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Sa aiyed Ali Pu umps Tradin ng Est. (SAT)) was estab blished in 20 007. Today, it represen nts various products and d services fro om internatio onally reputed compan nies providing world classs state of he art products, service es and soluttions by having a netw work of busiiness associa ates, joint th ve entures and contacts all over UAE. SA AT team wo orks to the hiighest of international sttandards, sp pecifically ta ailoring these e solutions fo or the local clientele. Th his unique co ombination of blending g the latest international demand trrends with th he knowledg ge and understanding of o the local market, hass been dem monstrated th hroughout th he Middle East E and be eyond in ma any projectss undertaken n by us. Me eeting our C Clients' needss is given key y priority and d by utilizing g our pool of talent and strategic pa artners, we ensure that we w exceed expectations e s. At A SAT (Saiy yed Ali Trad ding), we b believe that the ability to successfully offer our o clients complete business solutio ons dependss on more th han just supp plying the material. m We provide a comprehensive product range covering multiple e product ca ategories an nd offer a wiidespread ra ange of proffessional serv vices to ensu ure maximum m return on y your investment in our prroducts

Te echnical Co onsulting and Supportt Services “






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requ uirements”

W can proviide you with information We n regarding the all aspec cts of pumps, pressure ve essels and control pane els, includin ng their se election, op peration, re epairs, upgrrades and problem olving/troubleshooting and the interface with w the pu umping system or ap pplication. so he successfful impleme entation of modern te echnology requires bo oth experie ence and Th commitment.. At SAT, we understand d that PRODUCT yields th he most valu ue when it iss selected n close confiiguration witth the needss of our clien nts. Our Tech hnical Professsionals will utilize u their in experience




sele ection

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req quirement.

Our team of technical O t an nd engineeriing support professionals p s is ready to answer any technical query that yo our company y may come e across.

P Product Ran nge ¾

All Kinds of Water Pump ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

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Water Boo oster Pump Set Water Tran nsfer Pump SSet Chilled Wa ater Pressurizzation Unit Water Filtra ation System ms and Pump p Sets Chilled Wa ater Pump

Solarr Water Pumping Systems Solarr Water Heatting Systems Pressure Vessels Conttrol Panels Paintts Gene erators Pipess and fittingss HVAC C Products

W WATER PUMP PS Complete Ra C ange for Do omestic & In ndustrial requ uirements Bo ooster pump p sets, Transsfer pump se ets, Chilled water circu ulation pump ps, Hot -water circulation pumps, Pressurization units, D Drainage pum mps, Submersible pumpss , Sump Pum mps, Fire-Figh hting Pump sets s and muc ch more. We can proviide you with W h information n regarding the t all aspec cts of pumpss, pressure ve essels and control pane els, including their selecttion, operatiion, repairs, upgrades and a problem m solving / ping system or applicatio on. trrouble shooting and the interface wiith the pump S SAT provides Chilled Watter Pumps for Industrial cooling purp pose with high h relaibility and precision. Whatever the t size of and demand your system for      accuracy, wee can providee what you need in your HVAC requirem ment



Sewage grinder Pumps s - Tough, versatile pum mps for efficie ent transfer of effluent and a domestic sewage via pressurised systems. SEG G pump has y efficient grin nder system an extremely which makes s it possible to use smaller pressure pipes and minimise c investment costs.



Vertical Mu ultistage Pum mp - direct coupled to either e a single or three phase motorr with special coating to resist corrosiion. Internal components are made frrom stainless steel with water lubrica ated bearings and seals. Vertical inlin ne design p provides a compact installation. ater supply s systems for Ideal for wa housing esta ates, offices, industry & agriculture Bo oiler Feeds,de--mineralised and de-ionise ed water, softe ened water, raw water & mildly aggressive chemicals.


mps - Strong and reliable SUMP Pum submersible e pump su uitable for pumping rainwater, storm m water and, ater without grey wa stringy filaments. Effectively E rem move excess water from a sump pit orr from areas prone to floo oding. In-line Pu umps with Vertical onverters are integrated frequency co used in a number of applications including air conditioning and heating. The pumps are all single--stage, in-line centrifugal pumps witth standard d mechanical shaft seals. motors and The pumps are close-coup pled, meaning mp and motorr are separate that the pum units. Cons sequently, the e pumps are less sensitive to impurrities in the quid compared to similar pumped liq canned roto or pumps. SP pumps - a highly effic cient pumping d are well-kno own worldwide solution and for high efficiency and reliablility. Made c stant stainless entirely of corrosion-resis steel, SP pumps are idea al for a wide variety of applications, such as raw pply, irrigatio on, pressure water sup boosting, fountains, hot springs, off d - in n addition to a shore and dewatering wide variety y of industrial a applications.

SAT provid des ultimate so olution for dom mestic and industrial water supply s in wide ran nge of flow & head. The pu ump can mainttain constant water pressure wiith variable flow rate, to mattch the require ements. SAT prrovide all kind of water supply system, with necessary fitttings dependin ng on nts to transfer or pressure bo oosting. They can c be coupled d in a requiremen duplex or triples packag ge, according to the requirred water flow w and emands, comp plete with pre essure vessel, pressure swittches, pressure de gauges, control panel, va alves and fittings all moun nted on as com mmon base frame to be connected to the existting pipe system.


SA AT supplies quality q and durable d Presssure Vessells. SAT cho oose among g the top manufacture ers of mem mbrane pre essure expan nsion vessells for many years. But a good bra and name alo one is not en nough to rem main successsful in a com mpetitive ma arket decade e after deca ade. That re equires mu uch, much more. m Every Pressure exxpansion Ve essel is the erefore the sum total of a number of con nvincing advvantages in material ch hoice, consttruction, production and d distribution n.


All the t branded expansion vvessels are manufacture ed in an efficientt manner an nd feature so ophisticated construction n, a top membrane an quality nd a durable vessel coating. c Eve ery day, pansion vess sels are installed in throughout UAE, SAT supplied exp nd large syste ems to the ssatisfaction of o clients, insstallation small, mid-size an panies and en nd users. (otther brand prressure vesse els available upon requesst). comp


                                Feattures    uge                                      Built‐in‐‐pressure gau                                     (Modelss SF100‐SF10,,000)                                 Interchangeaable membraane   h unique  tierred design                       with


e in 10,16 & 2 25bar               Availabl   10,000 liters. Sizees from 8 to 1



                                                        Feature es 


                                                                P Patented CAD D2 diaphragm m technology                                                               NSSF Standard 6 61, CE/PED,                                                             WRAS, ACS, ISO‐‐9001, Gost approved  nless steel waater connection                                                            Stain nsation reduccing design                                                       Conden        Two part t polyurethan ne, epoxy prim med paint finish                                              valve cap seaaled with closed cell foam                                           Leak free air    hensive testing                            Compreh

SAT offers a wide range of HVAC products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We are a leading provider of cost effective insulation materials and services and specialize in vapor barriers and pre insulation ducting. HVAC Quality product minimizes energy consumption by keeping the air flowing through the registers not escaping into unwanted areas. SAT distribution of innovative HVAC products effectively meets each customer's needs with insulation products from reputable manufacturers

HVAC products • Aluminum Glass Tape • Aluminum Glass Duct System. • Aluminum Glass Vapor Barrier.  • Glass Cloth. • Building Rolls.   • Building Slabs.  • Duct Insulation. • Duct Insulation Plus.  • Duct Liner. • Clean Liner.  • Closed Self Electrometric insulation for copper pipes and ducts.

• Adhesives and coatings - duct, seal and coil cleaners. • Rigid Pipe Covering. • Rigid Pipe Covering K450. • Kladkote (alternative to conventional aluminum cladding over insulated pipes and ducts ). • Maksal Copper. • Duro dyne products • Chilled water pumps • Booster pumps • Pressurization pump sets • M.S. pipes , G.I pipes and fittings • Polythene sheets

Product Application Areas Building Roll Building Slab

Duct Insul Duct Liner Clean Liner

ALU Duct Rigid Pipe Covering Kalining Duct Insul Plus Marine Board

Metal buildings, Walls, Sandwich panels, Roofs over and under Purlin Ceilings, Walls, Roofs Partitioning Internal/ External/ Cavity/ Prefabricated Under Purlin Ceilings, Walls Solid Floors, External Roof Structures Industrial Boilers, Ovens, Refrigeration storage tanks, Rold Tankers Thermal Insulation of Ducts in HVAC Acoustic Insulation for internal lining of ducts in HVAC system Effective sound insulation for any variety of acoustically sensitive structure as Air conditioning ducts, Walls, Ceilings, Sensitive facilities or studios, Curtain Walls Air distribution in HVAC system Thermal Insulation of Stell Copper or Plastic Pipes in HVAC sector power plant, Process industries Effective Thermal Acoustical Insulation system for walls or residential houses & commercial buildings (New or Retrofit) Thermal Insulation of ducts in HVAC system, no external weather protection required Thermal & Acoustic Insulation for ships


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Turrn your dreams into colo orful reality. Unmatched U range of options, Since 196 60, Berger's wide w range of products p hass been looke ed upon as the market standard for the quality across the wo orld. Berger Paints is a lea ader in pain nts, offering variety of Innovative painting so olutions, be it decorative e or industriial SAT - ( BERGER DEALER )”, ) can get th he colour that has been on your min nd, the shade e you have always loo oking for, and d the texture that pleases you the mosst ?..

Come to "SA C AT - BERGE ER Colour CENTRE” C an nd colour your ideas. Pick the shad de of your dreams from colour c world spectrum, on ne of the broadest and be est researche ed colour colllections in th he world. Use the Virtua al painting Sy ystem to prevview the colo our for your ho ome. Select from a range e of shade ccombinationss suggested an nd created byy the world's s leading consultants.

Come, visit our C o showroom! See and d feel the different textu ures and finiishes on the e Finishes D Display.

Berger Paints • Fenomastic F cs

"Bergerr Royal s silk” gives s that Ex xquisite rich she een to you ur wall.

• Enamel E • Weathercoa W at • Stone S shield d • Textures T • Epoxies E • Waterproofi W ing

"Bergerr Superfla at” is the premium quality washab ble emulsio on. els” "Bergerr ename durabiliity.

ensu ure

exce eptional

• Floor F coatin ngs • Steel S epoxie es

To o add to this, an array y of Berger especially products ra anging from m vintage fiinishes to Italian Stucc co, to addre ess your varrious requirrements.

Filter Sysstems

  Filter Syste ems provide e an assorrtment of point-of-use p ethods designed to fit the varying g needs of   filtration me individual water w supplie es.          

At SAT we provide e simple, e easy-to-serviice, hat are bo oth tailored to filtration systems th individual budgets, and effective in treatting problem ms. specific drinking water


The optiona T al UV steriliization cham mber is a ideal, chemical-free an c e way of treating t other b bacteria, viruses, and m microorganis sms.