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How to Study For SAT Math by Dr. Steve Warner

In this article I am going to teach you how to study for SAT math in a way that will maximize your SAT math score in a short amount of time. Begin by taking a College Board practice test under timed conditions to get your current SAT math score (you can find 10 practice tests in the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide). Next you need to set aside a 10 to 20 minute block of time that you will dedicate to sat math practice every single day. You will begin each study session by choosing one of the four general topic areas (number theory, algebra and functions, geometry, or probability, statistics and data analysis) and one SAT specific strategy.

As an example, let’s suppose your topic for today is number theory and you have chosen the strategy of “picking numbers.” This particular strategy transforms a problem into one that is much easier to read and solve by replacing the “unknowns” in the problem with specific numbers.

You would begin your study session by going through the list of all number theory problems you have ever attempted. Some of these will be “marked off” because you had previously gotten them wrong. You need to reattempt each of these problems. Try to use the strategy you have chosen for today (in this case “picking numbers”) whenever it seems possible. If you get the problem correct this time you can “unmark” it. But if you get it wrong for any reason whatsoever leave it marked off (even if your only mistake was accidentally hitting a wrong button in your calculator). If you wind up using your full 20 minutes on old problems, that is okay. Just begin working on new problems the next day. There is no hurry to get through large numbers of problems. You learn more from your mistakes than from your successes.

Next, you need to choose new problems to work on, preferably ones that are relevant to the strategy you have chosen. It is very important that you choose problems of the appropriate difficulty level for you. For example, if you scored above 650 on your last practice test, your emphasis should be on Level 4 and 5 problems, whereas if you scored between 500 and 650, you should focus on Level 3 and 4 problems.

Do not be afraid to try to solve each new problem in more than one way. In addition to using the chosen strategy, try to also solve each problem the “in school way,” and don’t be afraid to look for quicker solutions as well. Avoid spending too much time on any one problem, and most importantly, mark off any problems you get wrong so that you know to reattempt them in future study sessions. After one month of studying this way take another SAT math practice test. Repeat this procedure until you are happy with your score. For more information please visit:-

How to study for sat math