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Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Quezon City, Metro Manila TWELFTH CONGRESS Second Regular Session HOUSE RESOLUTION No. 667 _____________________________________________________________________ Introduced by Reps. SATUR C. OCAMPO, LIZA LARGOZA-MAZA and CRISPIN B. BELTRAN RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE HOUSE COMMITTEES ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS, AND CIVIL, POLITICAL, AND HUMAN RIGHTS, TO CONDUCT AN IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION INTO THE REPORTED VIOLATION OF DOMICILE, ATTEMPTED OR FRUSTRATED MURDER, PHYSICAL INJURIES, ILLEGAL SEARCH, AND FORCIBLE ABDUCTION, AND ACTUAL INVOLVEMENT OF AMERICAN SOLDIER/S IN ACTUAL MILITARY OPERATIONS AND THE UNJUSTIFIED SHOOTING OF AN UNARMED FILIPINO REPORTEDLY BY AN AMERICAN SOLDIER IN TUBURAN, BASILAN LAST 25 JULY 2002 IN VIOLATION OF THE PHILIPPINE CONSTITUTION, VISITING FORCES AGREEMENT AND THE TERMS OF REFERENCE OF BALIKATAN 02-1, RECOMMEND THE APPROPRIATE LEGAL MEASURES AGAINST THE INVOLVED AMERICAN AND FILIPINO SOLDIERS, AND PROVIDE FOR INDEMNIFICATION OF THE VICTIM AND HIS FAMILY WHEREAS, at around 12 midnight of 24 July 2002, a group of Filipino soldiers numbering more or less thirty, and at least three American soldiers conducted an actual military/police operation in Brgy. Upper Bato-bato (formerly known as Brgy. Kanas), Tuburan; WHEREAS, two Filipino soldiers and one American soldier barged and forced their way into the home of Jalilan Isnijal who was sleeping together with her son, Buyongbuyong, wife Juraida, and other relatives including a 25-year old, a two-month old, a two-year old, an eight-year old and a 15-year old; WHEREAS, Juraida tried to stand up but was sternly told by the American soldier in English, “Sit down! Sit down! Sit down!”; WHEREAS, without the slightest provocation, the American soldier using his Armalite rifle suddenly fired at Buyong-buyong and hit him on the left thigh; WHEREAS, the American soldier was identified as such because of his burly body type, swarthy complexion similar to an African-American, height of at least 6 feet and his language; WHEREAS, several village residents corroborated this, saying they heard three more shots being fired inside the said house. The occupants of the house, except for Buyong-buyong rushed towards the open side of the house to flee to safety;

WHEREAS, when Juraida and the others returned to their house in the morning, they found their personal belongings strewn about. The front door was broken and the part where they slept was covered with blood. A used syringe, used medicine capsule covers, a US-issued food saver pack, two dextrose packs, one triangular fatigue green scarf and one empty bullet casing of an M-16 Armalite were found on the floor; WHEREAS, in the afternoon of the same day Jurida learned that her husband was brought to the Lamitan District Hospital. She immediately went there and found her husband in a room with six Filipino soldiers guarding him. The soldiers later transferred Buyong-buyong to the Southern Command, claiming he would have to be medically treated there; WHEREAS, in a fact-finding mission by the International Solidarity Mission (ISM), an international delegation led by Bayan and Bayan Muna looking into US armed intervention in the country last July 27 at Tuburan, the items found on the floor of the house of the Isnijals were properly identified by ISM doctor-participants; WHEREAS, further corroboration was made by Dr. Julius Cesar Aguila, the doctor at the Lamitan District Hospital who attended to Buyong-buyong, who said that two white Americans and one black American brought the victim to the hospital during the dawn hours of July 25. He identified the black soldier as Regie Lane. Aguila said he knew Lane because they had previously conducted a joint medical mission; WHEREAS, two other persons also confirmed seeing the American soldier whom Juraida saw. A relative of the Isnijals who was sleeping in their home, Chona Castilo, said that she saw an American soldier and gave similar descriptions earlier given by Juraida. She added that the said soldier wore a helmet with a gadget similar to a microphone attached to one ear. Castillo was also ordered by the soldier to “Sit down;” WHEREAS, the words “Sit down!” were also heard by Juraida’s mother-in-law, who asked why the soldier was speaking in English and asked another occupant of the house, Chona, what it meant; WHEREAS, another neighbor, Rabbang Panajil, saw the soldier and gave the exact descriptions of Jurida and Chona. Panajil also said she saw two white American soldiers outside the Isnijal’s house during the time of the incident; WHEREAS, Hadji Saud Ismael, a barangay councilor in the area, said that they were not given prior notice of the raid on the Isnijal’s house and that it is the 18th Infantry Battalion and not the Tuburan police which are patrolling their place; WHEREAS, allegations that the victim is an Abu Sayyaf member do not address the question of why an American soldier is reportedly engaged in direct military/police operations in the country, even to the extent of shooting an unarmed Filipino civilian right in his own house;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the House Committees on Foreign Affairs and Civil, Political and Human Rights conduct an immediate investigation into the reported violation of domicile, attempted or frustrated murder, physical injuries, illegal search, and forcible abduction of the Isnijals, and the involvement of an American soldier who allegedly shot a Filipino civilian right in his own house in Tuburan, Basilan last July 25, 2002; RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Committee determine possible violations of the Philippine Constitution, the Visiting Forces Agreement and the Terms of Reference governing the Balikatan 02-1 Exercises; RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Committee recommend appropriate measures against those responsible for the aforesaid violations; RESOLVED FINALLY, that the Committee recommend measures that will provide for the indemnification and protection of the victims and family. Approved,




HR 667 - Isnijal HRV  

WHEREAS, at around 12 midnight of 24 July 2002, a group of Filipino soldiers numbering more or less thirty, and at least three American sold...

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