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Tyremart fills important market niche Tubestone to offer Nankang Tyre Guarantee Reifen 2012 breaks all records

Focus on Tyre labelling

New products from Continental and Michelin

Vol 18 • September 2012

Tyre labelling legislation about to take effect

a set of Nankang tyres complete with Tyre Guarantee to the value of R4 000.00!

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One-on-One with Tyremart’s Gavin Kockott ...............................................................

The recently staged Reifen Tyre Show in Essen Germany broke all records in terms of visitor and exhibitor numbers. As is customary, leading tyre makers made full use of this credible international platform to launch new products and innovations, some of which are covered in our Reifen special on page 25


Focus on Tyre Labelling . .......................................................................................


Manufacturing Continental’s ContiPremiumContactTM 5 now available in SA . .............. New Michelin X Works targets worksites and quarries...........................

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Competition Tubestone to offer Tyre Guarantee on Nankang . ..................................


Conti Corner Continental invests in new R109 million mixer at Port Elizabeth tyre plant ...............................................................................................


Industry News Nitralife Mobile Nitrogen Plant for on-site tyre pressure maintenance is launched................................................................................................. SD International to increase its presence in SA tyre market ................. Tyres & Rims Conference to target safety ............................................. Awards evening honours Quest for Gold Winners . .............................. All records broken at Reifen 2012 ........................................................ Dunlop Breast Cancer Drive . ................................................................ GfK to expand services to SA tyre industry ........................................... Redisa to appoint two senior tyre industry people ................................

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Talking Tyres Tyre Safety Initiative: Safety first … .......................................................


Goodyear News Goodyear truck tyres boost fuel effieciency for MAN . ......................... Best of both worlds EfficientGrip SUV....................................................

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The show was also dominated by talk of the impending tyre labelling legislation, scheduled for implementation in the EU in November of this year. In this issue we take a closer look at this significant development within the global tyre industry as we debate the implications for both industry and the consumer. Aimed at increasing safety and overall awareness for the motorist, from this date forward, tyre makers will have to comply with the new EU regulations surrounding, fuel efficiency, wet braking and road noise when designing and manufacturing their tyres. But are these factors alone sufficient some may well ask, or could more be done to protect the consumer? Also in this edition, we showcase new product releases by Continental and Michelin and shed light on Tubestone’s new Guarantee on all Nankang products, by all accounts a first in the market by virtue of the fact that it applies to tyre sizes within Nankang’s entire passenger and SUV range. And that’s not all! One lucky reader stands the chance to be privy to this new Guarantee package alongside a set of four Nankang tyres to the value of R4 000.00! So don’t forget to get those entries in as soon as possible. You can enter either via fax or by visiting Speaking of websites, the newly launched tyre portal – – is attracting visitors from across the globe courtesy of its ability to provide fresh, up to date stories on a daily basis. The job portal is proving equally appealing so if you haven’t signed up for this service, be sure to do so today…it’s free! Remember to click daily onto for the latest tyre industry news. The site brings you news from the local and international tyre sectors courtesy of our panel of foreign journalists stationed across the world.

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New Tyremart Franchise

fills important market niche ONE-ON-ONE WITH

Gavin Kockott

When Gavin Kockott took the decision to take his leave of the tyre business in 2010, he harboured no notions of returning. He’d enjoyed a long and illustrious career in the industry, first as the founder and mastermind of the highly successful Supa Quick franchise of retails stores and later, as CEO of Bridgestone Retail SA. Finally, he was enjoying the fruits of his hard labour by way of a well-earned sabbatical.

Gavin, tell us how your return to the industry came to be, and in such an active capacity to boot. Active it most certainly is (chuckles). I’m working as hard now, if not harder, as I was 25 years ago when my career began. It’s true. I had no plans of returning to the tyre sector so you can imagine my surprise when I received a call from four of the country’s largest independent dealers asking me to assist them in their quest to establish an independent tyre retail franchise.

So what brought him back to the retail trade only seven months into his long-awaited ‘retirement’?

Unexpected as the call was, I had been aware of the changes in the market for some time and had foreseen that a major shift was about to unfold. I wasn’t interested in becoming involved

We met up with him at a popular coffee shop to pose these questions and to find out more about the new franchise chain - Tyremart - that is making considerable inroads in the marketplace in a remarkably short period of time.

in the formation of a ‘buying group’ as such, but when I finally met with them, I realised that their objectives were far more serious. They were looking to introduce a sustainable franchise that would cater for the entrepreneurial spirit, which they explained was being stifled in the manufacturer-owned distribution channels. 17 Rosettenville Rd Village Main Johannesburg, South Africa Tel. Fax Jan Jose

+27 (0)11 334 1680 +27 (0)11 334 1694 +27 (0)83 252 1920 +27 (0)83 450 6063


OTR RADIALS es ll OTR Machin a r fo le b a it u lS 25” to 35” in e g n ra e iz l Full s e Radials ‘E’ and ‘L’ typ ial el Belted Rad te S t s u b o R l construction sistant tread l Abrasion re compound ed tread area rc fo in re lt e l Steelb ad patterns l Modern tre lity standard l Global qua rer Warranty l Manufactu Hour


= Low Cost P


FOR ORDERS & INFORMATION Contact: Ken Martin or Marlin Pillay Tel: 031 764 6451 | Ken: 083 387 8403 | Marlin: 071 880 9247 | Fax: 086 558 8382 Email: or OnLy AvAILABLE fROm

Transafrica Tyre & Wheel Exclusive

Distributor for RSA, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana

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The players I’m referring to are respected businessmen in their own right, with

most certainly form an important part of the manufacturers’ and suppliers’

a multi-branch presence in the market, their own warehousing facilities and an

distribution strategies.

established customer base.

Are you looking to introduce auto-fitment services to your portfolio?

But to paraphrase them, ‘the current market dynamic will simply no longer

Chiefly we are a tyre and wheel fitment centre but where the need arises

allow for the retail sector to be dictated to by the new tyre companies’.

and should a geographical location call for it, we will certainly consider it. In

What attracted you to their proposition? Primarily, the challenge and the exciting opportunities it presented. Bear in mind that I’ve known these individuals for many years. They were not strangers to me and I had come to respect them for their achievements in this business.

fact, many of our Franchisees already offer other fitment products such as brakes, batteries and shock absorbers and the Franchise has all the necessary arrangements in place in this regard, including supply agreements with the best brands in these various product ranges.

More important perhaps, I believed in what they were ultimately striving for, so

I must add that another major strength for Tyremart is its strong presence in

I thought why not?

the truck tyre market. Several of our members have been operating in the

Explain the business model behind Tyremart. Fundamentally it is an extremely cost-effective franchise operation in which every member has equity in the franchise company and the trademarks and

commercial sector for years, so this is a big opportunity for us to grow this business further. How many Tyremart franchises make up your current service offering?

participates in decision-making and control. What is extremely refreshing is that

We have 35 outlets around the country that have already converted, with

all decisions are based around the business of the Franchisees, as opposed to

another 20 scheduled for roll out as soon as is possible.

around a third party.

We will do our best to complete the roll out of all the applicants by year-end;

Furthermore it offers flexibility, along with the ability to react and adapt promptly

however, circumstances may be such that we will probably only be able to

to any given situation.

complete some of the conversions early in the New Year. Either way, we

In short, Tyremart members share equally in the decision making process, enjoy autonomy, and are able to deliver a multi-brand offering. The Franchisor, in turn, supplies all the supports and benefits associated with a national franchise such as reduced finance charges, buying power, access to fleet accounts and so on. Where we differ slightly, and why we choose to operate on a low cost model, is that we believe that we need to make a profit at point of sale before profits can reflect anywhere else in the operation. Best of all, with everyone sharing in the growth and dividends of the company,

confidently expect to end 2012 with no fewer 45 Tyremart-branded fitment centres; a significant number considering that our first store “opened” only a year ago this month! Are you actively seeking out new members or are they approaching you? We are receiving plenty of calls a day from interested parties looking to join the ranks; however, we cannot grow too rapidly without growing our own infrastructure. Our immediate focus is therefore on managing the current conversion phase before we can begin actively marketing the franchise to an even broader base, including possible new entrants to the industry. A distinct

there is absolute transparency between us and our franchisees.

advantage is that we can afford to be “selective”; engaging only with financially

You are obviously not doing this on your own; who else is involved with you

secure, well-located dealers who share and wish to be part of the Tyremart

at the Franchise Company?


David Harrington and Denise van Gent, who worked with me for many years

Speaking of marketing, are you looking to embark on a national advertising

at Supa Quick cum Bridgestone Retail and were key participants at the time

campaign at some stage?

in helping me develop Supa Quick into the successful franchise channel it

Our above-the-line campaigns are aimed at targeting vehicle owners in and

became, joined me at inception at the beginning of last year as the Founding

around the vicinity of our existing stores. Currently, therefore, the majority

Executive of Tyremart. Besides the very relevant marketing, legal and financial

of our marketing is more regional and local than “national”; however, as our

qualifications that they bring to the mix, the three of us combined bring more

footprint grows it is inevitable that we will start moving towards the national

than 65 years’ experience in the tyre retail cum franchising to Tyremart; a wealth

media. When a new site is launched, we give it exposure by way of local

of knowledge and experience that sets us apart from any of our competitors.

advertising in local and community newspapers and the like. It is obviously an

How supportive were the new tyre companies of your new venture?

advantage that almost all of our stores were already “existing” in their areas. Our

We have strong relationships with the manufacturers and we understand that

marketing is therefore aimed at affirming their presence, as well as informing

their and our businesses form a “two-way street”. In fact, we have received

the consumer of the improved value-proposition on offer, most especially our

extraordinary support from almost all of the suppliers who see the potential

multi-branded, Smart Fitment offering. Our web-based marketing, on the other

of Tyremart’s package and offering. Tyremart already offers a volume-based

hand, has already gone national and has proved to be a huge success, drawing

route-to-market for the manufacturers and, as it continues to grow, it will

a multitude of enquiries and successful conversions to sales.

6 • O n e - o n - O n e

Are you finding it a challenge managing some of the ‘big’ personalities that make up the independent fitment sector? Ironically, not! We are finding it easier to converse with them as they are all entrepreneurs who share the Tyremart founding vision of a “franchise for franchisees”. This fits hand-in-glove with the Tyremart business philosophy and operating model and probably explains why, although we obviously have robust discussions from time-to-time, we have experienced little or no conflict up to now. Has the change in corporate identity created a challenge for any of your stores? To the contrary! The transition has gone exceptionally smoothly and according

Cent in the interest of the Franchise and the Franchisees. How would you sum up your vision for the franchise for the next five years? To secure a footprint throughout South Africa and surrounding border countries and to become one of the biggest, most respected players in the market; most certainly, to become the largest and most consumer-friendly, independent tyre franchise operation in Southern Africa. To my mind, there was a definite gap in the market for an independent franchise operation. Manufacturer-owned distribution channels may work in larger markets but South Africa is far more complex in terms of its size and the number of local manufacturers operating within its borders.

to our franchisees, the compliments are flowing. Provided a store maintains its

Tyremart provides a sustainable solution for entrepreneurial, like-minded

corporate image and continues to flaunt the same faces who are committed to

dealers and for this reason, I have no doubt that the operation will grow from

service excellence, business has not only gone on, but has grown.

strength to strength.

Your business model appears to be a simple one. Is this a correct

It was clear from the brief time spent with Gavin Kockott that as much as he’s


working harder than he would ever have envisaged at this point in his life, he

Most definitely! Without the “basics” in place, all the “bell-and-whistles” mean

is having a great deal of fun too. Not only is he passionate about the Tyremart

very little. We have a franchise package that is both fundamental and robust. It

brand, but he’s enjoying interacting with the industry once more in its collective

serves the needs of our Franchisees, as well as our strategic supply partners. It

quest to provide an alternative retail solution to the market. When we met up

is also transparent, which ensures that the pressure remains on David, Denise

with him he was on his way to meet with another two prospective retailers

and myself to make very decision and spend every moment and every Rand &

ahead of a well-deserved break in the Transkei.


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F o c u s o n T y r e L a b e l l i n g • 9


LEGISLATION LOOMS With the new tyre labelling legislation set to take effect in Europe,

The tyre label will apply to car and sports utility vehicle (SUV) tyres, van tyres and truck tyres

under European Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009, from 1 November

whereas retreaded tyres, off-road professional

2012, it is good news for consumers who will now be furnished

the first time before 1 October 1990, T-type

with important information relating to their tyre purchase at point of sale, such as fuel efficiency, wet grip and exterior rolling noise. This is in response to concerns by the European Parliament that

tyres, tyres only fitted to cars registered for temporary-use spare tyres and certain other specialist tyres will be exempt. As such, all tyres in the aforementioned categories produced after 1 July 2012, must either sport an affixed sticker or be accompanied

even though tyres, unlike household appliances, are not always

by the label when distributed from the factory to

on display at retail level, tyre distributors are nevertheless obliged

this development raises yet another challenge for

to divulge such information by way of a label to the buyer ahead

players are all working to meet ahead of the new

of a sale taking place.

the retail centre. From an industry perspective, the tyre sector globally, one which all the major legislation.

E N G I N E E R E D TO G O T H E D I S TA N C E Truck and Bus | Dump Trucks | Scrapers | Loaders | Compactors | Graders Official Distributors in South Africa:


Johannesburg tel: +27 11 974 7732 | email: Cape Town tel: +27 82 337 8699 | email:

F o c u s o n T y r e L a b e l l i n g • 1 1

Indicators As far as rolling resistance (fuel efficiency) goes, this will be rated on a sliding scale from A to G, with A being the best performers and G being the worst. The difference between each grade means a reduction in fuel consumption of between 2.5%-4.5%. Similarly, wet grip will also be measured on a scale from A to G, with the difference between each grade denoting an increase or decrease in stopping distance of between one to two car lengths (3-6 metres) when braking at speeds of 50mph. Tyres will also have to be quieter, with new standards introduced in 2012 and entire market implementation expected by 2016. External noise will be measured in decibels split into 3 categories represented by black sound waves, with one sound wave demonstrating that the tyre is 3dB less than the future tighter European limit. Two black sound waves will demonstrate that the tyre is already compliant with

With the emphasis on educating not only on the end user but also the retail sector which has the important task of explaining the new legislation laws to drivers, many tyre manufacturers have been busy marketing their products accordingly.

the future European limit and three black sound waves will demonstrate that the tyre is compliant only with the current European limit. In turn, the trade will be expected to not only alert the customer to the new tyre label but to create and circulate appropriate technical promotional material, including websites. Industry joins forces In what must be an unprecedented first, the likes of Michelin, Continental

were now ‘more aware’ of the important issues surrounding tyre labelling and the benefits of major brands. A spokesman stated: “For once this event was not about promoting individual tyre brands but supporting the proven facts that premium tyres offer better ‘value for money’ in terms of mileage and safety.”

and Yokohama are even joining forces in the build-up to the tyre labelling

In the meanwhile, Michelin has recently launched a dedicated tyre labelling

legislation which is expected to change the tyre markets and how they operate

information on its website – - that


provides truck fleet operators in this case, with everything they need to know

A recent Track Day Event held by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) in the UK at the famous Millbrook Proving Ground, a unique development took place in terms of tyre producer collaboration, when leading

about the legislation including an overview of the different rating criteria and the benefits on offer to fleets. Simultanteoulsy, Goodyear Dunlop has carried out its own survey which

tyre manufacturers Michelin, Continental and Yokohama (who are members

reveals that tyre labelling will play an essential role in further improving truck

of the SMMT), seized the opportunity to provide a totally unique ‘combined

fuel efficiency in Europe. The report also points out that only around 40% of

alliance’ to promote the benefits of premium brands over budget brands at

commercial fleet operators currently purchase fuel efficient tyres meaning that

the event.

over half of European truck fleets are needlessly burning fuel and increasing

At a specially prepared Tyre Testing site, the three manufacturers offered

their operating costs.

ongoing informative training sessions explaining what Tyre Labelling was all

Little wonder that tyre labelling was a hot topic at the recently staged Reifen

about and how the new legislation would help motorists appreciate the benefits

Exhibition in Germany, with everyone voicing an opinion and many companies

of premium brands. And following a lecture on the new tyre labelling laws,

expressing their fears, and in some cases, eagerness about this major

there was even a ‘live’ demonstration in Rolling Resistance and Wet Braking

development in the industry.


Chinese tyre makers to follow suit

Michelin, Continental and Yokohama issued a joint statement confirming that

With the Eurozone ranking as one of its biggest trading partners, the Chinese

the presentations and tests had been well attended by motoring journalists who

tyre industry is also planning to focus on the development of the ‘green tyre’.

1 2 • F o c u s o n T y r e L a b e l l i n g

According to Fan Rende, Chairman of the China Rubber Industry Association,

Also, do European drivers really care about new legislation….apparently

China aims to speed up the development of ‘green tyres’ as quickly as possible.

not according to a recent survey by a leading UK tyre retailer group which

He says that the industry is also gearing up to meet the challenge of tyre

reveals that a staggering 87% of drivers (when questioned) admitted they knew

labelling that will soon become mandatory on the EU market.

nothing about the impending tyre labelling legislation.

Controversy abounds

At the same time tyre technology and manufacturing specialists are voicing

It is obvious that European wholesalers and distributors are working closely

united concerns over a number of potential ‘flaws’ in the process such as noise

with manufacturers to support the new tyre labelling legislation through to its

measurement. The rating will be given in decibels, a measurement that is not

customers. However, whether this momentum continues through to the fast

widely understood.

–fit sector appears to still be open for debate.

Michelin has also been critical of the EU wide tyre labelling regulations, claiming

According to SA TREADS European columnist who has been monitoring the

that although the new tyre labelling regulations cover wet braking distances,

situation closely, although the general feeling is one of competitive confusion

fuel efficiency and road noise, all of which are worthwhile, it would have been

to the actual rating some tyres will achieve, it is much more complex than that!

even more beneficial to the consumer if they had also covered dry road braking

Whilst tyre manufacturers are taking their responsibilities to the new legislation

distances, tyre life, wet handling and comfort, according to Michelin Group

seriously, by the reaction of other market sectors such as retail sales and the

Vice President Marketing Car and Light Truck Tyres, Gary Guthrie.

end user, enthusiasm for this new initiative is not all that evident.

In effect there are three months still to go before tyre labelling becomes

Garages and tyre retail outlets’ primary objective is to sell as many tyres as

European law, but without doubt the competitiveness continues to gather

possible each day and the new legislation requires that every potential customer

momentum. Our European columnist will continue to evaluate the situation on

be informed on tyre labelling, including each tyre’s individual performance

a weekly basis (visit for regular updates). For now, suffice it

rating, which will considerably slow down the sales process.

to say that the controversy surrounding this new development is far from over.



ores. d to our sh handling and innovation. n e g le s u io d ce, advance of a tenac In the 2012

g ran s. homecominging with them proven endunting and toughest of terrain e th te ra b n t. Cele most unrele winning pos returned, bri s have n to the tackle the Cooper tyre e competitio e chance to th t th a h e b lis s re re s ty re ace* these These 4x4 ty Africa Eco R d n a lly a R r Daka

ocked! t s y l l fu ou are m y e r u s ion fro t en # a m r o f a in z . t o s c e . u s req er tyre

oop rn & Eastern Africa info@c uthe tors in So #


uction class 2012 prod X lly a R r ka X a A * Winner D DISCOVERER S/T M 2 COOPER 1 ce 20 ica Eco RaR STT Winner Afr RE COOPER


The new Cinturato P7TM tyre, compared to the previous model, offers the following advantages:

1 4 • M a n u f a c t u r i n g N e w s

Continental’s ContiPremiumContact™ 5 now available in South Africa • Short braking distances on dry and wet roads • Low rolling resistance, high mileage performance • Precise handling, superior ride comfort Continental’s new ContiPremiumContact™ 5 tyres that were recently launched in Europe are now available to South African motorists. This new high-volume tyre range is said to offer improved braking distances on dry and wet roads, low rolling resistance for improved fuel consumption, high mileage performance, precise handling and superior ride comfort. According to Russel Stewart, Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA)

The tyre engineers also broke new ground when designing the sidewalls

Marketing Manager, the ContiPremiumContact™ 5 is suitable for vehicles

of the ContiPremiumContact™ 5 tyre. The shoulder area has been made

ranging from small cars to luxury cars. It is manufactured in 26 different

more flexible and the bead area has been reinforced. This reduces rolling

versions for rim sizes from 15 to 17 inches, and is approved for speeds of

resistance, while at the same time improves handling accuracy and provides

up to 270 km/h.

a high level of ride comfort.

So what sets the ContiPremiumContact™ 5 apart from its predecessor?

In addition to the high demands in terms of safety and reliability, modern

Braking distances in the wet have been reduced by 15 percent and rolling

tyres also need to generate minimal rolling noise. To achieve this, the

resistance by 8 percent, while mileage performance has been increased by

ContiPremiumContact™ 5 incorporates “whisper bars” in the shoulders of

12 percent and ride comfort by 5 percent. Handling properties have also

the tyre to reduce noise.

been improved in comparison with the previous range.

The new ContiPremiumContact™ 5 will be available from specialist tyre

“Replicating sports car tyres, engineers opted for extra-large tread blocks

retailers around the country in July. Range of sizes:

on the tyre shoulder that offer a high level of grip, particularly during cornering, because the width of the contact area of the tyre is maximised in the load-bearing areas of the tyre shoulder,” Stewart says. “This provides a safety advantage when a driver needs to swerve for an obstacle.” Other innovations include “3D edges” that facilitate shortened braking

65 series: 185/65 R 15 T / H 195/65 R 15 H / V 215/65 R 15 H

60 series: 185/60 R 15 H 195/60 R 15 H / V 205/60 R 15 V 205/60 R 16 H

distances, additional sipes in the tread blocks that reduce braking distances on wet roads, and “aqua grooves” in the tread ribs which ensure that water can be quickly evacuated without having to reduce tread stiffness.

55/50 series: 195/55 R 15 V 195/55 R 16 H 205/55 R 16 H / V / W / W AO / W XL 215/55 R 16 V / W 225/55 R 16 W 205/55 R 17 V XL 195/50 R 15 V

NEW MICHELIN X WORKS TARGETS WORKSITES AND QUARRIES Michelin’s new Michelin X Works, intended for use on the streets as

balance strategy developed by the Group, which consists of simultaneously

well as in and around worksites and quarries, is an all-terrain truck tyre

improving all areas of performance, regardless of the type of tyre or range.

that is said to combine robustness and endurance – robustness for

For truck tyres, the benefits fall into three categories: enhanced safety,

worksites and endurance for on road use.
The new range of 13 R 22.5

greater cost-effectiveness and increased environmental protection.

Michelin X Works tyres was purpose-designed to limit the risk of vehicle

Michelin describes their new tyre as safer, more cost-effective, and more-

downtime. The casing, rubber, sidewalls and tread have all been designed

environmentally friendly courtesy of its improved environmental footprint.

for additional strength and solidity, and Michelin has deployed its most

The new Michelin X Works truck tyre is available in several sizes and is

advanced technologies to make the tyre even more robust and reliable.

available at all leading commercial tyre outlets throughout South Africa. To

At the same time, the new Michelin X Works embodies the performance

find out more, visit

Focusing on the Future Focusing the Future of Carbonon Blacks of Carbon Blacks Focusing on the Future of Carbon Blacks

Building on more than 100 years of experience, the new Orion Engineered Carbons opens the door to the with 100 the energy innovation Building onfuture more than years ofand experience, you expect from a global leader. Theopens newlythe formed the new Orion Engineered Carbons $1.5 global organization from management doorBto the future with the–energy and innovation and R&D, to applied technology, production, sales you expect from a global leader. The newly formed Building on more than–100 of experience, and service is 1,650 strong. $1.5 Bcustomer global organization –years fromemployees management the new Orion Engineered Carbons opens the We are the same customer-focused people, and R&D, to applied technology, production,dedisales doorcustomer to future with energy andchallenges innovation cated tothe engineering solutions for the and service –the is 1,650 employees strong. youare expect from acustomer-focused global leader. Thepeople, newly formed ahead. We the same dedi$1.5 B to global organization –Tofrom meet thechallenges most cated engineering solutions formanagement the and R&D, to applied technology, production, demanding high- sales ahead. and customer service – is 1,650 employees strong. performance appliTo meet the most We are the same customer-focused dedications inpeople, tires, MRG, demanding highcated to engineering solutions for the challenges polymers, printing performance appliahead. inks andincoatings, cations tires, MRG, To meet the most think Orion. We are polymers, printing demanding highyour single source inks and coatings, performance applifor theOrion. broadest range think We are cations in tires, MRG, of carbon blacks your single source polymers, printing anywhere. for the broadest range inks and coatings, of carbon blacks think Orion. We are anywhere. your single source for the broadest range of carbon blacks anywhere.

The brightest star in Carbon Blacks in Carbon Blacks Fo cusThe e d, Inbrightest nova sp o n sive n ovat ive, Restar Fo cus e d, In n ova ttive, ive, Re sp s po n sive

The brightest star in Carbon Blacks

Orion Engineered Carbons PAlgorax O Box 862 (Pty) Ltd t/a Fo cus eRoad d, InCarbons n ova ttive, ive, John Tallant Orion Engineered Port Elizabeth P O Box 862 6000 John Tallant Road South Africa Port Elizabeth Algorax (Pty) Ltd t/a Phone +27 41 402-4100 6000 Engineered Orion Carbons Fax +27 86 617-1531 South Africa P O Box 862 Phone +27 41 402-4100 John Tallant Road Fax +27 86 617-1531 Port Elizabeth 6000 South Africa

Re sp s po n sive

1 6 • C o m p e t i t i o n

Tubestone to offer Tyre Guarantee on Nankang Tubestone SA is introducing a ‘Free Your Way Guarantee’ on all Nankang tyres in an effort to exceed its current service offering and surpass customer expectations. This marks an unprecedented first for this market according to Managing Director, Pieter Kruger, in that the Guarantee covers an entire range of sizes – from 155/65R14 up to 275/30ZR20 in the passenger car tyre range and from 205/50ZR16 up to 235/35ZR19 in the sport utility segment. “Such is our confidence in the Nankang range of premium products that we are willing to back it with a ‘no-quibble’ guarantee across the entire range,” he says. This means that the customer will be credited 75% of The Guarantee will work as follows: in the event of a claim, an assessment

the value of a new Nankang tyre based on the current

will be made of the damaged Nankang tyre by using a Tread Depth Gauge

price, and not the price that they had originally paid for

to measure the remaining millimetres of the tyre. Once the remaining tread

the initial tyres that were fitted to their vehicle.

has been determined, a calculation will be made to establish the percentage that the customer has to pay towards their Nankang tyre.

*Please note that when a tyre has 1.7mm or less tread remaining at its lowest point, the tyre has effectively

The example below illustrates:

served its life (it is now beyond the legal limit for tyres

205/40R17 NS20

allowed on our roads) and will not be subject to any

Tread depth at new 8mm


Claim tyres with 6mm remaining Remaining tread depth of damaged tyre 6mm divided by new tread depth of new tyre 8mm = 75%

To stand a chance to win a set of Nankang tyres complete with Tyre Guarantee to the value of R4 000.00, answer the simple question below (entry form on page 36) and submit your entry online – or via fax (011) 658-0010.

Q: How many Nankang passenger and SUV sizes are covered by the new ‘Free Your Way Guarantee’?












2 0 • C o n t i C o r n e r

Continental invests in new R109 million mixer at Port Elizabeth tyre plant In a bid to improve temperature control during the first stages of the mixing cycle, enable more accurate mixing of rubber compounds, plus increase standards of quality in tyre production, Continental Tyre SA has launched a new high-tech mixer at its Port Elizabeth tyre plant.

C o n t i C o r n e r • 2 1


he result of an R109 million investment, the mixer installation, which is approximately 30 metres or 10 storeys high, was officially launched by Nikolai Setzer, Member of the Executive Board, Tire Division of Continental AG.

It is used to mix the rubber with fillers, such as carbon black, silica or mineral fillers, along with processing aids and elements of the curing and anti-ageing systems. “The primary advantage of the new mixer is that it allows much better temperature control during the mixing cycle, which leads to more accurate reproducibility of compounds as well as better dispersion of the fillers,” Johnson says.

“The investment in the new mixer reaffirms Continental Tyre’s commitment to maintaining industry-leading standards of production and the highest level of product quality,” states Gishma Johnson, Corporate Communications Manager at Continental Tyre SA. This unit was imported from Germany and installed over a period of five months. It incorporates the latest technology and offers a wide range of benefits in the first stages of the rubber compound mixing process, which is critical to tyre production.

Nikolai Setzer, Member of the

Executive Board, Tire division of Continental AG, right, officially

launched the new Mixer with Dieter

Horni, MD of Continental Tyre South Africa, left, and Wayne Brown,

“This in turn, improves the quality of the rubber compounds used for our locally manufactured tyres and, ultimately, superior performance and durability for our entire product range which spans the passenger car, 4x4, commercial and heavy-duty vehicle sectors.”

General Manager, Manufacturing.

The new mixer, called Mixer 1 is dedicated to an employee, the late David John Laine, who has worked in mixing for 46 years, but was murdered about two months ago. “He was a loyal employee and was respected by all his fellow workers,” says Johnson.

2 2 • I n d u s t r y N e w s

NITRALIFE Mobile Nitrogen Plant for on-site tyre pressure maintenance is launched To meet marketplace demand Nitralife has designed and developed two different sized trailer-mounted mobile Nitrogen plants for large sites and for tyre maintenance on different sites. The one pictured is the smaller

Applications are:-

single-axle unit while the double-axle unit is

1. a tyre dealer offering a mobile Nitrogen

designed primarily for Mining applications.

service to a number of smaller trucking companies or

Having this mobile service means tyre

2. a large trucking company with a large yard

pressures can be checked and maintained

where the trailer is towed between the trucks

without the need for the vehicle to come to an inflation point and the subsequent lost time

on the trailer. The nitrogen is made as and

this causes. The trailer can instead be towed by

when required by membrane filtration of clean

an LDV to where it is needed in the yard and

compressed air to a minimum purity of 95%

nitrogen is made instantly by the equipment

which is the recommended minimum.

by the tyre maintenance staff. Doing this means that drivers are not needed to bring the vehicle to a central top-up point.

SD International to increase its presence in South African tyre market Having established an increasing profile in South Africa during the past few years. Shanghai based Contract Tyre Manufacturer – SD International is now looking to further increase its corporate profile throughout the country. SD International are now currently looking to appoint distributors for their Zeta brand of passenger and truck tyre ranges and welcome enquiries from companies looking to expand their tyre ranges in South Africa. With a growing reputation as specialists in Private Brands, SD International has a comprehensive product portfolio of tyre brands which cover many market sectors including PCR,UHP, 4x4, Light Commercial and Truck. Peter Nicholls, SD International’s Sales and Marketing Director comments, “As a growing and ambitious tyre manufacturer with sales offices based around the world including Europe, South Africa is now a key market for the company. “We are now looking to appoint another exclusive distributor to build up our Zeta brand in the same way as our other brands have developed in the country.”

SAT201209.FH9 Mon Aug 27 10:02:10 2012

Page 1 C








A one-day key industry event scheduled for 3 October will discuss how

to prevent accidents and fatalities associated with tyres and rims handling and maintenance


The Association of Mine Resident Engineers and the South African Colliery Engineering Association, in association with the Institute of International Research, have put together a one-day conference which will examine how

 �†�„ �…

to implement safety improvement strategies when handling tyres and rims.

 �ˆ� �…

It is a little known fact that transport remains the biggest killer in the heavy industries and a major contributor to industrial accidents and fatalities worldwide. Lack of knowledge, training and experience in relation to industrial tyres and rims are the main causes of these accidents. †�„ �…

The Tyres & Rims conference has been designed for engineers, foremen, safety officers, contractors, maintenance providers, original equipment manufacturers and designers and suppliers of tyres and rims and will provide crucial advice and information on implementing effective health and safety systems and processes for tyre and rim management.

Â?Â? „† „Â? Â… Â? Â? Â?Â?


�‡  �

 �  „�…

Â…Â? Â…

Some of the topics that will be discussed include: an overview of rims and wheels; how to service tyres correctly and safely; pyrolysis in tyres; the pros and cons of air versus nitrogen in industrial tyres; why should industry use professionals. Delegates will be able to take away practical information and advice that they can implement in their daily operations immediately to prevent accident and fatalities Some of South Africa’s leading tyres and rims safety experts will be presenting, including representatives from Rimex, Michelin, Otraco, Anglo American and the South African Chamber of Mines. For more information on the event, please visit or contact Katia Selibas on +27 (0) 11 771 7227 or

Awards Evening Honours Quest For Gold Winners


The prestigious event also recognised long service and brand loyalty with the following awards being included: BTS Franchise 5 years BTS Durban – The Tyre People BTS Ladysmith – Mark’s Tyres BTS Midlands – Mark’s Tyres BTS Kya Sands – Safety Grip BTS Franchise 10 years BTS Nelspruit – Protea Truck Den BTS Vryheid – Protea Vryheid BTS George – Tyres & Treads Bandag Manufacturing Franchise 5 years Mega Treads – Caledon Kilo Treads – Paarl

ˆ ‰�‚  ‰Š ‰�


…�… ‚†�


‚�€ƒ� „�…� � ����

  Â?Â?Â? Â?Â?  Â?­­€‚­ƒ­

Bandag Manufacturing Franchise 10 years National Tyre Services – Harare National Tyre Services – Bulawayo KJF Tyres – Ermelo Cygna Bandag – Cape Town Bandag Distributors - Namibia.


 ���� ­��


Bandag SA’s annual awards evening served as the perfect platform to reveal Bandag’s Quest for Gold Winners, an initiative that sets out to reward franchisees who excel in delivering the Bandag Package of Value. This year’s winners were: Best Bandag Factory – Thomas Tyres (Meyerton) Best Web Tool Reporting – National Tyre Services, Zimbabwe Best Application Specific Sales – Mega Treads (Caledon) Best On-Site Servicing – BTS Kya Sands (Safety Grip) Best On-Road Servicing – BTS Ladysmith (Mark’s Tyres) The overall best Bandag and BTS franchisees were also selected for excelling in all five categories. Winners for these categories were: Best Bandag Franchise – Tonway Tyres (Rosslyn) Best BTS Franchise – BTS Cape Town (VT Tyres) According to John Laskarides, MD of Bandag Southern Africa, the achievements of these franchisees do not go unnoticed and are greatly encouraged in the furtherance of providing their fleet operators with the best products and services that Bandag has to offer.

2 4 • B a n d a g N e w s

What makes Bandag retreads RELIABLE?

How does your claim rate compare to the Bandag national average? How many casings that should have been rejected were ‘salvaged’ and subsequently retreaded? How much has that cost you in on-road failures and claims? Would you like to know? Would you like a partner you can RELY on? With Bandag, you don’t have to be a tyre expert. You just have to know one!

RELIABILITY is one of those words so casually

With this in mind, Bandag’s Manufacturing

Bandag specialises in the manufacture of

thrown around… But what is RELIABILITY and

Excellence Program is used to audit Bandag

retreads and best-in-class after sales service.

more importantly what makes Bandag retreads

franchisees. In the latest manufacturing

That’s what we do.


franchisee audits, some interesting stats have emerged. These stats lend themselves to

For more information on how you can benefit

Dependable, trustworthy… These are some of

demonstrating the high RELIABILITY of the

contact Bandag today on +27 11 439 6000 or

the popular definitions you can come across if

next Bandag retread you buy.


you search the term RELIABILITY. Quality is another aspect that ensures the RELIABILITY of a product and for Bandag, both are nonnegotiable. So now you might say Bandag is using these words casually… But are we??? With multiple ISO certifications, strict global audits and an internal culture for quality, Bandag aims to deliver a RELIABLE product to ensure its customers are fully satisfied. At the same time, we know that our retreads must be applied to retreadable casings. We know that inferior casings will affect the RELIABILITY perception of a Bandag retread. Most importantly, we know that strict manufacturing levels must be adhered to in order to deliver a Reliable Bandag product.

With the reliability you get from Bandag, your fleet can take on anything. 8182 Bandag Strip Ad.indd 3 5/15/08 4:39:38 PM

I n d u s t r y N e w s • 2 5

(revolving around the Euro crisis), the show ‘bucked the trend’, indicating that a positive business momentum continues within the tyre industry. Tyre makers release new products As is customary, the world’s leading tyre makers utilised the Reifen 2012 international platform to showcase their new products. Goodyear Dunlop introduced two new concept passenger tyres that offer A grading in both wet grip braking performance and rolling resistance with the company confirming that its ultimate objective for both the Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV and Dunlop Sport BlueResponse UHP patterns is to comply with the impending tyre labelling legislation. Both these will tyres will become available in Europe and in due course, are also expected to be launched in South Africa. Goodyear’s impact at the show was double-edged in that the company also announced that in truck tyres, the Goodyear Marathon LHT II long haul trailer tyre will be classified as ‘A grade’ in terms of fuel economy.


company’s new range of long haul patterns were a constant source of

As widely predicted throughout the tyre industry

truck tyre range which is said to provide fleets with even lower cost of

the Reifen 2012 Show in Essen Germany which

The Goodyear Marathon truck range also achieved impressive ratings in noise emissions and wet grip categories in tyre labelling scores, while the interest throughout the show. Also making its debut was Bridgestone’s very latest fuel saving Ecopia ownership than the current Ecopia series with impressive benefits including 18.9% reduced rolling resistance as well as a new sidewall compound

took place in June, broke new ground in terms

incorporating Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech compound.

of record attendance figures over the four day

And the Oscar goes to……

event and the highest number of exhibitors during its 27 year history.

The Reifen Innovation Award, the ‘Oscar’ of the tyre sector, went to Snap-On Equipment GmbH from Unterneukirchen in the ‘Technology and Products’ category for its ‘geodyna optima II diagnosis and balancing machine’ which combines the stripe light technology with precise balancing technology. The wheel is scanned with the aid of five cameras which capture all the

Over 19 000 visitors from over 120 countries were recorded entering the

data, enabling the technician to diagnose and rectify any possible defects

eight halls to inspect the stands of 653 exhibitors from over 40 countries,

on the tyre or wheel rim.

representing a healthy 12% increase in exhibiting companies. Alligator Ventilfabrik GmbH was victorious in the ‘Service Concepts and With the show being staged in Germany, the host country is naturally

Process Optimisation’ category for their ‘Alligator’ – a tyre pressure

recorded as having the highest number of exhibitors at 212 followed

checking sensor which can be programmed in the garage and offers

by China with 139 exhibitors. Italy was the largest European country to

programming and support via the internet.

exhibit with 40 stands followed by the Netherlands with 33, whilst 21 UK companies were also present.

And Continental Aftermarket GmbH received the Reifen Innovation Award 2012 in the ‘Environmental and Resource Conservation’ category for their

Despite the ongoing financial concerns throughout Europe at the moment

ATE Ceramic brake linings.

T a l k i n g T y r e s • 2 7


Safety first . . . If the average motorist can’t be trusted to check the condition of their tyres, maybe Big Brother needs to step in and assist? By Colin Mileman

It’s quite shocking to see how many motorists drive with blatant disregard of the condition of their tyres. Every day I see cars on the road with one or more dangerously underinflated, worn or damaged tyres – and we’re not just talking old bangers here. Just yesterday I followed a sparkling new 2012 Hyundai with a left rear that probably had less than 50 percent of its recommended pressure, and was being pummelled into the road surface en route to a potentially catastrophic, even life-threatening, failure. Having the privilege of being involved in a variety of defensive, advanced and high performance driving instruction courses, I’m well aware of the impending disaster created by poorly maintained tyres. Basic and regular tyre checks are a core tenet of my instruction philosophy, and everyone has to play their role to ensure safety on our roads. I firmly believe that the lack of tyre maintenance (which includes under or overinflation, damage and excessive wear) plus not wearing safety belts are two of the

2 8 • T a l k i n g T y r e s

major causes of the close to 1-million accidents, almost 200 000 injures

of some 706 000 vehicles are registered in the Eastern Cape – so that

and 14 000-plus deaths on South African roads every year. Bring these

potentially translates to almost 85 000 cars, bakkies, trucks, buses and

two practices in line, and we could possibly half the number of people hurt

trailers operating tyres at dangerous pressures. Expand that to the

or killed.

10,4-million registered vehicles on SA’s roads, and we’re talking over 1,2-million!

Yet when I run advanced driving courses, it’s remarkable to note how few people check their tyres regularly, and hardly any know what the

And, considering that this survey was conducted at a shopping centre in

recommended tyre pressures are for their particular vehicle. The lacklustre

one of the city’s more affluent suburbs, it means that there’s likely to be a

attitude towards safety belts is equally puzzling and terrifying.

whole lot more trouble lurking in the more economically challenged areas

So if Mr and Mrs Joe Average don’t seem to care about the tiny four patches

would be even more prevalent.

where unlicensed or unregistered vehicles, illegal and dangerous tyres of rubber that keep them and their family safely on the road, who does? So what to do? I suggest that the brilliant Bridgestone concept is expanded The authorities certainly aren’t doing much about it. I honestly can’t

to an industry-wide initiative that could not only have a significant impact on

remember when last a police road block or check point I encountered went

road safety, but bring positive benefits to the tyre manufacturers, retailers

beyond confirming that I and the vehicle had valid licences.

and broader communities too. And hopefully government would become a key partner as well.

The “million vehicles a month” campaign by the Department of Transport has merit but, in reality, turns out largely to be a waste of time and

The simple idea is to develop tyre safety representatives across the

resources. Critical aspects such the condition of the tyres, lights and

country. Train and educate teams of people to scour the country’s business

indicators, windscreen wipers and, crucially, the wearing of safety belts by

centres, shopping malls and office parks in order to identify vehicles with

all occupants is largely ignored in the interests of expediency.

dangerously inflated, worn or damaged tyres.

No doubt a portion of offending drivers and vehicles have been pulled off

Equip them with pressure and tread depth gauges, as well as tyre condition

the road, but virtually everyone I’ve quizzed over the years reaffirms the

reports or stickers that can be placed on the vehicle to proactively inform

nonchalant attitude of our traffic officials.

drivers that their vehicle is possibly unsafe. The safety notice could also include a recommended course of action and a unique code of sorts,

Bridgestone South Africa certainly has to be commended for its ongoing

whereby the tyre safety rep earns a commission when the owner visits any

Tyre Condition Survey which assesses the state of tyres in several major

affiliated fitment centre for repairs or replacement.

cities around the country. Its recent surveys, which examine tyre inflation and condition, have shown that the results vary significantly across the

Do the same for all tyre manufacturer and retail staff, so they become

nation, and although there are often some positive trends, the May 2012

ambassadors of tyre safety in their own communities.

survey in Port Elizabeth revealed that there is still cause for concern. It’s a very simple idea, but it could become a much bigger project with the Apparently, of the 293 vehicles and 1 1 72 tyres checked, six percent were

traffic officials (we can live in hope), vehicle manufacturers, parts producers

found to be in the “dangerous” inflation category (between 150 and 180

and spares retailers extending the reach to other safety-critical aspects

kPa), and a further six percent categorised as “very dangerous” (below 150

encompassing the vehicle in its entirety.

kPa or above 290 kPa). That means around 140 tyres on 35 vehicles were potentially skirting the fringes of disaster.

Not only does it have the potential to create jobs, but could contribute to

According to the latest eNaTIS live vehicle population statistics, a total

number of accidents, injuries and deaths on our roads.

far greater safety awareness and make a meaningful impact on reducing the

Colin Mileman is a freelance motoring journalist, photographer and advanced driving specialist with over 13 years of experience in this field. As a former editor of Topcar and Topbike magazines, he’s as enthusiastic about cars and bikes as they come, and has extensive knowledge of all motoring-related matters, including the topic of tyres, having run the annual and highly regarded Topcar tyre tests for several years.

3 0 • G o o d y e a r N e w s

GOODYEAR TRUCK TYRES BOOST FUEL EFFICIENCY FOR MAN Goodyear’s revolutionary truck tyre technologies, which offer proven performance benefits for fleet owners, will further boost the fuel-saving capabilities of MAN’s impressive new EfficientLine range of commercial vehicles. Premium range Goodyear Marathon LHS ll+ and LHD ll tyres have been

characterised by a new compound with high silica levels, as well as a distinct

handpicked by MAN for 100% original fitment in the manufacture of

tread pattern and carcass structure. In addition to cost savings, the improved

their EfficientLine TGS trucks. The vehicles were touring the country

fuel efficiency and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions have a positive impact

in August to demonstrate fuel savings to South African operators and

on the environment.

promote EfficientLine as the ultimate long-haul solution.

Bruce Dickson, vice-president and deputy CEO of MAN Truck and Bus South

Goodyear RHS ll and RHD ll truck tyres are also fitted to MAN’s other TGS range

Africa, said the tyres’ proven performance further enhanced the fuel efficient

of trucks. The tour ran the two vehicles against each other to show the enviable

capabilities of the exciting new EfficientLine solution.

fuel efficiency of EfficientLine – the results were very positive.

“Goodyear is already a main supplier for our TGM, CLA and Volkswagen

“Of the countless challenges facing fleet owners today, one of the toughest

Constellation range of trucks, so we have experience with the company’s

must be the seemingly relentless rise in fuel costs. Both MAN and Goodyear

excellent products and superb logistics operation. Goodyear also has a broad

worldwide are committed to improving transport efficiency and supporting the

footprint in sub-Saharan Africa. This is important for us as it means we can sell

road freight industry, an indication of many important synergies between the

these trucks with Marathon tyres, and be confident that our customers will find

two brands,” said Norman Newcombe, Goodyear’s National Sales Manager:

expert, on-the-ground support for their tyre requirements anywhere in the

Commercial OE (Original Equipment).


While tyres themselves make up just 6.6% of the average total cost of truck

“We are particularly proud to be partnering with MAN in their technologically

ownership, the cost of fuel weighs heavily at an average of more than 40% -

advanced product range. Innovation and edge-cutting engineering have kept

and that’s where Goodyear’s innovative tyre technologies can have the greatest

Goodyear ahead for decades, and we appreciate brands that think the same


way,” said Newcombe.

Reduced aerodynamic drag and reduced rolling resistance are two key elements

“Goodyear’s constant endeavour to remain the leader in tyre innovation has

in the EfficientLine concept. The tyres – Goodyear Marathon LHS ll+ and LHD ll

produced technologies that are delivering tangible cost savings and better fleet

– offer dramatically reduced rolling resistance, and fuel efficiency promises to

efficiency to truck owners, increased safety, performance and comfort to truck

be even further reduced by EfficientLine’s air pressure management system,

operators and a substantial reduction in fuel consumption, emission pollution

which simply disconnects the compressor when it is not required.

and landfill waste.”

The Marathon truck tyres on MAN TGS EfficientLine vehicles benefit from

“There is nothing more important to Goodyear than safety – and that concept

Goodyear’s award-winning FuelMax Technology, which was developed at the

includes not only road safety but also care with the environment and care with

company’s Innovation Centre in Luxembourg specifically to achieve improved

our end users’ costs. First-class products like MAN TGS EfficientLine trucks and

fuel efficiency, extended mileage and reduced braking distances. The tyres are

Goodyear’s Marathon truck tyres pay dividends on all three of those counts.”

G o o d y e a r N e w s • 3 1

EfficientGrip SUV is produced using the very latest manufacturing techniques and materials. An advanced tread compound is tightly woven into the tyre’s structure, for example, which uses traction resins to further enhance wet braking; and noise is minimised by utilising an optimised block design and sequence. The tyre is also


lighter, which improves steering precision and

EfficientGrip SUV

handling for drivers.

Increased grip AND lower rolling resistance ... is it possible? The two concepts seem to go head to head, yet Goodyear’s barrierbreaking engineers have done it again, with an SUV tyre that’s taking this popular class of vehicle by storm.




at the 4x4 and Sports Utility Vehicle market, from

internationally at Goodyear’s premier SUV/4x4

EfficientGrip SUV is the freshest offering in

luxury, full-size vehicles through to the standard,

tyre event in the magnificent Algarve region

Goodyear’s ‘EfficientGrip’ family, and follows

compact and sub-compact ranges.

of Portugal earlier this year. More than 900

the distinguished lineage of the Wrangler

“The 4x4/SUV market continues to grow in

journalists and selected guests from 25 countries

HP All Weather range. It’s been dubbed the

popularity, and so the demand for specialised

across Europe, Middle East and Africa gathered to

‘decathlete of the tyre world’ because, unlike

tyres has increased too. While car manufacturers

share exciting driving experiences on Goodyear’s

high performance road tyres or really rugged off-

work hard to ensure their vehicles are

comprehensive range, and to see for themselves

roaders, EfficientGrip SUV is a jack-of-all-trades.

increasingly economical and environmentally

the EfficientGrip SUV’s performance and serious

The new tyre combines the excellent road and

safer, so Goodyear continuously improves its

fuel saving capabilities.

braking grip qualities of the EfficientGrip range,

tyres to support the technological advances.

Chris Tye, Goodyear Product Manager, described

while incorporating Goodyear’s innovative

With its ability to help reduce the impact on

the EfficientGrip SUV as “a tyre that supports fuel

FuelSaving technology, better rolling resistance,

the environment without compromising on

economy, delivers advance features designed to

and a comfortable yet quiet ride on both tar and

performance, EfficientGrip SUV is the perfect

improve wet and dry handling and braking, while


choice for every 4x4/SUV driver,” Chris said.

ensuring a smoother, quieter ride”.

Independent tests against both predecessors

Needless to say, it’s attracted the attention of

Goodyear’s latest EfficientGrip is aimed squarely EfficientGrip




and competitors have shown EfficientGrip SUV

some prestigious sports utility marques, and has

to deliver:

been selected for fitment on desirable vehicles

• lower fuel consumption

like the Audi Q3 and the Land Rover Evoque.

• lower co² emissions

In South Africa, a broad size range (from 16” to

• a quieter ride

19”) of this excellent all-rounder will be imported

• dramatically reduced braking distance

by Goodyear for the local market, as well as for


OE replacement requirements.





3 2 • I n d u s t r y N e w s

DUNLOP IN BREAST CANCER DRIVE Join the drive to raise over R250 000 for breast cancer awareness. Every

against breast cancer. Dunlop and Dunlop Zones

Dunlop branded tyre purchased from a Dunlop Zone between 1 – 27

are committed to donating a minimum of R250

October will help raise a minimum of R250 000 for the Breast Health

000 to the Breast Health Foundation, based on


forecasted sales of Dunlop branded tyres through the Dunlop Zone network over this period.

Sadly, one in nine women in South Africa will be diagnosed with breast cancer. No one is exempt from this disease, which is both prolific and

The Dunlop Zone dealerships will also be

without prejudice, affecting men and women alike regardless of age,

participating on an independent basis, by

ethnicity, socio-economic or geographical factors.

committing varying amounts from their own stores to assist in reaching this target and

In an effort to combat the devastating effects of this disease, Dunlop tyres

hopefully, exceeding the guaranteed donation.

and their Dunlop Zone retail partners are going PINK during the month of October in order to raise both awareness and funds to assist in the fight or call toll free at: 0800 335 722

REDISA TO APPOINT TWO SENIOR TYRE INDUSTRY PEOPLE The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative

needs to dispose of waste tyres in a responsible way. The

of South Africa (REDISA) has made two important

REDISA plan does exactly what is necessary. Now, I’m

appointments. Eddie Jordaan, Sales Director of Continental

excited to be involved with the next chapter when new

SA (Pty) Ltd and Piet Swart, Managing Director of Alliance

changes emanating from our industry will positively affect

Tyre Africa both join REDISA on 01 September 2012.

local communities and the country as a whole.”

Eddie Jordaan, who continues in his role at Continental until he starts with REDISA, has around 43 years’

Eddie Jordaan

Piet Swart

experience in the South African tyre industry. He will be responsible for the roll-out and implementation of the REDISA waste tyre

Piet Swart will head up the recycling technology division of REDISA. Prior to joining Alliance Tyre Africa (a division of Alliance Tyre Group in Mumbai, India, which specialises

in off-road tyres), Swart was with Continental Tyres for 27 years. He was

plan, as legislated by the Department of Environmental Affairs. Jordaan

a founding member of the South African Tyre Recycling Process (SATRP)

considers this a natural move and one that will give him the opportunity

and served on the SATRP board until he left Continental five years ago.

of giving back to the country and community. “I’ve been with Continental

“REDISA is what the country needs”, says Swart. “And I’m joining REDISA

for 19 years and in the industry for 43 years so I have seen many changes

because this is what I believe in. For me, the role will be hugely challenging

over the years. One thing that all role players agree on is that South Africa

but most importantly fulfilling.”

GfK TO EXPAND SERVICES TO SOUTH AFRICAN TYRE INDUSTRY GfK, a market research organisation operating in more than 100

The company’s active presence in those markets coupled with decades

countries worldwide, is looking to extend its current service offering in

of experience in fact-finding, place it in unique position to comment on

South Africa to the tyre sector. GfK South Africa currently reports on

market indicators and trends.

over 80 product categories within the consumer electronics, domestic appliances, telecoms, IT, sports, gaming and automotive markets, by way of tracking the sales of consumer durables and semi durables through Craig Bowen monthly retail analysis done at item level, across all relevant channels of distribution.

According to GfK Europe’s current financial position is tenuous with manufacturing activity for the Eurozone down to its lowest level since mide-2009 and the IMF projecting only modest real GDP growth (0.7%). On the back of this, GfK is predicting slowdowns in demand for tyres across Western Europe. In Asia, they claim consumers are opting to down-

Currently GfK operates retail tyre panels in seventeen countries across four

trade to lower priced Chinese-manufactured brands as imports continue to put

regions: Germany, France, Italy, UK (Western Europe), Hungary, Romania

pressure on local manufacturers along with lower than expected OEM demand.

(Eastern Europe), Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan (CIS Commonwealth States/ formerly USSR), China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Phillipines, Thailand (Asia) as well as Turkey and plans to expand the number of active countries by a further 35 in 2015.

GfK is looking to establish an equally strong presence in South Africa, so as to be able to provide similar data and statistics. Contact Craig Bowen on +27 (0)11 803 1300 or e-mail

D i s t r i b u t i o n N e w s • 3 3

r y T Ri r & nfe


es m en s c

3 4 • C o m p a n y P r o f i l e

3 October 2012, The Wanderers Club, Illovo, Johannesburg Ensuring the safe handling and maintenance of industrial tyres and rims to prevent accidents and fatalities

Transport related accidents remain the biggest killer in heavy industries and a major contributor to industrial accidents and fatalities worldwide. In particular, lack of knowledge, training and experience in relation to industrial tyres and rims are the main causes of these accidents.

o C

It is for this reason that the AMRE and SACEA, in association with IIR, have put together a Tyres & Rims conference. This one-day event will provide participants with an indepth understanding of the technical background, equipment, procedures and safety aspects relating to industrial tyres and rims. This conference brings together experts from leading tyre companies, rim manufacturers and service producers such as Michelin, Rimex and Otraco. A special presentation will be given on the hotly debated topic of air versus nitrogen for industrial tyres with explosive results! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to find out everything you need to know about tyres and rims Organised by: and how to prevent accidents. Please turn over to see the agenda...

To regisTer:

Tel: +27 (0) 11 771 7000 email: Web:

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2012 , 6 1 4 Nov. 1 AI · CHINA GH SHAN

Further information: Messe Essen GmbH · Phone: +49 201 72 44-727/-645· Fax: +49 201 72 44-435 E-Mail: · China United Rubber Corporation · Phone: +86 10 5865 0277 · Fax: +86 10 5865 0288 E-Mail: ·

3 6 • C o m p e t i t i o n / S u b s c r i p t i o n


to our previous competition winner

Allen Schoeman of La Farge, Cape Town whose correct answer wins him Three months free subscription to News Portal!

quarterly competition QUESTION:

How many Nankang passenger and SUV sizes are covered by the new ‘Free Your Way Guarantee’? ANSWER:������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Name:����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Company:������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Address:�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� __________________________________________________


Telephone:___________________________________ Cellphone:��������������������������������

Click onto treads. to ente r!


a set of Nankang tyres complete with

Tyre Guarantee to the value of

R4 000.00!

Please address your competition entries and subscriptions to: Sky Publications cc, PO Box 702, Douglasdale, 2165, or Fax entries to: (011) 658 0010 (only one per person please)

or enter online at


I/we wish to subscribe to SA Treads for one year’s subscription (incl. VAT and postage) Local (SA) R 96-00 International R 220-00 (Please address cheques to Sky Publications)

Name:___________________________________________________________________________ Company:������������������������������������������������������������������������� Address:���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������



Profession:_ ___________________________________________________________________ Telephone:������������������������������������������������������������������������

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