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Belgian Waffle with Bacon Walk Away Waffles

We could spend hours contemplating flavor combinations at Walk Away Waffles food truck. A lemon waffle with blueberry syrup? Sounds dandy. Pumpkin with apple butter? Sounds like Thanksgiving. Chocolate with chocolate syrup? Sounds like a first-grader’s dream. But the real secret to the perfect Walk Away Waffle is adding bacon. Owner Jack Williams lays two strips of Kenrick’s bacon on top of the batter before shutting the iron. The resulting bite is a sweet, slightly caramelized waffle – thanks to the Belgian sugar – infused with delicious salty, porky goodness. Add some maple syrup for dipping, and we’re walking away happy – and then walking back for seconds. Facebook: Walk Away Waffles, Twitter: @walkawaywaffles – C.K.

photo by jonathan gayman

April 2014 I SAUCE MAGAZINE I 39