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Essay How to behave with tolerance First to know how get along with others we have to know what is tolerance, Tolerance is: willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own. So what I understand from “tolerance” is that we accept the things other person may do or how they behave. Something we thing that tolerance is only a one side action but the true is that it must be a two side action if I tolerate your behavior, your habits and your beliefs you might accept mines because if only one person accept you and you don't accept you in a point there will be no respect or there will be miss understood actions. Nowadays we live in a society that is losing their sense of tolerance, they are losing their sense of tolerance, their sense of treating people incorrectly, some examples of this are: when you don't respect old people because they are useless, when you don't accept someone of the classroom because is “different” and we don't understand those persons are unique, also there are much bigger examples like in the war or in countries that are in conflict with each, that is happening because in home they are not been taught to behave in a good manner with other persons and they thing that the good manner to behave between a conflict is violence instead of accepting the differences between each other. With fact of some studies that US universities have made some ways to get along with others are being positive ( if you act with negativity other person won't like to treat you and they won't tolerate you), first think on the other person (don't be selfish), respect others beliefs, give sincere appreciation, avoid trying to reform people (accept they are different and accept those things that makes them unique), check firsts impression (if you give a wrong idea from yourself people will thing you are different), and develop interest in other persons (not all is about you, give the opportunity to other persons to get to express), in fact this things are really simple and society is showing us that you need to change yourself but if everyone were equal life won't have any sense. In conclusion I think that for getting along with others you need to get along with yourself, you don't need to change because of society, society might change because of your peculiarities, and for being tolerant you need to follow some simple steps that will help you to have a good treat with other persons, if everyone collaborates doing this the world would be a better place.

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Original poem Why Do You Worry? (The Four Seasons) Do not worry, you still have time and even if you did not have it, You would not have to worry as you won't die. Just like us, you come and go, but you return to life Like a flower starting to live you open your eyes You grow and get to the time when everything is chaos like the night storm, And pleasure as the fresh morning breeze. You start to decay as the orange leaves of the trees And your heart is getting slower as it is getting colder Now there are no more leaves to see, all of them have fallen. You only have the cold white dust laying on the ground. Even thus, you are still beautiful. And when people celebrate your death They are celebrating your rebirth. So do not worry, You still have time.

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Poem by a famous author How do we come to be here next to each other in the night Where are the stars that show us to our love inevitable Outside the leaves flame usual in darkness and the rain falls cool and blessed on the holy flesh the black men waiting on the corner for a womanly mirage I am amazed by peace It is this possibility of you asleep And breathing in the quiet air

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Original short story When the earth decided to stop breathing It was a really dark night and the people of one tiny village start hearing noises, so when they were going out to check what was the thing or person that was making that noise, but when the farmers went out they never came back so they started to worry about it, they called the police officers but they never came back, that call the fire fighters but they never came back, so the marines and the Air Force decided to take action and see what was going on, they never came back...The government was starting to worry about the things the news might invent and tell to the cities, so they decided to do not speak about what was going on, but people was interested about that news so they started demanding the government to tell the truth, but they never. Then a local tv reporter went out to the city hall and start looking for the files that can explain the citizens what was happening, the files went out but the reporter was excecuted inside the city hall because he was looking at important and top secret files, then the local tv show read that report of an soldier and the paper says: “we are been under attack, hostile fire is being released from a spaceship, we need help, this attack and this technology is something I have never saw in my whole life as a soldier, WE NEED HELP, REPEAT WE NEED HELP� Obviously when the whole world knew this notice they were all terrified and more and more people were disappearing because they were insisting on looking for all the soldiers, officers, farmers and all the persons that disappear, the world population decreased on a 23% on those days. People on earth are obsessed to know what is going on on that village, but the disappearing place is becoming larger and larger while more people are entering there. So they evacuate the whole country of USA, then the ONU decided to Create some special operations with the best scientists, soldiers, and workers the world have, this includes a really good scientist and ex-militar called loker that wanted to be part of this program, the special ops center was built really quick, and the special ops military was ready to fight so with special spaceships and weapons they went out to USA to check what was going on. What they discover was terrible and really crippy, there was an old and really far away specie of aliens that were using all the disappeared persons to build some weird weapons and using them as incubators of their species so if they kill the aliens their descendants will kill the people when they born, they didn't did what they should have done that is kill all the things that were there, they decided to tell the ONU and the whole world what exactly was going on so they try to make a peacefully talk with the aliens, but they didn't respond the only thing that they knew from them

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was that they were becoming more and more powerful. All the special ops send the new weapons to Mexico so they can attack nearly the specie of aliens, and they did exactly that, but this do not kill the specie this only makes them become angry, so they kill all the disappeared persons and they send a video to the whole world where they showed how they kill them and how they were part of the reproduction of their specie, the world was mad with the aliens and they becomes rally disappointed that the special ops didn't worked as taught Really black days came after that to humanity because they were suffering with the new weapons the aliens had, that have some canons that shot balls of anti material, when they explode a radius of 15km expand and start twisting and killing life.

There was another that change gravity and send all the thing in a radius of 5km to the space. There was another one that the aliens showed to humanity but they do not know what this canon do. In the next months the population of humanity decreased another time but this time a 86% and this were the reasons *there was no more food because the animals stop moving and creating life *there was no safety places in the world tour only chance was to hide to survive *there was scarce water because the aliens used that to produce more weapons *aliens take prisoners to all the important and relevant persons *they used poor, rich and all the rest as incubators to reproduce and to create more aliens *the rest were hidden and been hunt from the hunter spaceships It was a really desesperate moment for the while humanity is someone wanted to make something against the aliens, aliens might attack them, and force them to work if you resist they use the special canons for you. Moving to the southern part of Africa there were some survivors of the special ops that know what kind of technology does aliens use. The scientist loker was in a lab os the special ops and he was recording all the things that were occuring: It's October 21 of 2054 the world is completely lost if someone hear this that means that the earth have decided to stop

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breathing and the humanity have lost. Loker was tired of seeing how humanity have lost everything because of the arrival of the aliens so he decided to make an expedition to find the most powerful survivors and still in the world. Loker didn't take much time finding rick that was an old but really strong man that might help him with his attack to the aliens. They get really good along each other and they didn't take a lot of time to start crating weapons that kill aliens effectively. After that they continue their trip to find more survivors they took 3 weeks to find Madison, Madison is a really strong mutant with powers that allows her to change climate, read and change the idea of minds, but there was one problem specially to loker, she was not alone she was with a really heavy lead weight for the group, his name was Matthieu a really dump guy that aparently was family of Madison. Locker tells Madison that she cannot came with the young boy because he will only make the group slower and weaker but Madison won't go with them without without his brother. So without any other option rick convince loker to take the child also and maybe he would be able to train him in order to help the whole group, and they that exactly. He trained mathieu 7 hours a day in order to be useful. In one day the aliens start bombing every single part of the world to kill the rest of survivors, and loker and the group didn't have more options that start their plans for attacking the alien’s central base that was in USA. This are surely the last hours of humanity because the aliens show the world what their last canon can do, they shot it to Saturn and it shows how it can destroy a complete planet. So our survivors have to start a battle I order to save the world from a immediate destruction, so they with some plans decided to infiltrate as aliens, with help of Madison, mathieu and rick were infiltrated as aliens in the central base of the aliens. After that loker found a way to destroy all the spaceships from aliens and they destroyed with a PEM bomb that makes all the spaceships to explote in their bases, so they destroyed all common bases at once. Finally Madison started entering on the mind of his brother, with a set of specifications she activate some neurons of his brother. Mathieu have got powers just like her sister and he start using his telequinesia and his ability to move things to destroy the central base of the aliens. After fighting for hours they finally kill the last alien but they were trying to restart life at the earth, and they discover a machine that can take you back in time to the moment that you wish, so loker with his brilliant mind he found out how this machine works and he got back in time to the moment the special ops were going to investigate what was happening at the disappearing place and he start and immediate attack to all that base and kill the aliens before they create their weapons and they become powerful. Everyone took their old lives and the earth was again perfect and in the next years loker start a new special ops that will protect the earth from outside our world

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ACRONYM S avage and kind A unthentic and special U nbelievable fast, L ongly happy and O ptimistic guy

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