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One-on-One with Max T Solutions’ Peter Klein

Focus on TYREXPO AFRICA 2010

Tyre grading considered a new revolution Michelin unveils first responsible sports tyre

Vol 16 • June 2010

Tyrexpo Africa hosts dynamic Tyre Conference

Going green … the environmental impact

a set of premium 4x4 tyres courtesy of Maxxis

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with Max T Solutions’ Peter Klein...........................................................

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Focus on Tyrexpo Africa 2010

Mixed reviews for third round of Tyrexpo Africa – TYREXPO AFRICA 2010 hosts dynamic tyre conference...................

World Cup Fever is well and truly upon us and two lucky SA TREADS readers will be enjoying two of the games live, in the comfort of the Continental Tyre Hospitality Suite at Soccer City. Congratulations to Len van Driel of the SABS in Pretoria and to Nickole Shuttleworth – winners of our previous competition! Enjoy the experience!


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If your name was not the one drawn out of the hat, don’t despair. In June, we’re offering you another chance to win, this time, a set of premium 4x4 tyres courtesy of Maxxis, now ranking in the top 10 of the worlds’ top tyre makers. So if you’re an off-the-road enthusiast with the vehicle to match, enter our latest competition via the website ( or fax your entries (only one per person please!) to (011) 658-0010. You never know, our next lucky winner could be you! As for our feature story, suffice it to say that the front cover is a dead giveaway. In June, we’re bringing you a detailed report on the recently staged Tyrexpo Africa, which took place in March at the Sandton Convention Centre. The Infinity stand clinched top honours with the Platinum Award for best Stand Design, with the Gold Award going to Tubestone and the Silver, to Stamford Tyres. The Nitralife stand – while no match in terms of size and grandeur – nonetheless took the Bronze award - a well deserved accolade in my opinion! This year’s biennial tyre exhibition also ran alongside an enlightening Tyre Conference, featuring a host of key-note speakers, with one in particular Sir Tom Farmer from the legendary Kwik-Fit distribution giant in the United Kingdom - stealing the show. So, if you missed this informative session, be sure to catch up on some of the highlights by turning to page 9. An exclusive interview with Peter Klein of Max T Solutions, a visit to yet another successful Dunlop Zone store in Pretoria East and an introduction to the newly-implemented tyre labelling regulations introduced in Europe, the USA and Japan, are just some of the additional stories that take the spotlight in this edition. So, when in need of a break from all the sporting mania on TV, why not sit back and catch up on the happenings in the industry? Till we meet again in the Spring….


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One-on-One with


Peter Klein In March we introduced you to the new entity that is Max T Solutions – the culmination of a recent merger between two leading tyre divisions – Maxiprest Tyres (heavy truck and bus tyres) and Quality Tyres (mining, earth moving and other off-the-road applications). The two had long held a cooperative agreement, but according to Peter Klein, Sales Director TBR, the time had finally come to formalise the arrangement and officially join forces, for the benefit of the customer. We met up with him for an exclusive interview during which he divulged the way forward for this new transport servicing company.

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Q. Peter, this is a significant development. Could you tell us what led up to the decision to unite the two divisions? As a progressive company continually seeking to grow our customer appeal, it made perfect sense to unite Maxiprest and Quality Tyres. We needed to eradicate the perception in the market place that we were two separate companies.

Q. What is your primary objective when it comes to steering the new company in the right direction?

A pre-cursor to the integration and setting the scene for uniting Maxiprest

The Strategic change intervention we embarked on some two years ago,

and Quality Tyres into Max T Solutions, we embarked on a change

set the trend for the leadership methodology and style in driving Max T

management intervention across the organisation at all levels. We needed

Solutions in the right direction.

to align staff with our strategic intent and drive all our people towards a common focus and a culture of doing the right things right. Every facet of

It is about creating a common focus, with all our staff pulling in the same

our business was analysed to arrive at an honest reflection of who we are as

direction to ultimately deliver our pledge in a consistent and uniform

a company and what we have to offer in terms of customer service.


The change process was designed to generate a response by way of an

In the current trading climate and given that the tyre industry is largely

action plan for each department and staff member, emphasising their

over-traded, it’s accepted that we, as well as our competitors, have our

individual roles in the achievement of the business objectives.

respective strengths. The differential Max T Solutions (now 70 branches

In the end, we all came to same realisation that both divisions were

to all and delivering it in such a way that our customers are not only

strong) is aiming towards, is taking that solutions package that is common inexplicably linked by the fact that they are owned by Bridgestone. We also

satisfied, but supremely happy! In short, we’re striving to do things better

came to another important realisation, namely, that in this business, it’s

than anyone else.

not about providing a product - our primary function is to add value to our customers.

Q. A noble aspiration in itself, but how do you propose driving this message throughout the group and motivating your staff accordingly? By default, the strategic change initiative we implemented aligns every member of staff with their personal direct responsibility in achieving our business objectives. This system operates on simplistic project management principles that ensure that we action our commitments. The staff of Max T Solutions have adopted a culture of responsible ownership for their jobs and whilst markets are tough and selling conditions challenging, we are on the right track to doing right things right consistently. This is a challenge, as you say - not everyone has the same vision. My strategy is to change our peoples’ focus by entrusting them to make the right decisions. I believe that by empowering them with the skills and knowledge required to execute their responsibilities to the desired standards I believe that they will achieve our goals with a sense of pride in the accomplishment. Q. In other words your management style is one of joint collaboration rather than autocracy? Our Leadership style, as is the case with our owner Bridgestone under the leadership of Kenji Shoda, is one of inclusiveness, promoting ownership and sharing rewards. We are one team with a common line of sight, pulling in the same direction, living our pledge and achieving our bottom line intentions.

O n e - o n - O n e • 5

I don’t show my teeth unless I absolutely have to. That being said, we

them to develop a closer relationship with their customers, thereby

are fortunate to have the mechanisms in place that allow us to keep

eliciting more support and interaction.

abreast of individual performance levels on a daily basis. Plus, we’ve developed a brand new Tyre Management System – the The important thing to remember is that together with Bridgestone’s

Maximizer 2 TMS – currently being tested by one of our major customers

unflinching support, I’m here as a facilitator, to help, support and provide

with encouraging results - which we believe will go a long way towards

the sales teams with the tools they need to achieve, professionally as

providing superior reporting and ease of use as well as transparency, by

well as individually.

virtue of its ability to operate automatically.

Q. How did you go about communicating the creation of Max T

And then there are our Field Engineers (there are 15 in total), who are

Solutions across the country?

among the best this industry has to offer, attending to problems and

The Executive team of Max T Solutions went on a country wide road

technical issues on an ongoing basis.

show communicating and sharing the change as well as our strategic intent for 2010/2011. Over and above that we communicated the

Q. Are these old-hands or newcomers to the industry?

change through media and other communication channels into our

Some of them are old-hands with a wealth of technical knowledge and

client base and the population at large.

experience while others are younger people who have embraced the concept and message we’re actively driving.

Q. Was the news well received? As is the case with any change in organisations, there are always levels

Q. Recent end user surveys reveal a perceived lack of knowledge,

of apprehension and fear. However, a proper change management

passion and technical competence on the part of the tyre industry.

strategy accompanied the change and fears were allayed through

Do you believe this to be a fair and accurate portrayal of the current

proper and open communication in line with the business ethos of Max

state of affairs?

T Solutions. Staff has accepted the change without any major difficulty

To a large degree, yes. The industry as a whole needs to professionalise

or fear. It is ultimately all about communication.

its service offering to the end user and it can only do this by securing and retaining the services of skilled and competent people who operate

Q. What sort of feedback have you had from the end users with

at the ‘coalface’.

respect to the creation of Max T Solutions? Not surprisingly, the response from our customers has been most

I’m determined to do everything I can to instil newfound passion and

encouraging with many voicing their approval at our apparent renewed

excitement for the business in our people, to instil pride in their work

understanding of their needs. Again, as I said earlier, the current trading

and to demonstrate how they can be a valuable part of the overall

platform calls for a deeper understanding of the customers’ needs.

solution by meeting their customers’ needs. If we don’t achieve this,

Never before has it been as important for tyre service providers to offer

they will likely operate much like a conveyor belt, doing the minimum

a complete tyre solution under one roof. The ‘knock and drop’ practices

of what is expected of them, with no desire to add value or provide

prevalent in the 80s and early 90s are a thing of the past.

meaningful solutions.

Q. Can you tell us some of the features and aspects of your service

Q. I would say you have your work cut out for you?

offering which you hope will differentiate you from your competitors?

Perhaps, but I truly believe that developing our people in the correct

Without giving any trade secrets away (we’re currently working on a

manner and providing well-mapped out career paths and incentives,

number of new initiatives which I’m not prepared to disclose at this

can help us to win the fight, not only in terms of delivering a superior

point), let’s just say that we’re actively working on improving the service

service, but in boosting their own self-esteem and confidence. I believe

delivery of our Performance Improvement Technicians (on and off-site),

this to be far more important than financial compensation.

by honing in on the potentially critical role they play when it comes to driving down their customers’ running costs. We are also encouraging

People who exhibit potential must be acknowledged and personally

6 • O n e - o n - O n e

commended, something which should go a long way towards reducing the high incidence of ‘poaching’ in the industry. A staff member will be less tempted to accept another work offer if he or she, feels valued and can see a long-term future for themselves in the company. Q. Why do you believe there is such a high turnover of staff in the tyre industry? I think the main reason is that we tend to employ unskilled people and start them off cheaply on a low level of payment. You won’t retain people that way, hence my desire to concentrate on sustainable ‘career pathing’, so as to contribute towards correcting the current imbalance in an industry that is thinly stretched in terms of skills and resources. Currently, we are making a concerted effort to approach technical schools by way of dedicated presentations to potential candidates in the hopes of attracting greater numbers as well as higher calibre people to the industry. Granted, this requires a sizeable investment, but one which I believe it will more than pay off in the long run. Peter Klein joined the tyre industry in 1975. Following a succession of posts in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, he joined what was at that stage, the second biggest retreading company in SA. He achieved much success with some of the country’s biggest mining power houses where he negotiated service and supply contracts. He joined Quality Tyres in 1991. His time with Quality Tyres was both rewarding and challenging, but his talent for the written word, coupled with sharp business acumen, was a successful combination that soon spearheaded him to many Management positions. Later, when Firestone took over the company, he was offered a Directorship in the company. When Bridgestone acquired Firestone, Maxiprest Tyres acquired equity in Quality Tyres. Peter and some of his colleagues have recently shifted portfolios from Quality Tyres to Maxiprest Tyres. He has been with Maxiprest Holdings (the holding company of Max T Solutions) ever since.

DWF BS/513119

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We focus on excellence in every single tyre. In everything we do, we focus on providing superior quality and safety, on constant innovations, environmentally friendly concepts and performance under the most demanding conditions. But above all, we always focus on putting all our knowledge and all our effort into every single tyre.

For your nearest Bridgestone Authorised Dealer, visit our website at

Bridgestone South Africa

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F o c u s o n T y r e x p o A f r i c a 2 0 1 0 • 9

Mixed reviews for third round of Tyrexpo Africa TYREXPO AFRICA 2010 HOSTS DYNAMIC TYRE CONFERENCE The third instalment of the biennial Tyrexpo Africa,

spanned Thursday to Saturday in response to

which took place at the Sandton Convention

a direct request from the local contingent, ran

Centre on 4-6 March of this year, was of the

like clockwork. As for the mileage the exhibition

typical high standard we’ve come to expect

was expected to generate, opinion is divided,

from this trade event and its organisers. For the

with some exhibitors elated with the volume

most part, exhibition stands were professionally

and quality of business that was transacted and

constructed, well manned and eye-catching.

others citing disappointing figures in terms of feet

Moreover, the three-day event, which this year,

through the door.

1 0 • F o c u s o n T y r e x p o A f r i c a 2 0 1 0

But what sorts of numbers can be considered disappointing for a show like

was extremely impressive. That they came in increased numbers compared to

this, bearing in mind that this is a dedicated trade event that does not target

the last show in 2008 was a great bonus and demonstrated that many people

the general public? Would it not be unfair to expect the typical visitor volumes

in the industry are feeling more positive than they were at the end of last year.”

that more established public-oriented shows tend to generate? And lest we forget, Tyrexpo Africa is still in its infancy.* Despite this, both visitor numbers

* ECI International also host Tyrexpo Asia – now in its 14th year of staging –

as well as exhibitor numbers were up from 2006 (103) and 2008 (124) to

which attracts between 150-180 exhibitors and between 2 700-3 500 visitors

133, but the decline of national exhibitors to 26 from 37 in 2008 and 32 in

from over 83 countries. Brityrex, their third biennial tyre exhibition, now in

2006, was disappointing, especially in light of what appeared to be a growing

its 21st year, takes place in Britain and attracts about 110-120 exhibitors and

Chinese contingent. Interestingly, Chinese exhibitors numbered only 38 as

between 2 400 and 2 700 visitors. Their newest and fourth tyre trade event in

opposed to 2008 when there were 42 Chinese companies displaying their

the form of Tyrexpo India is scheduled to take place in July 2011.

products. Still, the perception from both exhibitors and visitors alike was that the Chinese presence had risen substantially. I would hazard a guess and say

Not a great show for China

that this was because the Chinese brands with no local representation were

Ironically, the deluge of mostly unknown Chinese brands located on the

congregated in one particular section of the hall.

eastern side of the hall met with scant interest from the 2 602 foreign and local business people visiting the show. The main reason for this would appear

There were some interesting foreign stands on view such as Sinorgchem – a

to be the language barrier, with the Chinese failing to secure the services of a

global leading producer of rubber antioxidant, based in China and supplying

translator for the duration of the show. Another likely explanation would be the

its products globally. I spent some time with them on their stand to hear about

market’s inherent suspicion of Chinese brands with no official local agencies,

their range of products which they claim boast a pureness in excess of 96%,

for fear of comebacks and poor after-sales service.

thereby ranking them as global leaders in the rubber additive market segment. In contrast, well-established brands from the East such as Infinity, BKT, Apparently, their products are already being distributed locally via agents, but

Stamford Tyres, Maxxis and Techking, to name a few, put on a good show,

they are planning to step up their presence and marketing efforts in the South

with the Infinity brand going so far as to hire the services of three sexy female

African market and to the local tyre manufacturers in particular, in line with the

dancers, dressed in a tread-patterned body suit, to perform dance routines

company’s global expansion plan. I asked why they chose to exhibit at Tyrexpo

during the course of the three-day event. Suffice it to say, this clever marketing

Africa to which Chris Chen, Marketing Supervisor, duly replied that with South

ploy worked well for them, drawing crowds of appreciative male buyers to their

Africa’s tyre sales accounting for 70% of total sales in Africa, participation in this

impressive stand, which took the Platinum Award for best stand design at this

trade event was considered an important first step for Sinorgchem in exploring

year’s show – yet another well-deserved accolade to add to the brand’s list of

the market.

achievements across the globe.

In total, delegates and exhibitors from more than 60 countries met do business,

Beefs and Bouquets

which was encouraging in light of the recession.

While the workshop equipment and ancillary product stands buzzed with expectant visitors, with companies such as Rema Tip Top, Nitralife, Wheelquip,

Said ECI Sales Director, Rowena Suthers: “The global recession has affected

Hofman Megaplan and Leader Quip seemingly well satisfied with the turnout

every business in some way, and yet, the quality of visitors who came to

and quality of business conducted, tyre distributors complained that visitor

Johannesburg with the intention of meeting new suppliers and doing business,

numbers to their stands were disappointing, particularly on the Saturday. A

A delighted team clinched the silver Award for Stamford tyres. The Stamford Tyres stand which took the Silver Award.

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F o c u s o n T y r e x p o A f r i c a 2 0 1 0 • 1 1

1 2 • F o c u s o n T y r e x p o A f r i c a 2 0 1 0

number of Super 14 games were screened on that day which likely kept many

He claimed that South Africa represents 30% of Africa’s GDP and has only

people away, not to mention the apathy that generally exists among South

5% of the population of Africa and that government and the manufacturing

Africans when it comes to relinquishing their hard-earned weekends, in favour

segments employ in excess of 50% of all people employed in South Africa

of a trade show. But all credit must go to the organisers for heeding the call to

(latest unemployment figures are at 30%). Added to that, South Africa

stage the show over a Saturday after alleged complaints from local exhibitors,

contributes over two percent of its GDP to its surrounding neighbours so any

last time around, that getting to Sandton during the week with all that traffic was

negative socio economic development affects not only South Africa but the

a major deterrent. That being said, I doubt that ECI will ever consider running it

entire region.

over a Saturday again - the effort was hardly worth it. He further suggested that government policy regulating trade relations with Sadly, the apparent apathy around the Show further extended to the one-day

China and India will play a role in determining the effects of these trade partners

Tyre Conference which took place on Friday. Of the 100-odd people who had

on the region in the future, especially given the fact that the tyre manufacturing

pre-registered for the Conference, only 77 turned up, which was a great pity,

industry alone employs in excess of 16 000 people, who in turn, are collectively

given the quality of content that was delivered.

responsible for the livelihoods of over 80 000 South Africans. He added that while government had a role to play, a sense of conscience and responsibility

Tyre Conference content is of a high standard

of South African business plays an equally important role.

BRIC and the effect on the SA Tyre industry The morning session kicked off with a well-researched, somewhat

In exploring the effect of Chinese and Indian products further, he suggested

controversial presentation by Georg Schramm of Apollo Tyres, on ‘The

that while we are currently seeing a proliferation of over 200 Chinese tyre

macro economic impact of BRIC on the SA Tyre Industry and the resultant impact on socio-economic development in the region’, in which he stressed that the balance of economic power was in the process of shifting from the traditional European, Japanese and American stronghold to the East. He further stated that Brazil, Russia, India and China – the BRIC countries – will have an impact to a greater or lesser degree globally but that China and India were already emerging as the new players of consequence on the African continent. He cautioned that if not controlled, it would lead to the decimation of the South African manufacturing environment with a catastrophic knock-on effect for socio-economic development in the region. In support of his argument he related how the South African textile sector had met its demise due to inadequate influx controls, overwhelming competition and shrinking margins, resulting in a shattered industry. Said Schramm: “It is my belief that similar catastrophic effects will be felt by employees and dependants of the South African tyre manufacturing industry, unless a sense of responsibility greater than the pursuit of profits prevails” He added: “Much has been debated over the pros and cons of protectionist policies but the fact is that smaller, less developed economies – unless protected with adequate duty structures or effective bilateral trading strategies that encourage investment in the form of employment of those most influenced by reckless trade relations – do run the risk of destabilisation due to a massive negative impact on socio economic development.” Next, he divulged the impact trade relations with China and India was having on the southern Africa region and more specifically, on the tyre manufacturing segment.

In 2009 Maxxis was rated among the top 10 tyre manufacturers globally.

F o c u s o n T y r e x p o A f r i c a 2 0 1 0 • 1 3

brands in all product segments, being imported into South Africa (most of which are unknown and traded primarily on price), by contrast, very few Indian tyre brands are available in South Africa and those that are, are largely restricted to the agricultural segment. He said the importation of Chinese tyres obviously makes no real positive contribution to the labour segment in terms of job creation, added to which, a trading style predominantly based on price, impacts adversely on the local manufacturing environment. He also pointed out that India is currently the only BRIC country to own a manufacturing entity in South Africa – Apollo Tyres – currently employing 3 000 people, suggesting that the Indian model was focussed on sustainable

The Bronze Award went to Nitralife.

growth within the region, taking a long-term approach to the development of bilateral Indo-South African trade policies.

By way of explanation for his rise to fame and success, Sir Farmer couldn’t stress enough the importance of the development of interpersonal skills

He concluded by imploring the delegates to make a difference in the lives of

within companies, emphasising that every manager/director/president of a

ordinary South Africans by resisting the urge to stock and promote products

company should be a role model for their employees. He said that a company

that could pose serious repercussions to the industry, thereby putting our own

is only as good as the people in it – look after you people, train them well

well-being above that of people we should be helping. In short, to look beyond

and you will reap the results. He re-emphasised the need to develop and

the balance sheet and consider the long term impact of our actions.

maintain a highly self-motivated team and said that’s what they strove to do at Kwik-Fit. Their tyre fitters weren’t just fitters, they referred to themselves

Sir Tom Farmer steals the show

proudly as ‘Kwik-Fit fitters’, thereby denoting a sense of pride in their jobs.

The man who revolutionised tyre retailing in the UK in 1971, Sir Tom Farmer,

He added that at the Kwik-Fit centre managers (during his reign the centres

founder of what became the Kwik-Fit retail empire, flew to South Africa to

fitted 16 million tyres a year to an excess of 14.5 million cars) only had two

address the Conference, to relate how he built Kwik-Fit into one of the world’s

to three minutes to develop a relationship with the consumer, bearing in

largest automotive parts repair and replacement specialists before selling it to

mind that the experience of the consumer when buying tyres was one of

Ford in 1999 for US$2 billion.

‘distressed purchasing’. In fact, he insisted that most people would rather go to the dentist than go out to buy a tyre!

Speaking from the heart and without the use of notes, he commenced by referring to his upbringing in Glasgow, Scotland. His family had very little by

Sir Tom’s personal philosophy, combined with aggressive marketing, soon

way of material possessions, but they were part of a community that purported

catapulted Kwik-Fit to the success story it subsequently became.

respect for its neighbours. In short, everyone looked out for one another. His teacher didn’t rate Tom academically and told him he was destined to gain only

Chairman Roger McCleery referred to Sir Tom’s presentation as ‘inspirational’,

two certificates in his life – his birth and death certificates, which erupted in

and Sir Tom received no less than three applauses for what was a remarkable

laughter from the audience, and set the tone for what was to be an enthralling

presentation. The audience was literally transfixed for over an hour and

keynote address. His only aspiration as a youth was to secure a job that would

comments were made afterwards that he could have continued for a further

provide him with a company car (considered a real scoop in his neighbourhood)

hour and still had the audience spellbound. You could have heard a pin drop

and this was where he entered the industry as a tyre salesman. Determined to

in the conference room, testament in itself to the man’s natural presentation

do well and retain his newly-found status in the community, Tom threw his

and inter-personal skills. It was also very much the talk of the exhibition the

heart and soul into his work, building strong relationships with his peers as well

following day and those not present, missed out on an unforgettable delivery.

as his customers. He remained with the tyre firm for several years until he saw an opportunity to open his own tyre distribution facility, with assistance from

Imperial Logistics outlines challenges and ways suppliers can assist

close friends who were prepared to support his new venture. From humble

The Imperial discussion panel – spearheaded by Francois Ehlers – touched

premises and working single-handed, day and night, to build up the business,

on the serious issues affecting the transport business, among them, the

Tom’s reputation for honesty, integrity and impeccable service spread like

deteriorating condition of secondary roads in South Africa which increased

wildfire through the community, making for a successful retail operation, to

from 8% in 1998 to 20% in 2008. As a consequence of this, maintenance

which more outlets were added over time. And the rest, as they say, is history.

costs have shot up, particularly on tyres with impact fractures and side-wall

F o c u s o n T y r e x p o A f r i c a 2 0 1 0 • 1 5

damages to the fleet increasing by 12% from 2008 to 2010. In addition, they

impact of Chinese brands on the European retreading market with respect

are facing increased damages to transported cargo for which the transport

to perception and image, pricing and retreadability. He also touched on the

operators are liable by way of costs.

challenges facing Chinese manufacturers.

Fuel costs followed closely by tyre costs obviously made it to the list of concerns

He said that by and large the European market did not believe that Chinese

with the need to step up tyre maintenance coming under the spotlight.

tyres could be retreaded, but Wilson pointed out that the perception that all Chinese tyre manufacturers were the same was erroneous. He also said that

Said Ehlers: “There is no ‘one-tyre-fits-all’. This have been proven in the

not all Chinese manufacturers use European markets to dump excess capacity.

diversity of Imperial Logistics’ various market segments, he added, which would all attest to fitting the correct tyre for the correct application in terms of

Where the retreadability of Chinese tyres is concerned, he stated that the

type of vehicle, tyre brand and pattern, tyre position and size, quality and type

biggest hurdle that Chinese tyre makers had to overcome in Europe was the

of the road and operational requirements and transported cargo.

inherent negativity due to Chinese tyres being perceived as competition to retreads. There also exists a lack of knowledge and research as well as the

He stated that operating companies in Imperial Logistics were reliant on the tyre

failure to differentiate between the different Chinese brands on the part of the

industry, as professionals and partners, to assist in achieving a market related tyre


CPK, and that in light of that, tyre service providers should all be providing the following: attending scrap analysis and supplying objective comments

With the exception of GITI, Double Coin and Aeolus, all of which in Europe,

to failures; assisting with onsite tyre maintenance programmes; making

were perceived as retreadable, there was little demand for other brands of

recommendations for improvement as well as product application; conducting


weight studies; providing on-road support in the event of breakdowns; offer a national supply network with reduced dependency on third parties; assisting

He summed up by saying that at present, there was not enough information or

them towards reduced downtime and finally, and perhaps most importantly,

availability of other brands to be able to judge the situation accurately and fairly.

actively working alongside them to reduce operating costs. The contra argument was that nine Chinese companies are currently producing Chinese tyres from the European retreading perspective

over 2 million TBR tyres annually. These Chinese tyre makers must comply

The pan ultimate event came in David Wilson, Publisher of Retreading

with the same safety, endurance and performance tests as European or North

Business and The Tyreman, who offered some interesting data on the

American tyres, which demonstrates that they possess resources to produce

Tubestone was awarded the Gold Award for stand design.

1 6 • F o c u s o n T y r e x p o A f r i c a 2 0 1 0

highly retreadable casings. He added that many European retreaders were

Local tyre manufacturers were sorely missed

already successfully retreading certain Chinese makes and urged retreaders to

Much like the past two events, exhibitors and delegates were highly critical

evaluate each casing brand separately, as the larger Chinese producers were

of the attitude of the major tyre manufacturers who chose not to exhibit, with

already committing to the ‘cradle to grave’ concept.

consensus being reached that their presence at the country’s only dedicated tyre exhibition would have made a strong stand against the proliferation of

Managing the Waste Tyre process

foreign brands that are flooding into South Africa.

To conclude the day’s proceedings, Dr. Etienne Human and Des Griffiths of the SATRP, outlined the way forward with respect to the Waste Tyre legislation and

Said Suthers: “It is enormously frustrating for us as organisers and is

its impact on the industry. They spoke at length about the proposed green fee

obviously disappointing to those who do invest time and money in the show.

that will be used to recover the cost of the waste tyre management process

While domestic tyre makers were mostly absent, their places were filled by

with respect to: Collection and transport of waste tyres to transfer sites; storage

exporters from countries like China, who commanded a virtual monopoly of

and sorting of waste tyres; delivery of waste tyres to waste tyre processors;

the traders who came to the show. However, as organisers, we will continue

establishment and treatment fees for waste tyre processors; external auditor;

our endeavours to encourage the major manufacturers to exhibit, both to

external accountant; social awareness and marketing campaign; SATRP

demonstrate support for their customers and the industry at large.”

company administration. Whether the big four will ever see their way clear to support a trade event such Dr. Human painted a picture of the international markets, claiming that in

as this, which admittedly, is not aimed at the man-on-the-street, is ultimately

Europe, energy recovery had jumped from 11% in 1994 to 30% in 2004. In the

up to them. One thing is certain – their combined presence at the next event

US, about 54% of scrap tyres are used as alternative fuel in cement kilns, pulp

in 2012 would likely attract support from a greater number of local exhibitors

and paper mills and industrial and utility boilers, while ground rubber consumes

thereby not only boosting the national component, but also serving to cement

about 17% of scrap tyres generated and civil engineering consumes 12%.

the continuity of the only dedicated tyre exhibition in Africa.

More encouraging yet, stockpile abatement in the US, had reduced stockpiles

I, for one, believe our industry needs a dedicated trade event such as this and

by as much as 87% in the years 1990-2007.

would hate to see the show becoming an exclusive platform for foreign tyre companies to showcase their products and services.

In the US, a tyre-fee is charged at the dealer level and recovered by the IRS to pay for abatement plans, thereby demonstrating the need for a green fee to fund the waste tyre management process.

The show returns to the Sandton Convention Centre on 6-8 March, 2012.

Exhibitor feedback: “Tyrexpo Africa 2010 has given Tyrecor/Infinity the platform to further

event and we will definitely be attending the next one in 2012.” David

grow our presence in the southern African markets; not only giving

Barendse, Managing Director, Hofmann Megaplan.

us much needed exposure on a regional level, but also affording us the opportunity to give our current customer base in SA a glimpse of what can

“We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of visitors to our booth

be expected in years to come.

and we are happy to report that 60% of our visitors were new leads for us to follow up.” Pieter Kruger, Managing Director, Tubestone.

“We were pleased with the increase in African visitors to our stand this year which is a clear indication that Africa will be an important part of our plans

“We enjoyed good success at our stand. We put a lot of work into it as

going forward. That the show is run in such a professional manner has

a team and got a lot out of it. We believe that you need to get excited

made it truly worth our while.”

about your business and share this with the visitors coming to your

Charl de Villiers, Managing Director, Tyrecor.

stand.” Arthur Birkin, Richards Bay Tyres.

“The show was a great success for Hofmann Megaplan. A contributing

“Thank you for your excellent organisation of Tyrexpo Africa 2010.

factor, I believe, was that the show tied in with other tyre related events

All three times that we have exhibited (2006, 2008 and 2010), were

such as the launch of a new Firestone tyre which meant that we started

good for Bandenmarkt, with more sales achieved at each exhibition.”

off with delegates from all over SA. We would like to keep supporting the

Leen van’t Hof, Managing Director, Bandenmarkt, The Netherlands.

O n e - o n - O n e • 1 7

1 8 • I n d u s t r y N e w s

Grading or performance ranking considered a revolution for the tyre market

A Michelin tire bearing the new grading label in Japan.

Tire noise level is taken into account in performance grading.

When it comes to rolling resistance, grip on wet ground and noise levels, and even longevity depending on the country in question, Japan, North America and the European Union have rallied forces to supply consumers with information on tyre performance. Following in the footsteps of labelling for small domestic appliances, tyres will now bear a similar style of marking. Environmental performance and user benefits are essential when it comes

The USA and Japan

to sustainable and responsible mobility. This is the general consensus

In 2007 a parallel decision was taken in the US for potential application in

expressed through different approaches by the European Union, North

2011. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) decided

America and Japan.

to standardise three tyre properties: rolling resistance, grip on wet ground

In November 2009, the European Union adopted a regulation – mandatory

and longevity. This performance balance is dear to Michelin and the Group

for the 27 Member States – based on two principles. The first is the

has always actively campaigned for it. Thus, tyres sold on the US market

minimum performance threshold below which tyres will no longer be able

must be labelled on a scale of 0 to 100 on these three factors.

to be sold in Europe. The second is a ranking according to letters (A, B, C,

From this year onwards and on the basis of voluntary marking, the Japanese

E, F, G) which determines the fuel economy and sound level standards for

will phase in a process of allocating green and white descriptive labels to

Passenger Car and Light Truck and Truck tyres.

Passenger Car tyres. The fruit of lengthy talks between the leading players

Moreover, Passenger Car tyres must satisfy the criterion of grip on wet

in the field in Japan – including Michelin – manufacturers will be able to affix

ground. Florence Doucy from Michelin’s Public Affairs department in

a label on their tyres to attest to what cannot be seen by the naked eye:

Brussels explains, “the European political authorities have taken stock of

potential fuel savings through the “rolling resistance factor” and better grip

the challenges! Adopting grading and green tyres means reducing CO2

on wet ground, which reduces braking distance. In Japan, this “performance

emissions by 20 million metric tons per year. Secondly, through fuel

labelling” will be progressively rolled out by range with “green tyres”. The

savings, it increases the buying power of European consumers by 8 billion

Japanese version displays 5 levels of performance for rolling resistance and

euros per year!” This regulation will enter into force in 2012.

4 for grip on wet ground.

I n d u s t r y N e w s • 1 9

Tyrecor signs an exclusive distribution agreement with Solideal Tyrecor has decided to add yet another premium quality brand to its product

Rubber Tracks became an important part of the Solideal group in 1995 and

line-up by signing the exclusive distribution agreement with Solideal for all

from its inception, there was a high priority on technical advancement. This

types of construction and rubber track products for South Africa. This will place Tyrecor in a unique potion that it can offer a truly one stop shop to tyre dealers in South Africa. Solideal began manufacturing material handling tyres in Sri Lanka in 1985. Since then, the group has grown rapidly, exporting to all important world markets and steadily building its reputation for high quality natural rubber solid tires.

philosophy continues as Solideal leads the industry in several important anti-vibration developments. From 1996 through today, Solideal has continued to focus on the materials handling and construction niche industries, thereby becoming and important contributor to the construction business through organic growth and acquisitions. The Solideal group employs over 9,000 people worldwide.

In order to be closer to the customer, the Solideal group expanded into distribution operations throughout the world during the following 10 years. In 1988, the group’s R&D centre was established in Gent, Belgium. Today, the division employs 20 full time professionals helping to drive Solideal’s growth.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT Solideal first achieved ISO quality management certification in 1997 in its manufacturing and distribution network. Today, all of

In 1991, Solideal began manufacturing pneumatic tires for industrial and

its Sri Lanka factories, global research and development activities,

construction applications and quickly developed a reputation for quality.

and many centers in the distribution network are certified to the

Each year numerous products were introduced and today, the group

ISO 9001:2000 registration.

manufactures and distributes tyres for most construction equipment, right up to wheel loaders.

PERFORMANCE IS A MATTER OF SHAPE One step ahead in Reliability, Grip & Saving. RINGTREAD is the preferred tyre solution for the largest fleets in the world because of its unbeatable strength. The innovative ring-shaped tread converts a quality casing into a high performance RETREAD without any weak points. Choosing RINGTREAD means highest reliability - more grip - more mileage and considerable fuel saving. Ringtread Accredited Dealers: Auto & Truck Tyres, Barden Tyre Services, Dynamic Tyre Solutions, Tyre Magic Marc Stock - • Cell no: 083 252 0073

2 0 • M a n u f a c t u r i n g

MICHELIN UNVEILS FIRST RESPONSIBLE SPORTS TYRE – THE PILOT SPORT 3 Enjoyable driving without any of the drawbacks may seem like a dream, but

And of course, in this modern age, the package would not be complete

according to the Michelin Tyre Company, the Sport 3 – recently unveiled in

without the added advantage of energy efficiency and according to

a world premiere – is a dream come true.

Michelin, the new tyre meets this challenge by providing enhanced safety while also reducing fuel consumption.

According to the French tyre maker, this is the only tyre that combines outstanding on-road performance with environmental features that are

Intended for a wide variety of vehicle categories, the new Pilot Sport

unrivalled in its category.

3 is suitable for sporty city cars, compact and large, powerful sedans as well as small sports cars, such as roadsters and coupes, with the

Allegedly, the tyre was designed to provide superior driving sensations

extra-large 18 to 19-inch range serving as optional equipment on

along with safety and highly precise steering, which enables the driver

non-sporting models. In automotive industry terms, the tyre will cover

to maintain perfect control at all times and know exactly how the car will

every vehicle segment from class A to E1.

respond to the slightest turn of the steering wheel. In addition to this broad range of applications, the new Pilot Sport 3 is They further claim that the Pilot Sport 3 delivers superior grip. On wet

designed to be a truly global tyre and is being introduced in early 2010

surfaces, it holds the road better when cornering

in replacement markets around the world – South America, Europe,

and stops three metres shorter than its predecessor – the reigning benchmark

Africa, the Pacific and Asia. Next year, it will also be launched in North America.

sports tire**, the Pilot Sport PS2

Some carmakers have already approved the tyre for use on their signature sports car models, such as the new Audi A5 and the new Mercedes E 63 AMG, a promising start that clearly attests to the all-round excellence of the tyre. Michelin claims the latest car tyre is a good illustration of the Group’s strategy, which is never to sacrifice one performance feature for another. This means improving performance in several different areas simultaneously, a prerequisite to making any real progress. To achieve this balance, the Pilot Sport 3 has been built with unique, highly advanced technologies, such as the Green Power Compound, the Anti-Surf System and Programmed Distortion tyre architecture, all developed at Michelin’s own Technology Centre.

2 2 • M a n u f a c t u r i n g

GOODYEAR’S SAFETY DRIVE SEES 50% DROP IN WORKPLACE INJURIES In line with Goodyear’s global ‘No one gets hurt’ campaign, the SA plant has implemented safety strategies so successful that workplace injury statistics were halved last year. Goodyear was also the only plant in the company’s Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) region to record ‘zero time’ injuries (where an employee is booked off from work as a result of injury).


These impressive statistics – the best yet recorded by the Uitenhage plant – are a result of a four-pronged safety campaign that focuses on ergonomics, a behaviour-based programme called ‘Target Zero’, Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment, and an ‘Absolute Safety’ policy.

Bridgestone SA has again been recognised by Toyota SA for excellence as a supplier.

Goodyear Risk Control Manager Rene van der Merwe said the campaign kicked off in January last year, following training on ergonomics and ‘Target Zero’ – two key pillars of the ‘No one

Following earlier awards from South Africa’s number one manufacturer in the quality and delivery categories, Bridgestone has now received an award in the quality management category of the annual Toyota Supplier of the Year awards for 2009. The latest award rates suppliers’ performance in the areas of quality defects, downtime as a result of quality related problems, stop shipment campaigns associated with parts supplied and warranty claims. In addition, suppliers are required to use the kaizen approach, to be innovative and open to new technologies and to reduce waste and demonstrate environmental compliance. “We are very proud of this recognition by Toyota of our performance as a supplier to South Africa’s leading motor manufacturer,” said Bridgestone SA Chairman and CEO, Kenji Shoda. “We take our responsibility as a supplier to the motor industry very seriously and we always strive to deliver the best possible performance in all areas, including quality. This is an integral part of the way we do business and we do not expect any special recognition. “We are therefore most grateful, and pleased, to receive this latest award from Toyota South Africa and we dedicate our success to all of our employees involved in the production and quality management process,” Shoda added.

gets hurt’ campaign – by health and safety experts from Goodyear Global and EMEA. ‘Target Zero’ encompasses observing employees’ safe or unsafe acts. Where accidents have occurred, a senior management safety team analyses behaviours and suggests safer actions – for example utilising different tools or changing cutting methods. Next, a trained team of employee volunteers monitor safe and unsafe actions during a designated 15-minute time period each day. “From these observations we calculated the percentage of people acting safely,” she explained, “and we were able to introduce 10 safe actions and successfully modify five unsafe acts.” All 132 factory jobs were assessed last year in terms of ergonomics. Health and Safety Specialist Stoffel Williams said he and his four Ergo teams had ‘analysed each job for ergonomic risk and introduced corrective action if the risk was found to be medium or high.’ Two of Goodyear’s ergonomic successes were placed among the 14 finalists in Goodyear’s Global Human Tech Ergonomics Competition 2009.

M a n u f a c t u r i n g • 2 3


like to acknowledge and thank its staff for their valued contribution towards the completion of these environmental improvement projects, while still

This year, Algorax staff get to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary and

maintaining efficient operations and services”, said Algorax Site Manager,

at the same time get in on all the world cup soccer excitement!

Alan Shone.

“2010 is a phenomenal year to celebrate our 50th Anniversary”, said

Production of carbon black commenced in Port Elizabeth late in 1960 with

Algorax PR Manager, Kerry Kirkman. For the company, it is a celebration

an annual capacity of three grades, totalling eight thousand metric tons. The

of Algorax’s heritage and for our country 2010 is a significant year as we

company then, Phillips Carbon Black, changed its name to Algorax in 1986

prepare to host the first ever soccer world cup in Africa and unite in our

when Phillips Petroleum sold all their interests in the Port Elizabeth carbon

support for Bafana Bafana.

black plant to Degussa AG and the Industrial Development Corporation. Today the company is a joint venture between Evonik Degussa GmbH,

Our staff have all received Algorax soccer shirts, which have been

Germany and the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa.

manufactured by local Port Elizabeth company, Vanree Clothing and Algorax vuvuzelas have also added to the festivities.

Current capacity is sixty-five thousand metric tons, with eleven grades

Throughout our 50 year’s existence the company has recognised that

retread and rubber industries. The majority of CORAX® is sold into the

human resources are its greatest asset. Along with a high skills base, it is

tyre sector, with the balance, being sold into the retread and mechanical

the loyalty, commitment and dedication of its staff, the company says, that

rubber goods sectors.

being manufactured to meet the requirements of the South African tyre,

has ensured optimum customer service levels and improved production efficiencies.

CORAX® carbon black manufactured at the Algorax plant is primarily used as a rubber reinforcing filler. Essentially, carbon black together with

In recent years, economic pressures have resulted in the need to evaluate

Evonik Degussa precipitated silicas and organo silanes, used in the rubber

existing business models and to reduce costs. This withstanding, with the

compound, determine the property of that compound - whether it will have

company’s objective being to ensure long-term sustainability and secure

a high wear and tear resistance, superior flexing or stretching properties,

employment, it operates in a dynamic environment and is continually

or low heat build up.

looking for opportunities to create a challenging and rewarding work environment.

Algorax’s ESHQ Management system complies with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 9001:2008 and Responsible Care, the chemical

2010 also signifies the completion of Algorax’s plant improvement projects,

industry’s environmental, health and safety initiative to drive continuous

an investment of around one hundred million Rand. “The company would

improvement in performance.

2 6 • C o n t i C o r n e r

Industrial action could pose serious economic threat cautions Horni

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: Some 15,000 striking teachers, nurses and public sector workers took to the streets of Cape Town 16 September 2004 in a march to parliament to demand better wages in one of the biggest protest actions since the end of apartheid a decade ago. The one-day labour action took place as South Africa’s public sector workers dead-locked with government over wage increases. Six years later, similar protests threaten to topple economic stability. The nationwide Transnet strike has already cost the economy billions, with exports battered by the lack of activity in the shipping industry. He comments: “Ongoing industrial action on the part of South Africa’s unions is extremely troubling, particularly in a fragile economy that is struggling to recover. “Whilst I support the existence of trade unions – my father was a

According to the Managing

Union Man – and can sympathise with their concerns in part, one

Director of Continental Tyre

does not bode well for the long term. Union leaders must bear in

SA Dieter Horni, repeated

backlash, perhaps even crippling the industries and companies that

must remember that placing undue demands on a troubled economy mind that inciting strike action at a time like this could create a serious are providing jobs in the face of rising unemployment (currently at

bouts of industrial action



“A healthy balance between union demands and business realities



industry and the South African economy at large.

must be reached if we are to propel this amazing country forward into the future for generations to come. We must not lose sight of the fact that the South Africa is no longer privy to the protectionist measures of the past and that it must now operate as part of a


C o n t i C o r n e r • 2 7


global village. As such, applying unsustainable demands on a developing

and industry to continue working together beyond this event so as to

economy must be avoided at all costs,” said Dieter.

arrive at sustainable solutions to union members’ disputes. Only then

The South African tyre manufacturing sector employs in the region of 16 000 people, with Continental Tyre SA, accounting for 1  200 of that total, the majority of whom are the sole bread winners in their households.

can the future of the manufacturing sector in South Africa, which is responsible for thousands of jobs, be secured.” Dieter Horni hails from Germany. He has spent most of his working

Any prolonged strike action on the part of industries that are inextricably

career in the tyre business with 26 years of service to the German

connected with the tyre sector could pose serious repercussions on the

manufacturing giant, Continental AG – currently ranked fourth largest

livelihoods of thousands of people.

tyre company in the world in terms of sales (2009).

Added to that, Continental Tyre is an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup,

After one year in South Africa and in Continental Tyre SA, he sees

an event that is expected to draw scores of foreign visitors to South Africa

the SA market as a dynamic market with lots of opportunities. He also

over the next month.

believes the local market is a dynamic one, thereby possibly explaining

Says Horni: “The FIFA World Cup is an important branding platform for

the quick recovery which has resulted in supply shortages in both

the country as well as for the Continental tyre brand. We are looking

the replacement and OE markets. However, measures have been

forward to it and we’re excited about the impact it will have on our brand

put in place which should serve as a good groundwork for further

in carrying this positive image over to the second half of the year as we

improvement in the second half of this year. With this in mind, he

prepare for a new campaign and the launch of a new passenger tyre and

maintains the unions have a place in this improved market and that

truck tyre range. As such, it’s important to keep disruptions to an absolute

their role should not be undermined provided their demands are

minimum during this time. That being said, it is equally important for unions

realistic and sustainable.


2 8 • 2 0 1 0 B a n d a g C o n f e r e n c e

– another class act The 2010 Bandag conference was recently held at the picturesque Ivory Tree Lodge in Pilanesburg. Bandag conferences are synonymous with class

1. BTS Express Winners – BTS Cape Town, Mr. T van Zyl, Mr. V Tane and Mr. J Laskarides. 2. String trio (‘quartet’). 3. BTS Winner – BTS Vryheid, Ms. A Dullabh, Mr. B Steenkamp, Mr. M Naik and Mr. J Laskarides 4. Classical setup in the bush. 5. Bandag Winner – Tonway Tyres, Mr. W Sauvage, Ms. A Dullabh, Mr. M Naik, Mr. T Kallis and Mr. J Laskarides.

acts and this year was no different. The setting was perfect and kicked off with a talk from Ian Thomas, an international keynote speaker who focuses on his experiences as a game

QFG is to reward the Bandag and BTS Franchisees that excel in the three

ranger. His Spoor of Success keynote address showed the Bandag/BTS

critical pillars of being a successful commercial business, which are:

network as the power of a pride (the growing Bandag/BTS network) and

Bandag Dealer Criteria 1.Manufacturing 2.Sales & Marketing 3.Finance

how to stand up to challenges and make strategic choices. Given the

BTS Dealer Criteria 1.Services 2.Sales & Marketing 3.Finance

‘recession’ and other industry challenges faced by the tyre industry, this positive message left the network feeling confident about the future as the

Bandag is all about customer satisfaction and this is achieved through

entire Bandag/BTS network spoors to success as a united team!

excellent product manufacturing, exceptional customer service and a financially secure business. This is the business model adopted by Bandag

The highlight of the conference was revealed during the classical gala

and its franchise network to ensure end users gain the maximum benefit!

dinner set in the bush and under the starry night light. Here the Quest for Gold (QFG) winners were announced and long service awards given to

The title for QFG Winner was fiercely contested making every participant

Bandag’s very own stars, its loyal franchisee’s.

a champion. However, only one can be crowned as the overall winner!

Long service Awards: 5 Years – Bandag • Thomas Tyres Lowveld • Tonway Tyres 5 Years – BTS • Elkim – BTS Witbank • Protea Truck Den – BTS Nelspruit • Protea Tyres Vryheid – BTS Vryheid • Supatreads – BTS PE • Tyre Africa – BTS Pretoria • Tyrepro – BTS Windhoek • Tyres & Treads – BTS George • VT Tyre Services – BTS Cape Town 10 Years – Bandag • Bandauto Beira • Lombard Tyres • Longlife Tyres • Richards Bay Tyres • Sable Transport – Ndola • Treadmasters 15 Years – Bandag • Bandauto Maputo • Polokwane Bandag • Sable Transport – Lusaka 30 Years – Bandag • S&S Retreaders • Swazi Bandag • Sable Transport – Ndola • Treadmasters 35 Years – Bandag • Protea Tyres - Ermelo • SPBR – Reunion 45 Years – Bandag • CMC - Mauritius

This year’s winners are: Bandag Winners • Tonway Tyres – Gold Award • Protea Tyres Ermelo – 2nd Place • East Cape Bandag – 3rd place BTS Winners • Protea tyres Vryheid – BTS Vryheid BTS Express Winner • VT Tyre Services – BTS Cape Town These franchisees will be rewarded with a majestic 5-star tour of Northern India. Joining them will be National Tyre Services (NTS) based in Harare, Zimbabwe who were awarded with the Best Manufacturing Franchisee Award and Thomas Tyres Lowveld, who showed a tremendous growth despite the tough economic climate. Bandag is proud to be associated with all these independent entrepreneurs who continue to thrive against tough operating conditions and who place great emphasis on customer satisfaction, the Bandag way!

With the reliability you get from Bandag, your fleet can take on anything. 8182 Bandag Strip Ad.indd 3 5/15/08 4:39:38 PM

D i s t r i b u t i o n N e w s • 2 9

INSPIRED PEOPLE – Hi-Q Cape Town co-owners Elaine Solomon (also Assistant Store Manager) and Peter Alterskye with Waleed Meniers (Administration Manager), believe the dealership’s excellent BEE rating reflects the common Hi-Q value of trust.

TOP BEE-RATED HI-Q AN INSPIRATION TO PRIVATE SECTOR & AUTO-FITMENT INDUSTRY Hi-Q Cape Town, situated in the heart of the bustling ‘Mother City’ centre,

all BEE-related documents in there until you have achieved your certificate.

has become the first in the network to achieve an impressive Level One Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) rating.

“Our industry needs to stand up for itself. We need to establish an identity greater than the sum of our product range. The first so-called ‘fitment

Owner Peter Alterskye – a no-nonsense entrepreneur with a passion for

centres’ opened 30 years ago; now there are hundreds of modern, well

the automotive fitment industry – said the secret to a BEE rating was to

positioned, specialist shops offering while-you-wait service with no direct

“just do it!”.

labour costs charged. Crazy, but true! It’s high time we shouted from the rooftops about this on-going fantastic offer to the public and fleet

“One of the biggest challenges was a mindset of ‘so much paperwork’... the

operators,” he said.

piles of paper and detail-digging required. Time spent writing is taken from time that should be spent managing the business. All credit to the patient

“As a Qualifying Small Enterprise, Hi-Q Cape Town is measured on four of

staff, especially Dijon de Jager and Shamima Omar, at MpowerRatings, who

the seven elements of the generic BEE scorecard. In our case, these were

conducted our full BEE audit.”

Ownership, Management Control, Employment Equity and Socio-Economic Development. At our shop, in the main, this is who we are. We didn’t

Alterskye’s Cape Town dealership, co-owned with Ursula Fredericks and

change our business to become a BEE business. We increased our focus on

Elaine Solomon, who is also the Assistant Manager at the store, was

those areas not well defined and made some improvements along the way.”

amongst the first in the Hi-Q franchise to open in 2001. His practical advice

for entrepreneurs in similar businesses is simple: “Have a transparent

Alterskye said the Level One rating was important not only for Hi-Q Cape

document folder – labelled DO IT! – on your desk, in the way, all the time.

Town’s credibility with its fleet customers but also for “our personal belief

Maintain your focus on the requirements of the rating criteria and gather

in the concept”.

3 0 • D i s t r i b u t i o n N e w s

On your marks, Get set, GO! TWT 2010 FITTERS’ COMPETTION TAKES ON WORLD CUP FLAVOUR The trumpeting sounds of the Vuvuzela filled the Tiger Wheel & Tyre auditorium at this year’s Fitters’ Competition 2010. South Africa’s leading fitment specialists travelled to the Birchwood Hotel in Johannesburg on Sunday 09 May to compete for the honour of being named the fastest Tiger

In the end it was Tiger Wheel & Tyre Greenstone that took the overall laurels after a nail-biting showdown against their Midrand and Wonderboom counterparts. The stadium was filled with roars of support and the unmistakable sound of the Vuvezela encouraging the teams along.

Wheel & Tyre.

Greenstone, flying the flag for England, and Midrand, representing Brazil,

Fifteen teams were chosen from the 71.Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores around

Greenstone store that managed to score the winning goal with a superb

the country. As part of the fun, the finalists represented various countries across the globe, making for a highly spirited and electric atmosphere with

forged ahead in the final stages. The teams were head to head but it was time of 4 minutes and 24 seconds.

over 500 cheering supporters rooting for their favourite stores.

“Well done to Greenstone on a superb effort,’ commented Alex Taplin,

The task at hand was a challenging one: drive a specially designated car

stores having opened last year. The team has been practising morning and

onto the ramp, take off all four wheels, strip them, put new tyres on, balance all four of them and then put them back on the vehicle – all this to be done in a record-breaking time of under five minutes. There were no short cuts allowed either. Officials were on their guard to ensure all safety regulations were adhered to. The clock was stopped once the team completed their challenge, and crowned it off with a single goal in the goal posts situated across from the team’s bay.

Managing Executive of Tiger Wheel & Tyre, “Greenstone is one of our newer night for two months in preparation for this event and their efforts have really shone through.” While Greenstone emerged victorious, a special mention must be given to the Midrand store that missed out on the number one slot by just one second. Midrand was one of two competing teams to sport a lady on their team, with Store Manager Luanda Viljoen showing many of her male comrades exactly how it’s done.

3 2 • O n e - o n - O n e

D e a l e r P r o f i l e • 3 3

Yellow and black

boosts turnover

According to Thomas Rundle, Group Operations Manager for Barden Tyre Services, the recent conversion of their Willow Glen, Lynwood Road shop east of Pretoria from a DAD to a Dunlop Zone has boosted turnover immeasurably. This high performance outlet not only sports a slick, trendy finish complete with dedicated wi-fi stations and big plasma TV, the striking yellow and black combination that graces both its interior and exterior has boosted visibility, bringing new customers to its doors.

3 4 • D e a l e r P r o f i l e

The store originally opened in 2003 as a DAD outlet. At the time,

inception of new branch managers and the appointment of a retail manager.

Pretoria East was still undergoing development but despite this, the newly

Rundle claims they are now well placed to tackle their newest challenge –

established dealership managed to secure a reasonable market share owing

growing the business to the level where it operates to full capacity.

to the farmlands and small commercial enterprises in the area and the fact that there were no rival tyre shops in the immediate vicinity. Seven years

Explains Rundle: “We are now in the phase of our business where we

later, all that has changed with competitor stores mushrooming across

would like to see the fitment bays fully occupied, with vehicles in waiting

the region at a rapid rate. Pretoria East has become the

and while this does happen from time to time, there is

newest hub, attracting both residential and commercial

room for improvement.”

trade to the Barden Tyre Group in growing numbers. The last nine months since the revamp have been particularly gratifying, with the turnover of the Dunlop Zone Willow Glen store going through the roof, Rundle maintains the shop has set the benchmark in terms of high performance, and has attracted droves of motoring enthusiasts to its doors.

When I ask how he hopes to achieve this, he replies

Dunlop is obviously

that the revamp alone coupled with what he describes

our main product line

as a superior dealer service from Dunlop by way of TV

but in this trading climate we have to be a multi-brand store

He says: “Suddenly, motorists are beginning to recognise us. Some have even commented that prior to the conversion to a Dunlop Zone, they were not even aware that we were here! The new signage has worked wonders. Now, all

advertising, marketing, specials, competitions, training and involvement from their representatives, is likely all he’ll need to turn his aspirations into reality. The location of the store – alongside a busy Post Office in the Willow Glen shopping centre – also offers an opportunity for the Dunlop Zone team to capitalise on this business, by offering to conduct a quick 20-point check

on their vehicles while customers are inside, something they strive to do.

that remains is for it to be lit up by night.” And a further initiative which Rundle plans to keep supporting is the Last year’s store conversion also coincided with a complete staff revamp

‘My School Programme’, which he says has reaped dividends for the

which saw significant staff movement within the Group together with the

company on top of enabling him to give back to schooling institutions that

The converted store now sports a striking modern interior.

D e a l e r P r o f i l e • 3 5

The dedicated wifi area is a draw card.

need the funding. Essentially, this entails offering back an additional 1 percent to the schools on the programme, on behalf of Barden Tyres in return for their business. When I ask him to name his biggest challenge he smiles and says that in his case, his biggest strength, namely his alliance with Dunlop, could also be considered his biggest challenge, as the signage and corporate image of his store could inadvertently convey the message that they sell Dunlop to the exclusion of other brands. He says: “Dunlop is obviously our main product line but in this trading climate we have to be a multi-brand store. To address this, we’ve erected some tear-drop flags alongside our road signage to indicate that we also sell other tyre brands, and these seem to be having the desired effect.” Entering the business as the son of his legendary father and grandfather (his grandfather founded Barden Tyres 45 years ago), and working among people in the company who had earned their long service awards, was also somewhat of a challenge in the beginning.

Thomas first joined the business in 2002 on a part-time basis. In 2009, he was appointed head of the entire group of Barden Tyre companies (there

“I had to overcome the perception that I was a youngster with little

are five retail stores in total and two retreading factories), by his father,

experience, trying to reinvent the wheel, when in fact, my aim was to

Steven Rundle. With the support of a great staff force, Rundle is confident

add value to the business. Over the years however, I’d like to think

they have the right structures and people in place to propel the business

that I’ve earned their respect.”

into the future.

3 6 • T a l k i n g T y r e s

Getting wasted … and going green WASTE TYRE MANAGEMENT Environmental protection policies are more front-of-mind now than they have ever been, and affect every facet of industry.

The issue of South Africa’s burgeoning stockpile of waste

From rapidly dwindling natural resources to the ecological impact of production processes, we’re having to seriously relook the way we do business. Simply

tyres is a source of major

buying a car is even becoming a complex decision, with eco warriors delving into the vehicle’s carbon emissions and whole life-cycle impact, rather than just

concern for the tyre industry,

the usual technical criteria such as performance and fuel consumption.

environmental agencies and the

The tyre industry too is continuously developing eco-friendly tyres with

public at large.

reduced rolling resistance to throw their weight behind the cause – but last time I checked, no-one had come up with a feasible alternative to the common

Is there a solution?  

and pervasive tyre.

By Colin Mileman

Which means, with a vehicle population of almost 10-million according to the official stats from eNatis, that’s a whole lot of tyres churning through the system and being chucked out the other side.

T a l k i n g T y r e s • 3 7

The new Cinturato P7TM tyre, compared to the previous model, offers the following advantages:

3 8 • T a l k i n g T y r e s

WASTE TYRE MANAGEMENT It’s estimated that the United States produces in the region of 290-million waste tyres a year, and while SA probably accumulates only around four to five percent of that figure, that’s still 12-15 million tyres that need to be disposed of annually. And, most commonly, you find them piled on the side of the road or at rubbish dumps, literally fuelling the fire during community protests, being intentionally burnt to gain access to the metal for sale to the scrap industry or being given a ‘new’ regrooved lease on life and sold as cheap secondhand tyres – with devastating results as dealt with previously in this column. It’s a major health and environmental problem for the industry. Simply dumping them doesn’t work, as the tyres aren’t biodegradable, take up huge tracts of

Thereafter, the SATRP will issue tenders for the collection and transport of

land due to their inefficient stacking or landfill properties, while also serving as

waste tyres from dealers and manufacturers, storing them and sorting them

an ideal haven for the breading of rodents, mosquitoes and diseases.

for transfer to waste tyre processors.

South Africa is clearly unsophisticated when it comes to dealing with the

Tyre companies and dealers that subscribe to this plan will be expected to

waste tyre issue as, according to Dr Etienne Human, from the SA Tyre

pay a ‘green fee’ for the removal and ultimate disposal of their tyres in order

Recycling Process (SATRP) Company, only around four percent of waste

to fund this process – a fee that will no doubt be transferred to you and me,

tyres are recycled into useful materials or second-generation products.

the end user, as a levy on new tyre purchases.

That’s a dark and gloomy picture, considering that a reverse scenario exists

Phase One of the project is expected to start in April 2011, focussing

in the developed world where only a small percentage of scrap tyres are left

on passenger and commercial tyres, ranging from 8 to 25 inches. Other

after the bulk is absorbed into practical uses such as tyre-derived fuel, used

categories of tyres, including OTR, agricultural and aircraft tyres, will be

as a source of energy or reworked into other products and applications.

phased in over a five year period.

It’s a problem that the Department of Environmental Affairs has recognised

It’s a laudable effort that will not only create jobs in the transport and

and acted on, adopting the Waste Tyre Regulation legislation from June

management of the process, but will see South Africa rapidly swinging the

2009. This requires dealers to sort used tyres into those suitable for

balance towards a far greater percentage of waste tyres being recycled.

retreading, with the remaining tyres to be permanently damaged so as to prevent them re-entering the market.

It makes perfect sense, considering they can be used for a wide range of applications, including firing energy plants, boilers and kilns, although

All local tyre producers and retailers have to register with the DEA and

the noxious gases produced need to be carefully managed to prevent

submit their waste tyre management plans, to be approved by the minister.

secondary health hazards.

Much of this is co-ordinated through the SATRP Integrated Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan, to which most of the industry has aligned itself,

Overseas, rubber is ground up and used as a durable supplement in road

and is due to come into force through the Government Gazette around the

and building construction, while the wide array of sensible goods that can

middle of 2010.

be produced includes rubber floor mats, dustbins, solid wheels, roofing

“the solution and the cure�


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T a l k i n g T y r e s • 4 1

WASTE TYRE MANAGEMENT products, shoe soles – and a whole lot more. And in entrepreneurial SA, this has great potential. But I think we’re a long way off from achieving this goal. Although the legislative ground-work has been done to handle the collection and redistribution of waste tyres, we’re missing the crucial next step in the process: currently we’re seriously lacking waste tyre processors that can consume this abundant and ‘free’ supply of tyres.

Colin Mileman is a freelance motoring journalist,

especially those that use vast amounts of precious and costly coal, to proactively

photographer and advanced driving specialist

become consumers. We need to find cost-effective means of grinding or

with over 13 years of experience in this field. As

reworking the tyres into more practical forms for use in other products.

a former editor of Topcar and Topbike magazines,


Government has to incentivise and actively engage energy-intensive industries,

he’s as enthusiastic about cars and bikes as

And there needs to be a co-ordinated development plan for the establishment

they come, and has extensive knowledge of all

of small enterprises – ideally in impoverished communities – to churn out

motoring-related matters, including the topic of

recycled tyre products that will not only create jobs, but will contribute to a

tyres, having run the annual and highly regarded

sustainable economically and ecologically friendly future.

Topcar tyre tests for several years.



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4 2 • G o o d y e a r N e w s

Investments make

Goodyear first choice for high-end vehicles internationally The multi-million rand investments poured

In fact, independent performance tests run by German TÜF SÜD

into Goodyear’s Uitenhage manufacturing

have proved that the new Goodyear EfficientGrip provides 13% better

facility have enabled it to produce premium

consumption. What is more, long-term tread wear tests proved that cars

tyre products that are being snapped up by

Automotive, one of Europe’s leading testing and certification organisations, rolling resistance, 2% shorter braking distance and 1.9% better fuel equipped with the new tyres can drive up to 8% more kilometres on the driven axle and 49% more on the free axle.

motor manufacturers as original equipment

But beyond its fuel consumption benefits, the EfficientGrip also offers

(OE) choice on vehicles for both local and

latest generation of polymers and, in line with the European legislation, does

export markets.

additional environmental improvements. Its silica tread compound uses the not contain any high aromatic oils. The result is a tyre that is 10% lighter than its predecessor. With less material used, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced during production. What is more, the reduction in

High Performance Goodyear Tyres the Choice for Slick BMW X1 Joy in motion is how BMW describes its luxurious little X1 – BMW’s first ‘baby’ sport utility vehicle (SUV) – and the journey is made even sweeter with Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres selected as the tyre of choice for the new compact driving machine. Goodyear South Africa Marketing Director Dustine Gascoyne said: “As an organisation, we are targeting the top echelon of SUVs and performance vehicles with premier-branded Goodyear products.”

material, coupled with the fact that fewer tyres are needed to achieve a given mileage, ultimately leads to less material to be recycled at the end of the tyre’s life. Another environmental plus is that the EfficientGrip offers a quiet ride – it is seen to be very competitive on noise. Goodyear tyres have been fitted as original equipment on many vehicles, including Audi, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Hummer, Isuzu, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota.

smooth six-cylinder power and an intelligent all-wheel drive system.

Advanced Goodyear tyres selected for New BMW 5 series

“Besides providing a high performance tyre, we want to provide drivers

The joy that comes from driving BMW’s super sexy new 5 series – described

The premium compact X-model, with its sporty, elegant silhouette, boasts

with complete peace of mind when it comes to safety. That’s why we’re

by its creators as “a new shape of beauty” – can only be magnified when it

extremely proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of the innovative

is discovered to be rolling on Goodyears.

safety technology known as RunOnFlat, which allows a driver to continue

“If a vehicle doesn’t look dynamic how are we supposed to believe that it

on a journey with a punctured tyre. Who needs the inconvenience of

drives dynamically? You have to be able to both see and feel its character.

changing a flat tyre when you’re testing the limits of the X1 far off the

It’s the same with talent; it’s not enough just to have it, you have to be able

beaten track?”

to use it,” is the philosophy of Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group

Adding to drivers’ peace of mind are the environmentally-friendly


FuelSaving Technologies that have shaped the new Goodyear EfficientGrip

Birds of a feather tend to flock together ... Efficiency, sophisticated driving

tyre, which are now available in South Africa. With extremely low rolling

dynamics, design, safety and comfort are all elements that BMW admire.

resistance, the ultra-high performance tyre delivers important fuel savings,

The ultra high performance of such a finely tuned, technically advanced

while offering high mileage and excellent braking performance levels – on

luxury sports sedan demands finely tuned, technically advanced tyres to

dry and wet roads.

respond to its quick demands and match its precision. Perhaps that’s why

G o o d y e a r N e w s • 4 3

Revolutionary Excellence incorporates the best of three technologies into a single tyre.

engineers at BMW selected Goodyear Excellence and Goodyear Eagle LS2

innovation. Performance, safety, economy and environmental impact are

tyres to be originally fitted to their highly desirable 5 series.

all attributes that are continually being pushed to the next level.”

“Revolutionary Excellence incorporates the best of three technologies into

Goodyear tyres are chosen for high performance vehicles from BMW,

a single tyre. It offers the safest possible drive, with superb performance

Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen, ... and

in handling, and an exceptional feeling of comfort. What’s more, the

many more.

RunOnFlat technology, which was pioneered by Goodyear and allows motorists to keep driving smoothly after a puncture, is a safety feature considered essential peace-of-mind to any driver these days,” said Dustine Gascoyne, Goodyear Marketing Director. “Goodyear tyres are performing on some of the world’s leading cars. We are always delighted with these partnerships. Starting at the extensive testing conducted by vehicle manufacturers like BMW, prior to selection, serves as a benchmark for the innovative engineering and quality of our products. “Sometimes starting even at the early stages of new vehicle model creation, Goodyear works together with car manufacturers to drive technology and

High performance cars need high performance tyres – the BMW X1.

4 2 • C o n t i C o r n e r

W o r l d N e w s • 4 5

CONTI FURTHERS ITS FOOTBALL SPONSORSHIP Continental AG has added another championship to its football portfolio.

“With this sponsorship, we are building a bridge in the German-

In addition to its global sponsorship of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South

speaking countries between the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa

Africa and 2014 event in Brazil, the tyre maker has become a ‘premium’

and the qualification matches for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil,

sponsor of the DFB (German Football Association) Cup in its home market.

which are going to be getting underway in 2012. In doing so, we wish to

The package is for two years and guarantees Continental not only a television presence through brand advertising and other publicity vehicles in the stadiums where all 63 cup games will be held throughout Germany, but also a significant contingent of tickets that can be used for publicity purposes. Furthermore, Continental has signed an additional contract with DBF, under which it has purchased the rights to use the DFB brand for

put our commitment to pro football on a broader base, expand it further regionally too as the central communication platform, and take a further step towards clearly positioning the premium brand Continental with a focus on safety and braking performance,” explained Timo Robbel, who is responsible for sports sponsorship at Continental in its Germanspeaking markets.


publicity purposes.

BRIDGESTONE NAMED 2009 SUPPLIER OF YEAR BY BOEING Tokyo (May 20, 2010)—The Bridgestone Corporation has been

Additionally, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is scheduled to go into

named a 2009 Supplier of the Year (SOY) by the Boeing Company.

commission with Bridgestone aircraft radial tires.

Bridgestone was one of fourteen companies honored for exceptional commitment to excellence in working with Boeing. This is the first time that Bridgestone has received the title. Bridgestone was selected from an elite group of among more than 12,000 active Boeing suppliers in nearly 100 countries around the world. This selection was based on stringent performance criteria for quality, delivery performance, cost, environmental initiatives, customer service and technical expertise. The award ceremony was held on April 13, in Seattle, Wash., in the United States. Ray Conner, Boeing Enterprise Leader of Supplier Management and Vice President and General Manager of

and Joe Rayna, CEO and President of Bridgestone Aircraft Tire

Award Ceremony: Shigeru Niho, Director of the Specialty Tire Division (third from the left), Stan Deal, Vice President and General Manager of Supplier Management at Boeing Commercial Airplanes (fourth from the left), and Joe Rayna, CEO and President of Bridgestone Aircraft Tire (USA), Inc. (fifth from the left) and Ray Conner, Vice President and General Manager, Supply Chain Management & Operations, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (far right)

(USA), Inc.

About Bridgestone Corporation:

Boeing aircraft currently equipped with Bridgestone aircraft tires

Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is the world’s

Supply Chain Management and Operations for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, and Stan Deal, Vice President and General Manager, of Supplier Management at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, presented the award to Shigeru Niho, Director of the Specialty Tire Division,


largest tire and rubber company. In addition to tires for use in a

1) Boeing 737-900ER

wide variety of applications, it also manufactures a broad range of

2) Boeing 747

diversified products, which include industrial rubber and chemical

3) Boeing 767

products and sporting goods. Its products are sold in over 150

4) Boeing 777

nations and territories around the world.

(Bridgestone Corporation, Tokyo, Japan)

4 6 • W o r l d N e w s

PIRELLI IN F1 POLE POSITION? Despite an anticipated decision the question of next year’s Formula One


tyre supply still remains unanswered, yet various news sources report

The world’s top 10 tyre makers now have a new addition in the form

that Pirelli has moved up to ‘pole position’. While the latest meeting of

of Taiwanese manufacturer Cheng Shin Rubber. Now that almost all

the Technical Working Group ended without a tyre supplier being named,

the major tyre manufacturers’ sales figures are in, the numbers show

German publication Auto Motor und Sport reports that Pirelli may now

that Cheng Shin Rubber – producer of the Maxxis brand –leapfrogged

be the front runner.

Toyo and Giti Tire into 10th place in 2009.

“In the tyre selection Pirelli suddenly seems to be holding the better cards,”

Cheng Shin Rubber reports that it recorded a turnover of 1.887 billion

states Auto Motor und Sport. “Michelin’s original high demands have

euros which, although only a slight increase over the previous year,

apparently won the French firm no sympathy points. A possible indication

demonstrates the company’s relative resilience to the global financial

that Pirelli could win the race is that representatives from the Italian tyre

crisis. Competitors Toyo and Giti Tire on the other hand, lost sales during

company met with Bernie Ecclestone in May.

the period, enabling Cheng Shin to go up two steps on the ladder.


( Current rankings are as follows:

END OF THE ROAD – BRIDGESTONE ENDS AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTION Tyre production down under has come to an end with the closure of Bridgestone’s Salisbury factory in Adelaide. On April 30 the company held a private ceremony and barbeque for employees to mark the final day of operations. Many of the 600 or so workers, now out of work, were long-term Bridgestone employees, and emotions amongst staff were mixed. “For most people it’s going to be a new lease of life,” said Ray Licis, who worked at the plant for 20 years. “Some of the older people are probably like me. I’m a little apprehensive – getting down the track in age might be a little bit more of a barrier to getting work.”


Sumitomo Yokohama Hankook

Boeing 737-800

4 8 • C o m p e t i t i o n / S u b s c r i p t i o n



quarterly competition

whose correct answers wins them two sets of tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup

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