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No. X I

Souvenir Photography RENO RANGER Model KID




S A T E L L I T E No. X I

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Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Longchamp X Jeremy Scott Jil Sander Transparent Table Buro Collection Kill Spencer Victor & Rolf Teqa David Heart & Co. Karen Walker Eyewear Bird Of Prey Love Hate Bigotry Fear & Desire Vanity Fair Clay Xamagne Stockists

COVER Photogrphy RENO RANGER Models KID, at Place Models Make-Up & Hair INA CIEMIA at Nina Klein Agency Foto-Assistant MARC RENGER

April 2011 | 1 | S

Photography TROY MOTH

S A T E L L I T E No. XV

Editor-In-Chief, Creative Director WILLIAM MONTALVO Managing Editor RICHARD FISHER Art Director BOX808 MEDIA Photo Consultant RACER MEDIA INC. Special Correspondent ADDISON DEWITT Copy Editor LONDON SILVER Public Relations FRAME PR Interns DRU DOWNEY, NAOMI WEST Special thank you RABEE YOUNES Submissions We are always looking for new work. We accept submissions. If you would like to be considered as a contributor please send writing samples or images to Advertising & special projects Headquarters 600 S Curson Avenue Suite 423 Los Angeles California 90036 USA

April 2011 | 3 | S


T Neroli Portofino


EROLI PORTOFINO, TOM FORD’S reinvention of a classic eau de cologne, instantly evokes the seductive essence of the Italian coast. Inspired by and infused with this exhilarating scent, the NEROLI PORTOFINO collection of bath and body products revitalizes and nourishes the skin with nature-rich ingredients such as olive fruit oil, grape seed oil and date seed extract that are indigenous to the Mediterranean. S S | 4 | April 2011

Long c X

y m e Jer Scott T

he legendary Longchamp Pliage bag is again subject of high end design as a new collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott has produced a new bag for this summer. Well, it’s the same old bag, actually, only with a new print. The thing is, with Jeremy Scott, you never know what to expect! The common lines of fashion and design are usually bent by his urban contemporary vision and this is no exception. The new Jeremy Scott Longchamp Pliage bag has a ton of pills on! The print shows a pile of colored, multishape pills. Is that the new essence of chic? S S | 6 | April 2011

cham p April 2011 | 7 | S



his vivid multi tripe cotton Jil Sander crew neck knitted sweater in with panels over the shoulders and a black ribbed collar, cuffs and hem is must have this season. A special piece that will uplift any wardrobe. When wearing a bold sweater like this it is best to keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple: team with your favorite dark denim for standout style. S


April 2011 | 1 | S

Transparent Table

S | 10 | April 2011

Photograph Masayuki Hayashi


t first glance the black table is wood, but a closer look reveals its transparency. A clear acrylic in a wooden form with a strong grain and assembled the resulting pieces to create a table made of ‘transparent wood’. Nendo reproduced the butt ends faithfully and bevelled the edges like floorboards, and matched the grains ends and dimensions of the wood used for the table legs to the ‘transparent wood’ to create a unified piece. S

April 2011 | 11 | S

BURO Collection

S | 12 | April 2011


haven’t used a stapler in years, nor a calculator, but I remember my days of desk work where I needed this stuff every day. It might be kind of metro to have matching tape and hole punch, but I think I could have pulled it off. The best piece of this “Buro” line from Lexon is this little USB hub/card reader. It has a nice understated design but a distinctive color and would be genuinely useful on any desk. www.

April 2011 | 13 | S



he Classic: Original Wax: Business Messenger bag by Kill Spencer is the only messenger bag you will ever need because of the black filter twill is a new utilitarian fabric originally designed and manufactured in 1837 as a military spec, water repellent, everyday use fabric that lasts longer and preforms better. The bag fits up to a 17� MacBook, iPad, iPhone, large Molskine sketchbook and business cards. S S |14 | April 2011

VIKTOR S | 16 | April 2011

& ROLF Steel Blue Shoes


iktor & Rolf went with steel blue as the colour of choice for these new leather dress shoes. Featuring a round tapered toe and black lace-up closure, the well-constructed shoes are detailed with tonal overstock stitching and finished off with a leather sole with 1� stacked heel. Made in Italy. S April 2011 | 17 | S


April 2011 | 19 | S


eqa fills a void in Murray Hill’s restaurant and nightlife scene by melding a modern menu and design sensibilities with a traditional spirit. An unparalleled liquor selection meets an exquisitely crafted menu by acclaimed chef Lisa Schoen. Interior designer Lesly Zamor (Seed NY) has deftly mixed a fluid floor plan with striking décor. That design was given life through the brilliant construction work of Strictly Structural, who ensured every last handcrafted detail was inspired by the cultures that shaped the 500-year-long history of tequila. Murray Hill is a vibrant and youthful neighborhood with an energy that can barely be contained in its blocks. Blending creativity and drive, the people who live and work within its blocks are the key influencers of tomorrow. Until recently, the area was serviced by traditional bars and pubs with few upscale offerings and very little Mexican fare. Teqa fills that void by a melding modern menu and design sensibilities with a traditional spirit. Translating the vibrancy and flavor of the design to the menu, Teqa’s enlisted Executive Chef, Lisa Schoen to create a presentation of modern and traditional Mexican cuisine that draws from influences around the globe. Chef Shoen is the personal chef to Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, former Executive Chef for Saturday Night Live and has worked

as a food stylist for celebrity chefs including Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali, Paula Dean, Lidia Bastianich and Katie Lee. In addition, Chef Schoen has worked for the past twelve years for Food Network on television programs such as Iron Chef and Throwdown With world famouse chef Bobby Flay and was also a finalist on Food Network’s Chopped. Teqa’s tables rival the beauty of its chandeliers. Built from wood local to the Guadalajara region of Mexico and accented by brass molding, these tables are finely carved by expert craftsmen. The mastermind behind Teqa, Derek Axelrod, comes from a line of successful entrepreneurs and cut his teeth early. He helped craft highly successful campaigns for his families company, French Connection. As head of the product placement division, Mr. Axelrod was responsible for outfitting celebrities in French Connection apparel. It was a position that he excelled at and it helped shape his unique approach to public relations. Since that time he has acquired, expanded, and built a number of restaurants. His vision for Teqa is a neighborhood bar and restaurant that can be expanded to other locations that embody the same creative energy and hip spirit found in Murray Hill. S



Founded and personally designed by David Hart. The collection of neckties are hand tailored in New York CIty using luxury silk, wool, limem and cotton from all corners of the world. All david Hart & Co. ties are hand cut bias, and slip stitched and traditionally crafted with unmatched attention to deatil. S www.

S | 22 | April 2011

S | 18 | August 2011

August 2011 | 19 | S

KW S | 26 | April 2011

W Karen Wa l k e r Eyewear


ew Zealand based designer Karen Walker, signature style encompasses large frames and bold colors. Karen Walker’s vintage style is infused with modern elements, is summertime fun and guaranteed to add flare to any outfit. S

Photography Derek Kettela


Stylist Michelle Cameron Model Stephen Thompson

April 2011 | 27 | S

S | 30 | April 2011

B ird BIRD


roy Moth was born in a remote tree-planting camp on the west coast of Canada and spent the first few years of life in a tent guarded by large dogs. He loved the wild and abundant nature he grew up immersed in, but eventually the call to adventure became too much and he moved, first across Canada to the big city (Toronto), then across the world to India, to pursue a career in photography. Troy has worked for numerous commercial and editorial clients, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, GQ and many others. But he’s never forgotten his roots, so with a career in fashion now behind him, he’s focusing instead on his art, and living, once again, deep in a forest. S The following is the series called Bird Of Prey. April 2011 | 31 | S

S | 22 | August 2011

August 2011 | 23 | S

LLO V E ove H A T E BIGOTRY F E A R & e r i s e DESIRE D Photography RENO RENGER

Models KID, LARS V. & JAN N. at Place Models Make-Up & Hair INA CIEMIA at Nina Klein Agency Foto-Assistant MARC RENGER

JAN wears Acne Jeans

KID wears Hudson Jeans

LARS wears Nudie Jeans

KID wears Calvin Klein, JAN wears True Religion, LARSwears H&M

KID wears Diesel, LARS wears D&G Jeans JAN wears Hudson Jeans

KID wears Acne Jeans, JAN wears True Religion, LARS wears H&M

JAN wears True Religion, LARS wears H&M . KID wears Levi’s

S | 48 | April 2011


y t i n Va VANITY FAIR Fair Styling ERIC BERG at The Rex Agency Hair KRISTIN HEITKOTTER at Celestine Agency Make Up ANNA BRANSON Model LAUREN GARRISON at Ford models

Bracelets by Glynneth B. Suede tank by Veda Rings by Han Cholo Foundation Make Up Forever HD foundation #110 Eyes Make Up Forever Diamond Powder 91001 Brows M•A•C eye liner Engraved Lips Make Up Forever lipstick L223 Nails O•P•I Black Onyx

Charcoal grey chains Glynneth B. Tank dress Ksuby Rings Han Cholo Foundation Make Up Forever HD foundation #110 Eyes Givency Le Prisme Hip Grey and Showy Black Lips Make Up Forever Lab shine metal collection M0  Nails O•P•I Black Onyx

Bracelets by Glynneth B. Suede tank by Veda Rings by Han Cholo Foundation Make Up Forever HD foundation #110 Eyes Make Up Forever Diamond Powder 91001 Brows M•A•C eye liner Engraved Lips Make Up Forever lipstick L223 Nails O•P•I Black Onyx

Black onyx earrings and long strand necklace by LIZZY Anabelle necklace with vintage black cameo brooch by Nola Singer Jersey tank dress by Mara Hoffman Foundation Make Up Forever HD foundation #110 Eyes Givency Le Prisme Showy Black  Brows M•A•C eye liner Engraved Lips Make Up Forever Flash Color Silver Nails O•P•I Black Onyx

Photography JUSTIN RUHL

C la y Stylist VANESSA GELDBACH at Photogenics Make-Up & Hair RAMSELL MARTINEZ Model CLAY PARTON at LA Models

Clay wears scarf and suede gloves by Giorgio Armani

April 2011 | 57 | S

Clay wears black collard shit and dark purple shirt by Giorgio Armani, black leather tie and black triple strap suspenders by Diesel

Clay wears black shirt by Mike & Chris, black and red vest by Gray Aant, black jeans by April 77, black boots by Giorgio Armani

Clay wears 3 button collared shirt by Mike & Chris, sunglasses by Gray Ant, sweater by Versace

Clay wears brown leather pants by Yigal Azrouel, boots by Gordon Rush, black leather S | 62 | August 2011shirt by Tatsuro Horikawa

August 2011 | 63 | S

S | 66 | April 2011

Xamagne Models

Douglas Neitzke at Ford, Nathalie at Modelwerk,

April 2011 | 67 | S








S | 80 | April 2011 Photograp JUSTIN RUHL

Model Nathale in Xamagne



w w w . S a t e l l i t e - M a g . c o m

April 2011 Souvenir Issue No. XI  

Transmitting fashion, design and culture

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