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Editorial services at indic house

Editorial Services

our mission: give you the best service help you to design the best end product materialize your dream into reality make you shine with your words and your work commit for efficient and effective delivery

Self Publishing Services in 3 levels full service as executive service you and we as plus service self-published partial service as basic service More in FAQ section

Manuscript Prepar ation

chapter outline and content page copy editing proof checking for spelling, syntax and grammatical accuracy fact checking and research for missing information proof reading language polishing

Permission Management we will provide information on copyrights, if needed we will provide ISBN numbers, if needed we will maintain permission logs, if needed

Illustr ations & Gr aphic Designs • best and talented illustrators in our team • various levels of design • different packages for different requirements

Our Commitment accuracy consistency efficiency your satisfaction and your legacy


You and YOUR IDEA.... Your work and Indic House always BY YOUR SIDE

Editorial serives  
Editorial serives