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We just got pickier about our tonic. The newly released tonic syrup by local distillery Pinckney Bend turns a gin and tonic on its head. Its lemon-rose garden scent, hibiscus and citrus-forward flavors and beautiful, blushpink color make for a wowza G&T. According to Pinckney Bend’s Ralph Haynes, the distillery is the only one in the world to offer its own companion tonic syrup, but after testing it (tough job, we know), we concluded that it pairs with loads of other alcoholic beverages – bubbles, bourbon and even white rum. Our winning drink with this versatile mixer? A riff on a French 75, a vintage cocktail that gets its name from a powerful French 75 mm field gun. We’re calling our creation SA-MO2014: It has the kick of a semiautomatic and it’s made (mostly) in Mo. – Ligaya Figueras

SA-MO2014 1 serving ¾ oz. Pinckney Bend classic tonic syrup 1 oz. Pinckney Bend gin 4 oz. extra dry (brut) Champagne, chilled • To an ice-filled Collins glass, add the tonic syrup, then the gin, followed by the chilled Champagne. Stir briefly.

One bottle of tonic syrup is enough to build a 22-drink armory of SAMO2014s.

Pinckney Bend’s tonic syrup is available at The Wine & Cheese Place’s Clayton location, Lukas Liquor and Schnucks’ Ballwin and Kehrs Mill locations.

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