looking forward to it. I was received at my hotel by Mr. Tushar Naik, Chairman of Surat Round table SRT 209 and Mr. Digen Patel, project Convenor for SRT 209. We straight away headed to a restaurant owned by our man Mr. Digen himself. The name of the restaurant is Lake Side View and as the name suggests the terrace top view of the lake side restaurant was a delight to my eyes. The extreme warmth of the tablers there was quite evident from the fact that over a dozen tablers joined in for dinner to meet me across mainly 2 tables SRT 135 and SRT 209.

Mr. Digen offered me the most popular delicacy of their restaurant called the Vegetable toofani with roomali roti. Man!! I could eat 10 of them but I preferred not to as I would look like a greedy pig, haha!! Well the evening started off very well and my palette was craving for some hard liquor, actually liquor in any form or any brand would have been fine considering the intensity of the situation, haha! Just then one of the tablers asks me if i would like a “cock”. I was stunned and stumped what that guy is saying. I said “of course not”, he again asked me if would like a cock? I again replied “NO” with a grin on my face. Next question he asked me “would you like to have Thumbs up or Limca instead?” Haha! Man! I breathed a sigh of relief thereafter. No offense but I just fell victim to the pronunciation gap factor. Gujaratis end up pronouncing “hall” as “hole”, “coke” as “cock”. There is usually an “aww” factor in their pronunciation. But thats ok now, as i have learnt it and would not be a victim again. Haha! Well the serious discussions also started thereafter and believe me, I think I had a lot to learn from these tablers. I was amazed to know that area 3 and area 11 are the only ones to have a tie up with NBS (Netherlands Business School). Whenever the NBS students visit Gujarat, the tablers of Surat table invite the NBS guests over to visit the prospective school projects sites. A budget is prepared, which is verified by NBS team and they grant up to 75 % of the total budget amount. This Grant has absolutely nothing to do with FTE and believe me friends; the kind of funds that these guys have been granted for their past projects is seriously horrendous. This is absolutely a solo approach of the Surat table. Kudos to them for being such an enterprising table. I had to catch a train the very same night for Ahmedabad but since I was so engrossed in the talks with the tablers there that I had completely lost my track of time. Next we did the pin exchange where in I received the pins of both the tables SRT 135 & SRT 209. Next

they presented to me a small souvenir depicting the GO GREEN movement of the Surat Round Table 209 (See Pictures 1,2 & 3) Mr. Tushar and Digen personally came to drop me to the station as well, although i insisted i had a cab with me, they further went in to drop me till inside the train. I am telling you my friends that such extreme warmth and care, which is so unconditional, is only and only achievable when you visit a tabler in any corner on the face of this earth. It was truly a remarkable experience. It was a delightful experience. Trust me friends that hardly within a few minutes i became so friendly with these guys here that all i could feel was pure nostalgia. Especially Tr Ritesh is one hell of a guy. Great sense of humour, his approach towards tabling is very very unconventional. I mean the way he introduces and interacts with the newly inducted Trs is remarkable. A very candid yet a professional approach. I learnt from them a unique concept of “RISING STAR” started by these tablers. Tr Ritesh explained it me in the following words: “The idea of keeping this meet is to motivate the new tablers or the less active tablers and charge them to take initiative in this movement. We will not have any kind of lecture or HRD but simple games to break the ice between new tablers from all the tables. The idea is to make them feel the power of this movement and make them enjoy the friendship & fellowship. As and when they start enjoying this movement they will start giving priorities to the events of this movement may be inside your table activity or the area activities. As we are a new area and there are set group of people who are visible may it be at table socials, joint socials, aex, Area Agm or for that matter NAGM. Now to make the new set of people also to take part in these activities we have to start somewhere and i m with the help of all table chairmen trying to do that in this event: " Rising Stars".

Friends let me inform you that i first got a call from Tr. Chinmay Mehta in Ahmedabad who kept in regular touch with me throughout the day. In the evening i learnt from ritesh that chinmay has been into tabling for not more than 2 months. I was absolutely surprised to see such enthusiasm in such a fresh tabler. Chinmay gives the credit to the “Rising Star� that he attended last month. There was the pin exchange and a lot of table talks thereafter and soon enough the evening grew into night and it was time for the Trs to bid good bye. Man i grew really close to these guys here like they have been friends with me from the past.(see pictures 4 &5) Friends, we have often heard the saying that it often takes a lifetime to make one close friend. But Tabling is one platform where you have thousands of unknown friends who we might not know but we share the same bond n the sub conscious mind with each of them. I consider myself lucky to be bestowed with such a huge bunch of friends who are waiting to connect with all of us... so let us travel more and more as a tabler and grow the unending bond and take the tabling spirit to another zenith. 3 cheers for the Round Table India, hip hip hurray!! Written By:- Tr. Utkarsh Rastogi

“Savdhan Tablers Hain” Train Journey From Varanasi to Bareilly “Savdhaan Tablers Hai” That is what our train compartment should have said. All the tablers reached the station on time for our train scheduled to leave in the evening. As we boarded you could see that we were well stocked for the journey both with food (and drinks) and also the energy for the AGM. All the passengers settled as the train started moving, we heard someone remark in the background “Abe National Board Hain” suddenly our attention was shifted our co passenger Tabler Deepak Menda, a gentleman with a great smile sitting quietly in the corner our National Secretary. As the journey progressed and the clink of “Cold Drink” bottles became louder the journey started to take an amazing turn. Tablers Prashant Gupta with his usual Zeal was orating his experiences in tabling. Tabler Deepak

Menda shared his vast experience and few plans of the national board of how they plan to take tabling forward. The evening progressed to dinner but our resilient tablers were not ready to call it a day and the party continued till late into the night till everyone were forced to sleep as we were only 45 minutes from our arrival at Barielly. Our welcome at Bareilly was fantastic the tablers had outdid themselves and had arranged for a complete pickup refreshments for us at the station itself. After a quick

JALSA: - The Great Celebration After celebrating the success of the year gone by and marking the dawn of the new tabling year at their respective table AGMs all the tablers eagerly look forward to the big event the Area AGM. This year was no different, with Bareilly Round Table 45 hosting the Area AGM at Nainital. The event was aptly titled “JALSA� for it truly was a grand party. I will try to relive the 3 days of GRAND MASTI In the following article. It was a crazy night in the train where the fellowship had gone on till late at night and barely had anyone slept when the train reached the Bareilly station, dot on time and much to the dismay of all. The hosts had informed us that all arrangements had been made at the station for our arrival and onwards journey to Nainital. The arrangements were bang on and this was to continue for the next three days because this was one event that was meticulously planned to the last detail and then executed like clockwork. The journey from Bareilly to Nainital took us 4 hours and all of us were trying to catch up on the precious sleep we had missed last night and were sure that it is going to elude us for the next 3 days. We were pleasantly surprised to find banners on the route welcoming us to Jalsa. As we reached the hotel the all of Bareilly Round Table, being led by the captain Area Chairman Tr. Aditya Murthy was ready to welcome us. The Area AGM Convener Tr. Subodh and his team were ready with all the paperwork and kits. With all the formalities out of the way and ladies retiring to their respective rooms with the little ones, Tablers got busy with what they do the best, interacting with fellow tablers. The weather at Nainital was perfect and big relief from the hot and humid conditions in the plains. Trust me it was a fantastic idea to have the Area AGM over here where we could enjoy without being confined to the air conditioned halls and rooms. The property was beautiful and what was more spectacular was the view from the rooms. One could see the lake at a distance

and the Nainital town all around it. Just as we entered the room a thick smoke of cloud engulfed the lake and the surrounding and it was the perfect beginning for the things to come. In the evening were the informal night “Band Baaja Baraat� and the time to stage our skit for which we had been practicing so hard. Tr. Harsh Madhok, the Bandwala and main protagonist, gave us a few anxious movements, and arrived almost at the last moment. With his arrival it was time for the final rehearsal, and all of us baraatis dressed in schoolboy attire and the ladies in their most colourful dresses proceeded towards the venue. Completing the baraat was our star new tabler Tr. Tanay Goenka. The Incoming Area Chairman Tr. Umang Shah, suitably playing the bride, looked beautiful. The host table had put in an interesting twist, instead of doing a skit themselves, they are not eligible for the best skit award, they had anchored the night. They put in some hilarious acts and song and dance routines in between the skits. All the tables put in their best efforts to give some great performances and had the audience in splits. But what stood out, was the performance of Lucknow Round Table 136. Leading the pack was Tr. Shyamal, who stunned everyone as the charming Umrao Jaan. Even the NVP Tr. Deepak Manoo Menda, was stunned to see all the power packed performances. Everyone hit the dance floor right after the skits, as if they were let out from jail and did not leave the dance floor till late at night. Tr. Deepak Manoo Menda was also dancing and partying with everyone till late at night. Even after the music had to be stopped no one was ready to leave the dance floor and started singing at the top of their voice and literally danced to their own

tunes. It was truly a night filed with fun, frolic and masti. After all the masti last night, it was time for some serious business; the day of the AGM has arrived. Everyone started arriving at the famous Boat House Club of Nainital, the venue for the afternoon.. With the serene lake on one side and the Mall on the other, its beauty mesmerized everyone. The formal AGM began with all the board members, taking their place on the dais, and the delegates from of all tables of the area. With the quorum complete the Area Chairman Tr. Aditya Murthy announced the opening of the AGM and the meeting got underway. The AC Tr. Mayur was appointed the sergeant for the day and he along with Tr. Anoop, put in a hilarious sergeanting act. They made everyone's wallet lighter with some brilliant tongue in cheek questions and answers and good humour. The meeting went on smoothly with the board informing about the achievements of the past year and the Incoming AC Tr. Umang sah sharing his plans for the coming year. There was distribution of mementos to the conveners and the super secretary's for the 4th quarter were also recognized. Tr. Siddharth Gupta made the whole of VRT proud with the 4th consecutive super secretary recognition. Tr. Dhruv Dalmia of KHRT 125 and Tr. Aseem Jain of KRT16, were also selected as the Area Vice Chairman and Area Secretary Treasurer for the coming year. With most of the formalities complete the big events, like handing over of jewels and the much awaited award ceremony, were deffered to the grand chairman's banquet, to be held in the evening. During the time of the meeting, much to the relief of the tablers, all the ladies were busy with shopping at the Mall and the children in sight seeing. They joined us for lunch on the

deck of the club. The deck is right on the edge of the lake and gives you feeling of being in the water itself. We had an extended photo session with no one wanting to miss being clicked with each other amidst such a natural setting. Thereafter the enthusiastic ones moved for boating. The Chairman's banquet in the evening was aptly titled “MADAMS and ADAMS� and with all the tablers wearing formal black suits and the ladies in their formal red gowns, it looked a scene straight out of a Hollywood classic. With all the preparations, which could be seen from our rooms, it was expected to be a grand affair, but what it did not prepare us for was this setting on top of the mountain amidst open sky with the lake and the town visible at a distance. The feeling was just surreal. There were also performances to keep everyone entertained in between the glittering ceremony. First of all the headboard along with the NVP Tr. Deepak Manoo Menda were invited on the dias. Thereafter was the award ceremony where our table won quite a few awards including, Best Table Secretary by Tr. Siddharth, Best Floor Tabler by Tr. Prashant, Best New Tabler by Tr. Tanay, as well as the Balanced Activity Award and maximum convention attendance award for the table. With the awards distributed, it was time now for the handing over of jewels to the new board members. Outgoing AC Tr. Aditya Murthy handed over the jewels to the incoming AC Tr. Umang Sah, who then handed over the jewels to his team of board members and conveners. Square leg Anajan Singh was appointed as the Area Honorary Tabler, which was a reason to celebrate and feel proud of at our table. Tr. Umang Sah gave a brief speech about his expectations and Tr. Deepak Manoo Menda showered us with some words of appreciation and encouragement. Now the time had come to officially close the meeting and Tr. Aditya Murthy thanked everyone for making JALSA a big success.

JALSA Memories

Savan Mein Kajri “Small thoughts make a Big Difference” Evening filled with the flavor of Hinduism Perhaps one of the most unexpectedly joyous occasions on my journey of Varanasi Round Table 196 was on the last Monday of Sawan month. This was an event, which was celebrated for the first time in our table and filled us up with a pure spiritual feeling. It is astonishing to see of the breadth and types of adventures we Indians can have and makes us feel proud to be a Hindu. This particular event was something we were neither prepared for or expecting in any way this month. It is that small idea, that small thought which bloomed in our mind on that Sunday afternoon and we decided to give a tribute to the Mother Nature and Indian culture by celebrating and giving farewell to Sawan month with the students of Panini Kanya Mahavidyalaya girls, a college where they are taught Vedas & Sanskrit. This is a unique college where students “always” converse in Sanskrit with each other exhibiting real Bharat. Upon the arrival at the school, various girls were watching us from above. This is one of the images I felt very happy about. The white colored Panini temple with beautiful white marble floor inside the college looked so majestic and symbolized peace. The decoration of yellow genda flowers added

the Sawan flavor like anything. And then the most beautiful and soothing moment arrived. I could feel it in the dark clouds overhead and something in the rhythms of the movements around me were hinting what was to come. A sudden thunder & heavy rain just before the beginning of the event was like a big Welcome Shower by the Mother Nature for VRT 196. . The surroundings were full of greenery and flowers. It seemed like as if a new life has been given to that exciting evening. We all felt a very close relationship between humans and nature that day. To make the event interactive, we tied couple of swings with the tree branches, brought kajras made of white bela flowers, arranged Mehandi artist for all the VRT females as well as the students of Panini Kanya Mahavidylaya. Females tying Kajras in the hair and singing old Hindustani Classical Kajri genre songs during Sawan is a very traditional custom in Hinduism. Kajri genre song is originated from the word Kajra. A big thanks to the students of Panini, their Kajri performances and sportiveness filled the whole air with the fragrance of culture and togetherness.

The dance performances by the Panini students were a very heart touching moment. Their innocent faces and zeal to make us feel so welcome is beyond description. Well, it wasn't just the Panini students but also Mr. Paul Peabody, one of the most famous Violinists in the world from New York, who has played in the top 100 Hollywood movies, joined us in this event to support VRT 196 event. Mr. Paul Peabody is the person who is behind the most famous Titanic theme song “My heart will go on� and various more. The violin he played for us and for the students to celebrate Sawan was a breathtaking experience. VRT feels proud to have an artist like him with us that day to support our event. When he played the Titanic tune on his violin, originally played by him, it felt like his violin was singing the lyrics too. That was a moment of pin drop silence. I am sure that the music touched each one of ours heart. Meeting and interacting with him made us feel how much people from the west crave for the moments we Indians share. The feeling of togetherness, love, brotherhood, and devotion towards God & Nature gives them eternal peace. We hope VRT 196 conducts more events like these to celebrate Hinduism.

There was amazing tangy-salted spicy Chaat program for the members as well as 80 students of the college. All the members hogged on Gol Gappas, Aloo Chaat, Gulab Jamun, Tomato Chop and so much more. The students of Panini felt so happy to have chaat in that weather sponsored by VRT 196. Well this was such a spiritual & Vibrant evening that the conclusion of the event had to be the same too. So we concluded this auspicious evening by giving ritual offerings of the Vedas by performing a Vedic Yagya. The warmth of the God Agni and the powerful chants by the girl students of Panini Kanya Mahavidyalaya left us speechless. The chants detoxified our minds and filled it with the Vedic energy. This event proved to be a big publicity event too for the table this year. The journey back home from Panini celebrating sawn, nature, togetherness and love added a flavor of Hinduism in VRT 196.

Tr. Sahil Garg Event Convener & Table Go Green Convener

An Article by Tanay “I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to animal, I died as an animal and I was Man. why should I fear? When was I less by dying?� A few days ago, passing the garbage dump, something caught my eye. I noticed a few plant growing in the midst of the rubbish. The plants were not simply existing, but thriving. To me this began to represent the qualities of a human being ought to posses. The first thing I thought was the cycle of existence, the seed sown, the growing plant, flowers blossoming, blooming and fading away; a never ending relationship continuing between the man and its environment. If such humble creation can fulfill there allotted taste without default, why can't man, who is supposed to be the master of all the creations. Each of the petals tends to the flower a perfect form. The colour adds to the beauty and charm. The flower radiates warmth and love, which is born of faith and lives in the hope of tomorrow. The cactus grows wild in desert; through the divine caretaker it thrives in beauty. The flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness in the hot desert air. When we see flowers blooming in wild, there seems to be complete unity amongst them. Their unfailing commitment to nature to blossom, each in its own season. Man, too, has a season. He too, passes through the same life cycle of birth, death and re-birth. In the summer of his life he is ripe, blossoming individual, in autumn passing through adulthood to the old and he faces the harsh, barren, in hospitable winter of old age and dies. But after man disturbs the natural course of life for he is unwilling to share the fragrance and beauty of his adulthood. Inspite of mans depredations and abuse to his environment; the humble plants and flowers conspire to compensate for human pollution. By pondering over these apparently insignificant things of creations we learn the secret of humility and radiant happiness. Tr. Tanay Goenka

AC Umang visit's Panache & Kanpur Heritage Bazaar


We at VRT 196 are honoured to have a chance to welcome Freedom Drive by KART 161 a get together @ Benares club was organised , the 10th September 2013 in association with VRRT 218.

Reported by LMF Tr. Saurabh Shah Secretary VRT 196 2013-2014 Photographs Courtesy:- Tr. Tanay Goenka VRT 196 Email:

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1st quarterly report vrt 196  

First Quarterly Report of Varanasi round Table 196. Compiled by LMF Tr. Saurabh Shah