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Academic Year Impact Report 2019-2020

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Managing Director's Welcome and Chairman's Letter

Innovating in 2020


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One Day Activities, Challenges and Festivals

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2019-2020 Finances

4,198 students inspired in 2019-2020

Introduction From Howard Railton, Chair of Trustees

From Anne Edward, Managing Director The last academic year with the six month closure of schools for COVID we were all reminded of how quickly the norms we accept can be altered, how our understanding of our place in the world can change and how powerful a force innovation can be in our lives. In reality, we all became students of a global challenge and were asked to adapt to a world we could never have imagined just 12 months ago. As an organisation that inspires the next generation it put SATRO in the position of experiencing what students today are facing: the reality of being a global citizen in an ever-changing world where the skills and jobs of their future are often still to be invented. We found ourselves working from home, using new technology to meet each other, solving everyday problems related to a health pandemic, learning to collaborate remotely and questioning the essential elements of our everyday life. We all learnt from the experience and have adapted to an accelerated process of change. At SATRO whilst our in-person delivery impact was significantly reduced our reach was increased through our online resources and events. What remains core to our delivery is our aim to extend learning beyond the curriculum to: Inspire understanding of the world we live in and the technology we use; Challenge perceptions of the world of work and career pathways; Develop key skills for jobs of the future.


Never has it been more important for us to work with a generation that will have the opportunity to solve some of the biggest issues this planet has faced and whose understanding of their place as a global citizen is so acutely understood.

Before the Covid emergency arose, the academic year had seen excellent growth in all our programmes and events. The restructuring from the previous years was realising major benefits and things looked very encouraging Covid has meant that the second half of the year has looked very different with schools closing and events being cancelled. While this caused a very severe strain on all those involved in running the charity, I am pleased that the immediate response by SATRO's Management and Board has meant that effective action was taken quickly to position the charity for the short term and the Managing Director, Anne Edward, and the Tutors, Associates and Staff put a massive effort into rethinking our offerings to suit the new conditions. The Mobiles programme has proved to be particularly popular with schools. STEM activities, which traditionally relied on face to face events, have been re-structured to run virtually. In some cases, the fact that the event is virtual has helped a wider group of pupils and volunteers to be involved e.g. the virtual Careers Speed Networking events have allowed people to take part from outside Surrey, one Engineering Manager doing so from Pune in India. I would like to thank those people and organisations that fund SATRO for their support and understanding. Their continued and longterm support has enabled SATRO to continue. Next year is going to be a challenge for all charities so your support will be even more valuable. I would also like to thank the staff, Associates and Volunteers for their hard work and imagination during this difficult year. You all deliver SATRO's powerful message that STEM is important and that, without great scientists, doctors and engineers, we would be unable to respond to challenges like the Covid crisis.

2019-2020 - Activities, Challenges and Festivals STEM Activities In academic year 2019-2020, we were set to inspire over 7,000 students with our One Day Activities alone. Despite the fact we unfortunately had to postpone the majority of our activities from March onwards, we still managed to deliver our One Day Activities to 2,789 students before the schools had to close. SATRO offers One Day Activities to both primary and secondary schools where they can book STEM and Business focussed activities at a time convenient for them and that fits into their curriculum. The activities are tailored for each year group, supported by enthusiastic volunteers with professional backgrounds and coordinated by a SATRO Tutor or Associate.

Cross School Challenges


In academic year 2019-2020, we ran our annual Problem Solving Challenge. The first heat kicked off in January 2020 and the last at the end of February. 720 students took part in the heats. Unfortunately, due to the 2020 pandemic, we were unable to host the final due to take place in March so we gathered all of the points from the teams who participated at each of the five regional heats and awarded trophies to the Overall Highest Scoring Points team and then the Overall Winners in KS3,4&5.

TeenTech Surrey The TeenTech events gives Year 8 students and teachers the opportunity to try their hand at experiments, to handle leading edge technology and, most importantly spend time with the Scientists, Engineers, and Technologists influencing their 21st century lives. In November 2019, 280 Year 8 students attended TeenTech Surrey kindly supported by 35 Business Ambassadors and exhibitions from 31 STEM companies to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.

"I would like to thank you for the amazing eye-opening experience at the TeenTech event. I have learnt a lot more about the world of tech after speaking to multiple professionals of their own fields and now have a much deeper understanding of them." - Student Quote in attendance at TeenTech Surrey.

"The best thing I learnt was team management managing the team was a different skill I had not partaken in before and it allowed me to understand how a team worked and its effectiveness." - Student Quote in attendance at our Problem Solving Challenge.

Mobiles and Mentoring Mobile Construction Classrooms Our Mobile Construction classroom worked in 25 schools across Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex and the London Borough of Sutton. With a total of 297 students taking part in a range of Construction courses. SATRO provides the BTEC Level 1 Award and Certificate in Construction and our own Entry Level SATRO Award, and we support schools in achieving both the AQA and BTEC Level 2 qualifications. We taught all abilities across mainstream (48%), SEN (40%) and Pupil Referral units (12%) offering different pathways for those who wish to choose construction, to those looking for a vocational option to re-engage with their education, and to those seeking life skills. Of course, all teaching came to an end in March. All tutors completed individual assessments on every student in May for Centre Assessed Grading. This allowed every student to either complete their qualification or ensure that they remained on course to achieve next year. We were able to award 106 BTEC qualifications this year with 60% at the 2 Year Certificate Level and 40% at the 1 Year Award Level. In addition, we provided a series of online resources linked directly to our BTEC course including careers information to allow students to remain engaged from home. These were released weekly and included carpentry, electrics, plumbing, health & safety, bricklaying and construction drawings.


"It has been a true honour and a pleasure to work with Kevin. The Year 11 students (who will now be leaving) all feel that he has taken the most time out of any of their teachers to really get to know them as individuals. He knows how they tick, how to get them to work and how to get the very best out of all of them. I have never seen these students more engaged." - Teacher Quote

Mentoring Programme SATRO started Mentoring projects with 8 schools and matched 84 Mentoring pairs. Each mentor is a volunteer who is trained by SATRO, carefully matched by the school with a student in need of support, and committed to a full year support programme. The structure and focus of their discussions is led by the student. Each school programme is funded by a corporate or public body and most provide volunteers from within their own staff team. This is often part of a wider staff training and CSR programme. The schools supported were from across Surrey in Guildford, Banstead, Reigate, Oxted, Shepperton, Leatherhead and Godalming. All the programmes halted with school closures and homeworking for mentors. The SATRO Mentoring team looked at the possibility of taking the programmes online, examining the ways in which we could engage through schools with students, provide additional training to mentors and implement necessary additional safeguarding procedures. During the first lockdown, this was a challenging new way of working particularly for schools and families with students at home and as a result only very limited online Mentoring took place in the Summer term 2020. It has however allowed us, schools and mentors to be prepared for the coming year and whatever that might bring. We also worked with new and old sponsors to engage an additional 3 schools in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire for the coming year.

"We’re really pleased with the progress and outcomes shown through the mentoring programme. The last few months have been a particularly challenging period for our students, however with the support of the fantastic mentors, they were able to show resilience and continue with their studies.� - Teacher Quote

Innovating in 2020 In 2020 SATRO's ability to problem solve and be innovative in our delivery to students across all programmes ensured that our impact continued throughout the pandemic.

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Online Resources With the closure of schools, we immediately looked to provide the students we support across all our areas of delivery with online resources. Weekly STEM and Construction Resources were uploaded to our website for students, teachers, parents and carers to support with online learning. We extended this to create a range of tutor resources for our construction team to ensure that the impact of any interruption to teaching in the new academic year could be minimised for those studying for our BTEC qualification.

Virtual Extended Research Project At the start of 2020 SATRO secured placement opportunities from professional providers for students to take part in our Summer Research Programme. Unfortunately, in April we had to inform the providers that the scheme would need to change to meet the new restrictions of COVID.


The programme was therefore taken online with the benefit that we were able to offer it to an increased number of students. From 40 applicants we ran the programme with 28 students in the Summer holidays of 2020. Providers put together a selection of topics with agreed parameters from which students were invited to choose for the preparation of a research project. These included Chemistry, Physics, IT, Engineering, Environmental and Medicine.

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In addition, students were offered mentoring discussions with the providers, online interviewing experience, university application support, feedback on projects submitted. Several students have since used their experience to complete their UCAS applications.

Virtual Careers Speed Networking Having initially postponed our One Day Activities as we were unable to deliver in person, similar to many, we turned to online platforms such as Zoom and Teams! The first activity we ran virtually was a Careers Speed Networking event with 148 Year 10 students who were studying at home and 10 corporate volunteers who were able to discuss their careers with the students. It was a huge success and provided the basis of our planning for the new academic year.

Virtual Cross School Challenge

Lastly, as we started to plan ahead, we developed a virtual Cross School Challenge that students could work in small teams to come up with ways our Health Services can be improved further. Of topical interest the STEM delivery team produced 8 weeks' worth of tasks that would be judged and marked on a leader board. Their main task was to plan/design improvements to our health service; could they: empower the public to take more care of their health, make hospitals smarter, improve patient care, make tasks and/or staff more efficient, introduce new technology or make healthcare more mobile!

“To build a fair education for all, we need to unlock the potential careers paths of all children so they are aware of exactly what is out there for them after they leave Gordon’s. Our aim is to provide our students with as much information as possible on the various routes they can take. This might be university; an apprenticeship or career choice. Our reason for choosing SATRO to provide careers events is the variety of careers and expert advice and support their volunteers are able to give our students.” - Caroline Sims, Careers Lead at Gordons School.

Looking Ahead As SATRO looks forward to this new academic year, the disruption to education and how we are able to work, remains a forceful presence in all we do. Each and every workshop, classroom activity and event we roll out is a 'problem solving challenge' in itself. Now more than ever, risk assessments are at the forefront of all we do as we work closely with schools. In this academic year we are delivering 96 hours a week of Construction and STEM timetabled teaching and are delivering in-person activities where possible. In the first term this included 7 primary workshops delivered in person and 2 online secondary careers events; whilst we prepared for our first ever virtual TeenTech Surrey and remote Problem Solving Challenge. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are continually innovating our delivery and will increase our focus on those students who are at risk of being left behind. More widely SATRO continues to work in partnership with organisations and programmes to extend our impact and contribute to new developments in all our areas of work.

NEW PROJECTS Sustainable City

Sustainable Materials


During 2020 we took the opportunity to review our strategy for the future as the foundations of our work shifted below our feet. We examined the changes in education, the issues for future generations and the changing workplace. As a result, we decided to refocus our strategy on three key themes: Building Skills: as a new partner of the Skills Builder Partnership (a universal framework to build essential skills) we will be focusing on developing key skills for the future with all age groups and providing a framework for achievement. Addressing Issues: we will be using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to allow us to engage young people in the wider understanding of what they are learning and its impact for the future. Concepts from the SDG's will be embedded within our activities and used to encourage understanding of the wider global perspective. Challenging Perceptions: SATRO's involvement as a link between business and education is longstanding. Given the estimate that 2 out of 3 children starting primary school will have jobs that don't yet exist today, it is clear that young people need to challenge their perceptions and open their minds to the changing world of employment.



Considering the issues in a city such as congestion, pollution and planning a better city for the future.

Know about congestion and pollution in cities; Understand that these are linked and why they are a problem; Be able to plan a better environmental solution for a city.

Consider different materials and their impact on the environment.

Know about different materials and their impact on the environment; Know about waste and pollution; Know about Bioplastics; Understand the 6Rs; Be able to reduce waste at school.

Sustainable Transport

Consider new transport solutions and design their own.

Sustainable Energy

Learning anout Non-Renewable and Renewable energy types and assessing our impact on the environment.

Know about the innovations in land, sea, and air travel; Understand why these innovations are better for the environment; Be able to design sustainable transport for the future.

Know why we need to use Renewable Energy rather than Non-Renewable Energy; Know what Wind, Solar, Tidal, Hydroelectric, Geothermal and Biomass Energy are; Be able to calculate and reduce your own carbon footprint

2019-2020 Finances SATRO finished the academic year in a good position thanks to the commitment of our sponsors to keep funding in place to allow us to innovate, develop and deliver to students. At the same time it reflects our ability to react swiftly to changing circumstances ensuring a secure future for the charity.

£570,195 £542,360







of income was spent on charitable objectives


Supporters SATRO benefits from the generous support of our individual donors, charitable trusts and companies. With no direct government funding, our work simply would not be possible without them. Alliots Armourers & Braziers Ashworth Trust BCS Berkshire Berkshire Community Foundation Blue Spark Foundation CarVal Investors Clothworkers Foundation Cold Fuzion David Leyshon Guildford Borough Council Henry Smith HEON IoD Surrey Persimmon Homes Points Align PowerCor Reigate & Banstead Council Sanofi Signify Staffing 360 Solutions St Faith's Trust SThree Foundation St James's Place Charitable Foundation Tampax Fund Tandridge Borough Council TT Electronics Walton Charity Youth Opportunities Fund Heathrow Airport YUnique Marketing Zurich

CP Charitable Trust

Local Development Growth Deal Funded by:

The Coleman Trust


Volunteer hours donated in academic year 2019-2020

We thank you for your ongoing support of SATRO




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