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Friday Kick-Off

5:00pm Mountain Time [Hotel] Enjoy drinks, apps and great folks for ThinkImpact’s official kick-off in Denver, CO. Event will include all attendees from The Huddle and the social entrepreneurship community around Colorado.

Saturday Breakfast

7:30-8:30am MT [Hotel // Home Field] Join your Team in the room listed on your badge. Here you will soon become a member of the Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets and Avalanche.


8:30-10:30am MT [Hotel // Curtis Street] To immerse, join us for the Innovation Showcase, a true marketplace of ideas. Learn from over 15 best practices, but not in the typical way. See Innovator for guidelines.

Quick Snack 10:30-11:00am MT [Hotel // Home Field] This is a chance for you to fuel up before digging into the Inspiration phase. Lunch is late, so enjoy a snack or two on us! Huddle Talks 11:00-12:00pm MT [Hotel // Home Field] Ready to hear from universities leading social innovation in experiential education? So are we. Enjoy presentations from Dartmouth, Northwestern, Stanford and USC and other allies. Inspiration

12:00-2:00pm MT [Hotel // Home Field] Time to get into your design teams. Immersion was fun, but it only provided context. Now you are the Innovators. Your task is to synthesize great ideas, creating game changing solutions in experiential education for your campus.

Half Time

2:00-4:00pm MT Lunch!!!


4:00-6:00pm MT [Hotel // Home Field] Time to test your ideas. First you have to narrow down to one idea. Do you have something? Prototype it with The Innovator as your guide. Gather feedback and iterate. Your entire Team will select the best innovation which will be featured at the Huddle @ Mile High.

[Hotel // Junior Ballroom]

Huddle 6:30-9:30pm MT [Sports Authority Field at Mile High] @ Mile High This is the grand finale. The event will be epic, we guarantee it! Contact Jessica Morse, Strategic Engagement Manager, at 202-657-6616 or for more information.

Huddle 2012 Game Plan  
Huddle 2012 Game Plan  

The schedule for The Huddle, powered by ThinkImpact.