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ush who heralds from Los Angeles has been doing his art across all-terrain, for the past seventeen years. He has traveled to Japan, Italy, Australia, Spain, Taiwan, Korea and across the United States to make and show work. Push’s designbased practice has enabled him to slip into such roles as a designer for The Seventh Letter, as well as enabling him to branch into ceramic sculpture. For the past year, Push has been meticulously creating this body of work on canvas, wood panel and paper, the latter being a new medium for the artist. Triangular grids filled with bold and vibrant colors are chaotically aligned with muted and monochromatic splashes, creating stunning contrasts. The artist’s disciplined handwork gradually builds a geometric patchwork. The process is incredibly painstaking and requires patience, not only on 1 0 8


the artist’s part, but also for his fans that have been anticipating this solo exhibition since his last show at Known Gallery in 2010. The result is a body of complex paintings, bustling with energy while simultaneously offering serenity. PUSH explains “The focus is on progression. It’s what keeps me going.” With roots in the Los Angeles graffiti scene, PUSH is a highly sought after muralist and designer. His outdoor work has evolved into large-scale murals, painting on buildings, creative workspaces and the famous wall he collaborated on with the legendary Lee Quinones for the Art in the Streets exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Known Gallery 441 North Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Nov-Dec 2012 Art Issue XXVIII G  

Transmitting distinctive culture

Nov-Dec 2012 Art Issue XXVIII G  

Transmitting distinctive culture