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Pot Pourri Decor: Merging Home Decor Elements from Multiple Countries

Are you bored with the ongoing clichĂŠd interior decor trends? What if you are in love with a mix-andmatch decor trend? Take a break as we fly you across the distinct interior design ideas across the world.

Mediterranean architecture Mediterranean architecture is some classy and cool amalgam to stick with! With the joint influence of Italy, Spain, Portugal, and other Mediterranean countries, the beautiful design elements include stucco finishes (protecting the exterior walls from extreme climate), Red tiled roof, lovely terracotta flooring, and other intricate ornamental details.

Oriental charm You can also take some of the sizzling styles from China, which includes bold combination of black and glossy lacquer with a slight accent of gold or warm red, accompanied by shoji screen dividers or bamboo

art. Chinese art of circulating positive energy can also be adopted by giving more room to the natural light.

Swag from the United States A lot can be taken from the countryside in the United States. Lacy curtains in the living room, fancying the soft and cheerful bright colored walls such as barn red and sage green can give your house a very refined look. Use woods that are blemished and lightly blend for antique furnishing. Stick with handwoven textiles with traditional patchwork for a cleaner appearance.

British royal interiors Adopt some from the land of exotic accent! UK can bless us with soothing light-colored walls, dark wooden furniture and floors, garden doors and its new and innovative storage ideas that talk a lot about functionality. The concept of traditional shutters also adds a lot to the look of the house. Their beautiful Victorian sofas and subtle crystal ware are the lifeline of British interiors.

Indonesia and Thailand Houses in Indonesia are unique pieces of brilliance. Mainly focusing on a lot of glasswork, the houses prioritize natural elements. The concept of low-lying beds and wooden floors is a lot common and adds on to the spark, Thai homes give us a lot to learn from. A well cushioned living area and soft coloredbricked walls are the blessings of the distinct nations.

Traditional Malaysian decor Malaysian trends are another happening decor dapper to follow! Stick with the painted ceiling, fully

tiled washrooms, sliding doors, wallpapers and bright kitchens for a better look! Go for seethrough furniture for a sassy look.

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Are you bored with the ongoing clichéd interior decor trends? What if you are in love with a mix-and-match decor trend? Take a break as we f...