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5 best trips


ew year, new decade, new destinations. This isn’t your grandmother’s vacation. Here are five big trips that are sure to make your 2020 stand out without causing too much pain to your wallet.

Chengdu, China

1. Adventure level: Medium Price: $150 per night, Seamless BNB Best time to visit: fall and spring

Already popular among Chinese tourists, Chengdu is best known for its spicy hot pot and giant panda reserves. Compared to Beijing or Shanghai, it is a more manageable size, but thanks to rising wages in China, it has plenty of luxury to suit even the most finicky of travelers. What makes this trip special is the



Spaceport America, Las Cruces, New Mexico way Seamless BNB has integrated every step of the trip for international travelers, from airport transportation to booking fees (Oxford Economics and Amadeus 2010). No knowledge of Chinese is needed; English speaking guides will be there every step of the way and only one booking is necessary for the whole trip. You can customize the services you want on one online form, so you are not forced to choose a package deal. Even small bed and breakfasts can provide many choices of car service, pickup and visa service. Handheld translators are provided on request.

Tallinn, Estonia

2. Adventure Level: Low Price: $200 per night, Estonia Experience Centers Best time to visit: May to August

One of the most high tech and innovative countries in Europe is also making waves in its tourism industry. Not only does Estonia now offer visas for travelers via text message or its homegrown innovation, Skype, it has also begun to assign “experience centers” to each visitor. These native Estonians function as a personal concierge who specializes in something in which the traveler is interested (Oxford Economics and Amadeus 2010). These are hardly the flight-picking travel agents of the past. Some subjects the concierges are experts on include food, skiing, haute couture, folk culture, and more. An algorithm resembling online dating sites matches travelers and concierges prior to the trip, proving that technology doesn’t mean impersonality. Experience centers will meet their charges face to face once they arrive in the counJanuary 2020 9

The Future of the Vacation  

Final Project for "Predicting the Futures" Katy Saulpaugh Spring 2011 Prof. Nelson

The Future of the Vacation  

Final Project for "Predicting the Futures" Katy Saulpaugh Spring 2011 Prof. Nelson