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Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TWELFTH CONGRESS Third Regular Session

HOUSE RESOLUT ION No. 1396 _________________________________________________________________________________ Introduced By Rep. SATUR C. OCAMPO, JOEL G. VIRADOR, SIEGFRED D. DEDURO, CARLOS M. PADILLA, AGAPITO A. AQUINO, TEODORO L. LOCSIN JR., SALACNIB F. BATERINA, BENIGNO C. AQUINO III, EDELMIRO A. AMANTE, BERTHOBAL R. ANCHETA, ABRAHAM B. MITRA, ROMUALDO T. VICENCIO, CONSTANTINO G. JARAULA, LEONILA V. CHAVEZ, GLENDA B. ECLEO, RONALDO B. ZAMORA, ENRIQUE T. GARCIA JR., HERMINIA M. RAMIRO, NERISSA SOON RUIZ, BELLAFLOR ANGARA-CASTILLO, CYNTHIA VILLAR, TED FAILON, ROSELLER L. BARINAGA, RAUL M. GONZALES, FLORENCIO B. ABAD, DOUGLAS RA. CAGAS, ARREL R. OLA ÑO, GREGORIO T. IPONG, RENATO B. MAGTUBO, J.V. BAUTISTA, JOSE APOLINARIO LOZADA JR., PROSPERO C. NOGRALES, SOLOMON R. CHUNGALAO, RODRIGUEZ D. DADIVAS, CLAVEL A. MARTINEZ, MAGTANGGOL T. GUNIGUNDO, ANTONIO E.B. NACHURA, ARTHUR D. DEFENSOR, MARIO AGUJA, LORETTA ANN ROSALES, JAIME C. LOPEZ, WILHELMINO SY-ALVARADO, ZENAIDA CRUZ-DUCUT, DEL DE GUZMAN, LEOVIGILDO B. BANAAG, ERNESTO “BANZAI” NIEVA, FELIX R. ALFELOR JR., RODOLFO B. ALBANO, VICTORIA HERNANDEZ-REYES, REYNALDO S. UY M.D. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________ RESOLUTION HONORI NG THE LATE JOSE BURGOS JR. — THE LONE FILI P I NO INTERNAT IO NALLYACCLAIME D WORLD PRESS FREEDOM HERO OF THE CENTURY, PILLAR AND ICON OF INDEPEN DE N T AND VIGI LANT PHIL I P P I N E JOURNALISM, AND LEADING SYMBOL OF THE ALTERNATI V E PRESS WHO COURAGEOUSLY EXPOSED THE DARK YEARS OF THE MARCOS DICTATORSH I P — FOR HIS DISTI NCT AND LASTING CONTRIBUT I O N TO PRESS FREEDO M, JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY W HEREAS on November 16, 2003, Philippine journalism icon Jose “Joe” Burgos Jr. succumbed to a lingering bout with cancer that ended his life as an independent and fearless journalist. Born on January 4, 1941, he died at age 62; W HEREAS Burgos began his long journalistic career in 1961 as a police reporter with the Philippine Herald and went on to become an investigative reporter for the chain of newspapers owned by Joaquin “Chino” Roces, the Times-Mirror-Taliba. In 1970, he was chosen one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) for his reportage of election-related violence in his home province of Ilocos Sur; W HEREAS from the late 1970s up until People Power I, Burgos was a leading symbol of the alternative press or “mosquito press” that exposed the grim and brutal realities of the Marcos dictatorship. He published a string of dailies – We Forum, Malaya, Midday and Tinig ng Masa – one after the other after each was shut down by the dictatorship; W HEREAS in December 1982, upon orders of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, soldiers raided the office of We Forum and arrested Burgos and nine members of his staff and columnists. Marcos had him jailed on sedition charges. But barely a month after his release from prison in 1983, Burgos was back with another broadsheet, Ang Pahayagang Malaya, at a period when all of mainstream Philippine media was muzzled by tyranny; W HEREAS Malaya was the only paper which published the full story of the murder of former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. in August 1983. Burgos explained: “ Malaya was the only one. When Ninoy was laid to rest, there were millions of people at his funeral. There was no coverage, yet it was the biggest news of the year.”; W HEREAS during his continuing clash with the dictatorship owing to his maverick publications, Burgos was slapped with many libel charges. He claimed to have so many suits that he referred to himself in jest as the “Best Dressed Man in the Philippines.” The suits, however, never deterred him from providing an alternative newspaper at a time when it was most dangerous to do so; W HEREAS Burgos’ lasting contribution to independent and vigilant journalism has been internationally

recognized twice. In 1986, shortly after People Power I, he was awarded “International Journalist of the Year” by the Inter-Press Service. In 2000, the International Press Institute named him one of 50 “World Press Freedom Heroes of the Century.” He is the lone Filipino to have been accorded that honor to this day; W HEREAS during an awarding ceremony in 2000, Burgos was reported to have told his friends that he felt like an “endangered specie,” noting that of the 50 awardees, only 27 of them were actually still alive to receive the award; W HEREAS Burgos also made a mark in Philippine politics when he joined the senatorial slate of the Partido ng Bayan, the progressive forerunner of Bayan Muna, which espoused the nationalist and democratic platform heralding the “new politics of change”; W HEREAS since 1986 after the downfall of the Marcos regime, Burgos has ventured into organic farming, science and agriculture journalism, and reaped awards as well. The “farmer-journalist”, as his family described him, would however be most remembered in Philippine history as one of the most enduring champions of press freedom during the dark martial law years; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the House of Representatives honor the late Jose Burgos Jr. — the lone Filipino internationally-acclaimed World Press Freedom Hero of the Century, pillar and icon of independent and vigilant Philippine journalism, and leading symbol of the alternative press who courageously exposed the dark years of the Marcos dictatorship — for his distinct and lasting contribution to press freedom, justice and democracy. Adopted,

SATUR C. OCAMPO Bayan Muna—Party-List Bayan Muna—Party-List

JOEL G. VIRADOR Bayan Muna—Party-List


HR 1396 - Joe Burgos  

Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TWELFTH CONGRESS Third Regular Session W HEREAS from the late 1970s up until People Pow...

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