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Our returns policy You may return any item within 28 days in its original packaging and condition for a full refund, which must include a copy of the invoice and a covering letter. Please allow up to 10 working days for your return/exchange to be processed. Please wrap the item(s) securely in a suitable envelope or packet. Please note that sheet music, CDs and DVDs cannot be returned to us unless faulty.


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Delivery and carriage We aim to deliver within 7 days of receipt of order. Please allow 14 days before contacting us to enquire about non delivery. All CD/DVD orders for UK (including NI) delivery, irrespective of quantity, are subject to a carriage charge of £2.95 All other UK deliveries will incur a charge of £4.95 irrespective of size. Please note that prices may be subject to change. All orders are subject to availability.

Overseas postage No. of items


1 £5.95

12 £21

2 £7.95

13 £22

3 £8.95

14 £23

4 £9.95

15 £25

5 £11

16 £26

6 £13

17 £28

7 £14

18 £29

8 £15

19 £31

9 £16

20 £32

10 £19

21 or more


11 £20 Additional surcharge for uniforms (jackets and trousers/ skirts) £35.


Contents Clothing Uniforms Ladies Blouses & Accessories Men’s Shirts & Accessories Casual Uniform Casual Wear T-Shirts Cosy Casuals Feeling Sporty Accessories Young Ones

4-5 6-7 8-9 10-15 16-17 18-21 22-23 24-25 28 30-31

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Uniforms Ladies Elect Coat £135.00 32-46 Inch Chest

Ladies Regal Coat £160.00 (Padded lining) 32-50 Inch Chest Short, Regular, Long and Extra Long Fittings


Complete Classic Woolwich Uniform


Complete Value Uniform


Ladies Jacket Classic Woolrich £110.00 Value £75.00 Sizes 8-28, Short, Regular and Long Fittings

Ladies Skirt Classic Woolrich £59.00 Value £34.95 Sizes 8-28, Regular and Long Fittings

Jacket Epaulettes £9.99

Available in Blue, Navy and Red

Lapel Patches (Pair) £0.99 Black 11511, Blue 11512


Soldier’s Chrome Enamel S (Pair) £3.99 11544

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445



Men’s International Coat £160.00 34-50 Inch Chest Short, Regular and Long Fittings


Complete Classic Woolwich Uniform


Complete Value Uniform


Men’s Jacket Classic Woolrich £110.00 Value £75.00

Men’s Trousers Classic Woolrich £59.00 28-48 Inch Waist Unhemmed (up to 36” Inside Leg)

36-50 Inch Chest, Short, Regular and Long Fittings



30-48 Inch Waist Unhemmed

Uniform Cover with Crest £6.99 Black 12121, Red 12122, Blue 12123

Shirt and Blouse Epaulettes £9.99 Available in Blue & Navy

Alterations on uniforms are available

£10.00 per alteration

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Ladies Blouses & Accessories

Open Neck Blouse £25.95

Sizes 30-54 Regular and Long Fittings Size 28 only available in Regular Fitting

Premier Blouse £25.95

Sizes 30-54 Regular and Long Fittings Size 28 only available in Regular Fitting

Short Sleeved Blouse With Logo £15.95 Without Logo £13.95 Sizes 32-54

Red Shield Wreath Brooch (Officers Only) £4.99 Standard version 10211 Magnetic version 11700


White and Gilt Shield Wreath Brooch £4.99 Standard version 10214

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Blue Shield Wreath Brooch £4.99 Standard version 10208 Magnetic version 11701


Ladies Hats & Accessories

Ladies Navy Felt Hat £29.95 Sizes 51-61cm

Ladies Hat Badge £1.99 11423

Ladies Grey Felt Hat* £34.95 Sizes 51-61cm

International Items

Ladies White PVC Hat* £34.95 Sizes 51-61cm

Knitted Acrylic Scarf £12.95 11851

*Please note only one grey and one white hat can be purchased at one time

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Men’s Shirts & Accessories

Navy Soldier's Cap £40.95 Sizes 53-63

Short Sleeved Shirt With Logo £15.95 Sizes 141/2 -21

Without Logo Sizes 141/2 -20


Grey Soldier's Cap* £40.95 Sizes 55-62

International Items

Long Sleeved Shirt £17.95

Not for sale as blank garment**

White Soldier's Cap* £40.95 Sizes 53-62

*Please note only one grey and one white hat can be purchased at one time **Please speak to our Mail Order team to have your national Salvation Army logo embroidered


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Men’s Shirts & Accessories

Clip-On Tie £9.99

Small White Crest 11920 Large White Crest 11922 Coloured Crest 11930 Plain Navy 11926 Plain Black 11928

Tie £9.99

Small White Crest 11905 Large White Crest 11906 Coloured Crest 11908 Flag and Stripe 11910

Leather Belt with Crest Buckle £9.99 11750

Gilt Mini Crest Pin Badge £3.99

Chrome Mini Crest Pin Badge £3.99

Badge with Crest & Two Flags £2.99

Red Shield Tie Clip £3.99

Flag Tie Clip £3.99

Badge with Mini Crest on Bar £3.99







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Casual Uniform

Men's Cargo Trousers £24.95 Sizes 32-42 Inch Waist

NEW! 10

Men’s Regatta Body Warmer with Red Shield £29.95 Sizes S-XL

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Casual Uniform

Unisex Regatta Fleece with Red Shield £19.95


Sizes S-XL

For our complete range of products, please visit

Ladies Regatta Body Warmer with Red Shield £29.95 Sizes S-XL


Casual Uniform

Ladies Lightweight Cardigan with Red Shield Logo £28.95

Men's Lightweight Cardigan with Red Shield Logo £28.95

Ladies Lightweight Pullover with Red Shield Logo £28.95

Men's Lightweight Pullover with Red Shield Logo £28.95

Ladies Long Line Jacket with Red Shield Logo* £80.00

Ladies Trousers* £45.00

Sizes XS - XXXXL

Sizes XS - XXXXL

Sizes XS - XXXXL

Sizes XS - XXXXL

Sizes 8-28, Unhemmed

Sizes 8-28, Short and Regular Fittings

*The ladies long line jacket & trousers can be worn as informal uniform for officers & soldiers engaged in a wide range of ministry activities (but not for Sunday worship).


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Casual Uniform SP&S


Men's Softshell Jacket with Red Shield £54.00 Sizes S-XXL

Ladies Softshell Jacket with Red Shield £54.00 Sizes 10-20

Ladies Light Blue Fitted 3/4 Sleeve Blouse £19.95 Sizes 8-20 Also available in short sleeves

Regatta Storm Jacket with Red Shield £58.00

Ladies Sizes 10-20, Men’s Sizes S-XXXL

Men’s Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt with Red Shield £21.95 14.5-19.5 Inch Collar Limited Stock

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Casual Uniform

Regatta Storm Jacket with Logo was £58.00 now £43.49 Ladies Sizes 12-20, Men’s Sizes S-XXL

New Style Storm Jacket Plain £39.95 Sizes S-XL Limited Stock


New Style Storm Jacket with Logo £42.95 Sizes S-XXXL Limited Stock

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Reversible Fleece with Logo £39.95 Sizes S - XXXL Limited Stock


Casual Uniform

Reversible Fleece with Red Shield £39.95 Sizes XS-XXXL Limited Stock

Navy Body Warmer with Red Shield £35.95 Sizes S-XXXL

Men's Polo Shirt with Contrast Trim £19.95

Available in Light Blue/White Trim, Navy/Light Blue Trim, White/Red Trim, Navy/Yellow Trim Sizes S-XXXL Limited Stock

Ladies Fleece Gilet with Red Shield £27.95 Sizes S-XXL

Ladies Polo Shirt with Contrast Trim £19.95 Available in Light Blue/White Trim, Navy/Light Blue Trim, White/Red Trim, Navy/Yellow Trim Sizes 10-20 Limited Stock

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Casual Wear

Polo Shirt with Logo £12.95

One Army Polo Shirt £9.99

Available in Grey, Black and Red Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock

Ladies Sizes S-XXL Men’s Sizes S-XXXL Limited Stock



Fairtrade Polo Shirt with Tartan Shield £24.95 Available in Black, Navy and White Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Casual Wear

Grey Polo Shirt with Red Shield Logo £9.99 Unisex Sizes M-XXL Limited Stock

Contrast Polo in White/Navy with Red Shield £18.95 Unisex Sizes S-XXL

Khaki Polo Shirt with Red Shield Logo £9.99 Unisex Sizes S-M Limited Stock

Contrast Polo in Navy/Marine Blue was £24.95 now £16.95 Available in Men and Ladies S-XXL Limited Stock

Short Sleeve Denim Shirt with Red Shield was £27.95 now £19.95 Sizes S-XXL

Ladies Lightweight Navy Pullover £18.95 Sizes XS-XXXXL Limited Stock

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'WARdrobe' T-Shirts were £19.95 now ONLY £9.99! Unisex Sizes S-XL




A. Salvation Army Bird Cage Tee

B. Verbiage Tee

C. Abolitionist Tee

D. Community Builder Tee

E. Doodles Tee

F. Ejercito Tee

G. Hawaiian Tee

H. Japan Tee

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445



'Bando' T-Shirts were £11.95 now ONLY £7.99! Unisex Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock

A. Grey Baritone T-Shirt

B. Maroon Cornet T-Shirt

C. Light Blue Horn T-Shirt

D. Navy Percussion T-Shirt

For our complete range of products, please visit



‘ARMY’ T-Shirt Available in Olive and Royal Blue was £11.95 now £7.99

Gold ‘Blood and Fire Dept’ T-Shirt was £11.95 now £7.99

Red ‘Blood and Fire Dept’ T-Shirt was £11.95 now £7.99

‘Make your Mark’ T-Shirt Available in Natural and Green was £11.95 now £7.99

‘Euph Fellowship’ T-Shirt in Sand was £11.95 now £7.99

‘One Army’ T shirt was £8.99 now £4.99

Sizes S and M Limited Stock

Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock


Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock

Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock

Men’s sizes S-XXXL Ladies sizes S-XXL Limited Stock



SALE! When they're gone, they're gone!

Ladies Comfy T-Shirt in Raspberry was £13.95 now £7.99 Sizes 8-12 Limited Stock

Ladies Softstyle T-Shirt in Orchid was £8.99 now £7.99 Sizes 10-16 Limited Stock

Vee T-Shirt in Black with Red Shield £7.99 Sizes S-XL Limited Stock

Ladies Softstyle T-Shirt in Heather Orange was £8.99 now £7.99 Sizes 10-16 Limited Stock

‘Boundless’ T Shirt was £9.99 now £1.99 Sizes M-XL Limited Stock

For our complete range of products, please visit


Cosy Casuals

Hoodie with Red Shield Available in Black, Khaki, Grey £16.95 Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock

Hoodie in Two Tone Zinc/ Graphite £16.95 Sizes S-XXL Limited Stock

Yellow/Red Hoodie with Red Shield was £21.95 now £16.95



Sizes S-XXL

When they're gone, they're gone!

Burgundy/Grey Hoodie with Logo was £21.95 now £16.95 Only available in size S Limited Stock


Tune into the Message Hoodie was £21.95 now £19.95 Sizes XS-XXL Limited Stock

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Ladies Zipped Hoodie in Grey with Red Shield £29.95 Only available in size S Limited Stock


Cosy Casuals

Est London 1865 Hoodie in Navy was £34.99 now £22.95

Est London 1865 Hoodie in Red was £34.99 now £22.95

Est London 1865 Hoodie in Royal Blue was £34.99 now £22.95

Men’s Varsity Contrast Hoodie with Blue Shield was £24.95 now £19.95

Zipped Hoodie with Red Shield was £35.95 now £29.95

Ladies Long Line Hoodie with Blue Shield was £24.95 now £19.95

Only available in XS

Sizes S-XXL

Sizes XS-XL

Men’s Sizes S-XL Ladies Sizes XS-XXL

Sizes XS-XL

Sizes XS-XL

For our complete range of products, please visit


Feeling Sporty

Baseball Polo in Navy/White £17.95 Unisex Sizes S-XXL

Track Polo in Navy/Light Blue £19.95 Sizes S-XXL

Ladies Coolfit T Shirt with Red Shield was £12.95 now £9.95 Sizes 8-18, Also available in men's sizes XS-XXL Limited Stock



Yellow Baseball Cap with Logo £3.99 14161 Limited Stock


Navy Baseball Cap with Red Trim & Shield was £9.99 now £8.99 14164

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Cool Plus Polo with Red Shield Available in Navy/Light Blue and Sapphire/Navy £19.95 Unisex sizes S-XXL


Feeling Sporty

Check Rugby Shirt in Navy/Light Blue with Blue Shield was £29.95 now £24.95 Sizes S-XXL

Ladies Diagonal Stripe Rugby Shirt in Navy/Light Blue was £29.95 now £24.95 Sizes 8-18



Short Sleeve Rugby Shirt in Navy/White with Red Shield £29.95 Unisex Sizes S-XXL

Ladies Cooltex Sports Top in Navy/Light Blue £24.95

Sizes 8-16 Also available in men's sizes S-XXL

For our complete range of products, please visit


Clothing Collection


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Charity Shops

Compassion in action: transforming lives in every community

re:think re:use re:cycle For our complete range of products, please visit



'S' & Cross Necklace was £24.95 now £14.95

Fish Necklace was £24.95 now £14.95

Cornet Cufflinks was £9.99 now £4.99

Tuba Cufflinks was £9.99 now £4.99

Red Shield Cufflinks was £9.99 now £4.99

Salvation Army Flag Cufflinks was £9.99 now £4.99

Red Shield Pin Badge was £7.49 now £4.99

'S' & Cross Pin Badge was £7.49 now £4.99

Salvation Army Flag Pin Badge was £7.49 now £4.99








Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445





Change isn’t just for the sake of it...

Chameleon Advert

chameleon people solutions is a management and HR consul tancy which helps organisations with their change programmes, offering specialist employment consul tancy and HR advice We have a team of highly experienced and innovative people well versed in all aspects of Organisational design and development, Management of change, Employment law, Governance and General management. The team includes a number of former senior HR directors from some of the highest profile organisations in the UK today. If we can be of assistance, give either Martin Tiplady OBE CCIPD or Bev Boyd a call on 01707 877766 or 07585 808872. Alternatively email us at

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Young Ones



Children’s Hoodie with Logo on Hood £14.95 Sizes 5/6 years – 12/13 years

Children’s Hoodie with Logo on Sleeve £14.95 Sizes 5/6 years – 12/13 years

Children’s Hoodie in Royal Blue £14.95 Sizes 5/6 years – 14/15 years

Children’s Zipped Hoodie in Grey £14.95 Sizes 5/6 years – 12/13 years

Children’s Coolfit T-Shirt in Royal Blue with Red Shield £8.99 Sizes 5/6 years – 12/13 years


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Young Ones



NEW! ‘Born to be a Salvationist’ Baby Grow (6-9 months) £6.99 12532

Baby Dribble Bib with Red Shield £4.99 12533

Children’s Sports T Shirt in White and Red £9.99 Sizes 5/6 years – 12/13 years

NEW! Children’s ‘God Made The Universe’ T-Shirt £4.99 Sizes 7/8 years – 14/15 years Limited Stock

Children’s ‘Smile Everyone Smile’ T-Shirt £4.99 Sizes 5/6 years – 9/11 years Limited Stock

Children’s Polo Shirt with Red Shield Available in Navy, White and Red £9.99 Sizes 5/6 years – 12/13 years

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Supporter’s Shop

We are now pleased to offer to you our brand new range of supporters’ items!


Belief in Action Pen £0.49 99533

Your Army Our Army Pen £0.49

Your Army Our Army Wrist Band £0.99


Belief in Action Trolley Coin £0.99 99536



Your Army Our Army Trolley Coin £0.99 99545

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Belief in Action Button Badge £0.49 99534

Your Army Our Army Button Badge £0.49 99543


Supporter’s Shop

Belief in Action Pin Badge £0.99 99537

Your Army Our Army Pin Badge £0.99

Your Army Our Army Mug £4.99



Belief in Action Mug £4.99 99539



Belief in Action Hessian Jute Bag £6.99 99541

Your Army Our Army Scrunch Bag £1.99 Your Army Our Army Hessian Jute Bag £6.99


Your Army Our Army 9" Plush Bear £4.99 99540


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Supporter’s Shop

Order your gifts by phone, post or online

We’ll send you a gift card and voucher to pass on to your loved one

The money you’ve given will help The Salvation Army tackle poverty and injustice around the world




01933 445 445



(where you can also see the full range of gifts available)


FUN DAY OUT What can you give to a kid who’s had their childhood taken away from them? How about the chance to help them reclaim it? What better way to do that than to have a day out with their new friends!

Education is one of the best routes out of poverty. Providing the books that kids need for school doesn’t just help them go to school, it also kits them out for the future. CODE: 10072EM

CODE: 10076EM








Fill in and return the order form enclosed

Moringa trees are called miracle trees because their leaves are packed with vitamins and nutrients. In areas of high malnutrition we’re helping mothers grow their own so they can give their young children the best start in life.

A GOAT WARNING – Only suitable for people who want kids. That’s because we give families female goats so that when they have kids some can be given to help other families, and the rest are used to raise and sell, or keep as a source of milk. CODE: 10094FA

CODE: 10068FA

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445







Uneducated and unemployed young women in Nepal are particularly vulnerable to being trafficked, as there’s a lack of employment opportunities for them. Your gift can provide the training materials for us to give these women the skills they need to protect and empower themselves.

Women returning home after being trafficked are often emotionally scarred by the experience. The Salvation Army is reaching out to those trafficking survivors by visiting them in their homes and offering them the care and support they need to rebuild their lives. CODE: 10087HT


Bee-keeping is an important source of income in rural areas. By giving communities the material and training to make their own beehives, they can use and sell the honey, and add more hives when they are ready to expand.

Giving water really does give life, because when you help someone have access to clean water, you’re also helping to improve their health, farming, education and income. CODE: 10064WA



Many women in rural areas have never learnt to read, but this skill can be the first step towards an empowered, poverty-free future. Your gift can give someone the teaching materials they need to learn to read.

CODE: 10081GE




CODE: 10088HT



Supporter’s Shop


CODE: 10086GE


WATER PIPE Every community needs water. Sometimes it’s buried far beneath the ground, sometimes it springs to the surface and gets contaminated before it can be used. Your gift can help communities to keep their water clean and get it where it needs to be. CODE: 10081WA

For our complete range of products, please visit

£20 35

Music Judd Street - The level of the Judd Street Collection is Intermediate to Advanced. Titles are released twice each year, in March and September.



The Adventurers (Martin Cordner) £34.95

Marching to Glory (Ruben Schmidt) £29.95

The Long Cloud of Witnesses (Kenneth Downie) £59.95

Vain Resistance (Olaf Ritman) £34.95

SPS30212 With a respectful nod to film music composers such as Broughton and Williams, The Adventurers portrays, in an action movie style, the joys and challenges of the Christian journey.

SPS30214 This piece has been written by Kenneth Downie for the Amsterdam Staff Band’s 50th Anniversary, with the theme being used in appreciation of the pioneers of the band who had gone before. The closing pages of the score suggests the final parade when those who loved the Lord join the 'long cloud of witnesses' in procession to their eternal home.

SPS30213 This energetic piece focusses on the Christian's life goal of 'marching home to Glory'.

SPS30215 This extended suite features the tunes St. John in the first movement and Moscow in the third with a more reflective original melody within the second movement evoking the listener to 'Be still and know that I am God'.

To subscribe to our sheet music journals and receive brand new music on its release, please speak to our subscriptions team 01933 445 445


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Music General Series - The General Series pieces are scored for full brass band of a level that is best described as intermediate to advanced. Titles are released three times a year, in April, August and December.

August 2016, Numbers 2158 – 2161 £70.00 SPS34020 No. 2158 Prelude - My God and King! (Paul Sharman)

Based on the hymn tune 'Luckington', this music is a paean of praise to the Lord of all creation.

No. 2159 A Christmas overture (Kevin Larsson)

An exciting collection of well-known Christmas carols, originally written as a concert opener.

No. 2160 March - A voice from above (Eiliv Herikstad)

This march refers to a number of Christmas carols. It starts with four bars of 'Hark! the herald angels sing' followed by fragments of 'Joy to the world!' before James R. Murray's 'Den himmelske lovsang' is presented in full. 'Come children, come quickly' requires legato playing from the lower band.

No. 2161 In God we trust (Ralph Pearce)

The music is a journey through to total trust in God and our Lord Jesus Christ. The tunes featured are 'In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust' leading to 'Trust in God'. Increasingly calm music leads to the more recent song 'In Christ alone, I placed my trust'. The music ends with a brief reference to 'In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust' now in a mood of calm assurance.

Triumph Series - The Triumph Series pieces are scored for a small band of a level that is best described as easy to intermediate. This series is published three times a year, in March, July and November.

July 2016, Numbers 1275 – 1278 £50.00 SPS35137 No. 1275 March - Able to save (Gavin Whitehouse)

This march features the chorus 'Able to save' by Lieut-Colonel Norman Bearcroft, alongside the more contemporary song, 'Everyone needs compassion (Mighty to save)'.

No. 1276 Carol Arrangement - O little town of Bethlehem (Marian Parker)

The words of this well-known carol were written by Philip Brooks, a priest from Philadelphia. The tune most commonly used with these words in the UK is 'Forest Green', which was adapted by Ralph Vaughan Williams from an English folk ballad.

No. 1277 Carol Arrangement - Still, still, still (arr. Ruben Schmidt)

A setting of the traditional Austrian carol, 'Still, still, still'. The words, which run to six verses in German, describes the peace of the infant Jesus and his mother as the baby is sung to sleep.

No. 1278 Worthy is the Lamb (arr. Warren Brooks)

Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan's song has been arranged for band by fellow Australian, Warren Brooks.

Unity Series - The Unity Series is scored for a small band, min 5 players, and the level is best described as easy to intermediate. These pieces give optional parts in F, C and C Bass Clef. This series is published three times a year, in February, June and October. June 2016, Number 442 – 445 £34.95 SPS37302 No. 442 March - Christmas Time (Ian Feltwell)

This Christmas march is based on two carols, 'I saw three ships come sailing in' and 'It came upon the midnight clear', finishing with a rousing rendition of 'We wish you a merry Christmas'.

No. 443 H2O - The Living Water! (Chelsea Pascoe)

This item is intended to be engaging for both performer and listener and worthy of being performed in any worship meeting as its central message is of Jesus as the giver of Living Water.

No. 444 The first Nowell (Ray Steadman-Allen)

This joyful piece combines a much-used carol (The first Nowell) with the less frequently used 'Sans day carol'.

No. 445 March - Working Together (Stephen Bulla)

Here is a rhythmic march that includes a chorus written in 1974 by then Captain, now Colonel, John Roy Jones of the USA Southern Territory.

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Denington Choral Series

Denington Choral Series The Denington Choral Series, as endorsed by former King’s Singer member Philip Lawson, is a series of choral works set in both SATB and SSA formats that will enhance the repertoire of both Christian and secular choirs. The lyricists and composers are proven songwriters who bring a wealth of experience to the choral market and have provided songs that cover a broad spectrum of styles and difficulty and should appeal to many choirs who regularly present music in churches or concert halls. New Titles Words Choral Symphony No 2 Stephen Pearson (Symphony of Psalms)

Music Richard Phillips

Price £3.95

God so loved the world

John 3:16

Leonard Ballantine


God, we will give you glory

Gwenyth Redhead

Robert Redhead


I’ll not turn back

John Gowans

John Larsson


Jesus, thou art everything

Edward H Joy (verses) Jane Clark Arthur Arnott (choruses) arr. Leonard Ballantine


O happy day Philip Dodderidge (verses) Dick Krommenhoek Anon. (chorus)


The guiding star


William Chatterton Dix

David Catherwood

The holly and the ivy Traditional Traditional arr. Richard Phillips £1.75 This joyful Eastertide George Woodward Dutch Carol £1.45 arr. Norman Bearcroft

R Smith & Company 66-78 Denington Road Wellingborough NN8 2QH Tel: 01933 445 440 Fax: 01933 445 441


To God be the glory

Fanny Crosby

Chris Mallett


Welcome the light!

John Gowans

Richard Phillips


Christmas in my heart

Stephen Pearson

Richard Phillips


Please note there is a minimum order of five copies for all choral titles. For the full catalogue of titles please visit Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


TradeWinds Exclusively distributed by

Music for Concert Band

Bronze Series


God So Loved the World - Stainer trs. Kevin Horner - £29.95 Amazing Grace - Richard Phillips - £34.95

Silver Series Montreal Citadel - Norman Audoire trs. Kevin Horner - £34.95 Christmas Medley - Richard Phillips - £54.95 Concerto for Horn No.2 in Eb Rondo (last movement) - Mozart trs. Richard Phillips - £39.95 Just As You Are - Rob Wiffin - £34.95 Spider Legs - Rob Wiffin - £54.95

Gold Series Scaff! - Berlioz arr. Alastair Wheeler - £69.95 Sonata for Clarinet Opus 120 No.2 in Eb - Brahms arr. Ray Farr - £74.95 Midnight Sleighride (Troika) - Prokofiev arr. Ray Farr - £69.95 Celestial Prospect - Heaton trs. Alastair Wheeler - £79.95

For the complete range of TradeWinds please visit


For our complete range of products, please visit


First Things First

First Things First is a music training series, aimed at developing brass playing. It starts the player on their musical journey, from picking up an instrument for the first time to playing in a small ensemble. Let’s Play (Elementary Course)

Provides an exciting and challenging early introduction to brass playing, using only the first 5 notes (C to G).

Let’s Progress (Grade 1)

Extends the range and challenges the beginner.

Let’s Perform (Grade 2)

Introduces new notes, rhythmic patterns, time signatures and key signatures, preparing the young performer for their first training band. All books are available in Bb and Eb edition.

Tutor Books £4.99 Tutor Books (pack of 10) £45.00

First Things First ensemble repertoire is available in two volumes.

These books, which are flexible for any training band, are full of varied pieces in 4 parts with optional Euphonium and Percussion parts. Concert pitch and F parts are also available, as well as a piano accompaniment part to aid learning and teaching.

Full Score £19.95 Piano Accompaniment £4.99 Brass Band Parts £4.99 Each

Band Parts available: 1st Cornet, 2nd Cornet, 1st Horn, 2nd Horn, Baritone/Trombone, Euphonium, Eb Bass, Bb Bass, Percussion, Part 1 in C, Part 2 in F, Part 3 in F, Part 3 in C, Part 4 in C, Part 5 in C. 40

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Congregational Music The New Salvation Army Song Book, released in 2015, is available in hard and soft back. The soft back version also contains New Testament and Psalms.



The New Personal Song Book Softback £13.95 38501 For a full song list please visit our website.

The Ultimate Index 2nd Edition £4.99 The New Corps Song Book Hardback £7.99

38500 For a full song list please visit our website.

40543 This ultimate index has been put together to act as a reference guide for meeting leaders. Includes indices from: the new and old editions of The Salvation Army Song and Tune Book, The Salvation Army Chorus Section, The Salvation Army Tune Book with USA Supplement, The Scripture Based Compilation Album, Sing to the Lord Mixed Voices, New Christmas Praise, Magnify, Happiness and Harmony, Adult and Family Ministries Song Book, Songs of Fellowship Books 1-5 and Mission Praise.

The New Salvation Army Tune Book, released in 2015, is available for all band parts, as well as parts in C and F for alternative instrumentation. The Piano Edition is great addition for a different style of accompaniment to your worship.

The New Tune Book – Band Parts Book 1 (Nos. 1-530) £8.99 Book 2 (Nos. 531-958) £8.99

The New Tune Book – Piano Edition Book 1 (Nos. 1-530) £13.95 Book 2 (Nos. 531-958) £13.95

The New Solo Cornet Miniature Tune Book - Softback £5.99 38504

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CDs More in this range

Celebrate the Season - The International Staff Band £13.95 or download from £9.99

22148 Includes: Christmas Overture; Carol of the Bells; Silent Night; Christmas Presence; Distant Traveller; Kings of Swing; O Holy Night; Gaudete; Mary Walked Amid the Thorn; Celebrate the Season; Star of Wonder and many more!

Fanfare and Celebration for the Birth - Canadian Staff Band £14.95

25498 Includes: Christians Awake; A Christmas Overture; Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells; Christ's Birth; Comfort and Joy; Jesous Ahatonhia; Il Est Né; Do You Hear What I Hear?; In the Bleak Midwinter and many more!


Christmas in Brass 2016 Various Brass Bands £4.99

22150 With space for personalised notation inside the cover, this CD is a unique way to send that special message to friends and relatives and can also be used as a tool during carolling and fundraising. Includes: The Proclamation of Christmas; What Child is This? and many more!

The Spirit of Christmas The Household Troops Band £13.95 or download from £9.99

25389 Includes: The Spirit of Christmas; The Sleeping Baby; Deck the Hall; Variations on a German Carol (Stille, stille, stille); O Holy Night; God Rest You Merry Gentlemen; Mid-Winter; Christmas Tidings; Immanuel! and many more!

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Oh Swing All Ye Faithful - The Anna Lamplough Big Band £9.99

22160 Includes: O Swing all ye Faithful; The Most Wonderful Time of Year; Let it Snow; All I want for Christmas; It’s the Holiday Season; Deck the Halls; O, Holy Night; Sleigh Ride; White Christmas; Never do a Tango with an Eskimo; Christmas Waltz; Santa Claus is Coming to Town and many more!

Don't forget to look in the Bargain Section of our website for great prices on Christmas CDs!



A Gowans Legacy - The International Staff Songsters £13.95 or download for £9.99

My Strength and Tower William Booth Memorial Halls Songster Brigade £13.95

Come As You Are - USA Western Territory Staff Songsters £13.95

Feel Good - Birmingham Citadel Singing Company £9.99

My Lord Has Come - The International Staff Songsters £9.99

Convinced - VasaGospel £13.95

22143 Includes: I Believe; Welcome the Light!; In the Face of a Child; Wonders Begin When the Lord Comes In; How Much More; Someone Cares; You Can’t Stop God from Loving You; I am the Resurrection and many more!

22127 Includes: Feel Good; All Things Bright and Beautiful; All That I Am; Jigsaw; This Little Light of Mine; There is None Like You; Sing; Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated; Your Grace Still Amazes Me; Ain't No Mountain High Enough; Zephaniah.

22144 Includes: If You Would Be Strong; My Strength and Tower; Peace like a River; Sure Foundation; With Wings as Eagles; Power in the Blood!; Hymn to Christ; Under His Wings; Not of Yourselves; His Strength is Perfect and many more!

25501 Includes: My Lord Has Come; The Christ of Calvary; Agnus Dei; In the Cross; God So Loved the World; I Know a Fount; Lord How I Love You; Lux Arumque; My Treasure; Kedron; The Blue Bird; Intercede, O Lord and many more!

22140 Includes: Come As You Are; Can't Carry These Burdens Alone; In The Name of The Lord; Stand; I Will Wait; A Different Man; The Battle of Jericho; The Wayfaring Stranger; Beati Omnes; That's Why They Call it Grace and many more!

25473 Includes: So High; Grateful; I Won’t Hide It; My Child; You Don’t Need to Worry; I Am Convinced; Resting Place; Help me Stay; We are Victorious; Thank You Lord.

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This is Amazing Grace Four Hymn £13.95

22161 Includes: This is Amazing Grace; How can it be; I’m in his hands; Be like Jesus; Glorious Impossible; No other name; Knowing you; Alpha and Omega; O Holy Night; Light, Love and Hope (Myfanwy); Soldier’s Hymn; I then shall live.

True Colours - Salvacosta £13.95

22149 Includes: One Voice; Draw Me Close; Promise; When She Loved Me; Leaning; True Colours; Hushabye Mountain; Dance Like David Danced; Fix You; The Rose; Your Love; Let the Glory Down; Your Grace Still Amazes Me; Abba Gold; Lord, Keep Us Safe and many more!

The Heaton Collection Volume 5 Vocal Works Heaton Chorus and Soloists £13.95

22130 Includes: Our Glorious King; A City Prayer; With Empty Hands; Eternal Decision; On the Road; Intercede, O Lord; Safe in the Promised Land; Three Hymns; Glory to His Name and many more!

Limited Edition

Musicals - The Household Troops Band £13.95

22122 Includes: Jesus Christ Superstar; Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber; Selections from Godspell; All I Ask of You; Breezin Down Broadway; Bring Him Home; Symphonic Highlights from Frozen; Any Dream Will Do; Hosea; Love Changes Everything; What Does the Spirit Say? and many more!


The Adventurers – Tour Edition - The International Staff Band £13.95

AUS25494 Includes: My God and King!; To Thy Cross I Come, Lord; Stand Strong; Australis; The Adventurers; Prelude on ‘Lavenham’; Solid Rock; Everlasting Hope; Fuego!; In God’s Presence; Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit and many more!

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Él Vive (He Lives) - South America East Territorial Band and Songsters £5.99

25486 Includes: To a God Like This; He is the Lord; In Jesus' Name; Sabbath Psalm; People Need the Lord; Somebody Prayed for Me; Knowing You; Grace Alone; Under His Wings; Amazing Race; Reasons why; In the Love of Jesus; David Danced; He Lives; La Cumparsita.




Forte - Derick Kane with The International Staff Band £13.95 or download from £9.99

22141 Includes: Forte; When He Comes; Some Glad, Sweet Day; They Could Not; A Starry Crown; Divine Right; Star Lake Variations; Life of a Day; The Pathway; The Flower Duet; The Better World; St Clements.

Fantasy- Philip Cobb with The Central Band of the Royal Air Force £13.95 or download from £9.99

22135 Includes: Slavische Fantasy; The Debutante; A Trumpeter’s Lullaby; Grand Russian Fantasia; Hora Staccato; A Spring Lullaby; Napoli; Song to the Moon; Whirlwind; Concerto for Trumpet and many more!

Praise to the Lord Jorijn van Hese £13.95

22120 Includes: The Living Waters; Take the Name of Jesus; God’s Soldier; Dream, Holy Child; You’re not Alone; All of my Life; I’m His Own Child; It’s New; Miracle of Grace; God’s Moment; My Heart Tells Me; A Light in Heaven’s Window and many more!

More in this range

Check out the CD & DVD Bargains page on our website for great prices on soloist CDs!

John Larsson Plays...Beyond the Musicals £9.99 or download from £7.99

22131 Includes: The Living Waters; Take the Name of Jesus; God’s Soldier; Dream, Holy Child; You’re not Alone; All of my Life; I’m His Own Child; It’s New; Miracle of Grace; God’s Moment; My Heart Tells Me and many more!

Blessings Sue Avison £9.99

22137 Includes: Fairest Lord Jesus; Great is Thy Faithfulness; His Eye is On the Sparrow; In His Presence; Saviour, Like A Shepherd Lead Us; Only Jesus/Calvary’s Love; Dear Lord and Father of Mankind and many more!

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John Packers

JP374 Sterling Euphonium Tel: 01823 337614 141, Staplegrove Road, Taunton, TA2 6AF


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Reliving Boundless!

Boundless: The Experience £9.99

96569 This book captures the vibrant internationalism, warm fellowship and inspiring worship that took place at Boundless 2015.

Buy Boundless: The Experience and get any Boundless Live! DVD for FREE!*

Boundless Live! Arena Session DVD £9.99 each

Session 1 A Joyful Army 26246

Session 2 A Unified Army 26247

Session 3 A Serving Army 26248

Session 4 A Caring Army 26249

Session 5 Session 6 An All-Embracing Army A Youthful Army 26250 26251

Session 7 An Army of Integrity 26260

Boundless Live! Concert DVD £9.99 each

International Staff Band 26263

International Music Festival 26252

Melbourne Staff New York Staff Chicago Staff Ontario Youth World Concert Band & Vasa Band & Waverley Band & Waverley Chorus and 26257 Gospel 26255 Timbrels 26253 Timbrels 26254 Timbrels & Angola National Band 26256

World Dance Festival 26259

*Please specify your choice of DVD on your order form or speak to our customer service team.

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Tambourine & Instrument Accessories

Deluxe Tambourine £29.95 22104

Tambourine Crest Transfer £2.99 22108

Tambourine Case £13.95 22106




Tambourine Ribbons 3 Colour Set £1.99

Junior Tambourine (Model HA13) £14.95

Silk Stockings - Trombone Slide Lubricant £5.99

Al Cass Fast - Valve Oil £5.99

Blue Juice - Valve Oil £4.99

Denis Wick - Valve Oil £5.49

Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort £5.99

Slide-O-Mix Classic £9.99






Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445






Starting Out

As you become a Junior Soldier Junior Tambourine Set £24.95

22112 Includes Junior Tambourine, Case, 3 Coloured Ribbons and Crest Transfer

Junior Soldier’s Tie £7.99 Clip-On Tie 11924 Tie 11904

Junior Soldier Greetings Card with Song Book image £1.49

53100 Greeting inside: God bless you as you make all your promises today and remember your creator in the days of your youth



Other Billy’s Band books available! Ladybird Box of Prayers £12.95 96002

Billy’s Band - The Pirates £8.99 99469

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Little Lamb's Bible Board Book £9.99 96232 Little Lion's Bible Board Book £9.99 96231

The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible £14.95 96453

Noah's Ark Learning Library Board Book - Kristen Hall £5.99 96347

The Creation – Bible Story Pop-Ups £2.49 95994

Little Lamb's and Little Lion's Bible is a soft, cuddly Bible that children ages 2-5 can call their own. Learn about God’s love and faithfulness in stories from the Old and New Testament with rhyming text and colourful illustrations.

This beautiful retelling of Noah’s Ark is the perfect introduction to the classic Bible story for children ages 2-4. Ten mini books give insight into life aboard the ark from the points of view of the animals on the journey, while also acting as puzzle pieces for children.


My Very First Bible Stories £6.99 96247

A delightful collection of well-known Bible stories providing a simple introduction to the important message of the Bible.

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

This colourful book with nearly 300 beautiful two-page illustrations captures the imagination and is just right for sharing together. An ideal first read your children will treasure.

Filled with timeless wisdom stories from the Bible with pop-up illustrated scenes, this book will be fun and enjoyable for children and parents alike.




International Children’s Bible £15.95 99734

Youth Bible (NCV) £9.99 99735

White Christening Bible (KJV) £12.95 99733

Authentic Youth Bible £14.95 99736

Paperback Bible - Small Print (KJV) £4.99 99737

Bonded Leather Bible (KJV) £16.95 99738

This Bible can be read and understood by children between the ages of 6 and 12, with a dictionary at the back explaining unfamiliar words.

The contemporary language in the ERV translation makes this Bible easy to get into, so that you will get a lot out of it!

This Bible is easy to read and understand and also provides over 470 real life stories that relate to the Bible for young teenagers and hundreds of background Bible facts.

Includes introductions to both the Old and New Testaments, ‘Where to find it’ in the New Testament, a one-year Bible reading plan and a simple invitation to join God’s family.

A special gift Bible in the authorised King James version. Includes presentation page, white imitation leather and silver page edges.

Includes maps of the Bible lands and family records, encased in a sturdy slipcase with marker ribbon and gold page edges.

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Ultraslim Charcoal Bible (NKJV) £10.95 96375

Zipped Pocket Bible (NIV) £16.95 96391

Woollen Bible (NIV) £24.95 96354

Souvenir Bible (NIV) £4.99 99731

Soul Survivor Youth Bible (NIV) £16.95 96268

Ignite - Teen Bible (NKJV) £9.99 96420

A portion of the profits made go to World Vision, helping to eradicate poverty among children.

The New International Version is the world's most popular modern English Bible translation. Includes souvenir guide pages.


This handy pocket Bible is ideal for everyday use, and is well protected in a stylish zipped case.

Over 500 written articles and other pieces from people from all walks of life to help us dig deeper and get even more out of God’s word. All jargon is banned so it all makes sense!

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

A soft wool textured cover and decorative button closure makes this Bible a great gift.

An interactive Bible that will introduce today’s teens to the Word of God in a fresh and unique way. Includes in-depth features, articles that deal with major issues that teens face today, highlights of Bible promises and relevant verses pulled out for memorisation.



Pocket Paper Back Bible (NIV) £8.99 96044

Includes a selection of passages offering help and guidance and shortcuts to well-known people and events.

Parallel Message Bible (NIV) £27.95 95345

Pairing the New International Version with today’s most popular paraphrase, The Message, in a clean and easyto-read parallel design.

Personal Size Giant Print Reference Bible (KJV) £19.95 96320

Read the Bible without straining your eyes! Includes end of verse cross-references, a concordance and maps.

Popular Hardback Bible (NIV) £14.95 95979

Includes lists of key people and events plus selected maps and British spelling, punctuation and grammar for easy reading.

Good News Bible - Sunrise Hardback £19.95 96370

Includes completely revised maps, guide to the Bible’s characters and events, prayers from the Bible and a timeline of Bible history. Perfect for use in schools and churches.

Large Print Thinline Reference Bible (KJV) £16.99 95738

The perfect Bible for people who prefer the classic King James Version. The thinline design (with a spine less than one inch wide) make it easily portable.

Good News Bible - Compact £10.95 95554

This pocket edition makes it easily portable and ideal for personal reading and study.

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To Serve

To Serve is a course designed to call and equip the next generation of soldiers to live out the mission and message of The Salvation Army. The Leader’s Handbook and Recruits Workbook are both available in one-to-one and group editions The Recruit’s Workbook also comes with a copy of Insane – The Stories of Crazy Salvos Who Changed the World, by David Collison and Nealson Munn. Leader’s Handbook £19.99 Recruit’s Workbook £12.99


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Books SP&S


A Girl with a Mind of her Own - Cathy Le Feuvre £7.99

Hadleigh Salvation Army Farm (Revised) - Gordon Parkhill and Graham Cook £9.99

Getting to Know William Booth Pupil's Book £0.49 95361 Teachers's Book £2.49 95356



Sally Ann - Poverty to Hope Bo Brekke and Knut Bry £6.99 95316

The Sacraments and the Bible Phil Layton with foreword by General Shaw Clifton £2.99 95454

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Through the Year with William Booth - Stephen J. Poxon £12.95 96567

Daily readings with Scripture verses and prayers, offering a selection from the writings of William Booth. Travel with the visionary Victorian and share his passion for helping the suffering.

An Unexpected Call to Africa Vol 1 & 2 Majors Douglas and Janina Neale £3.99 95559

Autobiographical account of Majors Douglas and Janina Neale, Scottish Salvation Army officers who served as missionaries to Africa in the 1970's to early 1990's.

1865 The Year That Made The Salvation Army Peter Farthing £0.99 96572

The story of how God worked through William and Catherine Booth to bring a new movement into being.


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Life Lines - Deborah Duncan and Cathy Le Feuvre £7.99 96451

A story of friendship and life experiences full of wisdom, addressing the basic, gritty issues of life.

The Armstrong Girl Cathy Le Feuvre £9.99 96568

A true story following the scandal surrounding the sex trade and the Christians who fought to change the law.


Books Following the Flag Major John Mott £13.95 96579

The Household Troops Band has a unique history, extending from 1887-1893 and again from 1985 to the present day. A unique quality of the current band has been its collective expression of joy. Joy in commitment, joy in expression, and the joy in transmitting music with a message. Long may that important facet of Christian Ministry be enjoyed! From UK tours to international tours, this book explores the tours and engagements of the band as told by the leader for 25 years, Major John Mott.

Following the Flag - Major John Mott £13.95 96579

This book is a pictorial story of the Amsterdam Staff Band, from 1910 to today. Quite a significant number of the pictures are about the Netherlands National Band, the forerunner of the current Amsterdam Staff Band, and a band which was held in high esteem throughout The Salvation Army world. Every picture in this book has historical significance, showing the band involved in many activities. The aim of the band of today is still the same as ever - to serve Christ, save souls and bless people, with music that speaks to the heart.

The Golden Pen Steef Klepke Jr. Volume 1 £19.95

96274 Contains information on over 600 composers and arrangers spanning three centuries.

Volume 2 £16.95

96561 Provides more information and background, and looks at several emerging composers too.

New York Staff Band - Celebrating 125 Years 1887-2012 was £14.95 now £12.95 96330

A 100 page 'coffee table' book with high quality images that offers the history of the New York Staff Band up to its 125th year, including the band's March 2012 appearance at Carnegie Hall with The King's Singers and Philip Cobb. Limited Stock

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Year Book and Words of Life

The Salvation Army Year Book 2017 £7.99

75826 This book is filled with historical information, statistics, reports, lists and areas of service. It is about people and how and where they serve Jesus.

Words of Life

Daily bible readings published three times a year



January-April May-August September-December

£3.00 £3.00 £3.00

You can also subscribe to Words of Life for 1 year UK £12.45 (inclusive of p&p) Europe £17.95 (inclusive of p&p) Rest of the World £20.95 (inclusive of p&p)

Call 01933 445445 for details


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445



Publications from INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS Words of Life


Written by Major Beverly Ivany Join a worldwide readership of this series of daily devotional readings inspired by Scripture, including psalms, proverbs and Christian hymns. Published three times a year, each 144-page edition features a mini-series by a guest writer, reflecting the cultural diversity of the international Salvation Army.

Twenty-four full colour pages, containing news and features on Salvation Army work worldwide. Published quarterly.

Revive This quarterly magazine features articles and resources that equip women for ministry and mission. Full colour, 24 pages.

These our publications are available on annual from SP&S, along with many more books produced by International Headquarters. 59 For complete range ofsubscription products, please visit

Salvationist Publishing Department

Also available on tablets and smartphones through the Apple App Store or Google Play To subscribe please go to and click on ‘Periodical Subscription’ tab or call 01933 445445

• Thought-provoking


Essential reading for everyone linked to The Salvation Army // 8 October 2016 // No. 1572 // Price 60p // Also available digitally


• Life stories • Bible studies • News… and more




SA p01 08 Oct.indd 1

03/10/2016 09:41

– packed full of stuff about YOU! 8 OCTOBER 2016

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

ing ish

Eg m on



©Pooh Prope rties ©



World Wonder

and more

Go to the middle for a laugh and a giggle! KA - p1 - 8 October.indd 1

30/09/2016 14:11

War Cry


War Cry




Bethany wears one dress for one year

20p/25c No 7290

Page 4



• Features and

interviews • Popular culture • Testimonies • Puzzles, recipes… and more

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY Twentysomethings are suffering the most

Page 7

it – Buy it – read 60

Kids Alive! – formerly The Young Soldier – Issue No 7022


• Bible stories • Cartoons • Competitions • Puzzles, jokes…


The Army papers – have you read them lately?


pass it on!


David Daws Financial Services




3 Chevalier Close, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 4YW

Independent Financial Adviser Tel 020 8958 3288 Mobile 07956 844 364 Email

David offers a dedicated service to meet all of your financial requirements. His services include:

l Life Insurance l Critical Illness Cover l Income Replacement l Retirement/Pension Planning l Private Medical Insurance l Savings & Investments, including ISA’s l Mortgages l Will Writing* l Prepaid Funerals

Please call David for a personal and friendly consultation on 07956 844 364 or 020 8958 3288

* Will Writing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

David Daws Financial Services is a trading style of Aspire Financial Management Ltd which is an Appointed Representative of TenetConnect Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Gifts and Stationery

Crystal William Booth Bust was £24.95 now £14.95 52402

Crest Alarm Clock £3.99 77047

Light in Darkest England Matchbox with Torch £4.99 99516 Available in Blue and Tan

Fish Logo Car Sticker Was £1.99 now £1.49

Red Shield Umbrella £14.95 99519

Red Foam Hand Salute (I'll Fight) £2.99



Key Fob with Red Shield £2.99

52789 Available in Red, Black and Blue


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


Gifts and Stationery SP&S


Stained Glass Colouring Book & Pencils £6.99 99471 Sit back and relax with this adult colouring book

Pencil with Logo was £0.49 now £0.29 each 53250

12 Pencil Colouring Set £0.99 99503

Available in Pink, Red, Maroon, Navy

Ballpoint Pen with Logo was £1.99 now £1.49 70002

Red Shield Pen £0.75 each 54473 £15.95 pack of 25 54459

Pencil Crayons with Sharpener (Pack of 12) £1.99 81734

Slim Notepad £1.25 Red 77018 Blue 77019 Black 77020

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Collectables The Salvation Army Figurines A range of hand painted collectable zinc alloy figurines finished in gloss enamels. Designed exclusively for The Salvation Army by Rod Key and produced in superb quality and detail. All figures have an approximate height of 55mm (2¼ inches). For the full series of figurines please visit our website.

Vintage Series Flag Bearer £29.95 70006 Bandmaster £18.95 70007 Male Salvationist Carrying Bible £18.95 70041 Female Salvationist Carrying Concertina £18.95 70035 Cornet Player £18.95 70008 Flugel Horn Player £18.95 70009 Tenor Horn Player £18.95 70010 Baritone Player £18.95 70011

All figures made to order Trombone Player £18.95 70012 Euphonium Player £18.95 70013

2 Piece sets of William and Catherine Booth £29.95 each

Younger Years 28333

Preaching 28300

Later Years 28332

Linked 81356


Eb Bass Player £18.95 70014 Bb Bass Player £18.95 70015

Side Drummer £24.95 70016 Bass Drummer £24.95 70017

Cymbals Player £18.95 70018

Collectable Spoons were £4.25 now £2.99 each

One Army 54455

Red Shield 54451

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Flag 54452

Catherine Tambourine William Booth 54449 Booth 54450 54453


Corps Items


Yellow Hi-Vis Vest with Red Shield £4.49

Sizes S/M, L/XL and XXL/XXXL

Hessian Shopper Bag with Red Shield £6.99

Black Conference Bag £14.95 12531

12530 Size 405 x 325mm

Includes 3 zipped pockets, carrier handles and shoulder strap. Size 370 x 300mm

Greetings Cards - Give a card with a more personal touch On your enrolment as a Senior Soldier

Dedication Card with Certificate image £1.49

53135 Text: Jesus said 'Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.' Matthew 19:14 (NIV)

Adherent Card with Certificate image £1.49

53130 Greeting: ...and join our family, may you find happiness and fulfilment.

Senior Soldier Card with The Soldiers Covenant image £1.49 53105

Greeting: God bless you on your enrolment. As you make your commitment today may you know God's presence in your life.

As you take up your new appointment On your Commissioning Day

Commissioning Card with Bible on the Mercy Seat image £1.49 53110

Greeting: God’s blessings on your Commissioning Day. May God guide you in your work for Him.

For our complete range of products, please visit

New Appointment Card with Crest image £1.49 53115

Greeting: As you take up your appointment may God's presence and blessing go with you and protect you.


There’s Nothing Like an Army Cup of Tea

Red Earthenware Mug with White Shield Outline £3.99 54478

Red Fleece Blanket £14.95

12528 Size 1500x1200mm

Union Jack Tea Towel with Shield £3.99 99512

There's Nothing Like An Army Cup of Tea Mug £5.99 70001


Soup Kitchen - Annabel Buckingham and Thomasina Miers with Introduction by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall £9.99 95359

Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445

Apron with Shield £12.95 Red 18636, Blue 18637


Sagic Insurance

SAGIC is an insurance company like no other. Set up by The Salvation Army in 1909 and still its sole shareholder, SAGIC is likely to be the only insurance company in the United Kingdom, if not the world, thats sole purpose is to donate all of its profit to a charity. Over the last three years that has meant giving back almost £2 million to The Salvation Army, helping in its social outreach work. To put that into perspective, that could be used to house almost 900 people in one of The Salvation Army Hostels, every night for a year.


The Salvation Army is a Church and a registered charity No. 214779 and in Scotland SC009359. SAGIC (Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Limited) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Salvation Army that has been a part of the Insurance Market since 1909. SAGIC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Member of the Association of British Insurers and the Financial Ombudsman Service. – Reg no 202327.

For our complete range of products, please visit


The profit raised from the sale of these items will help us continue transforming lives of vulnerable people across the country with practical and spiritual support, providing homelessness and addiction services, care for older people, help at emergency incidents, support for adult victims of human trafficking, a family tracing service and much more. Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd is a registered company (2605817). The Salvation Army is a registered charity (Nos. 214779, 215174 and in Scotland SC009359, SC037691).


Tel. +44 (0) 1933 445 445


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