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How To Choose Christian Baby Names? Christian baby names could be sometimes the option for the new parents to name their newborn, in spite of others. Choosing one of the different baby names is the most difficult decision you should take as a parent! If some people search unique, rare or star name for their babies, other people decide to choose a Biblical one. If you're looking for a Christian or biblical name for your child, whether boy or girl, you should of course choose one that conveys a meaning. Usually Christian baby names refer to proper names, places and events with high signification in Bible. In fact, it is supposed that every word in the Bible might be a good name suggestion for your child. There are obvious ones like Mary and Andrew or some you may not have associated with the Bible- like Zaza - and some you have probably never heard before. But more than that, there are also some words like Rush or Willow that are perfectly suitable, having a more subtle biblical connection. On the other hand, looking to the Christian names, you should let your imagination sparkling! There are different baby names with their definitions that refer to full biblical text. In fact, the Bible is the world's largest resource for choosing a name for a newborn baby. The Orthodox people from East European countries use to give to their children, both usual and Saint names. Another option for a Christian name is to choose from Bible's different names, their popular derivatives. One meaning, origin and a description of the Biblical character accompany each name. Usually the Biblical names are from people, places, plants and animals, gemstones and Hebrew, English and Greek words used in the Bible. These derived different names could not found in the Bible. If you particularly want a Biblical name, please choose only the original one and not the derived names! The Christian meaning of names is more than just what the name means. It includes who in the Bible had that name and their scriptural story. It is only you to decide if the name means something to you and your family. And the most important, for your new baby! For example, here is the meaning and story of some historical Christian names: - Calebis the name of the son of Jephunneh and Hezron. It is a Hebrew name and it means 'bold'. - Cilian has Gaelic origin and is the name of few Irish saints. Other similar names are Gillian, Kelly or Killian. - Felicia is derived from the Latin name "Felix", meaning "successful", "lucky", but also "happy". - Zoe: the name Zoe was worn by several notable historical Christian women, including two empresses in the Byzantine Empire. There is also St. Zoe, a Roman noblewoman martyred for her faith during Emperor Diocletian's persecution of the Christian church. Note the word "life" in each of the scriptures (partial list, not all instances in the New Testament) -- that is the Greek word "Zoe". The variations of Christian name Zoe, are: Girl names: Zoey, Zoie, Zowie, Zoya; Boy names: Zoe (pronounced "Zoh"), Zoel, Zooey. - Aime is the male name version of the female name Amy and has ancient French origins. It's meaning is "love" and would be a great choosing for naming twins of different genders! There is a large range of Christian names for choosing, it only depends what meaning you search for, and of course, it must be a name to suite your faith.

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Christian baby names could be sometimes the option for the new parents to name their newborn, in