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environmental aspects,” Langner says. “Continental takes all of these elements into consideration when developing new safety technologies.” He goes on to say that ContiGuard is one of Continental’s key divisions that plays a major role in the realisation of accident-free driving. It integrates all of the car’s active safety systems (such as ABS, ESP, Blind Spot Detection System, and head-up display) and passive safety features (active emergency seatbelt control, airbags) with vehicular and surrounding sensors that provide ongoing and coordinated interaction related to traffic and the movement of other vehicles. “The networking of multiple advanced driver assistance systems will pave the way for the evolutionary path towards automated driving, a core technology that Continental has been developing under the ContiGuard banner,” Langner explains. Automated driving is envisaged as a key future development that will contribute to improved road safety. Continental recently launched, a public and independent website promoting a global conversation on all aspects of automated driving and future mobility. Aside from eventually automating the driving process, networked communications will promote car-to-car interaction to actively inform and assist drivers to avoiding collisions, claims the company, thereby providing insight into a future without collisions and resulting injuries or deaths. In addition, according to Langner, ‘Tyre education and awareness is at the forefront of the company’s campaign in SA, as there is a significant lack of understanding regarding the critical role that tyres play in overall driving safety.’

SA Treads June 2016  
SA Treads June 2016  

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