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Simple Tips On How To Prepare Oneself In Case Of Fire And What To Do In Case It Happens We all get scared in times of crisis. Other may seem to panic at these times as well. It is normal for people to feel and react this way because their lives are being threatened. In addition, they do not know what to do to get out of the situation. However, there is a chance that you can avoid these things by helping yourself be ready in times of danger. This is to educate yourself and join awareness programs for emergency situations. One of the most common causes of crisis is fire. Aside from the fact that houses can be burned down easily, people can loose lives in this situation. Although it is a fact that fire organizations strive hard to educate people and reduce the numbers with regard to fire problems, over a million cases are still reported for these fire incidences. The number still adds up for the people, who gets killed and injured. Therefore, this can possibly mean that people still do not know what to do in case of fire. However, the most important thing to do is preparation. This means you need to make yourself be prepared at times of fire. 1.When you are living in an apartment building, look for fire exit signs so that you know where to go at time of fire. If you have your own house and lot, make an escape route for your family. Consider all possibilities in making one. 2.Install a portable, multi-rated fire extinguisher and put appropriate signs to it. 3.Make sure your smoke detectors work at all times. If you do not have one, you should buy one. 4.Practice fire drills with your family. Make a few reminders for your kids not to use the elevator in these cases. This should be a quick drill and should be taken seriously. In the even of fire, the following things are what you can do: 1.Always be calm. Panic will not do you any good. 2.If you have seen the fire, be the first one to sound the alarm. If you have no alarm, call the fire department right away. 3.Once you see smoke from the door, avoid opening it. It is better to feel handles first before you do. 4.Once you hear the alarm, remember you escape plan. Look for the nearest fire exit sign on your floor if you are living in a building. 5.If a fire is blocking your way out, extinguish it first. Remember to hit the base of the fire. 6.Stay low due to carbon monoxide fumes. If in case the smoke is too much for you to handle, find a piece of cloth and wet it. Use this to cover you mouth and nose. 7.If escape routes are blocked, stay calm and go find a room with a window. Sealing the spaces with any material prevents the smoke from coming in. Open the window to breath fresh air and call for help. 8.Remember to count heads once you have safely brought your family out of the house. tabung pemadam api

Simple Tips On How To Prepare Oneself In Case Of Fire And What To Do In Case It Happens