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Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TWELFTH CONGRESS Second Regular Session

HOUSE RESOLUT ION No. 1190 ________________________________________________________________________________ Introduced by Reps. SATUR C. OCAMPO, CRISPIN B. BELTRAN and LIZA L. MAZA ________________________________________________________________________________ RESOLUTION DIRECT I NG THE COMMI TTE E ON AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND FISHER I ES TO CONDUCT AN INVESTIGAT IO N, IN AID OF LEGISLATION, INTO THE INCREASING CONVERSION OF COASTAL AND FISHERY AREAS TO THE DETRI M E N T OF THE LOCAL FISHI NG SECTOR AND FRAGILE MARINE ECOSYSTEM AND MAKE THE NECESSARY RECOMMENDAT I O NS INSTITU T I NG A MORATORI U M ON CONVERSION ACTIVI T I ES PENDI NG THE PASSAGE OF APPROPRIATE LEGISLATION THAT WILL REGULATE CONVERSION ACTIV I T I ES AND PROMOTE AN ECOLOGICALLY SOUND, SUSTAINABLE, PEOPLE- BASED AND FISHERFOLK- ORIENTED UTIL IZATI ON OF COASTAL AND FISHERY AREAS W HEREAS conversion activities in various coastal and fishery areas of the Philippines are heading to an alarming rate of dislocation and devastation; W HEREAS the wetlands, coastal and other fishery areas that have been converted to private aquafarms have already reached 978,169 hectares as of year 2000, while mangrove areas had dwindled from 500,000 hectares in the 1960s to a mere 38,000 hectares in the 1990s; W HEREAS a total of 647,226 hectares of coastal fishing grounds as of year 2000 have already been transformed to mariculture areas which include pearl farms, seaweed farms and fish farms; W HEREAS thousands more of other hectares of coastal and fishery areas are being subjected to conversion for eco-tourism, commercial, industrial and other purposes by the government and the private sector, including their foreign corporate partners; W HEREAS an estimated 182,000 fisherfolk have already been displaced as of year 2000 by the uncontrolled conversion as well by the rising privatization of traditional fishing grounds, according to the fisherfolk organization Pamalakaya and its grassroots chapters; W HEREAS according to Pamalakaya, conversion cum reclamation projects such as in Cordova and Mactan, Cebu; Manila Bay; Laguna Bay; Sta. Clara, Batangas City and in many other areas have driven away fishing families and coastal dwellers from their main source of livelihood and place of abode; W HEREAS ongoing and impending conversion projects such as but not limited to the Manila Bay Master Development Project, Pampanga Delta Development Project, Seven Lakes ecotourism project, Puerto Galera ecotourism project, Manila South Harbor project will cause the massive displacement of thousands of fishing families and all inhabitants of the areas and aggravate the marginalized condition of subsistence fisherfolk; W HEREAS conversion and related activities like reclamation have proven destructive not only to the human populace but to the fragile environment and marine ecosystem as well;

W HEREAS the rising scale of conversion and privatization of fishing grounds breaches the protected rights of Filipino fisherfolk, especially subsistence fishermen and local communities, to a secure livelihood and human settlement as these activities take away and destroy their communal fishing grounds and resources, both inland and offshore (Art. XII, Sec. 1; Art. XIII, Sec. 7); NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the Committee on Agriculture, Food and Fisheries conduct an investigation, in aid of legislation, into the increasing conversion of coastal and fishery areas to the detriment of the local fishing sector and fragile marine ecosystem and make the necessary recommendations instituting a moratorium on conversion activities pending the passage of appropriate legislation that will regulate conversion activities and promote an ecologically sound, sustainable, people-based and fisherfolk-oriented utilization of coastal and fishery areas.




Bayan Muna–Party-List Muna–Party-List

Bayan Muna–Party-List

LIZA Bayan

HR 1190 - Fish area conversions  

W HEREAS thousands more of other hectares of coastal and fishery areas are being subjected to conversion for eco-tourism, commercial, indust...

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