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To Style Is Divine: The “It” Style Guide

By Joseph Allen

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To The Reader: The hustle and bustle of the crowd. The bright lights, in a myriad of bold and exquisite colours. The amazing glitz and glamour a metropolis provides. The opportunity to catch a glimpse of an uber celebrity. Dancing the night away into the dawn of a new day. This book is a dedication to cities across the globe that never sleep, never ceases to amaze, and burn with infinite energy. Joseph Allen Editor

Introdution Introdution Introduction Introdution

It has often been said, and proven, that people make their judgements of you within their first three seconds of meeting you. Most of the person’s preconceived notions and thoughts of you will lie in your style of dress. Perhaps your untucked and wrinkled shirt or blouse says you are lazy. Or perhaps that you are a procrastinator. Or just maybe your well tailored suit and charismatic smile will tell an individual that you are prepared, punctual, and dependable. Small factors such as polished shoes, well fitting garments, and neatness may seem mediocre to you, or perhaps they may not even matter at all. However, to a potential employer, these small details mean so much more. With that said, not only is it important to be mindful of small details, but it is also important to make sure your garments are body shape appropriate. A portly gentleman will probably want to forgo the pleated slacks. Meanwhile, the lady with a broad upper body but slight lower torso will probably want to take the bright blue skirt versus the same one in aubergine. In other words, for the many aesthetically pleasing attributes our bodies all possess, there are flawed dimensions as well. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of both the positive and negative components of your body. Knowledge of this will help you make wise decisions when selecting garments for your wardrobe.

“...Do as I Say, AND as I Do...!!!�

As for myself, I must agree with Albert Einstein’s assessment that clothing truly does make the man. Clothing choices should not consume you, or over power you however. Instead, one’s style of dress should empower the individual. Clothing choices should accent the characteristics you already possess, and take them to the next level. I am an African American, short of stature, and evenly proportioned from my shoulder to hip. I am an individual that appreciates the finer things in life. Luxury is what I love, however in a more understated repertoire. Refinement and elegance are a part of my make up, and in part define who I am, and what I am drawn to, aesthetically and mentally. A simple character assessment like this should make it clear to a fashion professional the style, color, and fit of clothing appropriate for an individual. In summation, dressing an individual based on their mental and emotional characteristics will render them successful in each and every instance.

Body Shapes Body Shapes Body Body Shapes Shapes

The Characteristics of the:

“X” Frame • Curvaceous figure, full bust, small waist, and full bottom • Ideal frame for women

Best Features • Curvy body and small waist • The female “X”’s proportions gives her freedom to wear almost anything she wants to. • Key Items for “X” include pencil skirts with a contrasting belt, low rise pants with a flared bottom, v-necks or scoop style necklines, high waisted skirts, and wrap dresses.

Worst Features • X doesn’t really have any “bad” features to mention • “X” must be wary of what she wears, as her full bust and full bottom may tend to make her resemble a lady of the night in certain attire. • “X’s please avoid full or blousy shirts and tubular silhouettes.

“X” Frame

“X” Frame

The Characteristics of the:

“O” Frame • Round figure with a fuller bust and midsection, heavier arms and shapely legs

Best Features • Shapely Legs and Bust Line • Key Items for “O” include tops with long sleeves, tubular silhouettes, loose/wide leg pants, skinny vertical lines, halter and wrap dresses.

Worst Features • The “O”’s midsection tends to be a bit of an issue when choosing appropriate attire, as their larger midsection exacerbates the lack of a defined waist. • “O”’s tend to be individuals most at risk for heart failure. • “O”’s should avoid small prints/patterns, pleated pants, tapered pants, or any embellishments around their midsections.

“O” Frame

“O” Frame

The Characteristics of the:

“H” Frame • Shoulders, waist, and hips are about the same width.

Best Features • Arms and Legs are “H”’s Best Features • Key Items for “H” include belts, corset Tops, ruffled or curved sleeves, tops and jackets with princess seams. • European designers favor this frame when designing clothes.

Worst Features • Because “H”’s shoulders, waist, and hips are about the same width, he/she has no defined waist to speak of. • “H” must avoid low rise pants, loose fitting dresses, wide lapel jackets, or rectangular silhouettes that will only exacerbate a frame in which the waist-line is nearly nonexistent.

“H” Frame

“H” Frame

The Characteristics of the:

“V” Frame • Wide shoulders and large bust with narrow hips. • Most of the weight on upper half of the body. • Ideal frame for men.

Best Features • “V”’s best features are his/her legs. • Key items for “V” inlcude bright colors applied to the lower torso, pleated skirts/pants, full/wide leg pants, and knee length or skirts that fall slightly above the knee

Worst Features • With the majority of “V’s weight lying on the upper torso, balance is an important component that should be applied to his/her wardrobe. • Key items for “V” to avoid include horizontal stripes, prints and patterns, or epaulettes and shoulder pads which only draw further attention to “V”’s very imbalanced frame.

“V” Frame

“V” Frame

The Characteristics of the:

“A” Frame • Smaller on the top and wider on the bottom • Shoulders are narrow, breasts are small to average, waist is slight, and hips/thighs are fuller.

Best Features • “A”’s best feature is his/her upper body • Key items for “A” include bateau necks, off-shoulder necklines, dark colors applied to the lower torso, low rise pants, bright colors applied to the upper torso, mix-andmatch seperates.

Worst Features • Because the majority of “A”’s weight lies at his/her lower torso, balance must be a key component when he/she shops for garments. • Key items for “A” to avoid are tight shirts, side pocket pants, pleated pants, and tapered pants as they draw attention to their imbalanced frame.



Face Shapes Face Shapes Face Shapes Face Shapes

Square Shape Square face shapes have a wide, shortened forehead and strong square jaw-line. The square shapes jaw line and foreheard are the same width.

Because the square face shape has hard defined edges, it is important to choose appropriate hair styles that will soften these edges.

In order to achieve this, soften the edges by directing soft wavy bangs down over the temples.

Longer hair styles should fall at or past the shoulder. Meanwhile, individuals donning shorter hair styles should keep the style soft and round with the majority of height at the crown.

Assymetrical styles, which contrast with the perfectly even sides of a square, work best.

“fit a square peg in a round hole!�

Square Shape

Diamond Shape A diamond is essentially a cross between the heart and oval shaped face. The diamond shape is widest at the cheek bones and narrows equally at the forehead and jawline. The beautiful wide cheek bones of a diamond face shape are consequently the very problem area. To reduce the width across the cheek bone line, choose a hairstyle with a rounded shape that provides fullness at the bottom. Wide wispy bangs will help to soften the hardness of this face shape, lending a more oval appearance to the face. The best look for a diamond is a tiered bob that falls to the chin. Avoid hairstyles that lift away from the cheeks or move back from the hairline. This will only bring harder defnition to this face shape, which is what we DON’T want.

“Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend!”

Diamond Shape

Oval Shape Individuals with foreheads and jaws that are the same width. Hair success will be achieved at any angle, as this shape has infinite possibilites in regard to hairstyles. What’s your pleasure? The oval shape has endless options on their menu. Bobbed, layered, close, full, long or short, any style will balance this fortunate face shape. Bangs can accent the eyes, while hair off the forehead can balance the nose in profile view.

“Literally the good EGG of the bunch!�

Oval Shape

Heart Shape Heart shapes have wide, yet short foreheads. Their foreheads also tend to be widest at the temples, and narrow, leading down to a small delicate chin. The obvious problem here is the imbalance of the larger forehead and small lower part of the face. Therefore, heart shapes require softer curlier styles. A chin-length look would be the most ideal for this face shape, as the main objective is to increase width around the narrow chin. Wide, slanted assymetrical bangs draw attention away from the jaw line. The best look for the heart shape is one that is full bodied with bounce and uber curl. To reduce the width of the forehead, a center part with bangs flipped up or slanted to one side is highly recommended. The key element here is to mix assymetry with the obtrusively symmetrical shape of an abstract heart.

“Let’s get down to the HEART of the matter!”

Heart Shape

Colour Colour Colour CharacterisColour Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics

Say hello to Sanaa Lathan. This accomplished actress has beautiful medium brown skin, chestnut eyes, and soft dark brown hair. These factors place her in the “Deep” color characteristic family. Individuals who fit into this category have black to dark brown hair. Their eyes are usually dark brown, deep hazel, or olive green. A “Deep” individuals skin tone is medium to dark. Most African Americans fall into this category. Jewel tones tend to compliment “Deep” individuals. Fill your wardrobe with colors like purple, royal blue, burgundy, and emerald green. Ideal neutral colors include dark grey and dark brown.


Individuals are certain to recognize the sexy famed soccer player David Beckham. His olive green eyes, light brown hair, and medium skin tone make him the perfect candidate for the “Muted” color characteristic. Individuals that fall in this category typically have blonde to light brown hair. Their eyes are usually brown, hazel, olive green, or green/ grey. “Muted” skin tones are medium to deep, and may either tan or burn in exposure to sun. “Muted” individuals should experiment with colors such as Sage green, blue, Dusty rose, or lavender. Neutral colors should include grey and camel.


He brought “Sexy Back” to both his fans and the music industry alike. I am speaking of none other than musician/ actor Justin Timberlake. He has very light brown hair, blue/grey eyes, and a fair complexion. With these elements combined, Justin falls into the “Light” color category. Individuals who fall into the “Light” color characteristic typically have golden blonde, ash blonde, or very light brown hair. “Light”’s eyes are blue, green, grey, blue-grey, or greenblue. Skin tones of “Light” individuals are medium to light, and do no tan easily. “Light” individuals should experiment with lavender, green, mint green, or pale pink, to name a few. Neutral colors “Light” colored individuals should pay attention to include light navy and taupe.


A beautiful, alluring face, an amazing body, which has made her muse to a number of fashion designers, combined with astounding talent are the makings of a talented actress such as Penelope Cruz. Penelope has beautiful dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a beautiful light brown complexion. These attributes place Penelope in the “Bright” color category. Most “Bright” individuals are characterized with having black, medium to dark brown, or chestnut brown hair. “Bright” individuals have bright blue, turquoise, hazel, or violet eyes. “Bright” skin tones are typically light to medium, and may tan or burn. Colors that compliment “bright” individuals include bright pink, red, peacock blue, and emerald green. Neutral colors for this color characteristic include black or light brown.


Nicole Kidman is an amazingly talented, one-of-a-kind actress. She has appeared in “Chanel” advertisements wearing a beautiful pink couture gown adorned with feathers. Nicole is a striking natural beauty, needing very little makeup. She has beautiful red hair, turquoise eyes, and very pale skin. These factors which make her the unequivocally beautiful woman she is place her in the “Warm” characteristic. “Warm” characteristics typically have red, auburn, copper, or strawberry colored hair. The eyes of an individual in the “Warm” family are brown, hazel, bright blue/turquoise, or green. The skin tone of a “Warm” personality is golden to very pale, and often burns with ease in exposure to sun. These individuals may also be adorned with freckles. Colors for “Warm” individuals to add to their wardrobe include deep red, peach, deep blue, and green. Neutral colors for “Warm” to rely on should be brown or terracotta.


Fashion Fashion Fashion Fashion Personalities Personalities Personalities Personalities

Classic Characteristics • Traditional, conservative, chic, sophisticated • Mix-match theory of dressing

• Cotton, Wool, Silk

Fabrics Color

• Neutrals, Navy, Black, Brown, White

Patterns • None or very small motifs or details

Clothing • Sheath dresses, flat front pants, slim fitted blazers, sweater sets, matching suit.

Accessories • Gold jewelry and pearls

“...Timeless and elegant, aaah the classics never fade...”


Eclectic Characteristics • Creative, theatrical, the entrance maker • High fashion, bold striking designs

Fabrics • Unusual and extreme (ex. Chinchilla, Python, Sable)

Colors • Black, white, bright colors

Patterns • Abstract, animal prints, bold stripes

Clothing • Handcrafted, asymmetrical silhouettes

Accessories • Bold and Large

“It’s ‘Eclectic’, Boogie Woogie Woogie...”


Romantic Characteristics • Soft, Fresh, Dainty, Youthful yet refined • Prefers delicate colors, shapes, textures, and patterns: ribbons, lace, bows, floral

Fabrics • Angora, Cashmere

Colors • Soft Pastels

Patterns • Florals, Tweeds

Clothing • Ruffles, Puffed Sleeves, Flowing Skirts

Accessories • Cameo, Charms, Pearls

“..Tonight I celebrate my love for you...”


Sporty Characteristics • Casual, informal, warm, friendly • Most comfortable dressed down in loosely tailored or layered clothing.

Fabrics • Cotton, lycra, fabric with very little care.

Colors • Neutrals, green, yellow, red, blues, primary colors.

Patterns • Geometric or solid.

Clothing • Shirtdresses, safari looks, pullover sweaters, cardigans, polo shirts, pleated skirts, blazers.

Accessories • Natural colored leather, sports watches, small earrings, beads. •

“...I think I want to live the sporty life...”


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2008 and Forever!!!

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